EMF Stories – How I Dealt With The Magnetic Fields In My Home

ElectricSense allows me to help people and I like that.

People ask me questions. I answer.

With most people it stops there.

Some write back and thank me there and then.

Which is great.

But often I don't hear any more from them.

So I don't know if what I've said has helped them.

No matter, it still feels good to have done the right thing.

But occasionally someone will write back to me in the most glowing terms, to explain how I've helped them.

This is what one of my readers, Luke, did recently. Here's the message he sent me a few day's ago:

“Hi Lloyd,

I'm writing to thank you for the work you've done. It's changed my life and my exposure to electronics. Most incredibly, thanks to the Trifield meter I purchased through your recommendation, I discovered I had an extremely strong magnetic field extending up from the floor throughout my dining area that exceeded the max reading on the meter. Turns out the copper plumbing was bringing that up from the earth – right where we sat for extended periods of time! I bought some copper wire and brackets, attached that to the pipe near the earth and rerouted that along the earth and out of the house, attached to the ground. Now the pipe under the floor is reading 1 to 2 milligauss. So, you never know what you're going to find with a meter! Thank you so much, again 🙂

Best regards,

Luke Ragle

Colorado, USA”

I thanked Luke for his kind words and asked if he would mind explaining a bit more about how he dealt with his EMF problem. He kindly accepted and here's what he sent me:

An Unexpected Source of EMF and an Easy Solution

Copper Plumbing’s Magnetic Field- Rerouted

by Luke Ragle

“I purchased the Trifield 100XE EMF Meter, on the recommendation of Lloyd at ElectricSense.com, with the intention of finding problem items in my home that I could then remove or avoid. Suspect items gave expected high readings: clock radios, power strips, transformers on electric gadgets, overhead fluorescent lights, and the back of the refrigerator – right through the wall… This was solid confirmation by the Trifield meter which made the fields visible, measurable, and a more real concern to my family members.

Unexpected Magnetic Field

By chance I picked up a reading in my dining room, away from any anticipated source. I moved the meter around and upon approaching the tile floor, the magnetic reading maxed out. I discovered the home’s copper water plumbing was bringing up an extremely strong magnetic field from the earth. The field was extending from the pipe running under the floor, up to about knee height, right where we sat for extended periods of time every day!

magnetic field on copper pipe

Rerouting the Magnetic Field

Through trial and error, I found that using jumper cables to connect the incoming copper water pipe to the home's ground wire did in fact reroute the magnetic field. So, I bought some copper wire and brackets, attached the wire to the pipe near the earth and very effectively rerouted the magnetic field down away from the floor and out of the house by connecting to the home’s ground wire. Now the pipe under the dining room is reading 1 to 2 milligauss on the magnetic setting.

reroute a magnetic field

More Discoveries

electric transformer emfsThe dining room discovery led me to check all the surfaces in my home. While surveying the floors, I also found an electric transformer tucked up between the floor joists, part of the wiring for a powered window awning. As it is producing a strong field up from the floor where I like to sit, I will have an electrician move that box to another location away from the floor.

Finally, the kitchen fluorescent light (to be replaced), creates a strong field not just in the kitchen at head height, but also up from the floor in the room above! Lights ON, left picture / Lights OFF, right picture. So, yes, the Trifield meter is a very valuable tool that has made some key, unexpected discoveries in the quest to identify and remove EMFs from my home.

emfs on plumbing Trifield reading – with lights on.





magnetic fields from lights




Trifield reading – with lights off.






I’m very grateful to have investigated my home with the Trifield meter. In addition to getting rid of my electric foot and back massagers, electric toothbrush and shaver, clock radio, cordless phone, Wi-Fi router and fluorescent lights – I was able to find and eliminate unexpected EMF sources. Many thanks to Lloyd Burrell for all the research, articles, videos, and product reviews – work that has changed my use of electronics and exposure to EMFs.”

I'm sure this information is going help a lot of other people. Thanks again Luke for sharing this, and I'm also sure if you've any questions about what Luke did he will be happy to answer them here.

For more information about the Trifield meter, as used by Luke, click here to read my review.

If you have an EMF story to share send it to me – the more awareness and understanding that can be brought to this issue the better it is for everybody.

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  • Kamele said,

    We recently moved to the North Georgia mountains where I thought I would be free from the effects of faulty wiring and the pain it had caused me in our previous home for so many years. I was very much disappointed. The first month in our new place I was having constant and excruciating pain, which would leave me whenever I left the house. We began a search and discovered that the previous owners had DirectTV cables running under the house to about every room. My husband said that there were hundreds of feet of cable under there. We snipped and pulled the cables and took them to the dump. There was also some wiring to a security system which we removed. We shielded our NOT-SO-SMART METER with aluminum screen grounded to a copper pipe. Things got better. I also purchased a Trifield 100XE Meter to check for further offenders AND a Body Voltage Meter. I have found that surge protectors have the greatest output of electric than anything else in the house now, so we make sure they are turned off and/or unplugged during the time we are not using those things plugged into them, and of course during the night. We DO have some walls that are giving high readings of electric, mostly over where the electrical outlets and light switches are. So it looks like we’re needing something that can be plugged into our room circuitry to help change that. Does anyone have suggestions for the best course of action? Also, would wrapping the surge protector cords with some kind of insulation or tape help lower the output coming from them? The thing that has seemed to help me most with the pain that EMFs cause me is using an Earthing sheet for sleeping on, and an Earthing mat at my feet when I’m on the computer. I am finally able to sleep without pain now. I recommend EARTHING:
    Earthing is an amazing help, although I know how important it is to deal with and remove those harmful things that are overcharging us from our environment, as well. Thank you Lloyd and Luke, and others who are helping to bring awareness to folks of the dangers that surround us daily. – Kamele – Georgia, USA

  • rowan nirmaier said,

    thanks so much for the emf report..appreciate your work and the education you provide. so many are in the dark these days or they just don’t want to face the reality of our electromagnetic world..don’t want to give up the toys..lol..they can’t see it so they don’t believe it..until they see the meter reading..will share your site with many others..thankyou..again..blessings..

  • Caroline said,

    I am a bit puzzled – can you help
    I understood that earthing and grounding were to assist with electrical fields rather than magnetic field yet Lukes story above seems to contradict this – if grounding works on magnetic fields then why would a laptop have high magnetic fields when it is plugged into a power outlet with a 3 pin plug – sorry but I am just trying to understand this so I can make the right decisions and know how to deal with the various types of emf.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    In Lukes case the magnetic fields are created due to wiring errors….high magnetic fields are common with wiring errors. In the case of a laptop magnetic fields are created simply because the electronics of the laptop create magnetic fields….there’s not necessarily an error involved, this is what laptops do.
    Earthing is different….the benefits of earthing are derived from the earths magnetic field….but we can measure the benefits of earthing with a body voltage meter….which measures the electric fields on a person…..

  • Hank Timmers said,

    Hi Lloyd, I have a continuous reading on my TriField meter model 100XE close to 100 on the magnetic 0-100 range.
    That is with the power switch on or switched off in the whole house. It is there day and night. It is a worrying thing as it affects my friend’s skin feeling and physical well being. Can the radiation come from out side. We live in a tree rich suburb on the Gold Coast in Australia. Would you have any suggestions what it could be. Some one suggested that it must be some apparatus some where nearby aimed at the house.Please advise if you could. Hank

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Hank
    These magnetic fields could come from outside but my bet is (assuming you’re not living next door to a transformer or similar electrical installation) that the source is internal…wiring errors. I strongly advise that you get in a competent electrician ASAP to check your wiring for faults…..you can sound him out on the telephone. Let me know how you get on.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Thanks Luke Ragle for explaining methods for reducing EM radiations. The EM problems related to copper piping are very common in modern buildings. I’m from Minnesota, and we formerly had a plumbing code for electrically isolating the hot water heater pipes from the main plumbing runs. I always installed these isolators regardless of code, but I’m not sure if that’s part of the plumbing code in other states. The isolators keep the municipal (grounded) line from having a connection to whole house plumbing. It’s a very important element in EM or potential floating ground situations. The isolators also serve to isolate the electrical elements in electric hot water heaters from any potential to the whole plumbing system. Readers should check to see if they have these hot water tank isolators installed. Allot of modern plumbing is now done in toxic plastic tubing rather than copper, so the potential EM radiation may not be an issue for those unlucky enough to have plastic water feeds… Thanks Lloyd for including article and pictures. Very helpful.

  • brandy said,

    Are there any watch brands I need to be worried about EMFs?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I can’t say that I’m aware that any brand of watch is any better or worse than any other brand….some people can be affected by quartz movements.

  • brandy said,

    whats your thoughts on those magnetic chip bracelets? (I don’t think they do any good) but are they possibly causing harm?

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