Is A Faraday Bed Canopy An Effective Form Of EMF Protection?

You’ve got the latest cell phone, computer tablet, wall to wall WiFi in your home, Bluetooth in your car, cordless phones sprinkled liberally around your home, not to mention a host of gadgets producing dirty electricity.

Then one day you answer your cell phone and of the blue you get a searing, head exploding pain when you put your phone next to your ear.

You think the pain will go away but instead it just gets worse.

It spreads.

You get this same searing pain when using other gadgets like you computer, your cordless phone, even your land-line.

Before long you’re walking round with the searing pain all day long. Nights aren’t much better either.

Your instincts tell you the problem is your cell phone and these other gadgets.

You Google “cell phone dangers, headaches…”. You read about this thing called electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

You Discover EMFs

It says EMFs are really bad for your health. They can cause cancers, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders and lots of diseases you’ve never even heard of. It turns out EMFs are all around us, we can’t hear them, touch them taste them or smell them.

You’re confused.

If they’re doing all this damage why are stores still allowed to sell these gadgets? And why are people buying them as if they’re going out of fashion?

It's all a bit too much to swallow.

You’re confused but concerned.

So you cut back/stop using these gadgets. You start to feel a bit better but the improvement is short lived. You can’t seem to function normally in the modern world.

You’d like to do something, something that would radically make you feel a lot a better. But you don’t know what. You’ve already spent a small fortune on every kind of cell phone chip, diode, harmonizer, pendant, neutralizer on the market and just don’t know what to do.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Does this sound like your story or like a friends story or like something you’ve read somewhere?

Well this is more or less my story.

It was my cell phone that took me beyond the tipping point. I didn’t have Bluetooth, WiFi and a plethora of dirty electricity producing gadgets in my life because they weren’t around when I became electrically sensitive.

But other than that this story resembles closely my own. I spent years looking for ‘the answer’. Something that could radically improve my situation.

But I understood so little about EMFs and health I had little chance of finding it.

If I could wind back the clock what would I have done differently?

Lots of things.

But if there was one thing that I could do that would improve my situation overnight what would it be?

Overnight is exaggerating a bit because the human body doesn’t work like that.

But there are things that you can do that can give you tremendous bang for your buck.

Top of the list is the EMF Faraday bed canopy.

You don’t believe me?

Watch this video.

Did you watch the video? If you did you saw with your own eyes how effective an EMF bed canopy can be.

You’re thinking ‘OK that’s great but what about the 12 or 14 hours I’m not under the bed canopy? I’m still getting zapped.’

True. But there’s something about how the human body works that you need to understand here:

One hour of daytime EMF exposures ≠ one hour of nighttime EMF exposures

Nighttime is when your body’s cells regenerate, rejuvenate and detoxify. Studies show EMF exposures at night can severely curtail these processes. Nighttime is also when your body produces melatonin.

Melatonin has been called ‘nature's age-reversing, disease-fighting, sex-enhancing hormone’ Sounds far fetched? We do know that melatonin has an important role to play in the function of the immune system, cancer prevention and brain function. Studies show EMF exposures at night inhibit the production of melatonin.

That’s why it’s so important to shield your body from EMf exposures at night. And the EMF bed canopy is the most effective way of doing this.

Granted its not cheap. But I’m not talking cheap, I’m talking sure-fire effective. The other alternative, full room EMF shielding with wallpapers, paints or similar can also be effective. But full room EMF shielding is much more difficult to achieve. Few people attain the levels of EMF shielding performance that can be achieved with a good quality EMF shielding canopy.

Do I Need To Ground This Canopy?

First, let me explain what I mean by grounding. The objective when you ground is to create a return path so electric fields may be discharged. This is usually done by connecting a wire to a metal stake in the garden or connecting to the earth terminal on a nearby electrical socket in your bedroom.

Some shielding canopies do need to be grounded but this one doesn't.

Is this the Best EMF Shielding Canopy?

There are lots of different EMF Faraday canopies on the market. The thing to understand is there’s always a trade-off with EMF canopies: the higher the shielding performance the denser and heavy the material and the less light and air comes through. This can make sleeping under some canopies unpleasant.

The canopy shown in my video is made from a product called New-Daylite. I recommend New-Daylite because as my video shows:

  1. it offers good shielding performance up to 10 GHz (Attenuation: 20 dB at 1 GHz )
  2. its also very transparent and has excellent air and light penetration so you can get a decent nights sleep
  3. it doesn't need to be grounded so installation of the canopy is a lot easier

But because you're not grounding this canopy I do recommend you eliminate the electric fields in your bedroom as far as possible by turning off the breakers, more information here.

Where Can You Buy This EMF Shielding Canopy?

Faraday bed canopyYou can order from Radmeters. I recommend this company because they offer good service and free delivery worldwide.

The canopies come in different sizes for different size beds: Click below to order according to the size of your bed:

Click here for the Pyramidal EMF shielding Canopy (the same as the one in my video) and here for the floor mat.

Click here for the Square Single bed EMF shielding Canopy and here for the floor mat.

Click here for the Square Double bed EMF shielding Canopy and here for the floor mat.

Update May 2020: The above items are currently out of stock. Here are some alternatives:

Click here for the Pyramidal EMF shielding Canopy (the same as the one in my video) and here for the floor mat.

Click here for the Square Single bed EMF shielding Canopy and here for the floor mat.

Click here for the Square Double bed EMF shielding Canopy and here for the floor mat.

Will Sleeping Under An EMF Bed Canopy Make Everything Tickety-Boo?

It’s possible but fairly unlikely. For most people living in a ‘normal urban environment’, that’s to say sleeping in a bedroom with cell phone tower and WiFi radiation exposures, sleeping under an EMF bed canopy can be a huge boost to your health. In allowing your body to carry out its cellular and hormonal processes it can even be a game changer. But its only one piece of the puzzle.

And I do have my reservations about sleeping under an EMF bed canopy long term. I prefer to see it as a short term measure to be used on your healing journey as part of a rounded holistic approach to health as outlined in my EMF Free Report and newsletters..

If you do decide to equip your bedroom with an EMF bed canopy I strongly recommend you also measure your electric field exposures (the ME3030B is the ideal choice for this). EMF bed canopies can acerbate your electric field exposures in the bedroom. If in doubt you can get your electrician to install a demand switch to shut down the electrical circuit in your bedroom thereby remedying any electric field issues.

Will This Canopy Protect Me From 5G Radiation?

5G is the new generation of cellular technology, that's to say cell phones and other devices will be gradually moving over to use 5G. What's different with 5G, as opposed to the previous generations of cellular technology, is that it will be using higher frequencies.

At some point in the future it's understood that 5G will be using very high frequencies. But over the next few years 5G will be using frequencies up to and around 7GHz, very close to those already being used.

The bed canopy reviewed in my video offers about 10 decibels (dB) attenuation at 7GHz which equates to about 90% attenuation. Is this sufficient? It depends what you are trying to achieve, what your current exposure levels are and what your symptoms are. If you're looking for superior shielding performance then the Naturell canopy might be a better choice for you. It offers 20dB attenuation at 7Ghz (equates to 99% shielding performance), but it has smaller holes which means less air circulation.

Click here for information on the Naturell Pyramidal shape for single bed.

Click here for information on the Naturell Box shape for double beds.

To better understand 5G click here.

Can I Just Buy The Shielding Material?

Yes. If you're looking to make some curtains or shield in some other way, you can just buy the shielding material. It's sold in 5 foot by 8 foot strips. You can buy it here.

I also have an article on ultra cheap EMF shielding which may interest you.

Keep educating yourself about EMFs and keep acting on that information. Make sure you're subscribed to my Free Report and newsletters these outline the other pieces of the puzzle.

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  • Patrick Babcock said,

    This is extraordinary Lloyd! Has someone fashioned a hooded cloak (and even socks and gloves)a person could also wear? I guess they could be homemade from a ground cloth.

    Also, do you know of any filters suitable to interpose in an Earthing/Grounding cord to be worn that would mitigate dirty electricity contaminating earth currents? Thank you SO much for this! Wonderful.

  • Gene said,

    Thanks for your kindness in advising about the Faraday

  • BobbyBaxter HCVeteran&MarihuanaFelon said,

    Thank You Lloyd,

    I know people this will help. Everyone else too.


  • Ann Nienaber said,

    Could you please give us some information on the grounding sheet? Does it come with the canopy? If not, where should we look for it and how is it used? Thank you!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The ground sheet goes under the bed (not to be confused with ‘grounding sheet’ which implies a grounding effect) is bought separately from the same company, I will put a link up for this also.

  • Kim Hayes said,

    Can a person sleep on an Earthing/Grounding mat connected by wire out the window with ground in earth, while inside the Fraday cage set-up? Or are the earthing effects negated? Do they cancel each other out and it becomes a mute point?

    Perhaps a follow up article addressing this would be grand.

    Many thanks for your work in this area.

  • Dorothy Shostak said,

    I used a Faraday canopy in 2006-07. It immediately made me feel better, but after a few days I began to experience new symptoms. Later, an environmental surveyor measured both the RFR inside the canopy (which was extremely low, yay!) and the voltage (which was very high). The grounding system included with the canopy just wasn’t doing the trick, and since the canopy was a mesh coated with silver, the silver was picking up voltage from the building’s wiring. Automatically, grounded or not. He showed me that my metal objects, such as a floor lamp, were also picking up extra voltage just by virtue of being near a wall with wiring (even 12″ away from the wall!). The floor lamp wasn’t even plugged in. I don’t use the canopy anymore, nor do I use the shielding clothing I bought at the time. These products, in my experience, negatively alter the body’s subtle energic fields. So, be careful!

  • Alison Sargent said,

    There is something wrong with your website. A box always pops up that asks me to sign up for the newsletters. I have already signed up for this. The problem is that there is no way to close the box as far as I can tell – there is no X box as there usually is. Very frustrating.
    I can’t read the article underneath it!

  • Linda said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I was impressed by the canopy/sheet demonstration. Has anyone thought to make them for a king size bed?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    A standard king size bed measures 76 by 80 inches which equates to 193cm by 203cm….the double bed canopy measures 220cm by 220cm so it will cover a standard king size bed.

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