EMFs From Electrical Wiring – Problems And Solutions

Do you have electrical wiring errors in your home?

You might think that’s a strange question.

You might think, ‘how could I have wiring errors? My electricity is working fine.’

EMFs From Electrical WiringYour electricity may appear to be working fine but your home's electrical installation could still be plagued by wiring errors.

‘Surely my electrician would know if there was a problem with my electrical wiring?’ True. Your electrician should ensure that your electrical wiring is in accordance with the electrical code (the NEC in the U.S.).

But as electrician Karl Riley points out in his book Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding, “whether the electrician had been licensed or unlicensed did not seem to have much bearing on whether he had decided to cut corners but may have had something to do with errors made out of ignorance of the Code and of the electrical principals on which the Code is based”.

In a recent interview building biologist Alex Stadtner explained, “the electrician smiles and all the lights works and they say okay we’re ready to walk off the site and we talk to the general contractor and so we show up there on the last day…….. we’re like the green police and say ‘let’s do this green quality control check on your electrical installations to make sure there is no wiring problems' Every single time they swear up and down that there is no problem but we always find one”.

They always find an EMF wiring problem.

So what’s the big deal with these wiring problems?

Why EMFs From Electrical Wiring Are Dangerous

The big deal is that electrical wiring errors can be a significant source of electromagnetic fields or more precisely ‘power frequency electromagnetic fields’.

Power frequency EMFs have been linked to many diseases including cancer.

There are two aspects to power frequency EMFs, electric fields and magnetic fields, which are at right angles to each other in terms of how they come off electrical wiring.

Building biologist Oram Miller says, “the most troubling type of EMF is the electric field. Particularly where people sleep, because every bedroom has that, in every home in the industrialized world if wires are in the wall”.

In 2001 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization conducted a study on power frequency EMFs and “concluded that ELF magnetic fields are possibly carcinogenic to humans.

If you’re still in doubt about how dangerous these EMFs from electrical wiring can be, read the BioInitiative Report. Now, for the practical side of what to do about this issue.

The Elephant In The Room

There is no doubt in my mind that EMFs from electrical wiring is an extremely common problem that is going largely unaddressed. These exposures are causing serious health issues along with less serious complaints such as headaches, heart palpitations and a myriad of other complaints.

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  • ellie said,

    I’d like to know who to contact if a home’s wiring is not up to code? Isn’t the City Inspector responsible for ensuring it is up to code? Two electricians have told me my electric panel is not wired to local code. But I don’t know if the builder or previous owners or tenants are responsible.

  • Paul Harding said,

    Great article Lloyd. I find that 80% of the homes I inspect have some sort of wiring error. Most are easy fixes if you understand how electrical circuits work.

  • Lee said,

    Re: the article remarks which say: “‘…every single time they swear up and down that there is no problem but we always find one.’ They always find an EMF wiring problem.” — it seems like such errors could be the basis for a class-action suit (such as in apt. buildings, dorms, residence hotels, office buildings, hospitals, care homes, etc.). The more EMF harm evidence which accumulates, the stronger the legal case that could be made.

  • Lynn said,

    Curious when a floor is very cold could there be a way to measure w a volt meter if voltage in sink or water from faucet? Thank you

  • Marc said,

    How can I check to make sure my Earth sockets are infact earthed! Especially if using a grounding device?

  • D. Britton said,

    I haven’t been able to listen to the replay of this interview within the 24 hour period – I’d really like to hear it though. How can I access it?

  • Lynn said,

    Where is this podcast now? When found it yesterday before the time and signed it never had any sound.
    Thank you

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    D. Britton – The replay link was sent out yesterday, here it is again https://www.electricsense.com/interviews-emf-experts-show-page/

    Lynn – There can be an incompatibility with certain browsers, I’ve put a link up to how to troubleshoot these problems on the replay page – it’s underneath the replay button.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in this interview and sent in their question.