How To Turn Down Your Reactivity To EMFs

For Harrison, it was a single cell phone call that broke the camel’s back.

It was the 90s, at the time he was using his cell phone in the car quite a bit.

One day he was on a long call with customer service for something.

They put him on hold for about 30 minutes.

When he finished the call, he was experiencing a distinct burning sensation in his left temple that he’d never felt before.

At the time, he put it down to the stress and the strain of the call.

But, despite taking aspirin, the pain stayed with him for several days.

And he continued to get head pain on and off for about a month, on the same spot, the left temple.

He consulted a series of doctors and allergists.

He was told to write down everything he ate, the allergist was convinced it was something that he was eating.

But then Harrison had an idea.

“It occurred to me that it might be where I’m going as opposed to what I was doing.”

So he started keeping a journal of where he was going.

He noticed he was in pain in places like coffee shops and bookstores.

But only in stores where there was Wi-Fi.

He started to wonder about the WiFi.

He did some research online and found people were talking about it.

So he decided to buy an EMF meter and do some tests.

He discovered that around 600 millivolts per meter he would begin to feel pain.

This could happen in front of a microwave oven, if he used a cordless telephone or his cell phone.

“The bell went off and it changed everything.”

One thing led to another and slowly he began to find a community of like-minded people.

“I started to sense that there is some good here… I’m meeting these beautiful people and I’m having these very sobering conversations… there’s a lot of truth in our conversations.”

Which inspired him to keep talking and keep researching EMFs.

He read everything that he could find on Dr. Martin Pall’s work and he started protecting himself.

Eventually, he settled on a few simple strategies that changed, “almost everything for me”.

These were a combination of internal (dealing with the EMFs) and external (dealing with how his body was reacting to the EMFs) strategies.

Miraculously, today Harrison is 88% healed.

Interview—How To Turn Down Your Reactivity To EMFs

Thursday, 7th November at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Harrison Barritt.

Turn Down Your Reactivity To EMFsHarrison has been an educator for twenty years. After becoming sensitive to EMFs in the 90s, he began an extensive exploration and education into understanding, and reducing his daily EMF exposures.

Since 2010 he’s been conducting EMF testing and mitigation in homes, apartments, dorms, offices, schools and for pre-purchase decision making.

Harrison also offers coaching in, EMF sensitivity reduction training, meditation instruction, and counseling.

Listen to my interview with Harrison Barritt and learn:

  • his #1 recommendation for an EMF meter—he has several but this is what he recommends for someone starting out
  • how Harrison uses sensitivity reduction training to re-pattern his brain and turn down his reactivity to EMFs—he shares the exact protocol for doing this
  • the powerful tool that Harrison uses to change his reactivity, physiologically, psychologically, emotionally—it takes just 20 minutes a day
  • how he can now do his protocol in as little as 3 minutes while he's driving and get the elevated hit and feel stronger
  • the importance of being able to measure EMFs in your home—in one recent inspection he found a router in a lightbulb
  • how it's usually a constellation of things that help a person heal… but behind that constellation is a sincere unyielding effort to get better
  • how we ALL pay a price for the convenience that EMF devices offer… some people pay cash (they can feel it) and some via credit (they can't feel it)
  • how despite a total lack of support from his work colleagues he was able to carve out a safer place to work
  • how best to communicate the dangers of EMFs and how to deal with them without preaching to people
  • how the FDA and the telecom's are “not your momma”…how to get reliable information to protect you and your family

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  • ellie said,

    The interview with Harrison Barritt was excellent — ANOTHER excellent interview! Thank YOU Lloyd! I could relate to his experience of living in fear of the evil EMFs lurking everywhere, measuring and mitigating every environment. For years, I drove myself crazy, along with most people around me! Harrison mentioned a book that was influential in his healing process: Dr Joe Dispenza’s, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One (Feb 2013). Dr Joe’s next book, You Are the Placebo – Making Your Mind Matter (Sept 2015) is a game-changer too, as well as his most recent book: Becoming Supernatural – How Common People are Doing the Uncommon (March 2019). His personal experience and research and guidance make healing and vibrant living possible for anyone!

    Thank you, Harrison for sharing your personal experience and sensitivity reduction training process! As Dr Joe, and Lloyd, and you, and many, many people are now realizing, we are so much more than skin and bones and a CNS, and life is so much more than meets the eye, or the EMF meter!