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Lloyd On The Radio

I love to talk about EMFs and electrical sensitivity.

To raise awareness on the issue.

To get my story across.

Radio is a terrific medium for this.

People can hear my story and they can also get their questions answered through the phone-ins.

If you have a local radio station you think may be interested in having me as a guest, either send me an email or ask them to contact me. I’d be happy to make an appearance.

EMFs On The Radio

Here are some of the radio shows I’ve been on recently:

Health Vibed Radio (June 2017)


Extreme Health Radio (January 2016)


The Jeff Rense Show (December 2014)


The Deanna Spingola Show (January 2014)


The Survive and Live Well Radio Show with Elyn Jacobs


The Patrick Timpone Show


The Deanna Spingola Show

  • Click here to listen to the interview (right click to download)
  • Broadcast on Republic Broadcasting Network


Beating electrical sensitivity - The Path to Tread
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diabetes obesity and emfs

diabetes obesity and emfs

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