Electrosensitivity – Healing and Treatment

When I became electrosensitive I quickly realized that conventional medicine had its limitations.
After a couple of years of popping pills and getting nowhere I started to explore other avenues.
Holistic medicine was the obvious answer.
Looking at the person as whole to achieve not just relief but actual healing is a no-brainer.
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD, has developed his own particular “style” of doing this. He combines non-surgical orthopedic medicine with lots of other disciplines; immunology, endocrinology, toxicology, neural therapy, hypnotherapy and energy psychology.
His strong suit is dealing with chronic pain and illness and he has done quite a lot of work with electrosensitives.

Treating Electrosensitivity and Other Diseases

Dr Klinghardt realized that people that were being diagnosed with other “better known” diseases were in fact electrosensitive. For instance, doctors were diagnosing patients with ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) when the trigger was electromagnetic fields. In patients with diabetes he experimented applying EMF shielding and he observed that they needed less medication or that their blood sugar levels were stable.
He developed a successful protocol for treating Lyme disease, which again involved shielding EMFs from the patients environment.
He conducted a study on the EMF levels in the bedrooms of pregnant women whose children were autistic, comparing them with EMF levels of mothers who had healthy children. The radiation levels were significantly higher in the group of mothers whose children were autistic.  He developed a treatment protocol for dealing with autism which involved reducing electrosmog.

By way of introduction to the philosophical model that Dr Klinghardt uses to understand illness here is a short video presentation (with transcript) and below that are his recommendations for treating electrosensitivity.

7 Factors That Cause Chronic Health Problems

“The 7 factors are those issues that are causing chronic health problems.

1.The foundational one, I’ll just read you through, the first foundation one is toxicity and chronic infections.

2. biochemical abnormalities, is usually referred to as genetic issues.

3. is structural problems, the type of stuff that chiropractors and osteopaths deal with.

4. It's what we call in Europe interference fields. That any structure in the body can become electrically active like an additional pace maker in the heart. When some heart cells become dysfunctional, they're often scars and autonomic ganglia in the body than can arise to behave, electrically speaking, abnormally and cause trouble in the body. This is less known in the US and in Britain and more known in the Spanish speaking countries, France and in Germany.

5.The fifth very serious issue and growing issue is electromagnetic radiation from cell phone broadcasts, from household current, from radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, from wireless internet, and other household items.

6.The sixth is food allergies can cause significant health problems.

7. Last but not least is the realm of psycho-emotional, spiritual, and social problems.

So I will take you now through the five levels of healing and will remind you of where these 7 factors can be seen.

5 Koshas System of Healing

This model of healing arises from the old Yogi tradition. Patanjali, the father of modern Yoga, several thousand years ago wrote about a system of healing that he called the 5 Koshas. The 5 Koshas can be translated in to the 5 bodies or the 5 envelopes that we have. First body is the physical body. The second body is the energy body; I’ll get into that in a moment. The third level is the mental body. The fourth level is the intuitive body or the dream body as the shamans call it, and the fifth level is the spirit. Now let me take you through these levels in a way that maybe helpful in understanding what you can actually do with this system.

Autonomic Response Testing

I want to talk about ART and I want to start in the beginning to introduce you to some of the tools that we're using: the tools of the trade. ART stands for Autonomic Response Testing. We’re simply looking for ways of showing if a person goes into a stressed state or into a healing state. In more physiological terms we want to see, for example, if somebody eats wheat if it activates the sympathetic nervous system and creates a stress reaction or does it create a nice relaxed power sympathetic dominant healing state. When the person was hungry, you fill the stomach: the person is happy, everything is relaxed. Many tools are available in medicine and in psychology to determine if somebody is in a healing state or in stressed state. Usually these tools are referred to as bio feedback tools and I have experimented with all of them, many of them. They're also used in a form of lie detectors, which are also useful and can be used for this work.

However, we found that by using feedback from the muscles of the patient we get more accurate readings that are not distorted by inserting an instrument between us and the patients. Many patients today react to anything electronic that you put on their body, and what you will then measure is their reaction to the instrument rather than the reaction to what you're trying to test in the patient. Of course these principles have been examined in the field of kinesiology and the field of Chinese pulse testing.

There are many tools that use various indicators in the body to determine the state of the autonomic nervous system. What we found out as a very simple principle is this, for example, if the patient is deficient in vitamin C and I introduce vitamin C in the patient, it will create a healing state rather than a stress state. If a patient is toxic with mercury and I will introduce tiny amounts of more mercury in the system, the patient will respond with a stress state. That is pretty self evident. What takes a little stretch of the imagination is that how does a patient know that I’m introducing mercury when I just put it in his hands or close to him?

Energetic Immune System

I answer that with one of my deepest learning experiences I had with this. This was a patient who was allergic to local anesthetics, just to keep it short, and went into deep anaphylactic reactions every time a dentist used a local anesthetic. I tried to test her on local anesthetic just using muscle testing. Anytime my assistant came within 6 feet or 8 feet of this patient with the little tray that she brought into my room with local anesthetics on it, the patient would have an anaphylactic reaction. We ended up double and triple blinding this experiment, where neither I knew whether the nurse was with the local anesthetic nor the patient. We could, within half an inch, determine how far away from the patient the local anesthetic had to be and the patient would react.

Now, I’m assuming that it was not just a gifted patient; one patient in 6 billion who had the ability to sense things in the field outside away from the body. I do know it’s a property of all higher evolved animals. It's very well studied in sharks. They can detect their victim through their automatic nervous system up to 16 feet away. They form an inner image of how the person looks like even in the murkiest waters, and many other animals have been shown to have this sense. I call it an energetic immune system that responds to the presence of a particular substance away from the body, and that is the reflex that they're using and that is the only thing that will take a stretch of imagination. Is it easy to prove? Absolutely, we can give somebody who's had got wheat allergy wheat to eat and record his heart rate variability, that's a quantitative assessment of the autonomic nervous system, and demonstrate a stress reaction.”

Dr Klinghardt's Recommendations for Treating Electrosensitivity (ES)

1. measure the levels of electromagnetic radiation in your home using an EMF meter, and try to reduce exposure

2. measure your body voltage. Monitor any buildup of electricity in your system and discharge the static electricity

3. use EMF shielding to reduce exposure using paints and nets

4. create a low EMF environment in the bedroom, where this is not possible for all the bedroom then an EMF canopy should be used

5. detoxing after shielding, this can take up to six weeks, he recommends Chlorella for this

6. use protective clothing made from silver weed cloth where necessary while recovering

7. use of Graham Stetzer (GS) filters to clean up dirty electricity from wiring and electrical sockets

(Source: Electrosensitivity UK Newsletter June 2011)

EMF Exposure and Disease

Dr Klinghardt's approach brings together Western medicine and knowledge from ancient civilizations. (You can find out more about his methods here). He is one of the few practitioners that have been able to do this AND his approach recognizes the importance of EMFs in healing. Whether you are electrosensitive or are just interested in protecting yourself from EMFs there is much to learn from studying his work.

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  • Kathairein Magdalena said,

    Thanks so much for using your own life experiences to create some gifts for the rest of us! As the NA Indians sometimes say: THANKS FOR LIVING WELL.
    I have 18 mercury amalgams (for over 50 years) so I am now sensitive to almost everything. Especially EMF/RF and chemicals. As a low income (Social Security) elder with no health insurance (Who wants allopathic medicine anyway?), I am always searching for useful information I can afford to practice. Your website is a great resource for me.
    I will stay in touch and pass this information on to anyone who will listen, which in the US, especially TX, is precious few people. But we can only do what we can do.

  • Lloyd said,

    Thank you Kathairein for your kind words. There is also an expression I like to use “never say die”.

  • Jack said,

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this last free realm we have left on this world. I’ve been becoming sensitive since 2yrs ago and I think having the wifi modem in my bedroom just 3meters away must have been the tipping point. We moved homes last year and although the modem is downstairs in the living room, the new obstacle is the radio tower just 220 meters and another one 420m away from our home. I look forward to do some positive changes and might write you a personal line for more guidance in the new future.
    One question: where can one find silver weed clothing? And do you think grounding the house is going to be of much use? Where I live, they don’t do these safety features…stating that the nearest tower would attract the lighting, and not your roof….strange!
    Thank you and namaste!

  • Lloyd said,

    You can buy hats, shirts, coats etc made with silver coated fabric from LessEMF, this clothing is quite expensive so this is more of a stopgap measure. Your house’s electrical system should already be grounded, a good electrician can confirm this. Easier still is to ground yourself, see https://electricsense.com/1861/using-earthing-to-combat-electromagnetic-pollution-my-review/

  • debra said,

    After 20 yrs of torturous pain, not being able to go near humans because they’re covered in chemicals, not being able to go outside because of petrol and chemicals coming out of people’s homes, the country is worse with all the pesticides and grass!, cant live inside because of the paint on the walls, carpet on the floors, wifi everywhere, lived 5 yrs in a car because the symptoms have injured my organs, now have thyroiditis, addisons disease, liver and pancreas dysfunction. I have tried everything on the net and in books. And computers electricute me, paper and ink makes me sick, so at great cost I have achieved nothing. I know I am toxic with metals and virals. Ive been detoxing for years but I didnt know my liver and kidneys were underperforming. So it seems like its been left too long. I cant get it out as fast as it comes in. The radiation was so high in a work building down the road that most of the women got breast cancer. The only building I have access to for a shower etc is in the same street. I cant use a ph or a computer long enough to find somewhere to live. Nobody believes it so Ive been dumped by family & friends. But even if I had I dont think my organs are going to heal to allow healing.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Debra
    Above all, there is one thing that you need to have to heal, to get better. You need to believe. If my ES has taught me one thing it is to believe in myself, in my body’s ability to bounce back, it’s never too late. Family and friends can be fickle, but people who really love and care about you are not. These are the people that you need to spend time around, if that means going away to a place where you can be with people who are dealing with the same problem as you or retreating into nature then this is what you must do. All easy to say, but the answer does lie within. I wish you well.

  • Ester said,

    Thanks for sharing all this info with us Lloyd!
    I am wondering about your own experience with chlorella Lloyd, and did you ever try the one reccomended by Dr Klinghardt?
    And other electrosensitives out there who have tried chlorella, did it help you? I myself have not tried it yet.

  • Lloyd said,

    I have tried Chlorella and continue to use it periodically – its just one of many ways of detoxing. I get it from my local organic store.

  • Dave Haith said,


    Piece on BBC TV local worth watching
    (Why is there not a simple email to contact you Lloyd?)

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Dave
    You can send me a direct message from the “ask Lloyd” page. Thanks for sharing this.

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