Limbic Brain Repatterning For EMF Sensitivity

Electromagnetic fields affect people in many different ways. Your #1 course of action should ALWAYS be effective mitigation. But if you've done all that and your symptoms are still really bad, then what can you do? What if you could retrain your brain to dial down your sensitivity? Is there any science behind this? Does it actually work? In this guest post, Harrison Barritt answers all these questions and more:

The ability to feel subtle energy is a double-edged sword. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) comes with openness and a strong feeling that life exposes us to toxic frequencies.

The more open we are, the more we feel, yet the more we feel, the more we are vulnerable, to these waves. Some of us are sensitive from a very young age due to basic temperament or genes, while others like myself, become sensitized.

Within a few months of an accidental blow to my head, I began sensing pain from radio frequency (RF) radiation. With the help of an EMF meter, I would learn that my whereabouts would bring on my symptoms at any exposure to RF between 250–350 mV/m (millivolts per metre). A relief. A restriction. There are some gifts to this.

My life has slowed and I have become connected to a growing tribe of wounded or frustrated, retreating people, who want their freedom and health back. Have you found the gift of your EHS yet?

My Journey

I learned to carry an EMF meter in my front pocket that made a sound when I was exposed to RF. I had to call ahead and ask the one cafe in town that was willing to shut off their wifi for me; when attempting to travel, I had to send my wife into hotel rooms with a meter to see what the readings would be; we often would move our table in restaurants when more customers would get too close. You get the picture.

Long story short, after clearing the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from my house, adopting a regular meditation practice, and applying limbic work daily, I am able to participate almost fully in society. I went to a show at Madison Square Garden with countless routers and cell phones surrounding me, and I was fine. I can stay in any hotel now, or eat in any restaurant. My lasting nemesis seems to be a room full of laptops, which still gives me pain.

So, I Am Healed, But Not Entirely.

I’ve also slowed way down on my limbic work, teaching it much more than doing it. I developed a sun allergy of all things, which my dermatologist could only prescribe beta-blockers for. After refusing those, and applying the limbic work, I am able to reduce the sensitivity considerably when playing tennis or spending outdoor time.

man walking in the forest away from EMFs
Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash

Almost all of my clients improve with Limbic work, some more than others, and only a few, have a complete recovery, but many, like me, will improve significantly and become able to carry on with their lives.

First Things First

Once people have identified excessive EMFs as a major contributor to their condition, they must mitigate their homes of these fields. If possible, hiring an EMF Home Inspector is the best way to accomplish this. A remote inspection is also a good option, and with the help of Lloyd’s website, and the purchase of a few meters, one can even do this themselves.

(Learn more about EMF meters here.)

After the home inspection and important mitigation strategies, EHS in some cases improves, but for many, they are still left with their sensitivity. While their home may be transformed into a safer environment there is still the world at large which can remain threatening or off-limits.

Impacts of EHS

In addition to radio frequency (RF), some people feel dirty electricity, some electric fields, while others will feel magnetic fields. Complicating matters, because EMFs don’t create symptoms in precisely the same way in each person, a causal relationship (linear) is hard to pin down. EMFs have a nonlinear relationship with illness, and thus negatively affect people through a myriad of ways (A.Marino). This affliction saddles people with a range of emotions.

  • Those who have been pushed out of careers they loved or excelled at can be dealing with grief, financial hardship, loss of purpose, or disbelief that this has happened.
  • Some are angry toward a company, school system or employer who viewed them as overly sensitive and impossible to accommodate.
  • Others feel marginalized by a technological culture, their careers eclipsed.
  • Those having to move several times or who are living in compromised housing situations such as portions of their homes, rooms with little electricity, even their cars or tents, feel dispossessed and cast out.

One of my clients told me recently that the quarantine didn’t change much for her.(To read a more extensive article on the link between EMFs and the Coronavirus click here.) Many EHS individuals are already sheltering in place. A more insidious impact of EHS is the stream of failed, half hearted or abandoned efforts to explain the condition to others. Unlike a broken leg, or a recent knee surgery, which can illicit strangers to hold open doors for you, or even Lyme, which evokes instant empathy and a shared story of someone in common, those with EHS are met with silences, or (contempt) with questions like: “How can you possibly live in this world?”

Still worse are the debating or dubious disbelievers. The invisible EMFs sensitive people are hard-pressed to explain are equally hard for many to accept as dangerous and the cause of this condition.

Love and Money

EHS is hard on relationships.

A typical EMF Home Inspection is initiated by someone in pain, who is scared or concerned. They are usually well informed on the dangers, politics and symptoms associated with EMFs. If they are living alone, they may have tried in vain to maintain relations with people who have been unable to accept, accommodate or endure the challenges of living and loving a person with EHS. How often has it been said that the caretaker goes down?

Those living with these sensitive people, live with restrictions to travel, going out or having guests. They willingly or begrudgingly help finance the sometimes thousands of dollars in seeking relief; they are challenged to set aside their own experience of being ok in a wireless world and fully accept their loved one’s discomfort or fear as real. Of course there are angelic partners whose capacity for support is seemingly endless, and their partners are blessed to have them.

A couple hug to support each other
Photo by Gus Moretta on Unsplash

EHS afflicts people in varying degrees

So in some cases a doubting boyfriend may be able to handle his partner’s resistance to having wifi in the house, but another man may be at his wits end, as his partner has to live in a remote setting, and is now financially dependent on him. EHS limits employment options and empties savings. It bullies people out of jobs, sending them to numerous healers, alternative practitioners, and therapists which further depletes finances.

Light at the End Of the Tunnel

While there are many lifestyle, detox and nutritional supports for EHS, Brain Repatterning also known as Limbic Rehabilitation or RePrograming can be an effective and remarkable treatment for Electro-Hypersensitivity Syndrome. It also can improve: Skin Conditions, Fibromyalgia, Phobias, Anxiety, Tinnitus, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Insomnia, Headaches, Chronic Pain, Environmental Illness, and other reactive afflictions. And some of these are related to EHS.

Does this imply that these conditions are “all in your head?” Definitely not. These are real conditions with scientifically proven physiological biomarkers found in lab tests. Many are diagnosed but poorly managed, frequently leaving people half well, or marginally improved. Because EHS affects so many aspects of a person’s life, reducing field exposure is usually not enough to help a person heal, but it is a key ‘first pillar' of healing.

In my case, it was a third of the solution. The other two-thirds were a regular meditation practice, which helped to stabilize my mind and bring me back into a more present and balanced state, and of course, the limbic work.

There are several approaches to meditation and to Limbic Retraining. They can both be taught in workshops, groups or individually, in person, or online. Most people are familiar with meditation, even if they’re not doing it. They know what it is and how beneficial it can be, but many have not adopted it into their lives.

If you have EHS you should be meditating everyday, or most days, using mantras, breathwork, mindfulness, or guided imagery. It will dramatically improve your life on many levels. Then you should add limbic work.

EMF Sensitivity

Our brains are so efficient at scanning the environment for danger, classifying threats, and interpreting the incoming signals, calling on our internal National Guard by creating a cascade of chemical reactions, ie: the release of heat shock proteins, histamines, cortisol, adrenaline and calcium ion flux.

In some cases, an EMF sensitive person may have a mild reaction with minor symptoms, while another will experience severe reactivity and debilitating symptoms. Meanwhile, people without EHS seem to exhibit very few symptoms and reactions. Of course they may be overlooking the link between symptoms they have been living with and their EMF exposure, or they may still be relatively unaffected.

Everyone Is Affected

Though we can see from blood tests that EMFs affect us all, it's my belief that people who feel little to no effect from EMFs are not taking on nearly as much inflammation as those who do. Does this mean they are unharmed by EMFs? No. But it does seem that sensitive people exhibit an acute inflammatory response to EMFs whereas others do not. EMFs will damage the cells and tissue of everyone given enough time, exposure and intensity, but it is clear that those with EHS pay a greater price, faster.

Limbic brain retraining reduces symptoms of EHS by changing people’s emotional, psychological and physiological relationship to EMFs, hence causing less inflammation. It reduces cortisol, and allows the client greater control over his or her own psychological and physiological responses. In other words, it gives sensitive people a mechanism to control their own heightened reactions through practice by retraining neural pathways.

Repatterning Protocol:

Here are some of the steps I use in my one on one sessions with clients. Of course in an article I cannot convey all of the nuances of a back and forth coaching session, but this will give you a good idea and either get you started, or interested in learning and taking up the practice. It usually takes me three sessions to impart these tools, with perhaps a follow-up coaching session to tweak someone's protocol.

#Breaking A Cycle

Here you are addressing the automaticity of your symptoms. To break a cycle we have to halt it or interrupt it. Do this by calling out your name, clapping, spinning around one time, or just by saying out loud: “Stop this.”

There is a lot of power in interrupting something that is seemingly happening on its own. It reminds you that you are an agent of change and power. It may never have even occurred to you to verbally interrupt your symptoms, to the pain, to the cycle of stimulus and response. But doing so is your first step in taking back your power.


Acknowledge that part of you is reacting to (ex: emfs, mold) with (list your symptoms here) and that now you realize this is due to an old program you are running that no longer serves you. The shamans would call this a spirit, psychologists might call it an inner child, Internal Family Systems therapists would call it a Part, and Neuro-linguistic Programmers would call it a program.

A program? Yes, the brain, like a computer, has a database of programs that it runs with and without your awareness. The program in question here is often running unconsciously. While this program is trying to protect you, someone with EHS is being overprotected. If you are resistant to this step, ask that part of you which is resistant to “step back” so that you can work with the part of you that is reacting to EMFs.

#Communicating & Unblending from the Part with Symptoms

Scan your body for the location of the part of you that is reacting. I often ask clients: ‘At what age might you have co-created a defensive mechanism against some trespass upon your boundaries by a person, force or system?’ People frequently answer that question without hesitation. So now we know how old the part that is protecting and reacting.

EMFs are a modern-day bully for many, triggering old feelings of having dealt with one. The part may show up as a feeling, or image, and be located in some specific part of your body.

Here I work carefully with clients to help them separate from this part. When they have successfully communicated with this part, they have separated from it and it is no longer them, but is a part of them. I ask them to keep talking to it. This reinforces its separateness, reminding them that it’s a part of them, and not who they are. Being totally identified with an affliction is dooming,


Locate the part of you that is beyond the reach of EMFs, beyond the reach of technology, beyond fear and beyond all of this, the part of you that is your essence, that will always be. From this part of you, create a healing statement that includes your symptoms, but reverses and solves them, ie:

Symptom — when I’m around EMFs I get brain fog.
Healing Statement — When I am around EMFs I am clear minded. Do that for each of your symptoms. If the critic part or the fearful part of you rises up, just gently acknowledge it and ask it to take a step back while you do this important work.


Finish by elevating your emotional state and lingering there for three to five minutes. You can do this by focusing on one of your goals that has been lying low, by revisiting an amazing time in your life, by focusing on the love you get from your pet, from nature, or one of my clients just dances, while stating her healing statement.

person looking at the sunset meditating
Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash

Visualization is incredibly effective and a creative force that immediately changes our state and physiology. This helps to forge new neural pathways in your limbic system and will override the previous programs.

If you have been worrying about 5G, imagining worst-case scenarios, preaching to your friends the hazards of emfs, and living in a fear-based perspective for several years, this protocol will challenge your basic default mode network. It may also raise doubts for you intellectually, and part of you may not believe that you could be over protecting yourself mentally from something as toxic as EMFs. But we are trying to call back most of the armed guards you have posted at the gates of your mind.

We are asking those parts of you to unblend, so that they can just inform you rather than enslave you with their access to your control panels. This is powerful and illuminating to move that which is unconscious to the conscious. It also takes time. The thinking/feeling loop you have been living with may have gone unchallenged for years. So it may take half a year to gain leverage over it. It may happen as soon as a few months.

Most of my clients will feel improvement within the first week actually, then will periodically hit several more mile markers of improvement. But it is work and this work does yield remarkable results. You can do your routine when you get up and feel fine, or upon exposure. I ask people to do it two or three times a day and to think deeply about each step in the protocol. I tell them to speak as if they are auditioning for a part they really want in a performance. The authenticity in their tone summons the alchemy.

If You Always Look At The Dark Side, Lean in Towards the Light

Our brains are wired to recall danger. And it is precisely our awareness of danger that has kept us alive. According to Dr. Hansen, founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom, the amygdala uses about two-thirds of its neurons to look for bad news. Once it sounds the alarm, negative events and experiences get quickly stored in memory, in contrast to positive events and experiences, which usually need to be held in awareness for a dozen or more seconds to transfer from short-term memory to long-term storage” (Jaworski). It’s called a negative bias, and much has been written on its capacity to keep us safe.

For many experiencing EHS, the amygdala scans their environment looking for danger, locates it, or the possibility of it, tags EMFs as dangerous, and keeps us locked in a hypervigilant state, which among other things, is exhausting. Reducing exposure on a biological level is key for public and personal health, but dialing down our internal reactions to this awareness is the other half of the healing equation.

A New Inner Story

Neuroplasticity has reached a prominent place among the sciences. It is now possible to record brain changes from placebo effects. For people with EHS, placebo is particularly compelling, because of its association with pain. Humans' relationship to pain is long and complex. We’ve heard that what we think about all day expands. So it’s crucial to become a gatekeeper of your mind, and try to only let in the resourceful and supportive stories you tell yourself.

A study from 2005 revealed that our expectations of pain can “dramatically alter the sensory experience… [and how] expectations can powerfully reduce the subjective experience of pain evoked by a consistently noxious stimulus, [EMFs] whereas negative expectations may result in the amplification of pain” (Koyama). Furthermore, expectations in which there is a high degree of certainty as to the outcome may activate descending control systems to diminish pain, whereas expectations associated with uncertain outcomes may amplify pain (Ploghaus).

So more certainty of pain, more pain. The more uncertain expectations we have, the more prone we are to experiencing aversive events.

Again, this does not mean that a cell tower or a wifi router does not radiate on all beings equally. EMFs activate inflammatory mechanisms metabolically in the mitochondria, trigger oxidative stress in various tissues, and cause significant changes in levels of blood antioxidant markers (Kıvrak).

But by reducing your default mode network through regular meditation, sleeping in a low to no EMF environment(see how to shield a room from EMFs here), and doing your limbic work, you are reminded that your body is a river, and that you can recover each night from daily exposures to EMFs once you reach a certain level of resilience.

Our perception of this ‘stimuli' can be shaped by the way in which we expect to feel, the certainty by which we speak to ourselves, and what messages we relate to ourselves. Our ‘self-talk' also has a scientifically measurable impact on, in this case, pain.

Further, the ‘fear loops' we are feeling are indeed accurate to a degree in that the body is translating certain frequencies as potentially dangerous to our biology, and these are providing important information to heed. So we are not dismissing our ‘danger' mechanism, but we are modulating it and giving ourselves the opportunity to respond in healing or active ways ~ then we seek to bring the body and mind back into balance and safety through this work.

What Are You Looking At?

Anticipation and expectation of pain is further impacted by your attention. As a rule, people with EHS need to master their shifting of focus.

A 2006 study revealed how distraction (shift of attention) resulted in a statistically significant reduction in pain (Del Percio). Limbic Brain Repatterning accomplishes everything these studies are proving and more. If you haven’t added Limbic Retraining to your life yet, you have something to look forward to.

Remember this is information. And the information itself will not improve your condition. The daily application of it, however, will transform your life.? The refreshing news is that meditation and limbic protocols become internalized and vastly reduce your dependency on others to heal you. Your new thinking & daily practices can make it so.

Many thanks to Harrison Barritt for this guest post.

Harrison BarrittHarrison Barritt is an educator and counselor living in the Hudson Valley of New York with his family. He offers limbic and meditation coaching in person and via Zoom. Since 2010 he has also been conducting EMF inspections in person and remotely for homes, apartments, dorms, offices, schools, pre-purchase considerations and rental agreements.

Harrison is also a meditation instructor and a Counselor. His websites are:

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    This is an excellent post. I am a person with disabilities. I am desperately looking for help within a few areas. Can someone please reach out to me with some direction. 1) Is there are any practitioners who are experienced in treating and could me in the areas concussions, MVA trauma, mold exposure?

    2) Does anyone one have all the recordings of the most recent 5g summit that they would mind sending me. Believe it or not the computer I have gives off horrible EMF’s and I haunt been able to download the Free talks unfortunately.

    I am suffering in these areas and am desperate for your help. If I can be put in contact with highly experienced and reputable professionals in these areas this would be more than greatly appreciated.

    Please feel free to contact me. I thank you kindly for your help and kindness.

    Thank you


  • Lois Mary Cadwallader said,

    THNX, Harrison, for this interesting and well-written article. Offers hope to those suffering from EHS.

  • Lauren Gdovin said,

    Harrison Barritt has been very helpful in evaluating and remediating RF/EMF issues in my home and workplace. He is knowledgeable, practical and efficient. His recommendations enabled me to have a healthier and safer lifestyle, and his visualizations support a stronger body & calmer spirit. Thank you!

  • Tina said,

    What an interesting article that holds many gems of truth even for those not suffering EHS – such as
    “We are asking those parts of you to unblend, so that they can just inform you rather than enslave you with their access to your control panels”

    Loved this article thank you to the author and the host.

  • nancy said,

    Hi Lloyd!
    I just listened to the replay of your interview with Rob verbergen. I thought it related to this article and was hoping to ask you a question for free? and since I listened to the replay, I couldn’t comment on the interview…You mentioned that you have owned his device for about a year. Do you use it to help your nervous system? You said your wife and son used it. Did you all get some good results? And is it something you use ongoing? Or just to address certain issues? Thanks for your time! I enjoy all the information you keep putting out there.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Nancy, I don’t use the microcurrent therapy device for my nervous system…my nervous system is already calm. My wife and son used it, my wife to stimulate her vagus nerve, and my son to alleviate back pain and got good results.It’s not something I personally use ongoing, I tend to use it on me and my family for occasional aches and pains.

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