Why Your Head Feels Hot When You Use A Cell Phone

Dr. Andrew Marino is a professor at the department of neurology at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. What you will learn in this video:

– That when your mobile phone pulses at 217 times a second, that even though you might not feel it, these pulses are entering your brain

– It is precisely these 18 million pulses a day which are totally unnatural and pose a real long term threat to our health

– Why the SAR (Specific Absorption rate) is useful for understanding how to cook meat but it has no relevance to a live brain.

This is such a clear explanation of cell phone radiation – now I know why my head was feeling hot when I was using a cell phone…..

Dr. Andrew Marino: when the body reacts to light or sound or touch, that’s an important source of information about the environment.  Having the body react to mobile phone fields or high voltage power lines is no help whatsoever to the body.  It’s a potential hazard we see now, but it’s of no benefit, so that evolution never brought about a system for detecting those fields.  Those fields didn’t exist a hundred years ago, so its impossible evolution could have developed such a detection system.

But, the detection system does exist, and the evidence for it is very clear, so we can speculate about why the body detects those fields.  My personal opinion is that it detects the fields because it has proteins that are sensitive to these fields.  These proteins play some other role in the body, but they’re vulnerable to manmade fields.

When evolution put this protein in the human brain and conferred on it the function that it does perform to help the organism, when it did that, there was no reason, no evolutionary reason to think there might be fields in the environment which would allow detection to occur and hence compromise the organism.  It’s simply a vulnerability to how the body has used what I call an electrogenic protein, a protein that can embrace the field.

It’s simply ironic the way this thing developed.  From our work, the work of me and my colleagues, it’s quite clear that what the brain reacts to is the change in the electrical environment.  So, what do we mean by a digital signal?  What we mean by a digital signal is in time there is no signal, then all of a sudden, it’s on.  It’s on for a certain length of time, and then it’s off.  That’s what a digital signal is.  It so happens that this electrogenic protein in the brain, this protein that embraces the external field, has the property of reacting to a change.

So, 217 times a second when pulses from the mobile phone are entering your brain, when the pulse turns on, that generates a signal in the brain.  When the pulse turns off, it generates another signal in the brain.  The brain isn’t responding, as far as I know now, to the presence of the pulse, but to turning it on and turning it off.

Therefore, in every second, since there are 217 pulses a second, you’re getting 434 what we call evoke potentials in your brain.  Over and over and over and over again for however many minutes a month you use the phone.  That’s the ultimate source of the signal in the brain that compromises human health.

Question: Are SAR (specific absorption rate) measurements useful in your research?

Dr. Andrew Marino: In connection with understanding mobile phone fields, none whatsoever.  I think they’re meaningless with regard to that application.

Question: Why are SAR measurements meaningless?

Dr. Andrew Marino: For several reasons.  First, you need to understand where SAR comes from.  I was there when SAR was invented, Richard Phillips and others were men who created the SAR.  Whose minds gave rise to it.  And the reason they did, they were interested in developing microwave ovens, and in understanding how to cook meat.  And it’s useful in understanding how to cook meat, but it has no application whatsoever that I have ever seen suggested or advanced to  understanding mobile phones.  It works for a dead muscle.  It as no applicability to live brain.

Question: Why are SAR measurements not applicable to the live brain?

Dr. Andrew Marino: Because the health risks associated with mobile cell phone fields have nothing to do with heat.  So it makes no sense to say, “I have a really great way of measuring heat” when the measurement of heat is irrelevant to understanding health risks.

Any measurement that you make that has no connection with what you’re interested in is just a waste of time.  It can produce a lot of data and when the calculation of SAR are done, they can produce beautiful pictures, but the pictures are arbitrary and the measurements are meaningless.  It’s quite clear that that’s the case.

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