How EMFs Zap Your Microbiome And How to Protect Yourself

Christine was working at Stanford University.

She was getting ready to follow the path of becoming a primary care practitioner.

At about that time she was working in cardiovascular surgery with some colleagues on a research project.

What Christine noticed was that she kept seeing the same names popping up.

Because in many cases, patients were having repeat heart bypass operations every couple of years, with a very high cost of medical expenditure and quality of life for these patients.

She also noticed that, even though their arteries were repaired temporarily, and their lives saved, most patients came back year after year, saying that they had never received any nutritional or lifestyle information.

All of them had continued as before in the way they were eating, which was consuming foods that were causing their issue to begin with.

Christine said to herself, “There has to be something more”.

She decided she wanted to help people, not only to prevent cardiovascular disease, but also to ensure that when the patients received their surgery discharge, that they received information on critical nutrition factors.

So she started working with the functional medicine clinics in San Francisco, combining the best of both worlds; the functional medicine world and the world of medicine.

Which lead her into functional nutrition and functional medicine care.

Her focus shifted to treating the root cause of people’s illnesses.

Which lead her into the magical universe of the microbiome.

Believe it or not, the microbiome is in every cell of your body.

So it's kind of important (slight understatement) to your health.

And a large part of your microbiome is in your gut.

Moreover, your gut contains 80% of the body’s immune system and what we also know is that EMFs suppress your immune system (hundreds of studies support.)

Interview – EMFs And Your Microbiome

Thursday, 24th February at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Christine Rosche.

emf microbiomeChristine Rosche is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and Microbiome Digestive Health Expert. She has developed an integrative approach to digestive health ,and stress management, based on 25 years experience in the health care field.

Christine is the author of 2 books, and since 1983 she specializes in customized functional digestive testing for different types of health issues including constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, cognitive decline, auto-immune issues and gut permeability.

As a Licensed Heart Math (TM) Trainer Christine is pioneering the work of heart rate variability/ biofeedback training for Vagus Nerve and Gut Health.

Listen to my interview with Christine Rosche and discover:

  • What your microbiome is, and why it’s CRITICAL for your body’s immunity 
  • How EMF exposures can impact your gut microbiome and disrupt your organs, but also create oxidative stress and free radicals – the double whammy 
  • 7 things you can do to promote healthy microbes in your gut – which can enhance your body’s ability to fight bacteria, fungi and vy-ruses 
  • A comprehensive test to help you achieve the pathogenic balance for optimal gut health – this can give up to 80% reduction in symptoms 
  • How your skin issues (acne, eczema, etc.) may be linked to EMF exposure, and what you can do to promote your skin’s health 
  • How by applying the practical and easy, very simple steps in Christine's program you can build a lifetime of health, vitality and resilience.
  • An inexpensive supplement which when taken three times a day can protect you from the current v-yrus (it interferes with its ability to attach to human cells)

If you’re not sure what time it’s on where you live you can check your local time here

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to for 48 hours from the time of broadcast.

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