WiFi Radiation – How To Reduce Your Exposure

How well do you know your modem router?

Sound like a strange question?

Well, I’m deadly serious.

What I’m talking about is EMFs of course.

Or radio frequency (RF) radiation to be precise.

How Much RF Radiation Is Your Modem Emitting?

wifi radiation protectionHow much RF radiation is your modem giving off, 1000, 2000 microwatts/m2?




If you said none, are you sure?

By sure, I mean have you tested it with an RF meter?

If you have, then OK I believe you.

But if you answered ‘none’ and you’ve not tested it or had it tested then read on.

First watch this video:

This video demonstrates something really important.

You see a lot of people make assumptions about EMFs.

It’s easy to assume with EMFs because they’re invisible.

With their modem they assume that because they’ve hardwired their modem to their computer, they’re safe.


If you watched my video you know what I’m talking about here.

You also know what to do about it and how easy it is to deal with this problem.

It’s a simple (when you know how) two-part process.

Step 1: you deactivate the WiFi radiation emissions from your modem.

Step 2: you deactivate the WiFi radiation emissions from your computer, while you’re at it you’ll want to switch off your Bluetooth on your computer too.

Here are some videos that explain how to do this in the menu on your computer:

For Windows 8 – click here
For Windows 7 – click here
For Windows XP – click here
For Mac – click here

What I’m sharing here is important.

If you’re still not convinced about the dangers of WiFi click here.

If you are convinced share this article with a friend who isn’t.

(The modem shown in the video is the Netgear N150 – click here for details.)

For more WiFi radiation protection tips click here.

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  • Ann said,

    Thank you very much for this info! Though I don’t have an RF meter, I have become aware of the significant dangers of wifi. I had been actually unplugging my cable box at night and during the day when I didn’t need Internet access. Of course, then I have no phone use with the portable phone that is attached. I have no switch on the company supplied modem. Before I became aware of just how dangerous this was, I would go into an addition on this house that was added by a previous owner. I feel so relaxed and calm there ( couldn’t access the house wifi from there), thinking it was b/c it is “lighter” in color with 4 skylights. I only got cable Internet access about 4 years ago, as I had it through phone line prior. I almost always am sitting within 2-3 feet of the modem and feel wiped out after being at the computer screen. I thought it was just tiring to my eyes. Now I find my “nervous system” hyped up and even, for want of a better word, twitching in my face and/or torso ( abdominal/chest area). I ground outside now and do sometimes spend 30 min in the Gulf of Mexico. This has made a difference. Your info is so helpful and confirms all I’ve been reading about this. Thank you

  • Paul Von said,

    Thanks for posting this Lloyd. I attempted to explain the wi-fi radiation problem to the business manager at my local whole foods co-op. I got nowhere at all. I explained that she was exposing her staff to potential birth defects, sterility, reduced intellectual functions, and the possibility of permanent neurological disorders. Her response was that her staff liked the wireless “convenience”. Going back to: “reduced intellectual functions”…
    I noticed you’re using the Netgear N150 with the ability to switch off wi-fi. It’s a nice modem. That part number is also listed on Amazon as the NETGEAR RangeMax WNR1000 Wireless Router, with a 10/100 Meg Ethernet Connection.
    For those looking for Gigabit line speeds, the NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (WNR3500L) offers Gigabit Speed Ethernet Connection, and also the ability to turn off wi-fi radiation. Very nice modem.
    I personally use an Actiontec GT724R Universal compatibility 4-port router, as it can be used with virtually any Internet provider in the USA. Very easy to connect, yet no wi-fi availability at all. Plain vanilla 10/100 Ethernet connectivity and very stabile.

    Readers: Please disable your wi-fi card or wireless service within the computer itself, as this produces it’s own radiations as well.

    Lloyd: I’m going to send your page link to the party I mentioned above. Nearly every employee in her store is of childbearing age, and they sit with laptops on their laps for hours on end. It’s very sad…

  • Thomas Devereaux said,

    Why would one want to permanently remove the wireless network feature on their laptop if they have to access the internet for their job?

  • Guy Hudson said,

    Totally agree with your approach here!
    Disabling the wi-fi emissions from a BT modem (the most common ones in the UK ) is not difficult but it has to be done in an unexpected way….

    Follow this link for instructions:

  • Renee said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    If my housemates continue to use WiFi, but in my own room I use a DSL hardwired connection, even thought the frequencies are throughout the home, can I significantly reduce my personal exposure in my own bedroom because I am not receiving the WiFi signal to my computer here? I don’t have a meter to measure the signals yet.

  • David said,

    What brand/model of modem do you have which has the wireless switch.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi David
    I use the Netgear N150 which according to Paul Von is also called the NETGEAR RangeMax WNR1000 Wireless Router – click on the picture above for the Amazon link.

  • Kelly Miller said,

    I would routinely get readings of 5.675 mV/ sq.M, not ohms or rads of mV/ sq.M (the u type symbol missing in front of mW/ sq.M). This was from a faulty electrical implant attached to my spinal cord internally that never shut off, for a 5 year duration.

  • Deano Stevenson said,

    This is discusting , we are all enduring this with no idea , This needs to be pushed to the majority off the public who would have no idea .

  • Connie Zimmermann said,

    Thank you Lloyd. As usual, the information you share is very important and helpful. I purchased the Netgear router with the wireless on/off switch, but haven’t gotten around to installing it yet. You have now motivated me to do that.

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