Could Homeopathy Cure Electrical Sensitivity?

My first encounter with homeopathy was nothing to do with electrosensitivity. It was around 15 years ago. I had been suffering from shoulder pain for several months and having tried various different doctors and medicines someone suggested I should go and see a homeopath.

It was a bizarre consultation. The doctor asked me lots and lots of questions. How I slept, what kind of work I did, what my bowel movements were like, if I had nightmares, what I ate etc. It did all seem a bit impertinent. I came out with a prescription and went to the chemists to fetch the medication.

I remember being given lots of little tubes of tiny little pellets.

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I took these pellets as instructed by the doctor over the coming days and weeks . Unfortunately this homeopathic remedy offered no significant relief for my shoulder pain.

Then about seven or eight years ago, when my electrosensitivity symptoms were giving me a particularly hard time, my wife said “why don't you try homeopathy?” We were on holiday at the time and I came across a homeopathic manual in a bookshop.

Through a process of observing my symptoms and matching these symptoms with the symptoms described in the manual I began to experiment. And it was surprisingly successful.

Sometimes I got it wrong, but because homeopathic medicine is so strongly diluted even when you do take the wrong remedy it does not matter because it rarely produces unwanted effects. Added to which this kind of self diagnosis is very low cost.

By way of an introduction to homeopathy I would like to share with you the following two video presentations.

In them you will learn:

-that there is a strong body of research to support the use of homeopathic medicine published in prestigious journals like the Lancet and the British medical Journal

-that homeopathic medicine is a perfectly safe natural medicine

-that homeopathic medicine because it's so diluted has absolutely no side-effects, which contrasts sharply with conventional medicine

– that homeopathy can be used effectively and safely to treat a wide variety of illnesses

Can Homeopathy Cure Electrical Sensitivity?

Yes and no.

If you are able to determine the correct homeopathic remedy to use for your particular circumstances and symptoms then I believe homeopathy can offer a cure for electrosensitivity. It all dependends on the skill of the practitioner.

My own experience of homeopathy is that it's a safe, often effective and inexpensive way of alleviating certain symptoms of electrosensitivity.

By the way, did you know that homeopathy is being used for radiation poisoning?

Anyway here are the videos and transcripts below:

Clinical Research on Homeopathy

Dana Ullman: “I have to admit I get a bit upset when I hear people say that there is no research that proves homeopathy works. That’s simply plain wrong. The Lancet, in 1997, reviewed 89 clinical trials. They found that on average, patients given homeopathic medicine were 2.5 times more likely to get clinically beneficial result than patients given a placebo.

Research On Specific Diseases

There has been more research on some specific diseases. A research reviewed 3 important studies in leading pediatric journals on the treatment of children with diarrhea. Now, diarrhea in America is not a big problem, but in 3rd world countries it’s one of the reasons that several million children a year die due to dehydration. 3 studies have confirmed homeopathic medicines individually prescribed to children are able to reduce the symptoms of diarrhea faster.


In addition to these diarrhea studies, there was a review of research on allergy patients, including rhinitis, hay fever and asthma; often giving homeopathic doses of substances that the person was allergic too. Sometime it was pollen; sometimes it was house dust mite. Two of these trials are published in the British Medical Journal and one of them in the Lancet. Consistently, they found that homeopathic medicines were significantly able to enlist a healing response in patients.

Chronic Bronchitis

In addition to these studies, a significant study was published in one of the most respected journals in the world dealing with respiratory health: Chest. This was in the treatment of people with chronic bronchitis or emphysema. This was research done at the University of Vienna Hospital. There was a highly significant improvement. Many people think that homeopathy is only effective for minor ailments. But this study showed that homeopathy treats people with serious diseases, a disease that is the number 4 reason that people in America die. It shows that homeopathy can treat people with some of the most serious diseases today….”

#3 Why Homeopathy Works and Makes Sense

How Homeopathy Works

Dana Ullman: “This video is called Why Homeopathy Works and Makes Sense. The underlying assumption behind homeopathy is that symptoms are not necessarily something wrong with the person. But that symptoms are defenses, symptoms are the ways our body and mind are trying to fight infection, and adapt to stress. So in understanding symptoms, inflammation, coughing, fever, nasal discharge, are defenses of the body.

Fighting the Symptoms

Although these are certainly irritating and although we can use conventional medicines to temporarily remove that symptom, that doesn’t cure the problem. Anymore than just unscrewing your oil warning light in your car will solve your problem of your oil pressure. Instead, by looking for a medicine in nature, that could in overdose cause similar syndrome of symptoms that the sick person is having, will augment the body’s own immune defense systems.

Because symptoms are defenses, instead of using pharmacological agents to suppress the symptoms, you look for something that would actually mimic them. In homeopathy, we are too scientific to assume that there is one medicine for every person’s disease. In fact, in homeopathy, we don’t see any diseases as local; we see all disease as syndrome. So your flu, your migraine, headache, your PMS, your arthritis, your whatever disease, you have your own species of it. Your migraine headache obviously isn’t like someone else's migraine headache.

Nano Doses

In homeopathy, we look at medicine that will mimic not just the migraine syndrome that you’re having, but the other symptoms that you may be experiencing at this time. We use these very small doses; what we call nano doses. Nano is one of few words in the English language that means very small, and at the same time very powerful.

That is what homeopathic medicines are. They go through this process of diluting and shaking, and they are made pharmacologically, and will not have any effect on you unless you happen to hypersensitive to that particular substance. You will be hypersensitive when the symptoms of your illness happen to match the toxicology of the substance.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic textbooks provide the most detailed information on toxicology presently available. By matching that substance's toxicology with the symptoms the sick person is having will mimic the body’s own wisdom and help initiate a healing process.

Now, more than ever, we need natural ways to stimulate the body’s own immune and defense system in order to heal the person. Although these small doses initially may not make sense, they may not have any capability of causing any biological effect. In fact, 200 years of experience, and a body of several hundred basic studies and clinical practice, have also confirmed that homeopathic medicines can be effective.

Submarine Radio Communication Metaphor

One of ways that I understand how these nano doses have any effect is in light of a metaphor that almost sounds like a bit of joke, and that is submarine radio communication. Radio waves are right now going around our heads and you’re not hearing them. But if you’re underwater, and you’re in a submarine, a normal radio wave will not penetrate salt water. What you have to do is you have to use what is called an ultra low frequency. In order to penetrate salt water, a single wavelength is typically several miles long. It’s that’s low of a frequency. The words ultra-low are inadequate. It’s ultra, ultra low.

But if you think about it too our blood, like salt water, is salty and is mineral rich water. Perhaps the best way to communicate with it is with ultra low frequencies, or in this case nano doses of a substance. Once again they’ll not have any effect unless a cell, or the human body, is hypersensitive to it. There is a principle in music and in physics which we see. When you hit a C note of a piano, it reverberates with other C notes of other instruments in the area. There is hypersensitivity from similarity.

The trick in homeopathy is to find the medicine that matches your pattern of symptoms. These days we use expert system software; professional homeopaths commonly use this to find the medicine. You can use books to help you figure out which remedy you need for your unique syndrome; whether it be a migraine, headache, allergy, a simple cold or flu.”

If you are suffering from electrical sensitivity give homeopathy a try!

Article updated July 2015.

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  • Oscar said,

    Food for thought

    In Homeopathy, it has been written by the “old Docs” that in an epidemic, that there are usually 2-3 remedies that seem to be indicated for the majority of individuals afflicted. They were strictly referring to an acute state.

    The thought behind this observation is that the energy frequency of the “disease” sweeping across a population is so strong, that it overwhelms other frequencies within each individual that are unique to that individual. Thus, creating very similar symptoms in the population that can be alleviated by these 2-3 remedies.

    This is not a hard/fact rule but an observation that has been used in practice by many Homeopaths with very good results. Individualization is always kept in mind.

    The same idea can be applied to individuals that are becoming electrosensitive. This is a new phenomena sweeping the world. This is not the norm. In Homeopathy, we seek for the unusual, what is peculiar to an individual. But in this situation, similar to a flu epidemic, it’s possible that the resonance of EMF’s has it’s uniqueness requiring possibly 2-3 remedies of the same cloth.

    One of the most obvious remedies to consider would be homeopathic Electricitas(made from electricity). There are no studies as of yet or enough cases recorded to verify what I am writing. I have used this remedy several times with individuals who are very sensitive to electricity that responded favorably to this remedy in an acute state. For example, one individual was actively seizing and this remedy stopped the seizures.

    There are many reasons why someone develops seizures, but keep in mind that the neurons of the brain communicate through electrical pathways (electricity). EMF’s are affecting the zeta potential of every cell and at some point breakdown will occur, creating “symptoms” which can vary from anxiety, nervous tremors, seizures, headaches etc. all related to disturbances of the normal electrical pathways.

    The question then is, if Electricitas is chosen, what potency to use? If you use too low of a potency,results could be marginal to no effects, giving the impression that Homeopathy doesn’t work. Hahnemann devised a way to progress upwards in potency, gently relieving any symptoms that the person is having, by introducing LM potencies. One of my teachers called Homeopathy, “The art of the subtle”. This LM method should be considered. Consult with a Homeopath.

    I have been practicing Homeopathy for over 20 years now and I am very aware of this tidal wave (electrosensitivity individuals) that is gaining momentum as more people join the ranks. This tidal wave is going to crush the medical community, whether conventional or otherwise.

    The basic foundation of Homeopathy “likes cures likes” will work for this condition as it has proven to work for others as well. It just requires critical thinking to come up with solutions for this phenomena. Homeopathy is not the only way, but a way along with other natural therapies that can guide an individual back to balance.
    My apologies for this long drawn out post.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Oscar
    No apologies needed at all, yes the tidal wave is hitting us.
    If the resonance of EMF’s do have their own uniqueness and these 2-3 remedies were to be identified and made known to electrosensitives and homeopathic practitioners then this could mean that the majority of electrosensitives could be treated.
    For people wanting to learn more about Electricitas you can find more information here and here
    Thank you for this balanced and insightful response.

  • Edward said,

    I am a registered Homeopath and have been practicing for over fifty years. I can confirm what Oscar says about the effectiveness and safety of homeopathic medicines.

    Three other homeopathic preparations which should be considered are the south pole of the magnet
    (Mag-aust),north pole of the magnet (Mag-arct) and mobile phone radiation (mobi-ph). These medications should be available from a good Homeopathic supplier such as Helios, Nelsons or Freemans, all in the UK.



  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Thanks for your input Edward.

  • Jen said,

    Thank you Lloyd for your wonderful site. It’s a gift to the community.
    As a homeopath for over 20 years that treats sensitivities, I just want to offer a bit of caution for self-treatment and over-treatment. While those with strong immune systems and who are not too sensitive may not often be harmed by regular dosing of the wrong remedy, in fact, we have proven that incorrect dosing to those with weakened immune systems and unstable vital forces can actually cause harm. As those who are EMF sensitive tend to be my most sensitive clients, I am very careful of overdosing (I am with all clients AND I know that those who are EMF sensitive can have side effects faster often than those that aren’t). Just food for thought. I’ve treated EMF sensitivities for years and it can be very helpful. As of course is shielding and eliminating the root causes of high radiation. And yes, homeopathy has treated (I have treated) radiation poisoning as well effectively. Blessings and may we further learn from one another with truth and wisdom. Jen

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Homeopathy can be very powerful….I’ve never experienced any problems but I can believe what you’re saying….. its better to consult with qualified homeopathic practitioners like yourself…..its encouraging to know that you’ve had success treating people with EMF sensitivity….please feel free to share your contact details on this page so that people in need of your services may contact you.

  • Jen said,

    Thank you Lloyd, I’d be happy to. I have a few sites, my main that lists them and other info is and the homeopathy site is on the right sidebar. Thanks for all you do!

  • Christine Suppelt said,

    I have treated many patients with electromagnetic sensitivity as I used to do a regular clinic in Jersey, Channel Islands, where – probably due to the high density of mobile phone masts – electromagnetic sensitivity is extremely common. Apart from constitutional individualised treatment I have found the remedies Mobile/VDU/Wifi 30C once daily and/or Vernix 30C once daily very helpful. I agree with Jen that self treatment can be harmful as electromagnetic sensitive patients can often also be sensitive to homeopathic medicines and might develop aggravations. On the positive side patients sensitive to EMF’s are often also very responsive to homeopathic treatment. I would recommend to see a homeopath experienced in treating EMF’s, but if you cannot afford this, the above remedies are certainly worth a try. Eating organic food with plenty of fruit and vegetables, lowering stress levels and getting enough rest and exercise are also greatly beneficial.

    Dr Christine Suppelt MD FRCS MFHom
    Ophthalmic Surgeon and Specialist for Integrated Medicine

  • Lynne VandeBunte said,

    Homeopathy is strong medicine and can produce side effects. I have ‘proved’ several remedies. one produced throat closing. Homeopathy is extremely effective and therefore can produce good and no good effects.

  • Peter said,

    I have tried homeopathy, working with a professional homeopath. I have taken a mobile phone combination (900 and 1800MHz) and a ‘wifi’ remedy – both from Helios in the UK. The only problem I had was that the mobile phone remedy knocked me out completely on day 2, but I was OK after that. The remedies have not prevented me from getting ‘zapped’ on the occasions I do have significant exposure, but I am recovering much more quickly than I used to. Can’t be 100% sure how much contribution the homeopathy has made as I’ve done some other things as well, including magnesium supplementation, but it’s certainly worth a try.
    I understand that Electricitas is essentially a remedy for 50Hz (mains) fields, so it might not help with RF radiation.

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