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Cell Phone Tower Protection Tips: What To Do If A Cell Phone Tower Is Erected Next To Your Home

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on December 28, 2010 under Electromagnetic protection, Protection tips | 256 Comments to Read

There’s one big difference between cell phones and cell towers.

You can choose not to have a cell phone at all. And if you do have one you can switch it off whenever you like.

But if a cell phone tower pops up next to your home, this is a different story. Remember electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can’t be seen and can’t be heard but they go through pretty much everything, and nearly anything.

First things first. Before you get overly concerned about the dangers of your nearest cell phone tower, you first need to put your own house in order. There is no point going to great lengths and great expense with all sorts of elaborate shielding if inside your home you have not already minimized/eradicated the other EMF radiation sources. Use my electromagnetic radiation exposure questionnaire to identify the sources of EMFs in your home.

7 Tips On How To Protect Your Home From RF Radiation

N.B. This procedure also applies if you want to protect yourself from any external form of RF radiation, be it from a cell tower, neighbors WiFi, a smart meter, etc,.

1. Do You Need To Take Action?

The starting point is to establish whether you need to take action. Firstly you need to ascertain just how close the nearest cell phone tower is,  if you are in the US you can use this website to see where the nearest cell phone tower is in your area (in the UK  see the Mobile Phone Base Station Database). If the nearest cell phone tower is more than half a mile away then you should be able to sleep easy. There are no hard and fast rules on this, one study which comes to mind found that there were adverse health effects within 400 m. But this depends on the radiation output of the cell phone tower in question. As a rule of thumb if the cell phone tower is within 500 m and you can see the antennas from your home then you need to investigate further.

2. Get Some Reliable EMF Readings

cornet emf meterYou MUST get some reliable readings to ascertain the dangers. If you don’t, it’s all guesswork. You can’t hope to deal with your EMF exposures on the basis of guesswork. You could call a qualified EMF consultant to come to your house and give you some readings. But buying your own EMF makes more sense in the long run. The advantage is if you buy the meter , you can use it over and over again – which you need to do because EMF exposures are changing constantly. Also economically it makes more sense. Often one consultation will cost you about the same price as buying the meter.  I recommend the Cornet ED78S for this job – its perfectly suited to measuring RF radiation emitted by cell towers and easy to use.

3. Shielding Your Home

Once you’ve got some EMF readings then you can decide what to shield. Shielding your whole house is just not going to be feasible and will in any case be fairly pointless. Instead you need to focus your attention on the room where you spend most of your time and your bedroom. If you spend most of your time in your kitchen then you would be looking to shield your kitchen and shield your bedroom, unless you live in such a big house that the bedroom has negligible readings. Again what can be qualified as a high reading is very subjective and above all depends on your own sensitivity.

4. Shielding Your Bedroom

Faraday bed canopyYou can effectively shield your bed with a Faraday bed canopy. This is the easiest and the most effective but not necessarily the cheapest solution of shielding your bed from RF radiation. The EMF Faraday canopy is an ultra-fine metal composite mesh which works along the same principles as a mosquito net. Instead of keeping out the mosquitoes it keeps out RF radiation. This kind of shielding can offer over 99% shielding performance.

If you want the freedom of being able to have the run of your bedroom and still be protected then shielding the walls and windows will be a better solution.

5. Shielding Your Windows

Your windows are a weak spot and generally provide the least protection from EMFs. Which is why your windows are a good place to start shielding your room, readings from your EMF meter will confirm this. The good news is that windows are easy to shield using a special window film. You can buy Scotchtint in a roll, cut it to size, peel off the backing, moisten and stick it to your window. It can also save on your heating bill.

6. Shielding Paintemf protection paint

Stop cell tower radiation penetrating your bedroom through an outside wall with a high frequency EMF shielding paint. Yshield paint is the ideal choice. It’s a water-based paint, free of toxic solvents. I’ve found it easy to apply and very effective. It can be used on walls, ceilings, doors. It adheres well to cement, plaster, polystyrene and most building materials. It can be used inside as well as out but generally you’re better using it on your interior where it’ll not be exposed to the elements.

7. Cheaper EMF Shielding

Insulating aluminum foil is a cheaper solution. For internal walls, which unlike external walls don’t need to breathe, insulating aluminum foil as used in the building industry, can be used. You can stick this to the walls using wallpaper paste (careful to not use wallpaper paste with antifungals) and then just paper over the top. (some people claim cooking foil is adequate but my tests do not support this).

There are many other materials that can be used to shield against RF radiation from cell towers and smart meters and the like; generally the more dense a material is the more effectively it shields. Lead for instance is very effective (its used around x-ray machines) but its difficult to use and is classified as a possible carcinogen.


earthing kitTo ground or not to ground your EMF shielding?  This is something that you need to test. Grounding will usually be beneficial but there are instances where electrical fields can be higher after grounding than before.  A ground kit is an easy way of grounding shielding paint. For instructions on grounding click here.

Shielding your home from RF radiation boils down to building a conductive enclosure around the room or rooms you want to shield. It is much easier to achieve than shielding from magnetic field radiation but you do have to be thorough and methodical.

Be Thorough and Methodical

If you’re not thorough and methodical RF radiation can and will seep through the smallest cracks. So if you paint a wall, be sure to paint all of it. Being methodical means doing your shielding step-by-step. You take your EMF readings, you determine which direction the RF radiation is coming from, you shield that wall, you test, then you earth it and you use your EMF meter to test again to see how the readings have changed. Then you may go on to shield the next wall or the ceiling, or both.

If you ground your shielding I do advise measuring the electric field in your shielded zone before and after. Most shielding materials are conductive – you don’t want to shield from RF radiation at the price of increased electric field exposures. Measure your electric fields with an electric field meter.

As much as you can shield inside, when you’re out on your balcony or in your garden you will be fully exposed to the EMFs. Much depends on the extent of your exposure, but if your proximity is such that all your house needs shielding it may be time to start looking for alternative accommodation and/or to get active on the issue through an association.

This article was updated June 2015.

  • Gina Martin said,


    Thank you so much for all your invaluable information. I live in NYC on Park Avenue and i can see 8 antennas from my apartment. I am very worried and I want to put up shielding paint to protect me, but I am not quite sure what you mean by grounding. How do you ground something in an apartment. And, what happens if you ground incorrectly?
    All these things worry me so much and I have not been sleeping well at night so I drive one hour to get to sleep in my country house. I have a canopy but I am worried about the radiation also coming from the wi fi in the apartments below?? Also, can you explain which of the measurements in the trifield meter I should use. There are 3 different ways to read the RF with my meter and this also confuses me? Thanks so much again for your help.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Gina
    The easiest way to do grounding in an apartment is through your homes electrical system, that to say via the ground connection of an electrical outlet. You might find it better to do the shielding yourself and take an electrician to do the grounding because if you ground incorrectly your shielding will not be effective.
    If you are worried about the radiation coming through from the apartments below you can shield your floors, using foil or paint as described above. But really the starting point is to determine where the EMFs are coming from.
    The Trifield 100XE is a great all round meter but it is not best adapted for what you are trying to do here. You would need something which can give you accurate directional readings, for instance the high frequency meter

  • Biren Soni said,

    Dear Mr. Lloyd,
    It’s great ideas to protect home against Cell Tower radiation, thanks for the informations.

    We have a cell tower on top of our apartment, just a floor above my flat; if I want to seal it against radiation, I may require to seal even the glass windows, which is not practical, so please let me know a solution to get protection in this situation.

  • Lloyd said,

    I would start with shielding the ceiling; paint is the easiest way to do this. Then test with your RF meter. You may not have to shield the windows, it just depends on to what extent the radiation is bounced and deflected off nearby buildings. And if you do need to shield windows it may not be all the windows that need shielding, hence the need to test at each stage with a meter.

  • Farhad said,

    Thank you very much for your helpful informations.
    Which type of films are appropriate for glass windows to protect against RF radiations?

  • gisele cyr said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thank you so much for the videos you put on youtube. I have been electrosensitive for a while.

    You said in one of your videos that you have 2 instruments to measure and contol your environment. I would like to know what instrument you recommend to measure the electrical and EM radiation ( I could not see the brand on your video). Also, I would like to know if there is an instrument you know of that measures your bodie’s reaction to EM radiation. I have been informing myself on this subject and would like to make presentations on it. I am a veterinarian and teacher and would like to see the effects on animals as well.

    Third question I have is I would like to build myself a faraday cage and my friend who is an engineer calculated that a metal screem mesh would do the job. I just wanted you opinion on this.

    I would like to know also if you have any information on a site that I could check where the antennas are in Canada and according to you, what is the best book available on the subject regarding scientific proofs of the effects on the biology of the human body.



  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Gisele
    I recommend the Trifield and the Cornet meter. There are reviews on my website so you can better understand what each one does – they do different jobs. In both cases if you are disappointed with the meter you can refund it and get a full refund. I would just buy one first and see how you get on with it.
    I have never used a faraday cage – it’s a bit cumbersome. It depends what you are trying to achieve, but you can achieve a lot with a shielding net.
    You can see where the cell phone towers are in Canada using this website:
    If you are looking for a good presentation of the independent literature on the dangers of EMFs I would start with the Bioinitiative report, its free you can download it here

  • Kim said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I wanted to know what you would say about protection from technology that Clear Channel uses which seems even more daunting. Supposedly, the special kind of wireless can travel through brick or anything else for miles!

    Thank you for your time, Kim

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kim
    Clear channel uses HD technology or Hybrid digital. HD radio transmits audio and data with a digital and analog signal. I know of no studies on the dangers of HD radio and I know of no anecdotal evidence so I can’t really comment on the health impact. But the implication is more man-made emfs in the environment, which is not good.

  • Izzy said,

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on other forms of shields that don’t involve foil, paint, screens, etc? I live in a rented property with a smart meter and cellphone tower about 100m away (yikes!), so have been looking into plug-in shields that cancel the dirty EMFs, various crystals that purportedly do the job – basically, things I can just sit in each room that are practical, portable, non-intrusive, but will give us some degree of protection. Due to the location and positioning of the house reflective shields won’t work, and we aren’t allowed to fix anything to the walls or modify the property in any way, so these suggestions are all no-goes, so to speak.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Izzy
    There a lot of devices on the market (some of them are very expensive) which claim to neutralize or cancel EMFs, in my experience none of them work. Its possible to shield pretty well any property – sometimes it requires a lot of work, but you are sure to get results.

  • Dan said,

    Would somebody answer this question?
    When the walls of my room are shielded, no signal comes in and I may not use cell phone in the room any longer?

  • Lloyd said,

    When you apply EMF shielding this protects you from external EMFs but it also means internal EMFs cannot get out. So if you were to try and use a cell phone in a shielded room the cell phone might work (if the shielding was not 100% effective) but your EMF exposure would be considerably greater than under normal circumstances.

  • wayne d. eligur said,

    hello i have a digital meter right outside the house 25 feet distance.
    how may i protect from this device?

  • Lloyd said,

    If your digital meter is a smart meter refer to this article for tips:

  • tom said,

    Hi Lloyd is it true that an experienced electrician can re wire my house that emits EMF especially electrical boxes, tankless water heater and also smart meter which we have in our townhouse. Also have you heard of SAFE SPACE company that manufacture holographic device to nutralize or polarize EMF. Can you kindly give us an idea, I am really desperate to find a divice for my wife’s sake in her condition as we do not have a choice to stay in our home area with tall electric tower and small sub station with transformers. And one underground transformer just in front of our home.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Tom
    Before getting any electrician in I would do some testing with an EMF meter, see what the levels are. Most electricians are not trained to deal with EMFs but there is a book you could buy called “Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding” by Karl Riley, that way providing your electrician is open minded even if his knowledge is minimal, you could point him in the right direction. I would be wary of any device that claims to neutralize EMFs.

  • kisalay mitra said,

    I live in India in city of Kolkata where I have a 4-storied house , in front of my house 2 cell towers are installed on the roof top of the neighbor building , it is around 10meters distance away & the antennas are facing my bed rooms , EMR is already measured by me with meter , where the meter shows my bed rooms are full of radiations, I need shielding of my windows immediately as i am already effected with headache, memory loss ,irritations, fatigue etc. I have stopped living in my only bed room, i am living where less radiations are there , since last 2 years Iam fighting against the Cell tower cos.& with local municipal bodies for its removal,which are installed without Govt. permissions & Illgal declared by Govt. for violations of line for putting up towers in densely Residential area

  • kisalay mitra said,

    I seekk your help how & where to get shielding material like Alum. foils to fix in windows & doors with reasonable price including shipping.Any well wisher can mail me –
    [email protected] for further information.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kisalay
    You might want to contact Professor Girish Kumar also of India who had great success in getting cell towers removed in his locality, see

  • kisalay mitra said,

    Hi Mr. Lloyd, I am already very closely in touch With Prof.Girish Kumar who have suggested to make initially shielding of my bed room windows & measure again with EMF meter. but I want get shielding material 7 like to know where to get this shielding material for a cheaper & easy application material. if any body come across my this comment . pl. send message soon , Thanks to all .

  • M Schultz said,

    If you know where a source, like a smartmeter, is located, is it sufficient to block rays between you and the meter or is is necessary to surround yourself with a shield (cage)?

    In other words can the EMFs go around a shield?

    For example, Would putting a shield on the outside of my house next to the meter protect the inside of the house?

  • Lloyd said,

    Instead of shielding your home, you could shield the smart meter. So could shield on the outside of your house facing the smart meter only, which would in theory enable the smart meter to continue transmitting information to the utility company without harming you. When you have installed your shielding you would need to test with an RF meter to ensure its effectiveness. I would advise eliminating all sources of RF radiation in your home (cordless phones, wifi, cell phones etc) its possible that you could have worse RF offenders inside the house than the smart meter.

  • Bill Strong said,

    When building a home, is using radiant barrier foil backed insulation an effective way to protect from EMF infiltration?

  • Lloyd said,

    Radiant barrier foil is a form of insulating material which is designed to reflect heat instead of trying to absorb it like fiberglass or rock wool. Its composed of an aluminumized film and as such is suitable for RF shielding. Make sure you ground and test with an RF meter before and after.

  • Bill Strong said,

    Thanks for the reply. How would I ground everything properly? Do I have to make sure each panel that touches each other need to have some type of metalic tape at each seam to make the panels connect with each other and then ground the entire home at one point because I cannot ground each and every panel separately?
    Thank you, LLoyd.

  • Lloyd said,

    Each panel needs to perfectly join each other panel, if there are any cracks then the radiation will seep through. To achieve this you can either use a metal tape with a conductive self-adhesive, or a broad adhesive tape which you then paint over using Yshield. Since each panel touches every other panel you only need to ground at one point. Again, you need to test with an RF meter before and after shielding to be sure of its effectiveness.

  • Bill Strong said,

    Thank you for the follow up answer. I understand what needs to be done in the proper way. I already have an RF meter and will be sure to test the effectiveness of installation.
    It is a comfort knowing there is a resource like you to assist in these matters. I appreciate your help.

  • Erling said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    thanks for your work, it is really helpful.

    I have one question:
    In the above article you mention 0.02V/m as a limit. As far as I understand this is very low (around 1uW/m2). Is this correct? The most “quiet” place in my house was at around 5uW/m2, which I thought was quite good…

    Thanks again,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Erling
    5uW/m2 is quite good, for most people. The questions to ask are – what are my symptoms? How can my meter/s help me to improve my symptoms by identifying hotspots? – which you can than work on reducing/eliminating. If you don’t have any symptoms, then you have only the studies to go on and your intuition.

  • Bill Strong said,

    We are building a cabin and are wanting to build it to protect ourselvs from EMF in the area. Do you have recommendations on how to shield EMFs from infiltrating through the windows frame, glass, exterior doors, etc.
    Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Shielding window frames, doors etc might need some ingenuity combining shielding paints and cheaper shielding materials but my basic advice is as I have laid out in my article above.

  • Lorene said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    I have 3 cell towers 1/4 mile from me, I want to move but can’t right now. We put our money into this place, we are at retirement age, 8 people around me have had cancer including my husband he’s doing good now ,and 20 years ago the man died that owned the house with cancer. I put it all together. I believe it is related How can they do this to us? We are going to move as soon as we can. Theres also a tower on the water company tank about 1/4 mile from us. I have a meter and I can’t live in the front part of my house…we also have a cell tower behind us…we have radiation on our property…its sad. Thank you for helping us all find what we need and informing us….I wish there was a way to fight this…Thank you so much. Lorene

  • sally said,

    my daughter lives in a small mobile home. behind her bedroom wall and across the driveway is a box with 10 smart meters in it. we put heavy duty foil on the inside of the doors to the box to hopefully cut down on the emissions. will this work?

  • Lloyd said,

    It might work, but if there is a crack where the doors close, or at the hinges, the radiation will seep through. The only way to know if what you have done works is to measure with an RF meter before and after shielding. See also

  • sally said,

    thanks for the info. there is a crack where the doors come together. i’ll check it out with an rf meter.

  • sb said,

    See book + website on Earthing by C. Oberst; also; and wonderful products for alleviation with mobility and an understanding that helps with fear: VibesUP by Kaitlyn Keyt (also much intriguing info).

    Still thank all for knowledge + effort to educate + ameliorate + action!

  • Aron said,

    Hi, I live in London which has become disastrously ‘radiated’. There are all manner of antenna on at least one building on every street. I imagine the greatest exposure comes from the growing frequency of people using Wifi in their homes. In the past 6 months my computer has gone from barely recognising a few neighbour’s Wifi’s to full signal strength on about 15 homes!

    I’ve since decided to take measure to protect myself against EMF. Can you advise…

    The paints and material shields you promote, do they protect against all types of radiation… that leaked by Wifi, TV and radio masts, mobile phones etc. etc.?

    Is any material, paint or fabric, more effective than the other?

    Obviously, shielding reduces radiation from entering a vicinity but also hinders its escape. Do you know of any materials that actively absorb radiation thus lowering the emission strength even further.

    Many thanks.

  • Lloyd said,

    The EMF shielding materials I talk about in this article are suitable for shielding against “radio frequency radiation”. But then you really need to look at the technical specification of what you buy to see what you get for your money in terms of the frequency range that the material is designed to shield and effectiveness of the shielding, typically expressed as a percentage. For instance the Yshield paint mentioned above is good for shielding up to 18Ghz and offers 99%reduction. Thats to say its good for shielding from EMFs emitted by things like cordless phones, cell phones, cell towers and WiFi, digital TV and FM radio.
    If you are using shielding the golden rule is not to have any radiation sources within your shielded area.

  • Aron said,

    Indeed. Thanks for your response.

    One last thing, the ‘anti-radiation’ paint comes in black. Is the effectiveness reduced if that is painted over with standard white matt emulsion?


  • Lloyd said,

    You can paint or wallpaper over Yshield and its just as effective – so long as in doing so you do not scratch/damage the shielding paint. The Yshield is very black, you will probably need several coats of white emulsion to cover it fully.

  • Jane said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I have a regular electric meter on the outside of my bedroom wall. I opted out of the smart meter.
    On the interior wall where the meter is, there is a very high reading of 100 (tri-field meter) a couple of feet around the meter area in the bedroom.
    Can I shield the interior wall with aluminum or paint? Would this stop the emf’s from entering?
    I don’t understand how to ground the foil or the paint. Is it by a wire attached to the shielding material, or would paint not require grounding?
    Thank you so much for all of your help.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jane
    So I can answer you fully, can you just clarify what measurement units you are referring to when you say a reading of “100”.

  • Jane said,

    I meant to say 100 milligauss reading on the trifield meter. The meter reads 100 milligauss about two feet around the area, and then drops to ONE milligauss in the rest of the room.
    It is a regular electric meter, not a smart meter.
    Thank you so much,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jane

    The Building Biology guidelines say that readings in a bedroom between 1 and 5 milligauss are a cause for “severe concern” and over 5 milligauss a cause for “extreme concern” (see Personally I would not want to sleep in such an environment. You can “shield” but with magnetic fields it is complicated and costly.

    My article above talks about shielding from RF radiation. Shielding from magnetic fields is a different matter altogether. Magnetic shields work not by blocking the magnetic fields, but by redirecting them.

    Giron is a magnetic shielding film which can be bent and shaped without losing its shielding properties but it is expensive. Mumetal and other specialized materials are commonly used but they can’t be worked with quite as easily and they are also quite expensive see LessEMF website. Iron might do the job – make sure you use a piece which is not ferromagnetic (magnetized). For a solution to be totally effective you would need to enclose the source of the field, in this case your electric meter…not very practical. Like I said its complicated.

  • S Prashanth said,


    I have gained a very good info about protecting ourselves from Radiation. But, what about the animals and birds? birds that build their nest on or near by the towers are facing neural system malfunctioning problems. 54% of honey bee population(Indian statistical data) is decreased just because of these towers. migratory birds fail to recollect the direction to which they have to fly when tower radiation penetrates through them. MoreOver, towers in India are runned using diesel which are not eco – friendly. Sparrow hits red list of endangered species now. tower is the main cause for this. Every time we find a new technology, we also come up with the environmental issues later. to find out solution for these issues, we again find one more technology. this is like a viscous circle which will never end. In this process of finding, the best technology with 0% of radiations or emmissions, the time, pollution, impacts everything will rule us. Many of us will not try to believe and follow the basic principle for a successful and happy life-“Stop being greedy! be contended with what we have! Love nature, animals, birds etc instead of loving technology! Stop giving more value to petrol when water is the more precious than petrol! Know whats more important in the long run! Wake up! Stop cutting down trees! gift a plant to every one and encourage to do so! reward such activities and punish the commercially thinking ppl who are the main cause for the depletion of resources and deforestration, pollution” pls. Anyone can pass any information/knowledge about how human kind is harmful to this nature to my mail id [email protected]

  • Thej said,

    I was planning to buy land which has a pylon at one end and high tension wires which move across the road….I loved the plot and intend to build a weekend home which we may use only 5 days in a month…do u think I can still buy this plot and design a home in such a way that I take care of EMF….
    The plot is114 feet x 200 feet which is 22000 soft …. We are planning to build only 5000 sqft maximum….pls advice

  • Thej said,

    I don’t know whether it’s Emf or rf …how can I find that out….excellent study..

  • Lloyd said,

    Powerlines emit EMFs thats a fact, see my article How dangerous they are depends on your proximity and the voltages the cables are carrying. Before buying the land I would be inclined to measure the EMFs, the Trifield 100XE is suitable for this job. You will be able to measure both electric and magnetic fields from the powerline with the Trifield.

  • kumar said,


    I stay in ground floor and buidling is ground plus 3 and there is two cell towers are there in my apartment top floor , will il be affected by this . What should i do

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kumar
    Radiation exposures are highest for people that are in the direct beam of a cell tower. You are not in the direct beam of the cell towers on your roof – building materials do stop RF radiation, especially if there is metal in the structure. There will probably be some reflection of the radiation beams from other buildings into your home….its impossible to tell what your exposure levels are without measuring with an RF meter– radiation exposures are often worse from sources inside the home, see

  • Buqi Cheng said,

    Hi Lloyd:

    The meter you proposed can only test0.01mv/cm2 smallest. But 0.01mv/cm2 = 6v/m, am I right?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Buqi
    Volts per meter (V/m) or millivolts per meter (mV/m)provide the most meaningful measures of RF radiation. The sensitivity of the meters I have reviewed are:
    Cornet ED75/ED85EX: 25mV/m (or 0.025V/m) to 14.8V/m
    Acoustimeter AM-10: 0.02 V/m – 6.00 V/m
    For clarification on the different measurement units see

  • Aleksandar Vucetic said,

    can you tell me, how can we calculate RF shield specification of any metal mesh –
    for example an aluminium wire mesh with 2mm x 1.5mm gap and 0.2mm wire thickness? Next, how can we calculate RF shield specification of any aluminium foil –
    for example an aluminium foil with 0.01mm thickness?
    Best regards
    Aleksandar Vucetic
    —– Original Message —–
    From: Aleksandar Vucetic

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Aleksandar
    I am not an electrical engineer or physicist – I do not have the technical competence for answering these questions. I would try putting your questions on a physics blog.

  • Jan said,

    The meters reads 700mV/m inside my house. I think the microwaves come from a homemade cellphone tower a water utility company erected about half a mile away. I have done everything I know to do except install a grounded metal roof. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Buqi Cheng said,

    Have you ever try the insulating aluminum foil. I used it in my second floor. It seems very effective to refect the radiation. But not sure of the side effect.

  • Lloyd said,

    Aluminum is used in a variety of consumer products including , cans used for food and drink, cookware etc, where the dangers of aluminum poisoning are far more real than when using it for RF shielding. If you put aluminum foil on your walls ideally you want to be covering it with paint or wallpaper to minimize your contact with it. I have not used aluminum foil on my walls, I prefer shielding paint, it’s a bit more expensive but easier to apply.

  • John Durbin said,

    Hi there, firstly excellent site keep up the good work!

    My question is I recently renovated my house and insulated my walls extensively with an insulation board called Cellotex (or Kingspan) does this have any affect on shielding me form EMR? I am becoming concerned as I have a massive tower about 250m from the back of my house with over 20 units (not sure of the technical name.) Some help with this question would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Lloyd said,

    Celotex is described as an insulation board on the distributors website. Its not designed to shield from RF radiation. Having said that, the technical specification says that the boards are composed of “low emissivity textured aluminium foil facings”. You can expect the aluminum to offer some degree of protection from the cell tower radiation, much depends on the quality of the aluminum (e.g. that its not perforated) and the space between each board. Assuming the aluminum facings do offer effective RF shielding, for a truly effective solution the joins would have to be sealed over, aluminum tape would be suitable. The only way to know how effective the boards are as a shield is to test with an RF meter.

  • Jan said,

    I covered the ceiling with grounded aluminum radiant foil joined with aluminum tape and put film on the windows, but that didn’t make any difference. I think the microwaves go around the foil. Maybe the foil is perforated. I hadn’t thought of that. The house’s bricks are not red, so I think the microwaves go through the bricks to some extent. The RF meter doesn’t read a difference in the bedroom. The readings in the attics are high as high as an RF meter next to a cell phone during a call.

  • Karl said,


    Great website btw!

    I would like to know if a thin sheet of flexible fiberglass is just as good of an emr
    absorbing material as carbon felt?

    Carbon felt is approx in the 30-35db range

    Can you give me an idea what a thin sheet of flexible
    fiberglass db range is ?

    Any data you care to provide would be great!

  • Lloyd said,

    To acquire this sort of data you would need professional measuring equipment, which is not what I use. I can’t help you with this I’m afraid.

  • Inder said,

    We have a cell phone tower on top of our rental house. Do you think it can affect us? We’ve been living in this house for 4 years now and we have children. Is it dangerous for them

  • ebrahim said,

    Hi Lloyd.i am an electrician.i recently installed a dist. board in a garage.on the other side of the wall is the main bedroom with the bed up against can i shield my clients from emf?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ebrahim
    Before considering shielding I would look to see if there is an easy way to achieve more distance between the consumer unit/distribution box and the bed. Given that you cannot move the distribution box, can you move the bed? This is important because magnetic fields (which are likely to be the biggest problem and hardest to shield) fall off very quickly with distance, ranging from inverse first power to inverse cube of distance (see For instance with inverse cube of the distance the field at 3 metres is about 1/27th of the field at one metre. So you see this makes a significant difference.
    If you can’t move the bed then the options are basically screened cable or metal conduits. If the distribution box is already installed and wired up your options are limited. As an electrician I would recommend you look into this more thoroughly, people are often contacting me for this sort of advice. An excellent source of information on this topic is “Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding” by Karl Riley. I only wish more electricians were like you and took an interest in this subject.

  • Rachelle said,

    I would like your opinion… I am considering bying a home in the country, but there is a cell tower about 1.25 kms away. Is that too close? I know it seems far by urban standards, but still? I plan to use a friends’ meter to get some readings… Also, like in a previous post, I am a teacher being bombarded by wifi all day long, and have been having lots of headaches this year since I’ve been back at work full-time. I bought a silverell hoodie, but look pretty silly with the hood up all the time. You mentioned covering the router with silk – does it have to be thicker, raw silk? And does the box have to be fully or tighly wrapped or can the silk be draped? My router is above the ceiling tiles, but I believe I can access it. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your research! I am so worried about my son who will be exposed to massive amounts of emf/rf throughout his years at school. I wish our Board would just plug back in – it would hardly be inconvenient!

  • Kesausin said,

    Hello There,

    Recently, I had purchased a flat in chennai, india. Unfortunately, transformer has been installed very closed to my bed room( approx 4 to 6 feet). Can somebody please suggest me the radition protective measures ?
    It seems that my kitchen, bedroom and living room will be affected due to radiation.


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Kesausin
    The transformer will be emitting electrical and magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are much harder to shield from than RF radiation (that emitted by a cell tower) in fact effectively shielding magnetic fields is practically impossible (cost prohibitive). Distance is your best ally because the strength of these fields (electric and magnetic) fall off with distance, each centimeter counts. Do what you can to either change bedrooms or sleep as far away from the side where the transformer is.

  • veenu said,


    there is one mobile tower just front of our apartment, we are on top floor and radiation comes from all areas, we bought the meter also to check the radition, we approached our association but they are not helping,
    please suggest us, at least one mail room, if we can safe from radiation, i have 3yrs old baby, worried for her…

    pls suggest us somebody in India(bangalore) who can help us with the solution.

    pls help us with the best way.

  • veenu said,

    just want to know if you are on face book

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Veenu
    You can follow me on Facebook here,
    The best person to contact in India is Professor Girish Kumar who had great success in getting cell towers removed in his locality, see I am sure he can help you.

  • Kesausin said,

    Hello There,

    Firstly, thank you for your prompt response.My flat is live time investment. I have to pay bank interest till the year 2022. I understand that properly grounded mesh can absorb radiations from transformer. I really don’t know to what extent it is true? Is relocating the transformer the only solution? If not, can you please suggest the alternatives?
    Thankyou for your response in advance,

  • Lloyd said,

    Grounded mesh is often used for RF shielding but it is not suitable for what you are trying to do – shield magnetic fields. You need to buy special materials for this. If you are determined to go this route the first thing is to purchase or hire a gauss meter, the Trifield 100XE is a good choice for the money. You determine what the levels are where you are sleeping, do this at different times of the day over several days because the strength of the field is dependent on the current that is flowing.

    The BioInitiative Report recommends 1milliGauss (0.1 microTesla) as the limit for habitable space.

    If you then decide you want to shield, its going to be costly, possibly thousands of dollars…using MuMetal or Giron (cheaper but still around $3000 a roll) and then you would probably only be able to reduce the fields not stop them. It may be cheaper/more effective to move the transformer.

  • sonam said,

    Hi LLoyd ,thank you for all the informations and knowledge . my neighbouring building(10 feetaway) has put a tower some 5-6 years back. Is there a way to know from the size ,shape and nos of antinnas the intensity of the radiation we are being exposed to. There is one big circular disc with 1 mtr diameter and 4 smaller ones with half mtr diameter. and four long rectangles of one mtr length and 1 feet thickness .
    I do suffer from headaches ,we all suffered from boils at one time for a whole year. my daughter (6 yrs )still get skin allergies now and son has a lymph gland swollen .

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sonam
    It’s not possible to obtain a meaningful estimation of the radiation levels from a cell tower just by looking at the antennas. What I can say is that antennas in the form of drums, dishes or discs emit radiation in a focused beam. If you find yourself in direct line of any these antennas your risk of exposure is increased. The only way to be sure what the exposures levels are is to measure them with an RF meter, see Because you are living in such close proximity to these antennas if you are in direct line of their beams I would strongly suggest shielding.

  • Rosy said,

    Hi Lloyd I’m from India and I don’t think I can get any of the products so easily here. Can you help me with sum thing else? And from few days I have been suffering from severe head ache. Is this because of the radiation. Please help me out. Thank you in advance…

  • Payal said,

    Does the aluminized Mylar sheeting called “energy blankets” shield the RF radiation from cell tower? What else can be done to avoid the radiation from Wifi radiation coming from roof and floor? Please provide link so that it can be shipped to india.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Rosy
    If you are looking for a company that delivers to India then Radmeters do do this. Whether your headache is due to cell tower radiation is another matter…I would suggest trying to identify and eliminate the EMF sources in your environment, see

  • Ashu said,

    I have an cell tower on the top roof of my house and i live in India. so could you please suggest me that what will i do for overcome the radiation, even i dont know how much radiation are coming in house.

  • Lloyd said,

    Mylar blankets are sold as first aid thermal blankets- they reflect body heat by virtue of an aluminum coating. I have never tested one of these blankets but I do understand that their aluminum coating makes them suitable for RF shielding. The effectiveness of your shielding will largely depend on how well you manage to join the blankets together to form a continuous shield. Make sure you put the aluminum side towards the source of radiation. sell these blankets – not sure if they deliver to India.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ashu
    I suggest you read up on this issue. You can download my free report…read the Bioinitiative report etc (see . It may be that your exposure from the cell tower on your roof is very low, EMFs from other sources inside the home are often higher, see

  • neetu said,

    We got EMF radiation monitoring at outr residence. Max. value obtained is 1.7 mW/m2 in our master bedroom. Is it safe. If not, do we need to put some shield. Can an alumiminium grill grounded to earthe outside the window help.

  • Lloyd said,

    The Bioinitiative report (the most authoritative independent source we have) recommends a limit of 0.01 μW/cm2 for indoor exposure (see 1.7 mW/m² equates to approx 0.17 μW/cm² so your exposures are above these guidelines….an aluminum grill may help…taking readings before and after with an RF meter is the only way of knowing.

  • Eddie said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Im just going through all your helpful articles. I have a question regarding the Y-shield paint since I’ll most likely go through this route. My wife and I have a 16 month baby that sleeps with us in the same room.

    Would you know if the paint (substance/ingredients) fine for our baby? Thanks for your help.


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Eddie
    Yshield is a water-based paint which I found very easy to apply…the manufacturer recommends applying with a paint roller. It’s a totally black paint so in a bedroom it would be better to cover over with paint (latex or vinyl) or wallpaper. I would sleep baby elsewhere for a few days while the new paint odors pass but then I am sure he/she will be fine.

  • Eddie said,

    Thanks again Lloyd and you are the peoples champ! 😉 I know a lot of time invested with your sensational website, passionate tutorial videos, and your sound advice. Im pretty sure I can speak on the majority of many people and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    There is a need and concern in our society now as many people around the world are beginning to have the same concerns with their health. Others are beginning to connect the dots and vital information like this will only spread globally….

  • Jatin said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    After reading your post, I have a question. Does the size of a tower matter?
    There is a tower right next to my house and is about 15 to 18 feet tall but, I don’t know what is it for, it has been there since last 3 years. see image info below.

    I have not seen a cell phone tower that small, which brings 2 questions to my mind: 1) What is that tower for? and 2) Does it pose a health hazard irrespective of what it is used for?
    Your feedback will be very helpful.

  • Jatin said,

    I would like to mention that the tower is on a 4 story building which is right in front of our building. The distance between the tower and our house is only 30 feet.

    Although no one in my house has any of the commonly associated symptoms of it’s ill effects such as sleep disorder, fatigue, headache, joint pains, etc. I am concerned and want to avoid the ill effects ASAP.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jatin
    I could try and deduce all sorts of things by studying the photo of the cell tower but that would be pure speculation…the only way to determine if the tower is a health hazard is to take readings with an RF meter. In the meantime I suggest eliminating EMF sources in your home environment (these are often more harmful than cell towers), see

  • nancy friedman said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    When I detected that the base station across the street from me was emitting a huge amount of RF’s into my home,I bought huge rolls of aluminum window screening and hung it from my roof. Of course it looks like I live in a crazy house with these curtains of aluminum screening hanging down but it gives me some peace of mind.

  • Sebastian said,

    Hi, let’s suppose I shield my entire house with these methods, is there also any other source of radiation known to be bad? Magnetic radiation?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sebastian
    This article covers cell tower radiation, or RF radiation. There are also electric fields, magnetic fields and dirty electricity which are other forms of man-made EMFs which studies tell us are detrimental to our health. My free report is a good place to start to gain a better understanding…

  • Iliyan said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I live in an appartment where the cell anthena is placed on the roof on the closet building (aprox. 100 feet) and pointing to my windows. First I consider covering the windows with SCOTCHTINTTM SHIELDING WINDOW FILM. Is this really helps against RF radiations? Because the specifications from the vendors are mostly showing protecting against UV radiation and not against EMP. Could you provide me further information or link with the specifications from the manifacturer that is stating that. Thanks for that, appreaciate it!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ilian

    Scotchtint offers high performance shielding for RF radiation, you can see the technical spec on this page

  • Clark said,

    Would an ota antenna to catch HD digital TV be dangerous as well? (Ive installed one, floor level to a bathroom, but 10ft or so away from our rooms). Thanks.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Clark
    We have digital TV, which also has an amplifier on it. I’ve tested around my antenna with my meters, there are no significant EMFs. There could be more of an issue if there is a cell tower nearby. Your antenna can collect the signals and cause them to travel down into the house (hidden antennas in the roof will also do this). Even so, EMFs from these kinds of antenna’s are unlikely to be a big issue.

  • Murphy said,

    Do you have an opinion about the Q-Link necklaces that are suppose to protect you against EMF’s?

  • Lloyd said,

    I’ve tried the Q-link and similar devices. Conclusion: they don’t work. A healthier approach is to first understand where these EMFs are coming from, and then to work on reducing your EMF exposure in your life.

  • Mike said,

    I live in NYC with small kids and am surrounded by cell phone towers on rooftops. My emf reader arrived today and I expected to see readings off the chart. They were… And it was coming from the baby monitor. Wish I considered this earlier. There is alot pulished on this, but I was not looking. Although readings were not horrible with baby monitor off, time to shield given rf is everywhere.

  • deborah said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    I have just closed on 40 acres of land in the country, and have now discovered, after being directed to the site, that there is a 20 ft. microwave antenna located within 1/2 mile of the property that carries a transmitter frequency of 38,950 MHz. I am electro-sensitive (I purchased the property to escape from neighborhood sources) and now face the dismal prospect that I may be worse off and many $’s poor at the new property! I had planned to erect a metal barn constructed out of arched galvanized steel and build a tiny apartment inside. Would the metal barn help or hurt the problem in terms of shielding the electrosmog? It sounds like the metal might help to shield the outside tower pollution, but may also trap EMF radiation inside generated by indoor sources (I have only wired electric sources-no microwave oven, cordless phones, or wireless of any kind!). P.S. Thank you for your outstanding contributions to our health and well-being!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Deborah
    Your main concern here is RF radiation…shielding always works in 2 ways…it keeps external RF radiation out but it also keeps RF radiation from internal sources ‘in’ that’s to say it can make things worse. You need to ensure that RF radiation from internal sources is reduced/eliminated…no cell phones indoors, cordless phones, wifi etc – which it seems you have understood. There are lots of different ways to shield without going to the expense/extreme of a metal barn…wall papers, paints, aluminum foil, you need to arm yourself with a good RF meter and test before and afterwards, see above.

  • Peter said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    This is a great article.

    I would love you to elaborate on some of these, such as the window shielding etc.

    I think that many people are in the situation, myself included, of weighing up the practicalities and costs associated with implementing an effective RF shielding practice within their home.

    Whilst there are a large number of people who are rightly very concerned about their exposure to EMR, the costs associated with some of these approaches is prohibitive to the majority of those people – myself included.

    Personally, I am very interested in the window shielding – Point 5 – as I live in a unit that faces out mostly in one direction with floor to ceiling sliding glass door windows almost across the entirety of that boundary. This is where the majority of the EMR emanates from and is my primary point of concern.

    Which of these area’s / exercises have you undertaken in your home?


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Peter
    There is a lot you can do without going to the lengths of expensive shielding solutions….and shielding only solves part of the problem. As an electrosensitive person in my own home the first step was to deal with the internal sources of EMFs but I am fortunate in that the EMFs from external sources are quite low…which meant that limited use of shielding paint with some grounding is all that I have needed to do….by looking at the bigger picture (shielding initially) then nutrition…exercise…energy exercises (see I have been able to get my health back on track.

  • deborah said,

    Thanks, Lloyd. Just to clarify, the metal barn was purchased for reasons unrelated to EMF. However, now that I know there is a potential EMF problem from the nearby cell tower, I wanted to confirm whether or not the metal barn will serve as a helpful shield from the external radiation as long as I control the interior sources? Between the two RF meters that you review (Acoustimeter AM-10RF & Cornet ED85EX), which do you prefer for accuracy and sensitivity in measuring the RF output from this 20 ft. tower with 38,950 Mhz transmitter frequency? Thanks much, Lloyd.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Deborah
    I would expect the barn to be beneficial in that it will shield you to some extent from external EMF sources….but only testing with a meter will confirm this. The Acoustimeter costs more but it is without doubt the better RF meter.

  • Mary said,

    Dear Lloyd

    I am considering shielding in a flat with medium to high RF radiation coming from outside (no router etc inside). I understand that there are two kinds of shields: shields that reflect the radiation and shields that absorb it. How effective are the shields that absorb the radiation? Do both kinds of shields require grounding or only the absorbing ones? If I put reflective shields on some inside walls, might it significantly increase the radiation in my neighbours’ flats?

    Continued gratitude for your fantastic service


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Mary
    An RF reflecting material is usually more effective than an RF absorbing material…it lets less RF radiation through. Typically grounding is not needed for an RF absorber but in both cases you need to test the RF levels with a meter before grounding and afterwards….there can be some surprises. I wouldn’t expect your neighbors to be significantly affected by your shielding.

  • Maxim K. Rice said,

    We still have an analogue meter, but the power company are replacing them. Where can I buy a meter ring that is tough and that I can lock? Thanks.

  • Lloyd said,

    You can buy a sturdy lock to protect your existing analog meter from this website

  • Maxim K. Rice said,

    What i need is a sturdy electric meter RING that can accept a padlock. The existing ring just has a power company wire tag that holds it on. The wire and the ring can easily be cut off.

    But thanks for your suggestion. I’ll keep looking.

  • Meri said,

    Hi, Lloyd

    Our phones work very poorly in our home and we had to get a micro cell to be able to have phone calls in our home. Do you know is that very harmful? We have two small kids. The Micro cell is located downstairs and our bed rooms are all upstairs. I am not very familiar with this subject but we have not let the kids use the cell phones and they don´t have tv, computers or iPads in their rooms. They use iPads at school and laptop and iPad at home too during the day, and we do have WiFi. Is there a recommended time limits for kids to use computers or is it the WiFi that is the problem, not so much the time you spend on the computer?
    Best regards,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Meri
    A microcell is a signal booster….another way of thinking about it is as a mini cell tower…its emitting pulsed RF radiation 24/7 in your home….at frequencies which are known to be biologically active….the health consequences of these exposures are significant (lots of information about this on this site). You also have WiFi…studies say the health effects are cumulative….My advice? read up on these dangers…and then make your own mind up on whats best for you and your kids.

  • christine said,

    Hi Lloyd
    we have a phone tower within 400 meters of our home which we can see from our house we have shielded our bedroom the readings when taken with the accoustimeter are 0.05 V/m the windows have curtains and film the ceilings and walls have been painted and grounded what else can we do to lower the level to at least 0.02. thanks for any thoughts re this.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Christine
    There are 2 points to bear in mind here:
    1. The quality of the shielding material. No shielding material is 100% effective. You can always improve your shielding by layering the shielding materials….applying another coat of paint etc….this has practical limitations…the lengths to which you go here are determined by your own sensitivity/symptoms.
    2. Leakage. Make sure there are no cracks in your shielding materials…the tiniest leakage can reduce effectiveness significantly

  • SC said,

    My son works around cell towers all day for his job. I believe he is sensitive to EMF. What do you recommend for protection? I have heard the devices out there do not work and are a waste of money. thank you!!

  • Lloyd said,

    Knowledge is the key….understanding how EMFs work….implementing safe practices into his home environment. My free report is a good place to start.

  • encarni said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I’m moving into a condo on the top floor of a building.
    There are cell phone towers…that I did not think to ask about ( the condo fees are high and its the board’s way of keeping them down)
    If I use RF paint on the ceiling is this enough and can I paint over it in white. Also, as I’m not in a position of being able to put out a great expenditure ( single mom…son is Autistic) is there a material I can install in the ceiling, then build a second ceiling over it that may be more effective and last longer?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Encarni
    I understand what you’re saying about cost but your mindset here really needs to be ‘how can I best do this’. To effectively shield you need an RF meter otherwise you’ll be clueless as to whether what you’ve done has made things better or worse (possible)…its possible the RF levels are quite low in your home and that the cell towers are not even a problem…only an RF meter can tell you that. Mylar blankets are a cheap way of shielding but if that means building a second ceiling…complicated and costly . EMF shielding paint is easier and you can paint over it with another paint…you may have to paint the walls also.

  • encarni said,

    the funds are limited. the towers are installed on the roof of the building and we’re on the top floor…with more towers to be installed to keep condo fees down. My son has Aspergers which makes him prone to anxiety…This is a big worry to me

  • Sai said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I need to do something about the Cell Phone Tower Radiation as a neighbour has installed a Cell Phone Tower on their terrace, about hardly 500 meters away from my house. Have you heard of the products from these manufacturers and would it help us protect our home. These a very small residential houses that are very closely built to each other.
    Thanks a lot, your article has been very useful.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sai
    I don’t endorse any EMFs chips, diodes or other gizmos…my EMF protection free report lays out what does work.

  • Mike Guy said,

    Hi – This is a useful resource ! Thank you.
    I am in the glass business, and am able to laminate glass with a metal mesh between the panels of glass. in order for this to be effective, should I be grounding the mesh or not?
    If I don’t – will there be a significant attenuation of the EMF?
    Would this be likely to be more effective than Scotchtint which only achieves about 22dB ?
    What about reflective coated glass ? This has a sputter coating of metal widely used to reduce UV and transmitted light.

  • Lloyd said,

    If you want to offer something of value you need to do some thorough research into what works and doesn’t work (in terms of attenuation and aesthetics) and some thorough testing…. and then it needs to be not too expensive so people can afford to buy it…..

  • Mike Guy said,

    Hi Lloyd – the enquiry was about my own flat – not a commercial exercise!
    There is a cellphone tower within 400m, and I want to do the best I can for me and my daughter. Since I am in the glass business it gives me some more options – perhaps superior to the ‘Radioclear’ applied film.
    I have bought an acoustimeter through Amazon, and will do some tests.
    I was hoping that you had some light to she’d on the efficacy of metal mesh laminated into glass.
    If not, I’ll be happy to make some samples, and send you the test results.
    Regards, and keep up the good work.
    Mike Guy

  • Lloyd said,

    I have never tried shielding with ‘metal mesh in laminated glass’, its very possible that you can shield effectively….how effectively will depend on the laminates…..and how transparent will it be? You are a glass manufacturer….you may be able to effectively shield in this way….I don’t think its a very practical solution – thanks for the offer of a sample.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello S Prashanth,
    Thank you for understanding the obvious. It is insane and deadly to rely on all this sheilding technology, whilst we destroy all life on the planet with our communications addiction. The cellular and wireless technology is destructive, foolish, and deadly.
    Let’s all get on our cell phones and talk about the dead planet we’ve created! Wake up folks. The coffee is on fire.

  • Carmen said,

    My building is installing a cell phone antena two stories from my apartment. Is it safe for my family? Should we move? There are groups of three or four antennas each 200-300 meters in this area. We can’t afford a less habited zone.
    Can we shield our apartment? Can we shield the floors two?
    We have another antenna 50 meters from here on a level lower than my floor. Is it safer to life in a house on a valley with four antennas 300 meters away?
    Which products do you recomend?

  • Lloyd said,

    The starting point is to take some readings using an RF meter so that you can get clear on what EMFs you are being exposed to. And then depending on what the exposure levels are, what health symptoms you have and your own particular circumstances (work, kids etc) you decided if it would be better to move, and where to move (use your RF meter to measure before you move). My free report has more information on EMF protection.

  • Concerned Tenant said,

    Hi. Thank you putting this information out there. I don’t mean to ask a really silly question but does wearing a tin-foil protect you from cell antenna radiation. I am living at the top of a building where there are cellphone antennas and have been coming across your articles. I fear that headaches are attributed to living here. If not, what are other hats we can wear? Would a lead hat be ok?

  • Lloyd said,

    Protective clothing is only a temporary protective measure at best. For this kind of clothing to be truly effective you would need to be covered head to foot…which is not practical. Shielding your bedroom is a better idea, either by shielding the walls or using a bed canopy….this allows your body to recover which means that you are less sensitized when you are exposed to EMFs during the day.

  • Josie said,

    I don’t understand the idea of protection from RF. How does it work? Would it be effective to put RF aluminum shielding foil under the curtains on the windows as protection from RF radiation so that when you sit on the couch or the bed etc.there is less radiation on you and in the house? Or is this a bad idea?

  • Lloyd said,

    A good analogy for RF radiation is light. If you’ve ever tried to black out your bedroom with curtains and blinds you’ll realize how difficult it is to get total darkness….the slightest crack lets the light through into the whole room…its the same with RF radiation except you can’t see it…thats why any kind of shielding should only be done with an EMF meter otherwise its a waste of time…take readings before and after shielding so that you can adapt and improve your shielding to get maximum effectiveness….this is how you know if aluminum foil under the curtains offers you any protection (which I doubt very much).

  • chris said,

    I am thinking of putting a second storey on my home with some skylights on the roof. Two questions. Does a second storey increase my chances of higher exposure levels and secondly do skylights on either a sloped roof or flat roof increase the risk of higher exposure to EMF’s.

  • Lloyd said,

    If the second storey is in direct line of an RF radiation source (like a cell tower) then its probable that your exposure would be higher but this is all guess work really….RF radiation bounces around off different surfaces in a fairly unpredictable way…you can test your potential RF exposure easily with an RF meter by comparing readings on your roof with those taken from various vantage points on your existing storey.

  • Paul Von said,

    Waaaay up on the list of reader comments is the most sober comment of all: S Prashanth said,

    “I have gained a very good info about protecting ourselves from Radiation. But, what about the animals and birds? birds that build their nest on or near by the towers are facing neural system malfunctioning problems. 54% of honeybee population (Indian statistical data) is decreased just because of these towers. migratory birds fail to recollect the direction to which they have to fly when tower radiation penetrates through them.”

    He’s right. The real issue is that other living creatures on this planet are being negatively impacted by our poorly designed (grossly incompetent) AC (alternating current) electrical grid. Add this to our programmed addictions to communications technology, and we are doing a fine job of exterminating life on a planet wide scale. All this is great for prophets, and there are many sobering studies on our (very terminal) environmental situation.

    No amount of personal EM radiation shielding is going to save your forests, your agricultural lands, your food supplies, or your Earth. The AC electrical grid needs to be redesigned, and the pulsed communications Matrix needs to be totally BANNED. There can be no compromises with this technology. It is hazardous, dangerous, environmentally terminal, and unnecessary.

    You’ve been brainwashed into adoring science fiction as physical reality. Fantasy may be good practice in the bedroom, but humanity needs to Wake Up and get rid of ALL this electronic trash. The option is to build EM shields for piles of dead bodies.

  • Steve said,

    Hello. Thanks for all you do!
    My question is…what exactly do you mean by insulating aluminum foil?
    Do you mean the foil with bubble wrap type stuff in the middle? Lessemf sells a thin rf plastic shield. Know anything about that?
    I am desperate to find an affordable solution in a condo. I was fine until I got new neighbors above me with -super strong wifi, xboxes, etc. Moving isn’t an option so I need at least my small bedroom to be safe. I can’t use the paint. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks so much!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Steve
    Insulating aluminum foil comes in all shapes and sizes but there’s always some trade off between ease of application and effectiveness, and cost. The lowest cost solution I can suggest are space blankets which have a conductive aluminum coating which shields RF radiation, you can buy them on Amazon, see – as always test with an RF meter before and after shielding.

  • Lloyd said,

    Its the aluminum side that shields so you would position this towards the EMF source. Is this better or worse than aluminum screening only your RF meter will tell you. Same applies for grounding, test grounded and test non-grounded – do that which works best.

  • Steve said,

    Thanks Lloyd. Would the aluminum side face the source or
    the room? I also saw aluminum screening at the
    hardware store. Would that be better? Pretty cheap.
    Do I need to ground? Thanks!

  • Matt said,


    We live in a beautiful suburban community which has become overrun with smart meters and cell towers. I have a tower 1 mile to the south, a tower 3/4 mile to the east and another 4 towers 1 mile to the north. We started with painful tinnitus 6 months ago and now I get an aweful pain in my jaw and teeth. We decided to sell the house. We found a home with only 2 towers near by at over 2 miles away and because of the lower population density, I doubt any more towers will be erected anytime soon. What is a safe distance to be from these towers? How much does the radiation fade over distance? The studies I have seen usually say 4 miles. uses a 4 mile radius. Is there a rule of thumb to go by? Because of what has happened to us, I had to move 80 miles away from my work. Thankfully I can work from home.
    PS. I really feel for people who have these cell panels installed on the roofs of their building. What I would like to know is who is allowing them to be installed, or is the govt using eminent domain to force installation?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Matt
    Everyone is affected by cell tower radiation….some people are affected more than others (notably the very young, pregnant mothers and the elderly)…..but there’s no ‘safe’ distance. As a rule of thumb signal strength falls off in proportion to the square of the distance to the source. So if you double the distance to the source your potential exposure would be four times less, since two squared is four. The situation in a nutshell is that existing safety standards do nothing to protect us and (in the US) theTelecommunications Act 1996 (TCA) basically allows cell companies to erect towers wherever they see fit.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Matt.
    The “Telecommunications Act” of 1996 basically allows cell companies to commit mass genocide. The frequencies used by these networks were known to be biologically destructive 50 years ago. This is part of the time line:
    Some known neurotropic effects:
    I could go on for hundreds of pages, but the main thing to keep in mind is that this killing spree will continue. People must take forcible and direct physical action against the employees of cell phone companies. Our governmental agencies are willfully crippling and destroying your life.
    A bulldozer would be quite effective too.

  • Jaa said,

    Ok, I am 16 and live with my parents. What should I do for securing our house if my parents dont care at all, hmm maebye go and live in the forest… It is bullshit, worry your ass of come on, not everyone can provide shielding materials, so now I should feel like I am deaf?

  • Lloyd said,

    This site is not about worrying about EMFs its about knowing the facts and then taking what steps you can to limit your exposure. There are always some simple things you can do to reduce your EMF exposure….practicing safe cell phone use, removing your clock radio from your bedside table, staying out of the kitchen when the microwave oven is on etc.

  • as said,

    What to do if u can’t afford painting or any other protection from cell towers?

  • Lloyd said,

    Dealing with EMFs is not always easy… usually involves some sacrifices….for me it involved a lot….BUT there is ALWAYS something you can do to reduce your EMF exposure…. the Mylar space blankets are a very cost effective solution (see the link in my article).

  • Vasanth said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    Many many thanks for the wonderful work you are doing . Based on your advise I have purchased several gadgets including the Acoustimer, Trifield meter, grounding mats,grounding pads, Prof Girish’s simple radiation detector. I live in Bangalore, india and would be happy to share all these devices and do audit of any home or office in India , FREE OF COST

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Vasanth. That is a very gracious offer of assistance to your countrymen, and I thank you for your efforts in India.

    The world wide cell tower system is indeed a major biohazard, and should be completely closed down. There is no “safe” level of exposure over natural ambiant.

    Some more information from Prof. Girish Kumar

    Electrical Engineering Department IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai – 400 076, INDIA

    Comments on Prof Girish Kumar’s presentation on Cell Tower Radiation at ASSOCHAM

  • David said,

    Hello, I work in close proximity to cell phone base stations as part of my job. I install public safety equipment on the same towers that the cell companies put their antennas. Somethings to consider: The closer to the antenna you are the more dangerous it becomes. (We are talking 10 to 20 feet.) One thing you failed to mention in this article is that radio signal propagation causes these higher frequencies to dissipate exponentially. A cell tower loses power due to “free space path loss”. The sun bombards you with more radio radiation than a cell tower. I have seen anyone getting burned by a cell tower like the sun will do.

    You should worry more about a directional microwave link than a cell tower. And unless you are in direct path (unlikely) you have nothing to worry about. If you are in the path, then the microwave link would fail and would negate the purpose of the link.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello David. Please take the time to read the evidence as listed in various links and comments on Lloyd’s pages. I’ve been researching the EM radiation issue for over 30 years, and it is obvious most people simply can’t understand how an “invisible” force can totally destroy their neurological and sensory systems. EM radiation is a class 2B carcinogen and a cumulative biohazard.

    For all of you suffering involuntary EM radiation exposures from cell phone towers and wi-fi mesh systems, please also read the following announcements at the Cell Phone Task Force page, and send your stories to the FCC:

    “The Federal Communications Commission is requesting comments on “whether its limits should be more restrictive, less restrictive, or remain the same.”


    “If you have something you want to tell the FCC about what has happened to you, now is the time to do so. If you have been injured, tell the FCC your story. If you have doctors’ reports, send them to the FCC now. Say “I HAVE BEEN INJURED BY RF RADIATION THAT COMPLIES WITH CURRENT EXPOSURE LIMITS.” If you have been driven out of your home, or your city, say so. If you can no longer work at your job because of wireless technology, say so. If you can no longer go out in public, travel, go to City Hall, visit a hospital, say so. These comments all go onto the FCC’s website for the public, members of Congress, and everyone else to read. If we all send our stories in, they will comprise a document unlike any other in the world.”

    Comments are Due by SEPTEMBER 3, 2013

  • Vasanth said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    Many thanks for the frequent very useful updates
    Please continue your noble work.

    Three small questions ,please:
    1) is a wi router unsafe only when you work in close proximity say 2 feet, or does its negative effects extend to a larger radius ?

    2) Are the very tall FM radio transmission towers as dangerous as Cell phone towers ?

    3) Most towers have two different shaped antena ie round and long thin rectangular. I was told that the round disc shaped antenna are safe because they communicate with other similar discs directly and are unidirectional and high above our heads .Is this correct ? What are these round disc shaped antena ?

    Many thanks

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Vasanth
    1. “is a wi router unsafe only when you work in close proximity say 2 feet, or does its negative effects extend to a larger radius ?”—the negative effects extend to a much larger radius, the exact distance is v. difficult to determine
    2. “Are the very tall FM radio transmission towers as dangerous as Cell phone towers ?”—AM and FM radio work by using analog signal which is considered fairly safe. Digital radio however uses the same technology as cell towers
    3. “Most towers have two different shaped antena ie round and long thin rectangular. I was told that the round disc shaped antenna are safe because they communicate with other similar discs directly and are unidirectional and high above our heads .Is this correct ? What are these round disc shaped antena ?”—Cell phone towers can be equipped with antennas which come in a variety of different shapes…I have reservations about saying any antenna is “safe”.

  • anil said,

    hello, lloyd

    thanks for ur advise,

    my question is iam staying in rented house we can’t do all ur first 6 option but v can try 7th option, my question is can i put alluminium foil of all my windows is workd out, and also tell me where can get alluminium foil and tell diffrence betweel cooking foil and alluminium foil,and can use like curtain, is it helpfull to protect redition.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Anil
    You can buy materials for shielding in lots of places…. aluminum foil in your local hardware store…or more high performance EMF shielding from specialist retailers online (see links above)…but either way you really need an RF meter to measure the effectiveness of your shielding…shield, test, re-shield as necessary….

  • Wayne said,

    Hi Lloyd or any one else:
    I have recently had a smart meter installed by my power company against my objections. I have seen shields that fit over the meter on the internet. Do these work and are they legal to have? What effect will it have if they try to read the meter from the office? Please let me know because I have been having massive headaches, fatigue and nausea since it was installed.

  • dayna said,

    Looking to see if you know of any low emf hair dryers? i had no idea they measured that high! i read reviews online but not too many came up and the ones that did seemed to konk out after a year and they were expensive dryers.

  • Lloyd said,

    I’ve not tested any low EMF hairdryers….there are some for sale on The other alternative is to extend the air funnel on your existing model to increase the distance between the motor and your head and reduce your EMF exposure when you use it.

  • Ann said,

    The Y shield sound great but it’s so expensive.
    Have you ever tried making paint yourself.
    If it gives you some protection, you can apply alot
    of coats?
    What do you think? Graphite is cheap.

  • Lloyd said,

    I’ve not tried making EMF protection paint using graphite myself but I know others who have done so…it’ll probably require more coats of paint to shield as effectively as Yshield, but it’ll still probably work out cheaper.

  • Matt said,


    is there any difference from the older WI-FI B, G routers and the newer N series routers? It seems that after installing a new stronger Cisco 3500 Linksys router, my tinnitus began a month later. What’s frustrating is that I also had a smart meter installed 5 days before the tinnitus started as well. So I can’t say for sure what really caused the problem. EMF being a culmulative issue, its probably both. But now I can hear cell towers as I drive by them. My wife and I play a type of game while driving. We can usually hear them before we see them so we try to ID the towers once the tinnitus increases.
    Getting back to my intial question though. How does the wireless router technology work into the equation?

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Matt: The essential difference between wi-fi B and wi-fi G is data packet speeds are higher in G series routers. Long story short: Wi-fi is a pulsed digital radiation (radio) exposure, and causes major health problems. Get rid of any wi-fi, cell phone, or portable DECT phone systems in your home. Get a cable only DSL modem system and hard wired CAT5e(STP) shielded cable solution. Lloyd has excellent information on his is EM protection page. The smart meter issue is MAJOR.
    See Lloyd’s page regarding Smart Meter issues and hazards.

    I worked in the electronics engineering industry for over 37 years with multiple EM exposures. I am now almost completely bed-ridden, in constant pain, and seizure 24 hrs a day. You certainly don’t want yourself or loved ones to end up like me. It’s no joke.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Matt
    As Paul said above the data speeds are higher with the WiFi g protocol as compared to the WiFi b and faster still with the WiFi n protocol (802.11n connections are designed to support data rates of over 100 Mbps). I know of no studies that have compared the health effects of these different protocols but its very plausible that your deterioration in health is linked to these more “powerful” WiFi technologies. I strongly suggest going hardwired.

  • Nicole said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    We live in an aparment in NYC and there is a cell phone tower (about 9 of them) directly across the street from us on a roof but they happen to be lower than our apartment (about one or two floors lower)as we are on a higher floor 1.Does EMF scatter upwards (as we are slightly above but awfully close to the towers) or is the beam more parallel? We have two young children and are concerned.
    2. Is sleeping with the windows open at night a bad idea?
    3. What can be done about having towers taken down in NYC? Is there any hope in having them taken down? Thanks for all your advice and info!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Nicole
    1.”Does EMF scatter upwards (as we are slightly above but awfully close to the towers) or is the beam more parallel?” — RF radiation bounces about and is reflected off surfaces in a fairly unpredictable manner. You will get some RF exposure from these towers.
    2. “Is sleeping with the windows open at night a bad idea?” — it won’t make much difference if you have your windows open or closed, unless you have some RF shielding film on your windows.
    3. “What can be done about having towers taken down in NYC? Is there any hope in having them taken down?” There is always hope. Awareness needs raising on this issue…

  • Nicole said,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Is there a private investigator I can hire (free or well priced) to measure the RF from my home that you can recommend in NYC? I recently bought the trifield meter and the numbers seem fine even though we live directly across the street from 9 towers – is this not the appropriate device for measuring RF from Cell towers? if not, which device would you recommend for measuring RF from cell towers in NYC? Also, is it a bad idea to have my kids play outside on the terrace which is about 25 feet from 9 cell phone towers? You should know that the outer wall of my building is made of brick with a metal sheething over it (not sure what kind of metal). Does the metal act as a protective barrier and shield for radiation? Thanks.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I don’t think this is a job for a private eye, but you could contact an EMF consultant see my EMF consultants page. The Trifield is good meter but not suited for measuring cell tower radiation. I recommend the Cornet ED78S or Acousticom 2 or Acoustimeter depending on your budget, see my reviews here
    “is it a bad idea to have my kids play outside on the terrace which is about 25 feet from 9 cell phone towers?” — start by taking some readings with an RF meter and then decide.
    “Does the metal act as a protective barrier and shield for radiation?” Probably yes, its unlikely that it will totally block out radiation.

  • mirko said,

    Hi, I live in NYC do you know what company/s can evaluate the level of radiation in my apt and if needed install the protection required?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Mirko
    I’ve compiled a list of EMF consultants…..hopefully you can find one near where you live, see

  • Janie Yao said,

    I have some radio towers in the back of our house. Here is a picture of them from our backyard.
    Do you think the distance from the towers is safe from radiation? Does radio towers emit harmful radiation?
    Based on Google Maps, I would estimate a distance of 100 meters from the towers to my house. Here is the link to the towers:
    Please advise. Thanks!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The further you are from a radiation source the better, but there is no ‘absolute safe distance’ unfortunately. The potential for harm depends on the strength of the signals being emitted and the nature of the signal – if they are broadcasting digital radio then the potential health problems are the same as those from a cell tower. Ultimately taking readings with an RF meter is the only way you can know you what your exposure levels are.

  • Matt said,


    If I was willing to replace some of the wiring in my home with “shielded wiring” like in the bedroom. what is the wiring called and where would I find it? Is there a wiring product that can keep the dirty electricity from emitting RF? Or is shielded wiring meant to stop external emf from affecting the wiring?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Matt
    “If I was willing to replace some of the wiring in my home with “shielded wiring” like in the bedroom. what is the wiring called and where would I find it?” — You can buy low EMF wiring or shielding conduit to shield existing wiring from this website
    “Is there a wiring product that can keep the dirty electricity from emitting RF? Or is shielded wiring meant to stop external emf from affecting the wiring?” — You can expect shielded wiring to reduce the dirty electricity (DE) being radiated through the wiring (this is verifiable by an EMF meter) but it won’t stop the DE from traveling along your wiring, so you’ll still have it in your home and any device that connects to your wiring will have DE present in its wiring and it will radiate from there….you need to deal with DE as outlined on my DE page. Before doing any of this get your electrical installation checked by a qualified electrician for wiring faults and errors – this is often the biggest source of EMFs.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Janie Yao: I don’t know where your location is, but if it were me, I’d begin the process of shielding my entire home IMMEDIATLY. Lloyd has a full page on shielding options such as Y-shield paint, window fabric shielding, GramStetzer filtering etc. All of these shielding options are more than likely necessary to your health situation.
    I know Lloyd always suggests measurement before and after shielding installations, yet just from viewing your picture, I’d be seriously concerned. I personally couldn’t survive more than a few days (maximum) in your environment. I’ve developed extreme EM sensitivity. My guess is that your exposure levels would put me into cardiac arrest within hours.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello again Janie Yao: I went to the second link in your post and found the tower address as 4110 McHard Road, Missouri City, TX 77459. I then went to a free web site called “Antenna Search”. Based on the above address, there are 56 towers and 384 antennas within a four-mile radius of that location. If you add the cumulative radiation effects of these multiple EM exposures, it is quite insane to imagine any health benefit…
    I highly recommend moving far far away, or filing a class action suit against the Texas Department of Health and the FCC for negligence and reckless endangerment. These regulatory agencies have approved of EM killing fields (human slaughter) for too long.

  • Carley Pavelka Bacher said,

    Which emits lower EMF: a conventional water heater or a tankless water heater? We need to have our tank replaced and we’re considering the tankless option. Thanks!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I would not expect EMFs from either of these devices to be of particular concern…..unless they have smart technology installed, in which case you would detect this with an RF meter.

  • Janie said,

    Hi Paul Von,
    I actually had a typo. My house is about 1000 meters from these towers. I don’t know if that makes it much better since there are many. I have ordered a cornet meter and it is taking two weeks to get to me. (The longest two weeks of my life.).

  • Kristine May said,

    Hello. I just moved in to an apartment that has a transformer practically on my patio. It is in close proximity to my bedroom and basically my apartment as a whole. I called our power company here in LA and am waiting to hear back from someone in regards to voltage, etc. Unfortunately we signed a year lease. I was not present to see the apartment before moving there. I am terrified of living under this transformer. What suggestions do you have since it is literally about 8ft from our bedroom/apartment? Thank you, Kristine

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Kristine
    It all depends as to the size (capacity) of the transformer as to the levels of EMFs….magnetic fields is usually the main issue. At a distance of 8 feet your exposure may be negligible…measuring with a Trifield EMF meter would tell you for sure.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Kristine May: Be patient and read the reader comments above. Lloyd’s site has suggestions for shielding from many different types of exposure. If you can afford the cost, I would hire an EM measuring and abatement service to perform an EM survey. Many EM services can offer helpful suggestions, and/or save you allot of worry. Lloyd has a page containing contact information on a number of EM measurment services.
    These transformers are high voltage “step-down” transformers, and they typically produce a large amount of electromagnetic spillover. MuMetal or Giron shielding for low frequency magnetic fields (as mentioned above) is quite expensive, and may not be necessary. I’d be more concerned about high frequency radiations from any local smart meter installations or wi-fi broadcast into your living space.

  • christine said,

    Hi we have painted the inside and some of the outside of our house, and inside walls and ceilings put film on the windows and curtains, our readings measured with the accoustimeter have gone from 2.0 V/m and 704 uW/M2 to 0.4 V/m and 1uW/m2 is it possible to get them lower than this and given that we need to go outside of our house and will be exposed to the higher levels how much time can we go outside and remain safe from the effects? Thanks for considering this question.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Christine
    It’s always possible to shield more to reduce your exposure (more), but there’s a trade off between what it costs to shield and the benefit derived (in terms of exposure reduction)….the more you shield the less bang (reduction in exposure) you get for each buck spent on shielding. So whether its worth continuing shielding will depend on your circumstances….primarily your finances and your health (ie your symptoms). Personally I would strive to reduce these RF exposures.

  • Hamid Mohseni said,

    Are there any clothes which shield against electromagnetic fields?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There are lots of companies selling EMF clothing….particularly RF shielding clothing, LessEMF for instance. Its debatable as to how effective this clothing is…RF shielding clothing is usually made from a fabric with silver/metal threads…..if the RF radiation gets behind the clothing it can acerbate RF exposures (a sort of Faraday cage effect)… best EMF protective clothing should only be use short term and only as a last resort.

  • christine said,

    Thankyou very much. How could we reduce the inside exposure further? We painted the walls twice with yshield paint and the ceilings, and the film and curtains on windows. When we measure not sure where the radiation is coming in from, would putting a steel roof on make a significant difference?. Thanks again

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Before installing a steel roof I would consider the following:
    – ask your self the question ‘have you made an effective conductive enclosure?’ thinkabout the skirting boards and floors
    – look for any cracks around windows and doors, and shield
    – windows are usually the weakest link, try covering your windows with aluminum foil just to see if this helps, if it does do more appropriate shielding
    – grounding, did you ground your shielding…if you didn’t try it, it may improve things
    – did you shake the yshield before you applied it…if not apply again

  • christine said,

    thanks Lloyd we will do what you have suggested and check out the readings

  • Vasanth said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    You are my hero. I really appreciate the amount of valuable time you spend in patiently answering each and every query . Thanks a lot .

    Based on your advise i purchased a very easy to use and handy Cornet ED85EXS instrument and have been using it for the past 3 months . It’s smart and easy to carry ,many thanks for the useful tip

    However I happened to be present at a venue where a friend was checking for harmful EMR using a similar Coronet instrument . When I cross checked with mine I found that my instrument was showing a difference of almost 20 db for example minus 42 as against his minus 20 etc . He told me that he had got his instrument specially calibrated for India .
    I am very worried that I may be wrongly assuring my friends that their houses are safe by using my Cornet ED85EXS as it appears to give wrong safer readings .

    Do I also need to calibrate my instrument ? Or should I ask the supplier to replace it ? Or do you think a slightly discharged battery could be the cause for this serious error?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Vasanth
    The ED85EXS measures RF radiation so there is no special calibration required… will measure RFR anywhere in the world. But it is possible that the calibration is out on your meter. First replace the battery to see if this makes any difference, failing that I suggest you contact your supplier about this, if you bought it from Radmeters I know they do repair work even if your meter is out of warranty.

  • karen said,

    We are currently designing a new home and I was curious if metal roofs and aluminum porch roofs conduct emf or actually block emf exposure?


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Metal and aluminum roofing, depending on the thickness, can reduce and even block (if walls are also shielded) external RF radiation…..make sure remove all sources of internal RF radiation (cell phones, cordless phones etc) and monitor your exposure with an RF meter.

  • Fely said,

    I hv multiple chemical sensitivity and several yrs later developed electromagnetic sensitivity. I recently returned to my one bedroom apt in a two-floor townhouse complex. My apt is a “cupula” (the ceiling is round and is about 25 feet high). Each townhouse isle has a set of cupula apts at opposite sides (in other words, there are four cupulas -two on one end and two on the other end).

    Recently through a special offer many of complex owners replaced their cable tv service with dish service. So when I look out of my bedroom window I can see no less than 10 dishes of different sizes on the roofs of the townhouses across from my apt. I can also see more of these dishes from my balcony on the opposite side (there are 6 townhouse isles for a total of 96 apartments, so there are plenty of tv dishes on all of these roofs.

    I only returned here 2 months ago, and I hv been feeling the effects (not to mention the wi-fi’s coming from the neighboors and smart meters (hv about 10 in the basement behind the stairway leading to my apt).

    During the past two weeks I hv been feeling progressively worse, the ringing in my ears is non-stop, I feel alot of pressure in my head, and pain in the back of my neck. And the worse sensation is when I lay down or get up because I hv terrible dizzy spells that worry me. At night I shut off all the electricity, except the refrigerator, but this has not helped.

    I hope to find in my unopened boxes a meter that I purchased several months ago to measure emf’s (and which I don’t yet know how to use but will learn) and then take the necesary actions suggested in ur site.

    I do hv a question: my bed frame is metal. Shd I replace this with wood or somw other material, taking into consideration my MCS (no plastic, no pressed or formaldehyde treated wood, etc)?

    Thanks so much, Lloyd, for such valuable info. I hv learned a lot, but am still in diapers.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Rigorous direct + indirect EMF protection is the key….
    For direct EMF protection a good RF meter is essential….take readings/shield/readings/shield…. as necessary as laid out in my article above…in the meantime I recommend replacing your metal bed with one made in wood…replace your mattress with a natural (no springs one) and striving to achieve a low EMF bedroom.

  • Chris Pict said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thanks for this; very informative.
    Can you advise on my metal bed & metal-sprung mattress I could get rid of it but is there anything, say a mat I can put under it to neutralise EMFs in and from and within my room a Tesla nearby, I believe, and other radiation so strong or a lasar from outside which stops my laptop (when blocked laptop resumes) and very many boiling hot water pipes on in there night & day radiating EMRs
    It all was damaging me in the ways you mention and I took steps to protect myself but about the metal bed etc I don’t know what to do…is there a paint for it or again a mat-thing to attract all the rays/pulses/frequencies??

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The problem with metal beds and mattresses is that they can act as an antenna which you are effectively sleeping on….thereby increasing your exposure to the ambient EMFs in your bedroom environment. Replacing your metal bed and mattress with a bed and mattress made out of natural materials is a first important step but then also need to measure the EMFs in your bedroom and work at reducing your exposures as much as you can….when you’ve measured then you can determine if you need to shield with paints or other materials – shielding without proper measurement can make matters worse.

  • Peter said,

    Dear Lloyd

    I measured RF from cell ant other surrounidng towers and results are – my flat is so much above limits. I had one idea for shielding. To put copper plates on tha walls. I think it will look original and nice. What do you think ?

    thanks for response

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Copper can be used to shield from RF radiation the problem is cost and practical considerations….it will be difficult to avoid leakage with copper plates…..shielding paint is usually a better choice.

  • Jack said,

    Hi thanks for all your work and the time you spend helping us.

    These are my questions bare with me please as I don’t know a lot about this subject.

    1) If I use 2 coats of the shielding paint will it be twice as effective?

    2) Can you please give instructions or a step by step guide on how to ground a room after you paint it? I would appreciate this very much. Please dumb it down for me.

    Thank you very much once again for all your time and work.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    2 coats of shielding paint will never be twice as effective as one coat…the improvement in shielding performance will only be marginal….but this is not the way to approach the issue….a better approach is:
    – take readings
    – apply a coat of shielding paint and other shielding materials so as to create a sealed enclosure for RF radiation
    – take readings
    – ground
    – take readings (including electric field readings)
    if there is no improvement with grounding then remove grounding, if shielding is not sufficient
    – take measures to reduce any leakage through cracks etc
    – then consider applying a second coat
    – take readings again
    and so on…..
    To ground your shielding paint connect, by means of a wire, your shielded surface with the earth on the nearest electrical socket or connecting to an external ground stake…or you can buy a ground kit (see link above).

  • Yousef Alzaabi said,

    Hi LLoyd,

    I appreciate your hard work. I learned a lot from you.

    I live in an apartment surrounded with cell towers from different angles and wifi from neighbours, some directly under me. I have very poor grounding in the house, due to the fact that I live in a desert climate and sand is a poor conductor. I am renting in someone elses houses so trying to improve the grounding is not an option.

    I am interested in protecting at least our bed to improve our sleep.

    After researching about what the best option to use(correct me if I am wrong), I found out that the reflective shielding materials need to be grounded because they attract electric fields from nearby wiring, just as all conductive materials do. So using a faraday canopy may reduce the RF but may also increase the EMF from nearby electric fields, especially if not grounded or the grounding is poor.

    I can not afford to buy a faraday canopy and meters with the risk of increasing the emf exposure from electric wiring in mind. I therefor chose to use the microwave absorbing sheets from lessemf. I plan to surround the bed with carbon sheets and under us also. However for the top part I will either leave open or use a very light reflective material just for ventilation purposes.

    I believe the carbon sheets only absorb RF and do not need grounding. However, I found on the lessemf website the following things that worry me and make me think that they may attract electric fields also:

    1- “Carbon is conductive in some forms”
    I read that all conductive materials have the problem of attracting nearby emf electric fields

    2- “Grounding is not necessary with this material”
    Not necessary? Doesn’t that mean that grounding will be a better option, but it is not necessary? That make me feel that they due attract EMF fields but less than reflective materials due to the fact they are less conductive.

    So my questions are:
    1- Do the microwave absorbing sheets attract EMF fields just like the reflective materials?

    2- Instead of purchasing from lessemf I am thinking of making my own sheets from carbon felt and laminating them myself. Do you expect that I will get the same radiation shielding results?

    3- Any recommednations to my situation?

    And thank you for all your hard work.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I understand you need a low cost effective solution Yousef BUT you should NOT start shielding without first obtaining readings with an RF meter….this is the absolute foundation of effective EMF mitigation. You might think you’re saving money by leaving out this step but you’re not. And yes there can be an electric field issue….this is why grounding may or may not be necessary and why testing with an electric field meter is also a good idea. Rather than asking me or anyone else to speculate on the effectiveness of different shielding materials you need to test yourself…measure/shield/measure is the way to proceed….read carefully my article above & the comments on this page.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Yousef Alzaabi: You mention a grounding issue in your current residence. A copper or aluminum stake driven deeply into the soil outside is the most reliable way to bypass building ground issues. Even in dry sandy conditions. One of the main reasons people have poor grounding results is due to the fact that any given length of wire has an inductive reactance at the high frequencies encountered with RF fields. That is: The ground wiring gets less and less effective as the frequency increases. Shorter – lighter gauge grounding wire is the best way to reduce this inductive characteristic. Use 20 gauge solid strand or even the center wire of a coaxial television cable as your ground wire. Most whole-building ground wire bonds are 10 gauge and highly inductive above 10 kilo-hertz. Thus (in real terms) there is no grounding effect for RF shields above this frequency. That is not a good thing.
    Don’t waste your money on lessemf shielding products if you don’t understand the issues at hand. You’d do much better to simply build a Faraday cage around your bed using standard aluminum bug screening with a ground to an independent ground as suggested above.

  • Gina said,

    Hi, Is shielding paint and other products ok for chemically sensitive people? Thank you.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    If you are chemically sensitive proceed with extra caution when shielding……if you are wanting to shield a room…..paint a very small surface to start with/expose yourself to the shielding material on a trial basis for a week or so……see if you react to that before shielding the whole room.

  • Mazen said,

    Hi. ‘m thinking of using 3M Scotchtint to shield my windows as I’m about 80 meters away from a cell tower on the rooftop of a facing building.

    I noticed there are several models of the Scotch tint. which one offers the best EMF protection?

    Also does a double glazed window offer better EMF protectins than a single one? Thanks

  • Mihnea said,


    For RF grounding, where should the coaxial cable be connected to the grounding: as closer to the first grounding outlet in the room, or the cable should be drawn out until the grounding stake? Even if this is 60-100m away?

    I was figuring I needed a new, separate grounding from the building’s one, I would draw a thick (or meshed) copper grounding cable 60-100 m to a copper stake outside, then distribute this new grounding to all my electrical outlets in the appartment. Then I would ground my appliances at the electrical outlets for EMF and the shielding paint and/or shielding curtains for RF using the shorter coaxial lead to the closest electrical outlet.

    Is this right or do I need to reconsider?
    Thank you all for your help!

  • Reesa said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Appreciate your hard efforts on this topic!
    I had EMF meassures in the house we are considering to buy and there was 2microwatts / m2 at 900GSM level. Would you personally think of shielding of this house? We were told it is probably coming from more directions as it is being reflected from other houses around. However, the nearest cell tower is 1km away.

    Thanks very much! Reesa

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Many people would consider themselves fortunate to have readings as low as 2 mw/m2…..but there are no absolutes here….shielding should only ever be a last resort…..thats to say if presently you are not suffering from debilitating symptoms of electrical sensitivity it makes no sense to shield.

  • Reesa said,


    Thanks very much for your response. The thing is that I’m EHS, that´s why we have been considering whether to buy the house with these values (2 mw/m2) or particularly whether even these values can be shielded of, event. by how much. I do not know if there can be usually meassured lower VF values than this from gsm fields?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Maya said,


    Can I be effected by my neighbour´s indoor picocell which should be some 50 meters away (despite it is called “indoor”)? Thank you.

  • Reesa said,

    Lloyd, Thanks very much for your kind response. The problem is that I’m EHS, that´s why we have been considering whether to buy the house with these values (2 mw/m2) or particularly whether even these values can be shielded off, event. by how much. I would appreciate your very valuaable opinion, whether there can be usually meassured nowadays even lower VF values than this at gsm fields?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Jon Bidston said,

    Dear Lloyd
    Fabulous information thanks. I am looking to shield almost my whole flat – I intend to build a non-faraday cage on the periphery of my cage for radio and mobile reception. Ha ha.
    My question is this: after painting walls and ceilings with black Y Shield paint, could it then be plastered over and still be effective? (maybe easier than painting it out)
    Jon Bidston

  • Vasanth said,

    Are the innocent looking USB Dongles in popular usage for connecting Laptops on the Go to the internet safe ? Or are they as harmful as sitting next to a WIFI router ? Same question applies to Blue tooth devises .

    Personally I do not use these devises , but wish to share your advise with many friends who ask me these questions and I do not wish to mislead them

    Thanks Lloyd .

  • Nobody said,

    Dear Vasanth,

    Wifi is NEVER safe to use or be surrounded with. If you use Wifi you are very close to a source of radiation (using it it transmitting yourself) and also radiating others. I know people who get health issues really fast from wifi over 300 yards away from them.

    There is no answer to your dongle question. USB wifi dongles can emit less radiation than built-in wifi but they can also emit (much) more radiation. It depends on make and model of the built in and external model and can change with every product revision. Especially Chinese wifi dongles can have increased radiation output to increase their performance. Some have 2 watt transmitters, which is really very dangerous. Antenna build can also play a role and allow to use less power output or have better reception, or it can concentrate the radiation to your body. Therefore you have to measure every product. Bluetooth is also dangerous and often works by adding a radio frequency ontop of the frequency you want to avoid, thereby mostly increasing the overall problem.

    Just take a UTP cable of a few yards and plug that into a router and disable built-in wifi.
    Everywhere there is a wifi router there is a spot to plug in a cable (just ask). Cheap, zero WIFi radiation, unsurpassed superior speed and reliability, and on top of that you do not damage other people’s health.

  • Riya said,

    Hi, i live in hongkong and am 8 months pregnant. I’ve moved into my house since 3 months. I have a radiation meter and my room was reading below 1 mg before I moved in. Now that I’ve moved in I just saw its reading over 5 mg! Coming from the walls behind my bed as well as the floors. Everythings been newly wired in this house, plus we have an electric water heater, all pipes running underground. I have a Neutralizer I plug in which us supposed to help but I’m super stressed now. What would you advise?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    “Everythings been newly wired in this house” but clearly there is an EMF problem….
    My advice:
    – move your bed away as far as possible the source of the magnetic fields/ sleep in another room where there are low MFs
    – get your wiring checked by a qualified & competent electrician

  • David Hauseman said,

    I have had lighting cause an electromagnetic pulse that did not come through the electrical system but came through the air and I one case almost burnt down my home.

    The first case was lightening hit a tree outside the house. We did not know how lucky we were until we were taking down the metal curtain rods that were nailed into the gyp bd. at the rear windows. Where each of the metal clips were nailed into the wall, there were large black char marks on the wall. The EMP from the lightening had created a charge in the metal rods and had luckily not set them on fire, but it did char the walls were the rods were attached.

    On another occasion, I had a lightening strike hit near a new home and destroy the circuts on that side of the home. A wiring on that side had to be redone as well as all breakers and switches. All were grounded. The bolt hit the ground and seemed to come through the ground into the house. I had unplugged the TV and VCR, but due to the internal wires, the EMP destroyed both.

    I also had an architectural office the also took a ground hit between my 2 story building and the adjoining one. Everything was all properly grounded, but the EMP on that side of the office destroyed about 6 Cad machines and the server from the inside out. The charge did not come from the power lines.

    Finally, I had a 14 story office building that had all kinds of lighting protection. Lightening did not hit the building but it the utility’s company transformer just next to the building. The building and the utility company’s network had two different polarities. The EMP destroyed the fire control computer in the precast clad and steel frame building plus it also destroyed the Trane Trace computer and DDC control system in the entire building. DDC controls are basically low voltage monitoring thermostats that all connected back to the central computer. The DDC system acted as a giant antenna and created an electrical charge that went into the thermostats and the computer from the back side and not from the grounded utility power side.

    Not sure how to protect my home or equipment without some kind of a Faraday cage around my entire house. Any ideas as to what one should do?

  • Mike said,

    What about those who are stalked with emf torture?

    Will any of the measures described in this thread help them?

    I mean, when a stalker acknowledges a radiation has no effect anymore, after a victim has installed a faraday cage for instance, wouldnt a stalker then, just turn up the pulse of the signal, or finding another frequency able to penetrate a passive defense?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Mike
    EMF torture is off topic here…..please feel free to use the forum to open up a discussion on this

  • David Hauseman said,

    What about using foil backed wood roof decking, primarily in the roof decks of pitched roofs; homes and apartment buildings? This would be in the attic area and the foil backed roof decking provides some pretty good thermal insulation as well?

    Also, I live in a very active lightening strike area. I have lost computers and TV due to nearby lighting strikes. The lightening did not come into the house or office via the electrical lines. What happened was that the nearby lightening hit put an electromagnetic plus into the air and it fired everything that had a wire or metal rod. Computers and TVs were fried from the inside out, whether they were turned on or not. Electrical wiring in the wall closest to the strike was also fried. And the scariest situation were metal curtain rods that were attached to the gyp. board inside surface of the wall next to where the lightening hit, had big black marks on the wall were the charge created by the magnetic plus went into the wall. Luckily, the curtains were not set on fire. I have even lost an entire DDC, low voltage control system, for the HVAC system in a 14-story office building or the building’s lightening protection system. Again, this loss was not due to a direct hit on the building, but rather a lightening strike to the ground based transformer that was located outside the building. The hit fried the entire DDC system due to the current put into the low voltage wires by the plus and then having that voltage surge go back the HVAC control computer, and also frying the computer from the low voltage side. These magnetic pulses by lightening are a big concern of mine, especially as we move towards a total low voltage system for all lighting (LED lamps) and low voltage connectivity for all communication equipment. An entire home or office could be run off a 24 volt wiring network plus Ethernet wiring. Do we need to be looking at building a Faraday Cage around an entire building or having all wiring shielded?

  • Lola said,

    Great sight. Just getting started on this. There is a smallish (maybe 3 feet) cylindrical cell tower about 50 feet from us on the diagonal. Would this kind be in a beam? My main question though is can I shield with something in the attic assuming it is coming from that direction? I just painted the whole house so repainting seems daunting. I know I need an RF meter too! :) Just curious about the beam and attic.


  • Karen Daniels said,

    We built our own house and used a radiant barrier called Refletix (TM) on every exterior wall and under our roof. It has silver foil on both sides with two layers of bubble plastic in between. Will this help deflect the RF beams. We just found out that a cell tower is proposed to be installed about 300-400 feet away from our house! I will definitely want a meter but am hoping the Reflectix was a good move. Initially it was just put in to lower AC and heating bills

  • Adrian Toth said,

    I’d like to know if I’m on mobile phone call or using 3G/4G internet holding the device or just nearby and I’m grounded during this time (by grounding pad at home, or standing on the beach sand) is it better for my health to be grounded while I’m doing this or its worse as my body could absorb more radiation and my body will be used as a conductive between the device and Earth. Isn’t that harmful if the radiation goes trough my body toward the ground?

  • Selena Berry said,

    Hi we are looking to purchase 5 acres as to have healthier living. There is a television tower and looks like a phone tower about a 1 kilometre away on a hill. Would this be an ok distance or should we keep looking for other properties. What is the closest you can live to a tower with the minimum exposure? Thanks you :)

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Selena
    It’s impossible to say if at 1 km you are ‘OK’… depends on various factors….direction of the beam,power of the transmitter…..
    Digital TV broadcasts mainly in the 100-200 MHz range (ask your TV company for verification) you can measure your exposure easily…..careful you need an RF meter that can measure this low (most of them can’t) – the Cornet ED85EX can do this.

  • Carolyn said,

    Hi I have these little muffins made up of magnets and certain metals. that I put on my winow ledges. An engineer gave them to me and they are suppose to keep it away. Do you know anything about them?
    I am right across the street from a tower and I hate it!! I work there only and am not there all day long just about 4 or 5 hours depending on the day.
    I wish we would all go to satellite. Will that be happening and these cell towers would be extinct.

  • D said,

    Hi, Lloyd,

    Our local window protection specialist installed on my office & car a product called “Highlight 70” or ‘HiLite 70’ (unsure of spelling) which blocks even more? RF microwave radiation than scotch tint window coating.


  • D said,

    Hi, Lloyd,
    Our home is 1100meters in direct sight line of the nearest tower with 15 antennae on it. On my Acoustimeter there is a spike of 0.22Volts/meter at my front door every minute and a half, then back to baseline 0.06volts/meter in between.
    I’m 51yo female flu-like cough /sick since March 2009 after moving here 30 June 20006 our then 7yo tiny 5 lb cat developed and died within a year of an agressive feline mammary carcinoma May-July 2007. My male 44yo next-door neighbor runs fevers every night. My 52yo neighbor on the other side of my house just died of ‘pneumonia & asthma attack’…. maybe pulmonary embolism.
    Which would likely cause this 0.2v/m recurring 10 second spike every minute and a half or so, and which would more likely affect our health….the 15 cell tower antennae 1100meters away, or the airport radar 20 miles away?
    Phone calls and emails to our local ‘Regulatory Authority’ go unanswered (no surprise).

  • Vasanth said,

    Hello Lloyd my hero ,

    God bless you for your noble work.

    few small questions please

    1.Is it safe to use Apple I pads ?
    2. I notice that if move away from wifi routers by approx 10 feet, My Coronet meter shows safe readings . what is a safe distance to maintain from Wifi routers ?
    3.What precautions can a EHS person take while on flights or superfast electric trains ?
    4. How does one know he is EHS ?
    5. Are safe cordless phones available ?
    Sorry to ask you so many questions
    Thanks Lloyd and please keep up the good work

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Vasanth
    With EMFs there is no black and white…no ‘safe’ and ‘not safe’…’s better to think about these exposures in terms of risk to your health. The devices you mentioned iPads, WiFi routers and cordless phones, emit certain EMFs….which you can measure…..and therefore you are able to decide if you should accept these risks or take steps to minimize your exposures. I have written articles on these exposures – use the search box at the top of the page to locate the articles on these subjects.

  • Kevin Ward said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I have had mobile phones, PDA’s and Computers (both laptops and desktops) for approaching 30 years and 24 years respectively.

    I have had Wi-Fi Broadband for the last 10 years and previously (still currently) use Wi-Fi Hot Spots.

    Recently the whole of the centre of York has been Wi-Fied and most hotels, pubs and clubs have free public access Wi-Fi.

    I have not suffered in the slightest at any of these locations nor on my front doorstep, kitchen or bathroom; however in the living room especially and occasionally in the bedroom I get bouts of coughing to almost choking; indigestion and chest pains; perspiration pouring from my forehead; nasal discharge and severe catarrh coughing up lots of pale green mucus.

    I repeat that this occurs nowhere else and if I go to my front doorstep with the door open all these symptoms disappear within a few seconds.

    The previous ten nnet was found dead in the premed is in May 2008 and I moved in in August.

    These symptoms only started within the last month; but before that there were issues with lights and hot tap in bathroom turning on (tap 7 times) plus the light pull cord was twisted with the shower isolator switch cord (8″ apart in bathroom).

    There was a loud bang from the electrics which the landlords had tested but found no fault or cause. One of the electricians said you may have a ghost.

    I had the vicar come and bless the flat twenty days ago with no change since of another occurrence:- net curtains shimmering/moving slightly.

    I had a medium a come with a psychic friend who together specialise in house clearing. They brought an emf meter which read a. Little near the computers. It then flickered all the light rapidly when discussing any of the afforementioned occurrences.

    They described a spirit that had not “crossed to the light” and helped him go to the light. After this the emf meter showed no readings.

    The Medium and Psychic said that spirit is attracted to emf and so could be drawn to the PC’s. Also that like most people having “Sixth Sense” but not necessarily using it others are more sensitive and apparently have no choice regarding the use of the “Gift” but will suffer unless the develop and learn how to “turn off”.

    The symptoms of pain in legs through type 2 diabetes have now gone and also soles of feet becoming hot alloyed with walking difficulties seem to have virtually gone. But the coughing, choking, heavy catarrh and runny nose persist – but only in the places described above.

    Apparently there could be more than one spirit “trapped” but they suggested to get a check up with Doctor anyway to eliminate any health causes.

    Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Kevin Ward said,

    Sorry I failed to mention that the issues with lights etc started shortly after purchase of a new camera with battery pack and spare batteries plus a box of 200 AA & AAA Agfa heavy duty batteries for camera and audio equipment use. Most of the non rechargable batteries were flat and the rechargeable AA & AAA for use with laptop wireless mouse and the 7.2 v Ni-Cad Camera batteries discharged far to quickly when equipment was not even turned on – usually overnight.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    We are subtle energy beings. Fact. Numerous studies point to this. Numerous authors have examined this question in a very scientific way; James L. Oschman….Robert Becker….Richard Gerber.
    On this website I’ve chosen to talk essentially about electromagnetic fields (man-made artificial energies) but we’re also affected by other energies….their impact on your health can be just as devastating if not worse than EMFs. If you do seek someone to help you deal with these energies I advise you take someone who has been recommended by word of mouth – there are lots of charlatans in this field.

  • Vasanth said,

    Hello Lloyd ,

    In my earlier post I missed out one word in the last line and hence am adding the corrected line as follows

    I would be glad to do a FREE on site audit of any place located in India , to check if there are any hazards and offer simple solutions , based on knowledge gained from you Lloyd as well,as from Prof Girish , using my large collection of precision gadgets . I don’t charge for my services

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Please use the forum ( if you wish to share your personal details with other readers – it’s kind of you to offer your services.

  • Omana Mammen said,

    Dear My Lloyd,
    Thank you very much for your helping attitude.
    My struggle with mobile tower radiation is published in your web site as “my story”. I used stainless steel mesh for shielding windows and chicken mesh for outside wall facing the tower. The rooms showed safe level and we felt healthier. It was in 2012.
    I wanted to try the effectiveness of imported shielding materials like Y shield paint, alluminium soil and shielding fabric as we are building a new house 100 meters away from our present house. My daughter brought it from US. I removed chicken mesh in an area facing the tower and applied Y shield paint.But after applying the paint, the radiations in a small area have increased and we have health problems. I wrote to the Y shield paint company, but they could not give any suggestions. If you can help us solve the problem, it will be a great help.
    Dr Omana Mammen

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Omana
    If you have taken RF readings before and after and the RF levels have increased for a room you have shielded differently this can only mean that the shielding is not effective….this can be due to leakage through small cracks or perhaps a second coat of shielding paint is needed (not uncommon).

  • Vrede said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    If live in a rented property and have decided to use Y-shield. I do not want to mess up the landlord’s walls when I move out.

    My question is how do I get the apartment back to its original condition if I paint the walls and ceiling with Y-shield? I was thinking maybe I can painting Y shield over wallpaper at the rented property and then removing the wallpaper later?

    The second question is will I get RF from the apartment below?

    Thank you!

  • Matt said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    What are your thoughts on the new LED light bulbs with FCC approval. It was Petreus that told us all the our dishwasher would be listening to us with all new appliances being wifi enabled.
    Have you looked into what these light bulbs might be radiating that would necessitate FCC approval? You can read it on the packaging of the bulbs. I first saw it at a Target store on GE bulbs.

  • Vicky said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Could you elaborate the negative effects of cell tower radiations and WiFi radiations.thanks


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Matt
    Many of the new ‘eco-friendly’ light bulbs generate considerable EMF pollution. I’ve written a detailed article on this subject, see
    For information on WiFi and cell tower health effects I suggest you read the BioInitiative report.

  • somakumar said,

    Hello Lioyd

    Whether RCC roof will protect radiation level ?

  • Dina A said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated! I am looking to buy a home that is about 4 blocks from a cell tower with 3 drum-like dishes and radio antennas . I hate the sight of the tower because it freaks me out . You mentioned the drums and antennas having a concentrated beam , can you elaborate? Are they more hazardous than the cell antennas? I have been struggling with this issue for years and can’t seem to find a house further away from some type of tower. Pleaseeee advise!!! Thanks for caring and trying to make a difference!

  • Patty Ziegler said,

    Hi Lloyd, I work 30 ft. from 7 cell towers in a spa. I cannot put up any mesh or paint or anything else. Is there something I could wear, like a pendant or plug in while I’m working to reduce exposure?

  • Bea said,

    Great info, thanks so much! What do you recommend for people living and traveling full time in an RV?

  • Alex said,

    There is an electrical closet in the entry lobby of my store. (The power lines feed into it). What would you recommend to minimize radiation from the closet? Painting both the inside and outside of the closet door with that paint stuff?

  • Renee said,

    Hi Lloyd, we have enrolled our son to begin in school next year and realised that there are 3 separate mobile phone company towers on the building across the lane (around 15 meters from what would be his classroom). Before i speak to the school i would like to understand what the acceptable levels of radiation are and what the risks are (we’re in australia where the laws are obviously very lax!) – can you recommend any resources i can read/direct them towards? Thankyou

  • Max Cook said,

    Hi Lloyd. I commend you’re efforts here, and your knowledge.
    Q; I’m making a mobile home for back of my utility, out of mild steel (30mm square tubing frame), non-magnetic 0.7mm stainless (lower walls), and marine grade 1.6mm alum sheets (upper walls & roof).
    Will these sheets, etc, be “a magnet” for EMR and RF radiation, or the opposite? Will they act as shields?
    I’ll be lining the plywood interior walls with alum heat-insulating foil, plus various other materials, like silver poly tarps, and (?!?) inverted alum powdered milk bags, likely filled with some more insulating material/s.
    Can you give me a rough estimation of what positive or negative effects/insulation, these may give me, from EMR, RF, etc, please?

    I admire your dedication, Lloyd.

    Max, Australia

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Max
    I’m very familiar with the mobile homes you are describing….in my previous work I used to spend 3 months a year living in one. But any comment I have on these structures in terms of EMF pros and cons is pure speculation. You see in some circumstances the metallic structure might work to your benefit and shield you and in others it might act like a ‘faraday cage gone wrong’ because EMFs that do get within the metallic structure may bounce around and cause more harm than would otherwise be the case. The ONLY way to get clear on this is to measure with an EMF meter as described in my article above….

  • Natali said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I realized that we are living surrounded by EMF exposure.
    My daughter and me leave beside a cell phone tower.
    Could you please recommend again a bed canopy. And other ways to protect ourselves from radiation.
    I just want to make sure that your recommendation will be up to date.

  • ali said,

    There is an antenna 144 meters away from a prospective apartment. According to antenna, it’s only a single antenna, not a tower. Do I still need to follow the 500m rule for this, or can I be a little more flexible? (The nearest tower is 820 meters away…)

    Hope to hear from you soon!!!! :)

  • akshat said,

    I want to ask you that are window films applicable on ventillator (with structure of mesh)

  • v s d said,

    in india, i live in an apartment on second floor of a five floor building. the building is L shaped and live at the corner of one arm. at the corner of other arm of the building there is a mobile tower on terrace. there are two more towers in the radius of 200 meters which can be seen from my apartment window. so am i exposed to EMR risk due to three towers in radius of 200 meters? i have plenty of books in my personal library. does paper of this book gets charged with EMR radiation?

  • zack said,

    I have new cell phone antenna panels across the street. It seems to me like my neighbors will enjoy the rent checks from these cell companies more then there future medical expenses . I do have electric filters installed throughout my home will this help me. ? if not what is the next step in protecting my family???
    P.S. it appears not that they are installing more two block down.

  • kiran chikhale said,

    Thanks ,
    Very little information is available on Protection against RF Radiation. Thanks for writing this.
    Kiran Chikhale

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