EMF Meter ENV RD-10

(Part. #NET145)

ENV RD-10 EMF Meter

Pocket-sized multi-function EMF meter. Measures and indicates Magnetic field, Electric field, and Radiofrequency radiation.

Pros: ideal if you are wanting a small, easy to use EMF meter

Cons: doesn't give an actual reading, it gives an indication of EMF levels via LED lights and sound (like a Geiger counter)

Product features: 

  • USB connection ( PC/Android logging software to download data and power supply)
  • LiPo battery - 9 to 10 hours to charge
  • Size : 69mm x 110mm
  • 9 leds depending of the strenght of the field detected : Green/Yellow/Red
  • Sound ON/OFF
  • 1 year warranty

RF Frequency range: 100MHz to 8GHz (.0005 – 100 mW/m²) / LF-Magnetic: 50Hz to 10KHz (0 - 20 mG)/ E-field bandwidth of 50Hz-10KHz (2 - 1000 V/m)

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