Magnetic Fields – What Are Safe Levels Of Exposure?

EMFs, what’s the one thing that really matters?

It’s a simple question.

The simple answer is “what’s safe”.

EMFs are invisible so we need to be protected.

So what’s safe?

Or to be more precise, “what are safe levels of exposure?”

Take magnetic fields for instance.

Magnetic Fields

There’s a lot of talk about the dangers of wireless a.k.a. radio frequency radiation but magnetic field exposures tend to get forgotten.

This might make you think that magnetic fields are some how less relevant, less dangerous, “less bad” than other forms of EMF exposures.

Magnetic fields are very relevant because they’re in every home. They're called “power-frequency magnetic fields” because they’re created by the electrical current that runs through your house wiring.

Any electrical appliance generates a magnetic field and if its got an electrical motor (e.g refrigerator, air-con) chances are it generates a significant magnetic field.

Make no mistake magnetic fields are right up there at the top of the list in terms of ‘potential for harm’.

There’s a big chunk of science pointing to the dangers of magnetic fields.

Of course there are safety guidelines.

safe levels magnetic fields

The Safety Guidelines

The majority of the magnetic field safety guidelines around the world are based on the ICNIRP and/or IEEE recommendations but the most stringent guidelines are the ICNIRP guidelines. They recommend a maximum exposure limit of 2000 milligauss (mG) for the general public.

The problem is these guidelines are too lenient.

How much too lenient?

Far too lenient.

The BioInitiative Report recommended an upper limit of just 1 mG for habitable space.

Now here’s the thing, recent studies carried out by a group of researchers at McGill University in Canada suggest that adverse biological reactions occur at levels below 1mG.

This research also revealed that:

  1. once exposed to magnetic fields, the cells in our body become highly sensitive. Afterwards exposures of just 0.1 mG create bio effects
  2. exposures over very different intensities created the same bio-effects. That’s to say a 1 mG exposure had about the same effect as a 5 mG exposure.

Is this making you scratch your head?

The Gulf

The first thing you need to get your head round is the huge gulf between what ICNIRP are saying and what these studies are saying.

If your electrician follows the ICNIRP guideline, unbeknown to you you may find yourself with exposures of 2000 mG in your home and yet this research shows that there are adverse bio effects at just 0.1 mG.

That’s 20 000 times below the standard.

That’s a huge gulf.

The second point is, until now its been assumed that these bio-effects were based on a dose-response relationship. In other words the higher the magnetic field the bigger the response, the bio-effect. This is not the case.

And if this is not the case, it's completely different ball game.

Why Is This Important To You?

I’ll assume you already knew about the dangers of magnetic fields. I did. I’ve had this box ticked for a long time.

But did you have any inkling that magnetic field exposures this minute could be having an impact on your health?

Perhaps not. This is not exactly common knowledge.

The reason its not common knowledge is because when this research came out 2 years ago, there wasn’t a single scientific journal that would agree to publish the findings.

And yet this study is extremely important.

Cancer And Electrical Sensitivity

The author of this study, Dr. Paul Heroux, believes that his research may have identified a way to control the growth of cancer, diabetes and other metabolic diseases. The relevance of his research to electrical sensitivity is also clear.

The title of the study paper is: Extra Low Frequency Magnetic Fields Alter Cancer Cells Through Metabolic Restriction.

This study has found that magnetic fields cause changes in water, which in turn impact how enzymes (which are proteins) operate in our cells. These magnetic fields are able to alter the ease with which ionized hydrogen can jump from one molecule to another, and this jump is dependent on a phenomenon, called tunneling.

This effect starts at such low levels that pretty much everyone is now exposed enough in their daily life to suffer the effect of magnetic fields on their cancer cells, if they are present in the body.

This is what the study says in a nutshell. You can read the study in full here.

How To Reduce Your Exposure To Magnetic Fields

Here are a few things you should know about magnetic fields:

  • Distance is your friend. It’s not a linear relationship. Magnetic fields drop off on a logarithmic scale. If you are two feet from the power source, you would expect it to be a certain amount and if you’re 20 feet away, it’s going to be approximately a 100 times reduction in exposures.
  • Often a dramatic magnetic field reduction can be achieved just by moving your furniture, moving your bed, moving your couch.
  • The most important place to mitigate magnetic fields is where you're sleeping – that’s when you’re regenerating, you’re making melatonin, all your hormones are balancing.
  • The second most important place is usually where you relax. If you have a couch and you watch T.V., you want to make sure that’s in a good spot. Sometimes you can just move your furniture and deal with that.
  • Magnetic fields are not something you can shield very affordably, it’s harder to shield for magnetic fields than anything else. For magnetic field shielding materials click here.

To deal with magnetic fields effectively you need to take readings with an EMF meter, to ensure you are not spending long periods of time in areas with high magnetic fields.

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  • steven lyons said,

    I’M very surprised at the ICNIRP guidelines 2000mG (are you sure this is right?)

    I have been measuring homes for years with Gigahertz meters and have never seen anything remotely approaching those levels.
    My metre measures in NANO TESSLA nT, converting MILIIGAUS TO NANO TESSLA you get 200,000 nT, I haven’t come across anything above 12 nT or 12 mG, and get very concerned if my clients are constantly exposed to anything above 4 mG or 400 nT, readings around fridges, Kitchen bench tops, dishwashers etc are commonly 4 to 8 mG, but have never seen anything approaching 20,000 mG.
    you do raise a very significant issue though and one much needing attention, I believe my electrical sensitivity stems from high magnetic and electrical field exposure, I was constantly exposed to 4 to 8 mG for twelve years, flowing through a metal frame desk where I sat editing films 8 to 12 hrs a day. Magnetic field exposure is very underrated. Most attention is given to High frequency transients, high voltage radiation etc..

  • Pete said,

    I am getting worse-they installed a smart meter on the south wall of my Home q/o telling what this things was or it’s effects. There are 2 cell towers, 1 to the NW at 2/3 a mile & a 2nd at 1 mile NE. Then there is high line wires running some 100 ft north of my Home-like I am in an EMF sandwich. I started getting sick-dizzy waking up brain dead, chest pains, pains in all my joints to muscle spasms where my legs locked solid so hard the muscles actually were torn
    Nodak refuses to remove the meter & replace with an analog-smart meter or no electricity. So I asked them to move this evil device off my Home as the signal needs to pass thru my Home to their receiver-Nodak wants $1000 to move their equoiptment & for stop trespassing by electronic means thru my Home
    I am now very E-sensitive, I can barely use a cell phone. I have tried shielding but this did nothing
    THis is the 2nd meter-the 1st was putting out 120 Gauss per my Extech 480823, I put asolid sheet of galvanized metal between the meter & my Home-then I got readings to 197 to over 200 GAUSS Nodak snuck in here & put on a new meter but this puts out like a diff frequency-I get real low Gauss readings but I can’t fall asleep & I can hear this damn thing-diff sounds from like a flock of birds chirping to low-high bacon frying. making life very difficult but once I leave here-all symptoms fade away-unless I go into a store with Wi Fi
    ANy idea on what I can do??? taking 4,5 hrs to fall asleep n then not even getting any real deep sleep as I wake exhausted, like yrs back after a night out & waking to a nasty hang over. Of course no gov’t agencies can do anything

  • Pete said,

    Whirling Wi-Fi: Vibrant images reveal how wireless networks sweep and surround us

    this is on Rise Earth – You may have to copy n paste or join this site but a Guy developed a way to show the frequencies thrown around by use of cell phones-again see Schumanns Resonance-the Earths & ppls electrical heartbeat is being destroyed by smart meters, cell towers, GWEN Systems, ELF towers DEW WMD & radar facilities-then there is also HERF

    If it very hard for me to use a cell phone or use stores that have Wi Fi-even Drs offices r blasted with Wi Fi & I pass out in some 15-20 minutes-same as the 1st smart meter, I worked my Farm n when I’d come inside I was always passing out & I was worried “SOMETHING” was wrong with my Home-it was finally another farmer that bought the Extech 480823 & His Home had single didgit readings-He gave me the unit to check mine & I could feel the difference in frequencies just walking to that damn thing
    Also none of my Dogs would even go near the south side of my Home & I kept find dead birds
    I am again sleeping back outside-either the truck or my grainery. If You want pics-I have plenty. Some ar dated in my emails, others r still in my camera but when the readings jumped up, I ran short of memory & hafd to delete the lower 120 Gauss pics
    so some1 can tell me how or where to post these pics

  • Andrew said,

    Does this teleseminar only cover electromagnetic fields? Or are static magnetic fields and the currents they induce in the body as you walk through them relevant. I would like to find out some information on this. Thanks

  • Sun~Rose said,

    Dear Pete,

    You have my complete sympathy. How frustrating. My suggestion isn’t electrical or technical, and has helped me immensely, healing multiple broken bones at home, no medical attention at all; it is a book called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. It takes You beyond the problem to healing, which You certainly deserve! (This is not minimizing your situation and/or location, just giving You protection.


  • Sun~Rose said,

    p.s. twice actually; once from a pitbull bite, another from a fall that smashed one side of my face. When we have no other recourse, we have ever-present Love available.

  • Connie said,

    I am EMF sensitive after getting zapped at my federal job. I’ve been placed on Administrative leave since the agency is ignoring and controverting my claim. I can feel and hear electricity and absolutely know via my bodies symptoms when I’m exposed to EMR.
    Here’s some helpful information to other people who suffer from EMF sensitivities: take lots fish oil, surround yourself with copper, get EMF protection via, wear copper bracelets and sunglasses, get a meter (DT1130 is inexpensive), check your car, home and work to know where EMR is, and use car sun shades or insulated grocer bags to reduce EMR emissions.
    The US government needs to acknowledge the danger and health hazards now not later after people get sick and misdiagnosed!.

  • Gloria Frank said,

    Call you power company and have your Smart Meter removed and have the old Analog Meter put back on. I have been through this and this is the only way. I don’t know where you live, but there are “OPT OUT” laws now in most states to have your Smart Meter removed. Please get back to me for any questions. I can’t use my cellphone at all now because my health is so compromised.

  • Pete said,

    I am in North Dakota & all state agencies claim they have no jurisdiction as we are supposed to be part owners-I have tried everything only to be told smart meter or no electricity
    Nodak electric said they would move their meter but I have to pay $1000 of which I can’t afford due to being disabled
    I just came inside & I can hear the static HISSSSSssss

  • Connie said,

    I had my smart meter removed and received a letter from BGE indicating that I will be charged for the removal and have to pay a monthly fee for not having the meter. I’m sending a letter to the VP of customer service and other government officials. I think smart meters are a public health hazard and the electric company is responsible for harming public citizens. I shouldn’t have to pay a fee for not having a dumb electric meter that further contributes To my EMF illness!

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