Dealing With EMFs in Your Home and Workplace

Jasen was working as an audio engineer for some of the top residential tech firms in Vancouver when he first began to experience symptoms.

He reached a point where he simply couldn’t focus using a computer longer than an hour, experienced brain fog when using a cell phone,  and felt nauseated when spending too much time in the high-tech homes he was working on.

At the time, he had no idea what was causing it, ‘it was sort of a barrel of sickness and health issues and memory loss and all these things that just happened all at once, triggered by high-stress events.'

He realized that when he removed himself from the high-tech environments he was working in, after about 30 minutes he would start to feel better.

One day, on a visit to a family member, of German origin, Jasen asked, “can I use your Wi-Fi?”

To which his family member replied “Sure,” and he plugged it in and unplugged it when Jasen was finished, which lead to a conversation that opened Jasen's eye's to the dangers of Wi-Fi.

It took Jasen 13 years, after crossing all sorts of potential illnesses off his list, to discover that he was electrically and chemically sensitive.

It took him two or three years to really get better, working with all different modalities and just not excluding technology and electricity, but just at least having the knowledge that it has an effect and coaching himself in a way to use it safely.

Through the healing process, Jasen has found a lot of joy in helping people, and continues today to help educate and remove the toxic elements out of peoples home and workplace.

Interview – Dealing With Toxic Elements in Your Home and Workplace

Thursday, 9 December at 12 noon EST (9 AM PT or 5 PM GMT) I'm interviewing Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electro-Magnetic Radiation Specialist, Jasen Masek

Jasen graduated as an audio engineer in 2003 and became a residential technology specialist, working on every form of tech in the home; networks, audio, television, and security.

He began to experience symptoms around technology and discovered he was electrically and chemically sensitive.

Jasen went on to gain certification with the International Institute of Building and Ecology as a building biology environmental consultant and electromagnetic radiation specialist.

Listen to my interview with Jasen and discover:

  • How to reduce dirty electricity coming in from your neighborhood, and why sometimes combining different filters can be useful
  • How to measure the dirty electricity created by any light bulb you buy
  • How there is an LED light bulb made by Phillips that filters the dirty electricity of the LED as well as the dirty electricity on your wiring (great tip!)
  • How Jasen gets sent patients by doctors, and those that follow his protocols heal faster
  • The importance of resolving wiring errors—any magnetic field on wiring can be magnified by wiring errors
  • His recommended EMF meter for testing (actually 2 meters)
  • How many of us are exposing ourselves to blue light at night without realizing it—he shares a new type of lighting that allows you to control this
  • 3 important things to consider when installing your lights, and how to address frequent issues that can massively disturb your body’s natural processes
  • How many offices and commercial environments have serious EMF issues – Jasen share’s simple protocols to deal with them
  • How screen time is so damaging to small children, and how the way to educate them is to lead by example

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  • Diane said,

    In 2007 I got hit by lightning in my headset (the microphone tooke the choc) and since that day I’m severely electrosensitive and beleve me, one day to the next my life change. With my visit to aproximatly twelve Doctorst may be two knew about ELECTROSENSITIVITY. Witch is not recognised in Quebec even if you’re hit by lightning and one of them did’nt beleve in it, imagine what I said and did… On top of all the symptom I feel also thunder storm coming, big earth quaques, sun storm witch cause magnetic storm (they are the wurst) and this year 2021 is the wurst of all since 2017, that was bad. That’s when I found that the sun also can hurt me and everyone. Don’t talk on the phone when their’s lightning. Also make sure you don’t used the globe FLUOCOMPACT. Diane

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