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Can EMFs Affect Your Pets ?

Can electromagnetic fields impact our pets? If you are thinking about EMFs, no doubt you’re caught up thinking about how they impact your own health or your kid’s health. But what about your dog, cat, pet rabbit or guinea pig? Your pets probably spend more time cooped-up in your home than you do. Are they affected? How badly are they affected? And in what ways? In this guest post, vet Dr. Patricia Jordan lays out the science (plus plenty of anecdotal evidence) and shares how you can effectively protect your pets:

Although my direction in medicine was following the effects of environmental toxicity, it was not until I was listening to a talk given by MD Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse that I was introduced to the significance of the man-made radiation to our pets.

In one of his talks on how to clean up the home and office of EMF, his dog walked through the room he was speaking from. When he did, Dr. Kruse raised his voice about the need for anyone that has pets to clean up the vibrational radiation toxicity for them also.

Woman cuddling her pet

Both in home visits and in the virtual office consultation practice I have, both humans and the animals are sharing chronic diseases, mental and behavioral issues. Both humans and animals are getting a lot of cancer in particular.

My Own Health Journey

My own health journey involved mercury sensitivity and toxicity, having 22 mercury amalgams removed and dealing with mold and multiple chemical sensitivity.

I found Dr. Deitrick Klinghardt from a lead by Dr. Mercola and have been following Dr. Klinghardt ever since. He found the connection to the heavy metals and Candida and then the relevance to chemical sensitivity through polymorphisms like MTHFR that was actually a result of EMF activation of retroviruses. This was, of course, nothing taught in veterinary schools or even in continuing education, however having these health challenges myself helped me recognize the problems in both the animals and my clients.

So coming from not being taught anything in medical venues to seeing faraday cages [1], sleep sanctuaries [2] if you will, available for the pets, dogs and cats was a very steep learning curve to explain why we were seeing the diseases we were.

After Dr. Klinghardt talk I heard on the EMF Summit, I realized nothing was as important as this information he relayed about EMF.

I decided to attend the GEOVITAL training to access radiation in Austria in April of last year, purchase of those meters that register on the patient the level of HF/RF or with the EM Probe the LFE the patient was picking up from the environment in which they lived.

When I returned to the states I then attended Dr. Deitrick Klinghardt’s Master Brain Conference in May. Gathering plenty of information from both of these places helped me make sense of what I was seeing. Having these health issues myself confirmed what was happening.

Cancer, Cancer, Cancer

Plenty of problems for the clients and the pets once smart meters [3] are installed. Most of the time the client is not even aware a smart meter has been installed. Or if they saw it they didn’t have a clue as to what it is and what it does and why it is crucial to the history in the development of the disease.

One of the dogs developed lymphoma sleeping in front of a smart meter that had been installed without the client’s knowledge. The dog performed “coyote watch” every night sleeping on hay bales that were placed in front of this meter. She was gone within a week of finding out she had this cancer.

I send a copy to clients via email of a side by side analog and electromagnetic meter so they can check what they have.

A second case that comes to mind was a friend of mine, another health care practitioner whose dog developed thyroid cancer and slept on the other side of the smart meter. Again, I found the clients even health care practitioners are not aware of this danger and do not even know this is happening, the changing out of safe analog meters for the unsafe electromagnetic meters. Much information is needed to alert the public.

I went to a house call for two geriatric pets, they were fine but the owner was not, she had developed lymphoma and then bladder cancer.

I checked out her house on the antenna search [4] Pisgah Forest was safe, however, inside her tiny home were not one but two Alexa units. There were Google watches and plenty of other emitters being used. Not only was the client unaware but apparently her medical doctor had no idea.

Woman Using tablet next to her dog

In the research [5] chronic malignant lymphoma is found in both the humans and the animals from the EMFs. Colorado State performed research [6] finding lymphoma cases were also in high EMF environments. The canine cancer risk was 90% greater in dogs who lived in homes where the EMF was in excess of 2 mG…

I had an article published in the Sept 2019 issue of Dogs Naturally about the damage our dogs are receiving from EMF. In this month, January, in the same magazine Dogs Naturally has published my article on Retroviruses where we get them from and how they are activated by the EMF and then result in unhealthy gene expression. Also the use of plant medicine to treat but not without doing the best EMF remediation possible.

The autoimmune diseases, all are said to be related to retroviruses and thus are a factor of EMF mediated disease. Endogenous retroviruses come from vaccines and from insect bites and these viruses use an enzyme called reverse transcriptase to put their genetic coding into our genomes. All mammals have these retroviruses, humans and the animals we often care for as pets.

A colleague of mine from Norway was treating a barn full of horses in Germany. They all had the same TCVM diagnosis but all manifested different forms of lameness. Walking outside the barn around back there was a very close cell mast or cell phone tower. He attributed all of those horses lameness’s to the cell phone tower.

EMF Environments Create Behavioral Problems

The research shows behavioral problems [7] especially aggression in many species tested; humans (acute hostility with microwave radiation [8]), birds (sparrows), bees and many more. Increased anxiety, agitation, also increase in OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorders). The hypothesis on how this is happening is that the brain is being affected directly. Also, the radiation induces fields across the membranes of the nerve cells to create either excitatory or inhibitory reactions.

(Find more information on how 5G radiation affects wildlife and plants here [9].)

I am seeing bizarre behaviors and always in the environment of these high man-made radiation environments. Separation anxiety is one example and very strange case of pica. The research shows that the EMF is responsible for creating stress, sympathetic overdrive in people and in animals subjected to these fields.

Your Stress Level Peaks Up

When in this mode, the sympathetic mode, the body can not heal. In another research study [10] just out that an owner’s stress level is infectious to their pets so, all of this stress and transfer means no rest and recuperation, no healing for anyone with fur or without.

Child night walking due to EMFs

Night walking in children is linked to the position of the child’s bedroom to the place of cell phone towers [11]. We are seeing this night walking and the inability to sleep in our dogs. Melatonin is decreased in humans and in animals at risk from the EMF.

There is another colleague of mine that describes similar behavior reported to him where the dogs awoke at night and were wandering the halls and crying, vocalizations once the smart meter was installed. Normally attributed to Cognitive Dysfunction, here we have symptoms most likely the result of EMF exposure.

I have both a family member and a vet colleague that have developed the heart tumors known as schwannomas and now linked with the radiation and each of these had a long history of using the cell phone on their chest right over their hearts. (The $30 million U.S National Toxicology Program [5] study found incidences of Schwannomas in the heart of rats exposed to cell phone radiation.) Without any understanding of the danger of using the radiation emitter as there is no education to the people not to hold these phones on their body or to hold them up to their face.

I am sure the heart disease happening in the little dogs, in particular, is not related to their diet but rather the level of EMF radiation.

My mother lost her dogs both to heart disease specifically the cardiomyopathy that leads to congestive heart failure. Her environment included Wifi Routers, Cordless phones [12], cell phones, smart meters smart appliances (her dryer even plays the national anthem when the clothes are dry!) smart TV, CB receiver and many other things apparently that mean more than the little companions that suffered the death by EMF.

The same way the research showed the rabbits subjected to EMF developed heart disease, so has our little dogs developed the same.

Clare Edwards at a recent Anti5G rally held in Stockholm said “If your pets become sick most vets will NOT take EMF into consideration of the diagnosis and treatment of your pets” Note: this vet and I have gone the distance to understand this environmental toxicity.

22 Common Diseases Linked to EMF Exposure

Hope S. Good detailed 22 common diseases from which electrosmog and RF are making the pets sick, even livestock of which now the honey bees are included. From “running riots” or panic attacks in cows having 5G [13] tested on them to sudden death heart attacks, we have the evidence. Birds tested in microwave radiation fields became immediately hyperactive trying to escape that field. The behavior looks similar to when the humans were tested with the microwave radiation that is, in reality, a weapon used in crowd control [9].

There is just so much evidence and the sick and injured from EMF has a literature base of over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies [5].

What I see is anecdotal evidence. An entire family and all the animals suffering from some type of injury, all living and all sleeping in the same bed that just so happens to sit on the other side of the newly installed smart meter.

smart meter radiation

Radiation Corrupt Our Subtle Energy Remedies

A disturbing fact is that the Tadpole research [14] showed that the man-made radiation from cell phones was enough to corrupt our subtle energy remedies like flower essences, homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures and more if stored unprotected near a cell phone are corrupted.

We now have to order EMF free remedies and have them shipped in silver cloth bags and then stored in Faraday cage apparatus. My homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures are in an ammo box. One client of mine had all of her homeopathic remedies [15] stored right next to her WiFi Router. I advised she get rid of the entire lot.

The EMF “Induced” Or “Assisted” Diseases

Following is a list of my more memorable examples of EMF induced or assisted diseases;
Gliomas, Schwannomas of the heart, disturbances in blood parameters, lymphoma, heart disease and heart failures, seizures, itching (uncontrollable itching), pica, frequent urination, incontinence, cataracts, vision deterioration, cancer and cancer and cancers! Impaired detoxification, impaired immune system, parasites and infections, muscle twitching and fasciculations, behaviors, and more.

Just last year there was a first conference in the US on EMF for health care practitioners. It was held to honor Dr. William Rea Founder and Director of the Environmental Health Center, Dallas and Past President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine who has been quoted “Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century. It is imperative that health practitioners, government, schools, and parents learn more about it. The human health stakes are significant.”

And All Life Forms Are Affected

I would say the stakes are high for the entire planet, the animals (fauna) the plants (flora), every living thing.

Research has also proven that the WIFI and raising of the use of this man-made radiation is creating energy also associated with the warming of the planet.

The Kestrel Falcon is severely taking a dive in numbers and this is no surprise since we lost so many insects due to the man-made radiation.

The bees that pollinate our food are suffering in many ways due to the radiation and soon without a stop to this man-made vibrational toxin we lose them as well.

Wildlife is suffering as well as domesticated animals. Indeed the wildlife is even more vulnerable to the electromagnetic toxin and this is what the research shows.

You may have heard of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring about the impact of pesticides on the environment. Katie Singer in her book Electronic Silent Spring, which is highly referenced, establishes how all of earth’s living systems evolved their own internal and external signaling systems in the presence of the earth’s natural low electromagnetic environment and then how vulnerable they are to the much higher levels of artificial and pulsed electromagnetic radiation that is present in our toxic environments today. Magnetic sensitivity exists in all major groups of vertebrates. Mammals have reproductive organs, immune systems and nervous systems that are all being harmed cellular and molecular harm from this artificial wireless frequency.

The Solutions

So what must be done?

#1 Educate

Education for the public is first in line, education for our health care practitioners and then we must work together to close this down the unsafe WiFi [16] and replace the technology with wired-in safe technology.

All health care practitioners need to be educated and that includes veterinarians and wildlife rehabbers.

#2 Check The Environmental Toxins/EMF Sources

What I do for all my clients is to start with some free links to check the environmental toxins. First on the list is the presence of cell towers and antennas (like Antennasearch.com [4]. I help them identify the sources that need remediation, also connect them to how to remediate. Putting them in touch with properly trained radiation assessors and then how to get an affordable EMF meter (ENV-RD-10 [17])  for their own use. Without a meter, you cannot see this invisible vibrational toxin.

Each case is different of course so each consultation is different in the fix. I have taken special training by Homeopath Dr. Robin Murphy and rely on his EMF Repertory that he developed.

#3 Store Remedies Away From EMFs

Remedies from the very beginning now, need to be protected from EMF and stored away from the radiation so they are not corrupted. We clean up the diet offer the intelligent whole food supplements that might be needed. Since the radiation causes, I send them links to everything that will be of help. Including education about EMF.

It is very embarrassing that in the US there is time after time when something has been unleashed without any look into the effects on life, the human body, our flora, and fauna our planet. Even baby birds know not to make a mess of their nest.

This man-made toxin is the height of hubris and even the Precautionary Principle won’t be enough. Dr. Klinghardt [18] said it, stop it! Electrical Engineer, Dr. Paul Heroux [19] from McGill University has the safer version to put up as far as the grid, electricity and wired in technology.

Perhaps we should elect them to run our country!

Without public education and awareness that there is a problem – how can we get the problem taken care of? I am depending on the ripple effect in spreading the information. I take out my meter and engage anyone I can about this topic and ask if they have radiation covers on their cell phones, provide safer alternatives.

Because so many people have pets and have an interest in pets, I use my profession as a veterinarian to educate as many as possible. Maybe if they do not change for themselves or their children they will change for their pets. It could happen that dogs will prove once again to be man’s best friend in this effort

Many thanks to Dr. Patricia Jordan for this guest post.

Dr. Patricia Jordan worked as a research scientist for many academic facilities and in environmental medicine research at the NIEHS (National Institute of the Environmental and Health Sciences). She received a scholarship to the NC College of Veterinary Medicine for the work she accomplished at the NIEHS.

She was nominated for the Public Health Award at NC College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Jordan is 34 years practicing veterinarian. She is a court-certified expert witness for veterinary vaccine damage. She has a worldwide virtual office handling cases of environmental medicine and has attended the radiation assessment training at Geovital in Austria. She is a trained beekeeper and is following the damage to honey bees from EMF as well. Lear more about her work here http://dr-jordan.com [20]

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