WiFi Refugee; Plight of the Modern-day Canary

Shannon Rowan is one of the growing number of people for whom the course of their life has changed because of the insidious impact of man-made electromagnetic fields. Not one to retreat in the face of adversity, in writing this wonderful solution-oriented book WiFi Refugee, Shannon has found a way to use her sensitivity to be of service to others. Below is a synopsis of her book and she shares 3 important practical solutions at the end:

Eight years ago, my world was turned upside down within two years from the installation of multiple SMART meters on my home and purchase of a SMART phone. (Unbeknownst to most, SMART actually is an acronym for Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology. There is nothing at all “smart” about it, once one fully appreciates the devastating impact on the health and well-being of our planet and all of the life forms it supports.)

Over the course of those two years my growing problems with insomnia, night sweats, chronic fatigue, joint pain and muscle aches, brain fog, and lastly migraine headaches and heart arrythmias, escalated and reached a tipping point early in 2014—one that pushed me over the edge into a state of severe microwave injury, first known as far back as the 1940s as “microwave syndrome”[1] currently more commonly called “electro-sensitivity” (ES) or “electro-hypersensitivity” (EHS) and also “electromagnetic sensitivity” (EMS). Read more on electrical sensitivity here.

After crossing this threshold exposure level of microwave radiation exposures, I unwittingly (at the time) joined the growing millions of others suffering the same all over the world. Others, who like myself, could literally feel the harmful effects of exposures to EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from cell phones, cell towers and WiFi—immediately and intensely.

Gifted with a six sense…

As if having acquired a six sense, I became endowed with the “gift” (which often in today’s world felt much more like a curse) of anticipating text messages arriving on the phones in my friends’ pockets (standing several feet away from me) as my body experienced a jolt of extremely uncomfortable electrical energy through it seconds prior to the receipt of these electronic messages.

I could immediately detect if someone entered my apartment with his or her cellphone turned on and in transmitting mode by the sudden onset of headache or nausea.

I could immediately tell if a store I entered had added a new WiFi router by the sudden onset of angina (chest pain), brain fog, nausea and/or headache.

I could also sense the presence of cell towers hiding in the midst of dense clumps of trees or around a bend in the road, by the unique intensification of pressure to my skull, like my head clamped in a vice, minutes before setting my eyes on them.

I always knew if my downstairs neighbors failed to turn off their WiFi router (per my request) at night (one that happened to be situated on the topmost shelf of their living-room bookcase placed just underneath of my bed), by my restless and painful night’s sleep and chronic migraines. (More often than not, they forgot to turn it off and admitted to me that it was a big inconvenience to them to switch off this button. However, it was a lot more inconvenient to me to go without sleep, a concept that was very difficult to drive home when WiFi is generally accepted by the public as being “safe”.) (see this article – Is WiFi Safe?)

I had become one among the silent masses of the new modern-day canaries. Just like the canaries used by coalminers[2] in the 19th century to alert miners to decreasing levels of oxygen and increasing levels of carbon monoxide in the mines, by arresting their singing and falling off of their perches—the latest canaries, being more sensitive to the biological harm imposed on all life forms from modern-day wireless technologies, should be revered rather than shunned for their amazing gift.

In most cases, sadly, we canaries are shunned. We are disbelieved, given psychiatric labels, and often left with no legal recourse to keep SMART tech our of our homes, places of work and neighborhoods. We are left jobless, and all too often friendless, leaving us having to fend for ourselves.

The reality a conflict of interests

We are the new refugees hardly spoken of in the mainstream press due largely to serious conflicts of interests in reporting on this fallout, representative of the “collateral damage” from wireless radiation, when the all-powerful telecommunications corporations and beneficiaries (namely our industry-bought-and-paid-for politicians and industry and health regulatory agencies) directly fund this same press alongside funding scientific research in the field of technology and medicine.

We have been pushed to the edges of society, forced to move from place to place in order to find safe low-EMF havens in which we can live free from the torment that these increasingly ubiquitous fields cause us.

wifi refugee bookIn my latest book, WiFi Refugee; Plight of the Modern-Day Canary, I tell not only my own WiFi-refugee story, but the stories of several other canary-refugees, including those of prominent EMF-awareness activists and educators like Liz Barris of the People’s Initiative, and authors/educators Jeanice Barcelo and Olga Sheean, as well as the inclusion of a hard-hitting foreword by EMF-awareness activist Claire Edwards.

In addition to telling these stories, I include a short history of microwave illness and offer a good sampling of the science behind the harmful biological effects of manmade artificial electromagnetic radiation as presented by well-known credible doctors and scientists such as Dr. Martin Pall, Dr. Robert O. Young, Arthur Firstenberg, Dr. Sharon Goldberg, Dr. Gerald Goldberg, Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, Dr. Debra Davis, and many more, and also including an exclusive interview with Dr. Olle Johansson.

Along with individual stories, and scientific evidence, I explore the societal and psychological impact of increasing reliance upon technology in lieu of on ourselves and one another, while warning of the inevitable further destruction posed to humanity and human cultures if we continue on this current trajectory.

A wake-up call

WiFi Refugee is intended as a wake-up call, one that is at the same time; moving, educational, and thought provoking, while encouraging readers to take courage and take action in order to improve and safeguard the health, well-being and future of humanity and of our precious Earth.

This book is also intended to serve as a voice for those of us so marginalized by society, we can no longer speak for ourselves, especially when we are made to constantly flee from place to place and as we are often caught up in and exclusively occupied by the act of day-to-day survival.

The canaries are trying to tell us something. It is time we listened. And I hope you will listen, and take the time out to read the stories in my book and learn about the harmful impacts of EMR on everyone, and also use the resources listed within the book to help you protect your own health and the health of your families and communities, whether or not you feel the immediate effects of increasing levels of artificial radiation incessantly released into our environments (more often than not, without not only inadequate testing, but zero testing,[3] as is the case with the latest generation of wireless communications—5G).

And a perfect way to take action is to turn to the Appendix section of WiFi Refugee.
While listed technically as an Appendix to the book, it could be considered a book in its own right. Numbering nearly 100 pages of the book’s total 440 pages, this Appendix is titled “Solutions”, and as the name implies, it offers dozens of practical solutions for taking action in order, in the famous words of M. Gandhi, to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Practical solutions

Some of the Solutions included in this section of the book describe in detail how to (not listed in order as presented in the book) do the following:

1 – Unplug!

Reducing, limiting and eliminating exposures to harmful sources of artificial EMFs, can certainly present a challenge in our technological age, but it is not impossible. Hard-wiring your Internet access by using Ethernet cables (and Ethernet-to-USB cable adapters for newer computers now sadly lacking an Ethernet port), turning off the WiFi at the modem, or by calling the Internet provider, can majorly and very quickly reduce exposures in your home or at your place of work, to unwanted radiofrequency radiation.

Also, ditching your cellphone will serve to release you from its pernicious tentacles, both freeing your body from the ubiquitous EMR onslaught (often directed straight at your brain, heart or reproductive organs for many hours on end), and from the social pressure to be always on call and available. I can testify to the incredible liberation I felt once I gave up my cellphone eight years ago. While at first I felt the sting of social ostracization, when no longer able to receive and send text messages (the socially preferred method of contact in our digitally addicted world), I soon began to enjoy blissful moments of true solitude and reflection (a once common treat in our world, now painfully rare), and reclaim a sense of mental sovereignty and peace.

For those still, as of yet, unable or unwilling to fully ditch the phone, steps for reducing exposures like keeping the phone on airplane mode while not in active use for calls and texts, are detailed in the book, along with ways to reduce EMF exposures from household appliances and other sources.

2 – Take a Media Fast!

You will be well on your way to achieving this goal after ditching the cellphone. Never before in the history of mankind have people’s minds been so readily accessible for programming of all kinds and from every direction; from news-media propaganda, to tailored advertising, to social conditioning through entertainment-media propaganda… Did I say propaganda yet?

So, you get the point. We are heavily propagandized in today’s world because we are so easily reached via our portable screens that follow us around 24-7. And it may help to know that in 2013, the United States Anti-propaganda act was repealed[4], no longer making it illegal for our government in this country to lie to us. Not that it probably did much to stop them from lying to us prior to the repeal, however without this check, it can be assumed that the propaganda machine is now working in overdrive today, fully unimpeded.

Turn off the screens! Not just the phones, but the computer, tablet, and TV as well. Of course, you may well need your computer screen for work, as I certainly do. But you can limit and reduce your time on screens when you start making (often much-needed) boundaries around your time on screens and online. Living off the grid as I do currently, I have to travel some distance in order to even go online at all. And when I do, it is via a hard-wired connection.

Not having Internet access at home 24-7 as most in today’s world do, as this obstacle naturally poses restrictions to my time online, I have had to learn to use this time wisely and not waste it by succumbing to the many purposefully and artfully placed distraction traps laid for us within the vast web of the aptly named “Inter-NET” or the “world-wide web”. If we want to reclaim control over our own lives, health, and minds, we need to learn how to more carefully and cautiously navigate this web. Setting aside time for regular screen and media fasts can immensely aid us in this endeavor.

I spent a full year from 2020-2021 not watching any entertainment media. No TV shows, no movies, no YouTube videos. I found that I had a lot more time on my hands to pursue my own personal hobbies and interests, including time to write WiFi Refugee! In today’s world of always-on digital demands, most of us feel chronically short of free time, and especially of “me” time—time to self-reflect and even day dream (which is an essential first step to creating the kind of world we really wish to live in). But the chance is there for us all, waiting, if we know what steps to take in order to seize hold of it.

3 – Increase your exposures to NATURAL electromagnetic fields!

We live in an electrical world. We are electrical beings. But the natural evenly rhythmic pulses emanating from the earth that sustain us, commonly called the Schumann Resonance[5] (as discovered and measured by Winfried Schumann in the 1950s), is an incredibly weak one (measuring at 7.83 Hz) when compared with the onslaught of artificially introduced fields, which now, while also pulse erratically rather than rhythmically, measure in magnitudes billions[6] of times greater than this original “background” radiation field.

Still, we can benefit from deliberately exposing ourselves to this natural field (created and sustained by lightning strikes to the earth), by getting out into nature, lying on and walking barefoot upon the earth itself (otherwise known as “grounding” or “earthing”[7]).

Lie in the grass, hug or climb a tree, sit on a beach or upon rocks, and swim in a river, stream, lake or ocean. The ocean is especially helpful in grounding out the artificial buildup of electricity in the body by immersion in salt water. Similarly, soaking in natural hot springs has an incredible therapeutic effect on our microwave-injured bodies due to the high content of minerals.

Exposing bare skin (without being covered by toxic sunscreens) to sunshine is also (contrary to what we are often told by corrupted mainstream science) powerfully healing. Most of us are overexposed to blue light from our many screens and ubiquitous WiFi and cell-tower signals, but the sun provides essential infrared light and beneficial UV rays that our modern artificially produced radiation lacks.[8] If concerned about sunburn, simply increase your exposures to the sun incrementally, starting out with emphasis on early and late-day exposures while building up to mid-day intensities, and you will find that you naturally adapt to these exposures without the use of sunscreens. It is not lack of sunscreen causing skin cancers, but increasing exposures to blue light, as the majority of sun-cancer sufferers have been office workers and faithful sunscreen wearers.[9]

Human touch is also very powerful, as we are all truly electrical phenomena, our very hearts and brains work via (weak) electrical pulses (which is precisely why it is not a good idea to hold transmitting antennas or other EMF-radiating devices to one’s head or heart!), and we emit a natural measurable electromagnetic field.[10]

Hugging and touching one another, our pets and living plants in the natural world has profound healing and life-sustaining effects, don’t miss out on these!

Many other solutions are presented in WiFi Refugees that offer alternative remedies and natural approaches to securing mental and physical health and happiness. It is my sincere hope that you will benefit from my research and my journey, and the stories told of and by the WiFi refugees in this book, as well as share it with others.

Many thanks to Shannon Rowan for this guest post.

Shannon Rowan, BFA, is a “WiFi refugee,” social critic, freethinking fine artist, writer, geopolitical author and researcher, photographer, dancer, children's book author/illustrator and EMF-awareness activist. She lives in the wilds of Northern California with her partner and their two cats and is an outdoor enthusiast, avid surfer and sea kayaker. She had a career as a photojournalist and contributed to major national and international news and travel magazines as both a photographer and writer. She is the author of WiFi Refugee; Plight of the Modern Day Canary, co-author and illustrator of Welcome to the Masquerade; Prelude to the Coming Reset with geopolitical author John Hamer, author and illustrator of The Goldfish of Brandywine Farms, and illustrator of Baltimore Sideshow, a poetry book collaboration with Katherine Cottle. You can find more about her work and join her mailing list at www.wifi-refugee.com

Available on Amazon www.amazon.com/author/shannonrowan

“As an EMF consultant, and a provider of EMF remediation products, I get calls and emails from people around the world, all suffering the effects of exposure to various types of EMF. Most often, the people I speak to have been told they are too sensitive, they are crazy, or their symptoms are all in their heads, etc. People always feel better speaking with me as I completely understand the challenges they are experiencing and I know those psychological and biological challenges are real.

With this said, I highly suggest Shannon's excellent book! It speaks directly to the heart of those of us who can feel and are affected by the toxic exposure to various types of EMF. Her book lets us know that we are not crazy or suffering from psychosomatic illness. We are not ‘too sensitive' nor are our symptoms just in ‘our heads'. We are normal, however, the present global proliferation of toxic, man-made, non-native EMF exposure is not normal! Shannon provides relevant and validating stories from many people, along with excellent resources and holistic suggestions for living a healthier life. Highly recommended reading for our present times!”

— Neil Steven Cohen
EMF Consultant, www.emfsafetyzone.com
EMF Safety Zone YouTube Channel.

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