EMFs – Sleep Safe

Dan had not been sleeping well for a long time.

The issue had become chronic. His health was taking a toll.

A doctor friend suggested that Dan start turning off the circuit breakers at night to lower the EMFs in his sleep area.

He decided to give it a try.

The first night, he went out to the circuit breaker panel and started manually turning off the circuit breakers that were in the circuits around his bed.

“Behold, I went to sleep that night and had one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in months.”

Despite, night after night continuing to enjoy blissful sleep, Dan was skeptical as to why exactly his sleep had suddenly improved so radically.

He’d worked around in the aerospace industry and with a lot of high energy microwave radiation and he just couldn’t see how doing something so simple could have such a profound effect.

He wanted to know more.

His doctor friend gave him a couple of books and he started researching electromagnetic fields and health.

Once he started understanding the biological health concerns and what sleeping in a non-natural EMF environment does to our melatonin levels, he began to understand what was going on.

But he saw some flaws with the fact that every morning and evening, he had to go to manually turn the circuit breakers on and off.

The two issues he saw right away were 1) that circuit breakers are not designed to be switches, and 2) the pure inconvenience of having to manually do this every day.

“If it was something that I was going to have to do every night and have to go out into the cold basement, it wasn’t something I was going to be able to continue to do.”

That was the genesis.

Dan decided to build an automated device to do all this.

Interview – EMFs: Sleep Safe

EMFsleepsafeThursday, 11 June at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 4 PM GMT)  I'm interviewing Dan Evison.  

Dan Evison is the Founder and President of EMFsleepsafe and the inventor of the original EMF Kill Switch.

He has a background in both industrial, electrical engineering and manufacturing along with experience in the aerospace industry which included military and NASA, payload work .

Dan owns a, 508A UL listed industrial panel manufacturing shop, designs electrical panels and pursues inventing and product development which for the past two years has included the EMF Sleep Switch.

Dan’s goal is to help people lower their cumulative EMF load by 70% – 80% so people can live loud . . . by sleeping in an EMF mitigated sleep sanctuary.

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  • Marilyn Hammer said,

    Hello Llyod, thank you for your work and for continuing to educate the collective on how EMFs affect our health. I was hoping you could clarify a situation I am experiencing.

    Even when I shut my breakers off to my entire house, the TriFeild Meter maxes out the RF radiation in my bedroom, but not any other room in the house. Magnetic reading is .01 and Electromagnetic reading is 0.

    I have opted out of the smart meter with the utility company and they replaced it with a digital meter with no RF chip. I do not live power lines, or near a cell tower or have any small cell antennas in direct proximity to my house.

    I don’t have a WIfi router, a Tv or a refrigerator or any major appliances. There are no wireless devices in use in the home & I only use incandescent light bulbs.

    I Had an electrician come and he cut the wires to an old security system, old doorbell wires, and the old coaxial cable from the previous residents. The electrician took the entire Meter off the house to see if the Rf would reduce and it did not.

    What could be causing the high Rf Readings in the bedroom? If it was coming in from the power lines wouldn’t it affect the whole house, not just one room? The bedroom is on the second floor.

    There is a white diamond-shaped WiMax antenna at the end of my street connected to a lamp post with a faulty sensor, the light is on all day not just when it gets dark.

    When the breakers are on The dirty electricity readings on my Graham Stetzer meter for the house are around 100-300.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

  • Rita said,

    Sounds good, but how can you do this when both my husband and I need to use CPAP machines nightly and what about heat in the winter? Would love to convince my husband to do away with WIFI and go back to regular computer, land lines, etc. but he thinks the whole thing is crazy. He is a “non-believer” when it comes to EMF’s. Very reluctantly he consented to turning off the WIFI at night. I have neuropathy and possibly Myasthenia Gravis (have all the symptoms). MRI next week to check thymus for enlargment. When the WIFI doesn’t get switched off at night I wake in the morning with pain in my feet. Actually feel better, less fatigue and more clarity of thought after WIFI is off at night. So am up later and not getting rest I should. Not sure it is all the WIFI, but could be contributing. Perhaps Mr. Evison could address some of these issues in his presentation. Looking forward to listening. Thank you.

  • bj said,

    Marilyn Hammer… i’ve heard that mattress box springs can act as antenna for radio waves and that they were possibly designed with that intent… nothing would surrpise me anymore.