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Cell Phone Radiation and EMFs – Be prepared to be surprised

Are you worried about cell phone radiation?

Are you concerned that WIFI or Bluetooth might be bad for you?

Perhaps you live near a cell phone tower and you are worried about the electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?

Maybe you’re already feeling the ill effects of the new smart meter the utility company recently installed?

Why Can I Help You?

I became electrically sensitive in 2002. I suffered for years. Until a few years ago I was still suffering. My body became highly receptive to the ever present EMFs in our environment to such an extent that my life became a living hell. My symptoms; a constant headache, joint pains, my ears ached and my eyesight deteriorated, high blood pressure and a constant state of fatigue. I got better. Using a variety of techniques I now live a normal life again.

How Can I Help You?

I don’t use any chips, diodes, neutralizers or similar gizmos. I make no outrageous claims. My advice is based on solid, tried and tested methods. These methods are widely recognized and its an entirely natural approach.

The path to better to improved health can be a long one. I can’t guarantee you can get better, some people do some don’t. But as someone who’s experienced, first hand, the life-changing effects of EMF exposures everyday for more than 10 years I know there is a right and a wrong way of going about this. Let me put you on the right track.

To learn what does work, what EMF protection to apply around the home, how to regain & safeguard your health….. sign up for my EMF Protection FREE Report today and for the latest news follow me on Google+.edited

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