Do Laptop Radiation Shields Offer Effective EMF Protection?

Laptop computers emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Typically they emit magnetic fields, electric fields and radio frequency radiation.

computer pad laptop radiation shieldIs this dangerous?

That depends.

Depends on what?

It depends on what laptop you're using.

I've found radiation emission levels to vary enormously between different brands of laptop.

Even laptops of the same brand but different models, can emit significantly different levels of radiation.

But more than anything it depends on how you use your laptop.

This is what I want to share with you, how you can safely use your laptop computer.

So watch this video:

Are you surprised?

It's always surprising when you start measuring your exposures with an EMF meter.

Making Wrong Assumptions

You see we're always making assumptions.

Not just about EMFs but about everything.

That's how our brains process information and make decisions.

But EMFs are invisible and fairly unpredictable so its very easy to make the wrong assumptions.

Wrong assumption number 1: the wood in your desk somehow protects you from the magnetic fields emitted by your computer.

It doesn't. The magnetic fields travel straight through the wood into your legs.

Wrong assumption number 2: ‘using a laptop with a computer pad, in this case a Harapad, makes it safe'.

It can make it safer, yes.

But not necessarily safe.

As my video shows, even with the computer pad radiation emissions are still 25 times higher than safe levels – as recommended by the BioInitiative Report.

Is it because the computer pad I've used here is defective and not doing its job?


The computer pad does shield.

But shielding only ever goes so far.

This is one of the most important lessons to be learned from this video.

Important Lessons To Be Retained From This Video

What other important lessons should you retain from this video?

  • never use your laptop on your lap – even with a laptop shield
  • distance is everything, each extra centimeter you put between you and your laptop decreases your magnetic field exposure exponentially
  • if your body is in close proximity to your laptop, even using your laptop on your desk can expose you to high magnetic fields
  • a laptop shield offers virtually no protection from WiFi radiation

This video demonstrates radiation exposures from a laptop but what I show here doesn't apply just to laptops. The same principles apply if you're using a computer pad to shield you from radiation from an iPad or other computer tablet.

If you do decide to buy a laptop shield I recommend buying one that is designed to shield magnetic fields AND radio frequency radiation like the one used in this video (some models only shield RF radiation) – click here for details.

The EMF meter I use in this video is a Trifield meter, click here to see my review.

For more tips on how to reduce your exposure to computer radiation click here.

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  • kim said,

    good idea ? … connect keyboard & mouse to laptop (to push the laptop out from you a couple feet more ) ??

  • Quintin Dewanarayana said,

    Thanks a lot. I study lot about the EMF radiation and whatever I gather from this information I educate my people about the health hazards that could crop up due to the exposure to this radiation. Unfortunately, so far nobody has ever found a permanent alternative. At least if all become aware of this grave threat they will be able to avoid as much as possible to a certain extent. Hope in the near future we will be gifted with some alternative.

  • Emanuel Mendez said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for the article, very useful. I am very concerned about laptops since my 16 year old son use it on his lap all the time. I read and watched a demonstration of pads similar to the one in your video, but this particular one is grounded to earth by a cable, they also have a mouse pad. It looks like a good option.
    I also wanted to ask you about alternatives like Nikken or these stickers that one can put on cell phones. I know you do not believe much on that, but I want your opinion on that particular brand.

    Thanks again!

  • Michael said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thanks for all your valuable advise. I have a question. I have a newer Dell laptop and the same TriField meter you used in your demonstration. I measured the EMFs as you demonstrated on my computer and of course, they were very high. However, you stated on an earlier video that there are less EMFs on a laptop if they are used on battery as opposed to being plugged in. I tried this and the opposite was the case with my computer. Could this have anything to do with the fact that my power supply has a ground plug?
    Thanks again.

  • Lucinda White said,

    Have you tried this test with the defenderpad? I didn’t buy the harapad after looking at their website because it only covers power frequency emf’s according to their site info. The defender pad apparently does both power frequency and radio frequency emf’s.

  • James said,

    It’s important not just to use a hardwired connection instead of wireless, but also to switch off sharing in the computer settings. All computers emit a wireless sharing signal even if you’re using a hardwired connection, and this emits strong radiation.

  • Marie Winqvist said,

    Yes, it´s very important to know that you have to disconnect the WiFi in every computer. Or else you are in Deep ****. To bee sure, check it every time you switch on the computer. The WiFi is sometimes totally unpredictable, you think it is off, but suddenly you are getting sicker and sicker every day, and finally you realize that the WiFi is on again. I frequently check on my neighbours with an EMF meter.
    Yes, and I very much wanr to know what labels are the best concerning levels of magnetic fields.

  • kim said,

    I have to run a ground wire to my EMF meter to outside (house isn’t grounded). The instructions say stick a copper rod a few inches above the ground and clip the wire provided to it.
    however, the wire isn’t long enough…If I reach the ground wire from meter to ground,up to a window, then it won’t reach the walls across the room… are any of these options good ?
    [1] clip the ground wire to the tree branch that’s right outside the window
    [2] get a copper rod high enough to reach to the window level ( four’ long )
    [3] wrap a copper wire around that window-level tree branch and clip my ground wire to it
    [4] anyway to splice / add an extension to the ground wire ?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The tree is unlikely to give you a ground of sufficient quality. The cheapest solution is to extend the ground wire…as long as you connect metal to metal your connection will be good.If you feel happier buying a longer grounding rod this will work as well.

  • Caroline said,

    Hi LLoyd

    I have watched this video and also the one on IPADs – it appears that ipad magnetic field is much lower that a laptop – I think you said 2mg as opposed to 100 – is that correct or have I misunderstood something?
    Also James raises a point I didn’t know – I always have the wifi disabled and use a hard wire – how do you switch off ‘sharing’
    Thanks for your continued help LLoyd – there is just so much to learn

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