Are The EMFs In Your Home and Work Space Causing Cancer Clusters?

I remember when I was at school my teacher telling me about the terrible work conditions of chimney sweeps in the 18th century. These were people, often children, who worked in terrible working conditions and succumbed to work related cancers primarily because of this poor working environment. Well, what if the modern day office, with all its electrical equipment and associated dirty electricity was just as bad for your health?

What you will learn in this video :

–    How one country takes the dangers of dirty electricity so seriously it has passed a law setting maximum GS (Graham-Stetzer) levels to protect people in their places of work

–    How there are many examples of same company, same office space, and people are developing the same or similar cancers at an alarming rate.

–    How there are certain types of office space prone to the development of these cancer clusters, the ABC TV studios is one example, another is call centers, thought to be a breeding ground for breast cancer.

I believe dirty electricity is a major threat to our health. I do use GS filters in conjunction with a GS microsurge meter to reduce the dirty electricity in my home.

(Update 2017: Unfortunately this video has been removed from Youtube but you can still read the transcript of the video below.)

Donna Fisher:  “The Republic of Kazakhstan said in November 2003 that on this meter it can’t go above 50 in any workplace.  So, if you plug this in a powerpoint, that cannot go over 50.

Now, normally, it would take decades for a country to mandate that, but they actually did that within a couple of months.  Because the scientists of Kazakhstan, they were the ones who put the Russian space programs and nuclear weapons programs in order.  So, they understand electromagnetic energy, electromagnetic radiation.

It’s really interesting because when I spoke, I said that the actual frequency window in the human body that is the most vulnerable to the outside radiation is between 4 kilohertz and a hundred kilohertz.  And dirty electricity operates in there.

Now when David Winmiller spoke today he said that the Powerpoint Frequency Zapper*, which cures many things, operates at 30 kilohertz, so that validates that the 4 kilohertz to 100 kilohertz frequency window where our bodies are vulnerable.  If it’s uncontrolled, then the dirty electricity harms us.

Interviewer:  So, where were the cancer clusters?  That was on ABC, but that was thrown out because of bad research.  What was the original thing that got you investigating about the whole silent field issue?

Donna:  Originally I was in a court case in 2001.  The power company wanted to put a substation we felt too close to our houses, so we said no, our council said no, so the power company threw us into a court case that created a world first.

Five years later, I heard about the breast cancer cluster at the ABC TV studios.  We knew immediately it was high magnetic fields and a dirty electro environment.  Professor Bruce Armstrong from the Sydney University who led that investigation admitted on national TV that he understood the frustration of the journalists because their electrical equipment was taken out too early, and he couldn’t complete the investigations.  Another case of incomplete data.

Not good enough, I wrote Silent Fields.  Then I was contacted by another group of scientists who said, “Donna, there is a lot more going on – call centers are breeding centers for breast cancer and we’re going to tell you why.”  And that’s why I wrote More Silent Fields.

Interviewer:  There are many more examples of the cluster things happening – same company, same office space – getting breast cancer.  And it’s all to do with the EMFs coming out of their electrical equipment, which is everywhere nowadays, you can’t escape electrical equipment.

Donna:  It’s our biggest threat, but there is a solution; remove the dirty electricity from your workplace and home.

Interviewer:  Yeah, I want to get one of them.  When I sleep, I sometimes wake up with a headache.  I pull out the plugs, but I don’t know if that’s enough.

Donna:  No, because dirty electricity, it’s radio frequencies that are unwanted and they are riding along the wiring.  The thing is, if one country has mandated this, it is an undisputed scientific fact.

Interviewer:  This is from the country that put the first man in space.

Donna:  They know what can harm because they used to do it very well.”

*I cannot vouch for the Powerpoint deactivator device I have never used it or seen it being used but I have installed GS filters to reduce the dirty electricity in my home and found them to be effective.

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  • David said,

    An alternative to WIFI might be power line networking where the internet connection is routed via your homes electrical infrastructure.

    My question is, are these safe? Do they cause dirty electricity or any other unwanted effects?

  • Lloyd said,

    Power line networking sounds good but actually it works by sending an RF signal…EMFs…..through your electrical wiring….the problem is it doesn’t stay in your wiring…I’ve had a lot of people contact me reporting health problems with this kind of set up…the best solution is a hard wired internet connection.

  • Caroline said,

    Hi Lloyd

    1.I recently bought your book and have watched the dirty electricity video that comes with it which was really interesting though a bit confusing on one point. You hi-lighted the filters but in the small print at the end said that these filters could cause high magnetic fields and that it was better to get rid of sources of dirty electricity before using the filter – if I did this, why would I need the filter. Appologies if I am missing the point here.
    2. You mention a certain type of filter – when I looked on Emfield they used a different type – have you tried these as I know you support other Emfield products.
    3. You mention in the video you childrens playstation. My son is at an age where he wants gadgets like all other children –
    -we presently have a 3DS with the wireless turned off permanently and this seemed to work when I tested it with an accoustemetre but I still feel it when its on so I am not sure what it is I am still picking up.
    – I have avoided the playstation due to the controls being wireless(by bluetooth I think) just wondered which version you have and if you have found a way around this, trying not to let your kids feel they are missing out is a real issue, his friends are already starting to get phones.

    Many thanks

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Caroline
    1. “You hi-lighted the filters but in the small print at the end said that these filters could cause high magnetic fields and that it was better to get rid of sources of dirty electricity before using the filter – if I did this, why would I need the filter.” — If you where only concerned about EMFs, you would eliminate all sources of dirty electricity pollution, but in practice this may not always be possible (central heating, washing machines etc are difficult to eliminate)….so you would also insert a filter/filters
    2. “You mention a certain type of filter – when I looked on Emfield they used a different type – have you tried these as I know you support other Emfield products.” — I have used these filters also and found them to be effective.
    3. The PS2 exists in a wired and a wireless version, my son has the version with the wired controllers.

  • Margie said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I have a question about Dirty Electricity and the readings with the ‘graham stetzer filters’.

    Firstly we live in an urban area with the cell tower just a little less than 400 M. from us and I believe we are on the same power line that goes out to the industrial area of our town.
    The big power lines run close to the cell tower behind us.
    I had an electrical pollution consultant come in long before I found your wonderful site.
    Before he came he had me add enough receptacles to the bottom of my electrical panel to hold 8 GS filters.
    When he came to test the results were; “with all breakers off” –Rec.#1-210 and Rec.#2– 310( I have no idea what Rec.stood for ).
    With 8 GS filters put on under the panel (with all appliances off except the fridge and 2 freezers ) the recordings on the panel read Rec.#1- 70 and Rec.#2-90.

    With breakers on and with 3 GS filters in my bedroom the reading was still 85 ( felt this was stil too high, he didn’t).
    And with 3 more GS filters in other areas of my house (total of 8 on electric panel and 5 in rooms of my house) the reading in most of the rooms was still 85 or a bit more.
    Body Voltage while lying on steel spring bed with no earthing sheet–1.2 Volts.
    I now have an earthing sheet and voltage reading is lower, (I cannot afford to buy a new mattress ).
    Cell Tower tested not as bad as it could have because there is an 1/2 acre woodlot between it and our house.
    I don’t remember the reading but know any reading is bad.

    I am wondering if I should be adding more GS filters in rooms in my house to combat the dirty electricity or adding more under the electrical panel ? Should this help lower the GS Meter readings ?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Margie
    The manufacturers of the GS filters recommend adding filters if your GS levels are above 50. They also suggest that 20 filters are needed to clean up an average home. Personally I feel happy when the GS levels in my home are below 30.
    I recommend adding more filters to try to bring your readings below 50. Where you put the filters depends on where the source of the dirty electricity is, internal or external. To determine the source of your DE, first measure the level of dirty electricity in your home with your microsurge meter with everything switched off and unplugged in the house. Then compare the reading to that when everything is switched on (no filters either). This will tell you whether the dirty electricity is coming into the house from the outside, if it is you need to filter at the electrical panel. See

  • Caroline said,

    Hi Lloyd

    You kindly answered by questions about dirty electricity – amongst my question I asked about the playstation that your children used. I have looked at the Playstation 3 and you can switch the wirelss off on this – I have found a shop that sells wired controls – Fot the Playstation 2 and 3 to support wireless controls it must somehow receive bluetooth from the handsets – I am not a techy – How did you stop the bluetoothe still working in the playstation itself when you put wired remotes in it? My son loves Skylanders and wants to be able tp play it.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Caroline
    At the time we bought my son’s PS3 there were 2 models available, a wired version and a wireless version. We bought the wireless version. I then tested it with my RF meter to ensure that it was not emitting RF radiation. Testing with an RF meter is the only way to be sure if the wireless has been deactivated on many of these types of devices now.

  • Donny said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    First, I want to thank you very much for such an informational website! It is helping me alot in my trek to combat EMF exposure.
    I have a question in regards to filtering “dirty electricity” from the incoming line to the house, currently we have a smart meter installed, which as far as we know, doesnt transmit using the typical radio waves through the air, but instead uses the lines, which I do understand is bad still, but not as bad as the usual transmitting type through the air? Our current meter is a FOCUS AXR-SD by the way

    I have heard you mention electrical line “conditioners” on your other dirty electricity thread, and am wondering if their are any you can recommend / know of that you have heard good reviews on? Currently we are debating on sending a form in to remove the meter etc. but until we weigh the cons and pros efficiently we are wanting a way to filter the dirty electricity in the mean time. Unless you feel that this method would be less effective than the single plug in methods?

    Also, I know your feeling on those pendants etc that are supposed to stop EMFs etc, but I was also wondering if you have heard / feel the same towards the ORMUS crystals that Ken Rohla is promoting? They apparently make the EMFs/radiation less (effective) against the human body? Do they actually have some kind of grounding effect? or is it a lot of spiritualistic off the wall belief again?

    Also I was noticing that you said you didnt have any forms for the U.S to remove the smart meter?
    I was wondering what you thought of Mr Jerry Days forms ? he has a set for both Canada and the US, as well as a analog meter replacement kit? Just thought I might mention that as I noticed some people were wanting forms for the US as well.

    The major reason I am looking into all of this EMF stuff, is not only that it has been bothering me, it has already caused cancer for my mom back in 201 exactly 9 months after they installed our smart meter. She chose to go with natural treatments instead of the conventional system, and is alive and doing well today. However is still extremely sensitive and effected by the EMFs in the home, to the extent she wanders around the house most days draped in a grounding sheet attached to an outlet for grounding, Otherwise the pain is unbearable. At night when we go to sleep, the main breakers are turned off and any of her pain goes away soon after. I am wondering if you happen to know if besides diminishing EMF exposure, if keeping ones body mineral levels up has any effect on the effects or damages the EMfs have on the body? (does it help ground your body, or structure the dirty electricity in the bidy and help push it out? Or does it increase the effects from the EMFs?

    On a side note, if filtering techniques are too expensive for us at this time, and we chose to completely cut off our power, have you had any experiences where you can demand they get their meter out of/ off of your property?

    Sorry for the long question, and thanks again for all of the work you are doing in regards to this.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I recommend you proceed with your EMF protection via tried and tested methods……one step at a time. You do need to deal with dirty electricity……but dealing with it doesn’t mean installing filters necessarily… means first taking readings. Use a GS meter….see method described in my other post. Then decide if you need to filter…..I recommend GS filters these are what I use and are very effective. Proceed with RF radiation, electric field and magnetic field measurement in the same way… Free report and newsletters have more information on this.

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