ME 3030B EMF Meter – My Review

The ME 3030B is one of the first EMF (electromagnetic field) meters I ever bought.

I'm a big fan of Gigahertz Solutions EMF meters. They produce some of the best top end EMF meters on the market. The only trouble with top end meters is that they tend to come with top end prices. Fortunately that's not the case with this meter…

(If you're not clear about the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMF) to your health, you might be interested in reading my review of the scientific research.)

Here is my review of the ME3030B.

The ME3030B EMF meter can measure AC electric and AC magnetic fields. AC means alternating current, this is the type of power running through your homes electrical system, which makes it the ideal meter for checking (EMFs) around the home. Here are some of the EMF sources you can test with this meter:ME 3030B EMF meter

– computer monitors

– clock radios

– electric ovens

– TV’s

– fluorescent lights

– electrical wiring

– grounding faults on electrical equipment

– electric blankets, and more.

So you can better understand how this meter works and what you can do with this meter here's a short video of the ME 3030B in action:

Technical Specification of the ME3030B

Frequency Range: 16 Hz – 2 KHz (16 Hz – 2000 Hz)

Measurement range for magnetic fields: 1 – 1999 nT (equates to 0.010 – 19.99 mG)

Measurement range for electric fields: 1 – 1999 Volts/m

Audio function: field strength indicated by “Geiger-counter-effect”

Power supply: 9 Volt battery (included), average operation time 24-36 hours

For full technical specification click here.

What Can't This Meter Measure?

The ME 3030B can't measure RF (radio frequency) radiation. So it can't measure EMFs from devices like cell towers, smart meters, WiFi, digital TV, Cordless (DECT) phones, cell phones etc. If you want to measure this category of EMFs see my reviews on the Cornet meters and the Acoustimeter.

What I Like About The ME 3030B

– it's simplicity. There are many combo EMF meters around now, which are a little complicated to operate and understand. The ME3030B meter has a really clean and simple design which makes it easy to use.

it's sensitivity. The more sensitive an EMF meter is, the better. An EMF meter can give you zero EMF reading simply because it's not sufficiently sensitive, which is very misleading and possibly dangerous.  This is also the main reason high-quality professional meters cost so much more.

– it's accuracy on the electric field setting. It comes with an earth wire with an alligator clip. You plug the wire into the meter at one end and connect to your ground on your electrical socket at the other (or, if you want to go to the trouble, you connect to a ground stake outside). This might seem like a small detail but it will give you a far more accurate reading – none of the other meters in this price range can do this and so are subject to a higher degree of error.

the other thing I like is the audio. I do like meters with an audio function. It means you can wander around freely with your meter without having your eyes riveted to the display. Just switch on the audio function and the Geiger counter type clicking tells you as soon as you get near an EMF source. Then you can check out the display to see just how high the reading is. Simple.


it measures magnetic fields in nanoTesla. Its a niggly little thing really, but for measuring magnetic fields I'm much more at home with milligauss (mG). This meter measures in nanotesla (nT). Its a small point, because you just divide by 100 to go from nT to mG (100 nT = 1 mG). And there is a conversion table on the back. But when you look at the display you have to think….or I have to.

– its a single axis meter. This is not necessarily a disadvantage because in theory you can get more accurate readings by turning the meter round than with a 3-axis meter which just gives you a compound reading.

Where Can You Buy The ME 3030B Meter?

You can buy the Gigahertz ME 3030B EMF Meter here. It comes with a solid 30 day money back guarantee. And it also comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

This meter currently retails at under $150, which is a fair price given what you get.


For the price, the level of accuracy and sensitivity it provides, the ME 3030B is hard to fault. If you want to easily measure low frequency magnetic and electric fields in your home or place of work the ME 3030B meter is a good buy.

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  • Peter Green said,

    Thank so much for EMF meter review!
    We have not communicated for awhile. Are you doing ok?
    Is your EMF Sensitivity book out in print yet????

    Take car and ” Thank you once again for your dedication”
    Dave J. aka – Peter Green

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Peter
    I’m doing fine thanks.
    My EMF sensitivity books’ available as a digital download only for the moment (see, I’d like to make a print version available but a good deal of the subject matter is evolving so fast – particularly the meter reviews and information on EMF shielding products – barely it’ll be in print, that it’ll be out of date. The digital format allows me to do updates easily….if I do do a printed version I’ll let my subscribers know.

  • Anne Maguire said,

    I have an Electro Smog detector which doesn’t show all of the different EMF output. I checked this house when I bought it but although there was no signal regarding radiation I am badly affected by varying strengths of something. I have trouble with sounds and the continual mass of pulsing activity. If I hold a piece of paper the pattern of what I am feeling begins to show as the paper shakes. I need a good detector which covers all kinds of EMF output. Is this the one ?

  • Lloyd said,

    There’s no one meter that can measure all EMFs unfortunately. This meter measures low frequency magnetic and electric fields. If you want to measure EMFs from things like, cell phones, WiFi, cell towers, digital TV you need an RF meter, see

  • jim c. said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    How’s it going ? I am writing today because I bought your book online and am having trouble getting access to it. I bought it a while back but have been out of town for quite a while and am just getting back I’m not very computer literate but usually don’t have trouble downloading things. I don’t know if the fact that it is a mac should matter at all, but I haven’t been able to load it for some reason. I am sure it is because of my ignorance of the computer. Can you help me. I also bought the trimeter a while back, but I am with you, I like the audible tone and it doesn’t seem to pick up some things I thought it would. I get no reading around my smart meter at all with it. I don’t know if they are only transmitting at certain times of the day or what. the lady at the electric co-op said they only transmit for a short time periodically. I don’t know maybe that is true. It would be interesting to get this new meter you are demoing in your last video and compare the two. If you can shed any light on the download at all that would be great. Have a great day and keep up the awesome work. Jim C.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jim
    I’ve sent you the download links for my book with instructions by email – let me know how you get on. For smart meter radiation the ME3030B is not the right choice. You need an RF meter for this job, one of the Cornet meters, for instance, will do this admirably.

  • Eric Brody said,

    How do it compare to the Cornet meter that you recommend earlier?

  • Lloyd said,

    All the Cornet meters I’ve reviewed have an RF function (i.e. they can measure radio frequency radiation). The ME3030B meter only measures low frequency magnetic and electric fields.

  • Charla said,

    Lloyd, thanks for the review.

    This model may just be within my budget. I’m retired and have to be pretty strict with watching expenses.

    I know I need a meter in order to be more thorough with minimizing my exposure to EMFs. 6 months ago, after a trip to the hospital emergency room, I realized it was electrosensitivity to EMFs causing me some serious health issues. I eliminated my home wireless system, got rid of my wireless phones, etc. Now my blood pressure has even returned to normal (dropped from 145+ back down to 118).

    Due to budget constraints I haven’t purchased your book yet, but it’s on my to do list. I’m looking forward to learning how to implement more thorough remedies in this regard.

  • Kenneth said,


    Our thanks, too, for the good work you are doing
    to help educate us all about EMF and ways to protect
    our families. We are grateful that you are raising public awareness about this issue.
    Can you tell us whether the above meter would be effective with measuring EMF from a smart meter on the house or from outside sources such as cell or electric towers?
    Also, if a homeowner cannot avoid smart meter installation, would bolting a square sheet of aluminum metal behind the meter and onto the house with a ground
    wire be an effective blocking method?
    We are also wondering whether painting the metal with
    a color that matches the house exterior would interfere
    with the effectiveness of the aluminum against EMF pulses.

    Thanks so much for your input on our questions!

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