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WiFi Radiation – How To Reduce Your Exposure

How well do you know your modem router?

Sound like a strange question?

Well, I’m deadly serious.

What I’m talking about is EMFs of course.

Or radio frequency (RF) radiation to be precise.

How Much RF Radiation Is Your Modem Emitting?

wifi radiation protection [1]How much RF radiation is your modem giving off, 1000, 2000 microwatts/m2?




If you said none, are you sure?

By sure, I mean have you tested it with an RF meter?

If you have, then OK I believe you.

But if you answered ‘none’ and you’ve not tested it or had it tested then read on.

First watch this video:

This video demonstrates something really important.

You see a lot of people make assumptions about EMFs.

It’s easy to assume with EMFs because they’re invisible.

With their modem they assume that because they’ve hardwired their modem to their computer, they’re safe.


If you watched my video you know what I’m talking about here.

You also know what to do about it and how easy it is to deal with this problem.

It’s a simple (when you know how) two-part process.

Step 1: you deactivate the WiFi radiation emissions from your modem.

Step 2: you deactivate the WiFi radiation emissions from your computer, while you’re at it you’ll want to switch off your Bluetooth on your computer too.

Here are some videos that explain how to do this in the menu on your computer:

For Windows 8 – click here [2]
For Windows 7 – click here [3]
For Windows XP – click here [4]
For Mac – click here [5]

What I’m sharing here is important.

If you’re still not convinced about the dangers of WiFi click here [6].

If you are convinced share this article with a friend who isn’t.

(The modem shown in the video is the Netgear N150 – click here [1] for details.)

For more WiFi radiation protection tips click here [7].