Holistic Health Solutions To Reduce Your Sensitivities

In 2011, Renee moved into a lovely home in California.

It was a beautiful house in the country that had been built by a contractor, and added on a couple of times.

She was really enjoying it, but she started to feel unwell.

At the time, Renee was working in the hospital, in the operating room as a registered nurse, and she was feeling tired, anxious, and started experiencing brain fog.

She realized that she did not feel good when she went home. She started to think, “Okay, there’s something going on in my home.”

It wasn’t until later when she married Edwin that he noticed there was a leak in the shower.

They discovered mold all behind the shower wall.

And bit by bit similar discoveries were made, in what looked initially like a perfectly good house.

Renee says, “Me being in the allopathic world, I wasn’t really tuned into mold, EMFs, bad wiring, and all of that. But we ended up having all of that in the home.”

And at the same time, at work they were switching from paper charting to computer charting and Renee began to have reactions to the computers.

She worked in labor and delivery and all the baby fetal heart monitors, were really close to where she sat.

When Edwin moved in, he brought all his high-tech equipment, routers and WiFi and repeaters. He didn’t know. He’d never worked remotely. Renee started to notice that he was starting to not look not so good and was experiencing brain fog and other symptoms.

Despite moving home they both became sicker and sicker.

They both decided to do something about it and not only embraced a holistic approach to health, became ambassadors of this lifestyle.

Renee re-trained as a holistic health coach, and Edwin became a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist with the building biology Institute.

They are both now on a mission to help people, so others can improve their health and well-being as they did

“…Our primary goal is to help others. My goal is to help you feel better so you can thrive at living and you can feel like you can be successful at whatever goals and dreams that you want to do in life. Your life matters and you’re here for a reason. You are going to succeed. You are going to complete that…”

Interview – Holistic Health Solutions To Reduce Your Sensitivities

Renee & Edwin TThursday, 18 November at 12 noon ET (9 AM PT or 5 PM GMT) I'm interviewing holistic health coach, Renee Turula, and certified electromagnetic radiation specialist with the building biology Institute, Edwin Turula.

Edwin trained as an engineer and has worked for 40 years in the high-tech industry, repairing electronic equipment. His wife Renee has 40 years of experience as a registered nurse. Visit their website here https://avotresante.health/emf-detective

Listen to my interview with Renee & Edwin Turula and discover:

  • How to reduce voltage potential and magnetic fields in your bedroom
  • How to protect yourself from EMFs from breathing machines at night
  • How your sensitivities (such as EMF) can be linked to (invisible) mold, and how to test for mold – costs only $10
  • Why the first step in EMF protection is dealing with the modern gadgets in your close environment, and how a home evaluation can help you figure out what to do
  • How a simple finger stick monitor can tell you if your body is promoting inflammation – a gateway to disease
  • The 2 key tools that can help you determine the best diet for you – inspired from the Wahls protocol
  • How taking supplements is ONLY worth it when they are ‘clean’ – Renee share’s supplements you can trust
  • How your kitchen can become a very toxic place and what to look for (this is not just about EMFs)
  • Renee’s EMF meter recommendations – one of the meters he recommends can fit in your purse, so you can carry it everywhere you go!

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The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to for 48 hours from the time of broadcast.

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