The Sun, The Moon, The Winds, The Tides, Our Lives And EMFs

When you are going about your daily chores, getting the kids up for school, driving to work, filling your supermarket trolley…it’s  not really something you think about.

And yet our planet is filled with it.

It’s omnipresent. In fact it’s always been there.

From the beginnings of time, life evolved surrounded by it.

But not only are we surrounded by it, our bodies are filled with it too.

Our cells communicate with it. Without it we couldn’t exist for more than a second.

Is that enough clues…it’s called frequency.

But here’s the thing….

What took billions of years to perfect has been disturbed in a metaphorical heartbeat by the sea of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which have been surreptitiously introduced into our lives.


I don’t think so and neither does fellow Brit James Russell who has just made an outstanding new film called Resonance Beings of Frequency:

Well done James.

Comments welcome below.

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  • Kisalay Mitra said,

    well done Lloyd Burrell

  • Kisalay Mitra said,

    Well Done

  • Chidozie Ezeh said,

    Thank you Lloyd.and James too

  • Mike said,

    What a fantastic and scary film! Very informative especially the information about Melatonin and its production in the Pineal gland. Couple this with the effects of Fluoride in calcifying the Pineal gland.It has given me much to think about and assess in my surroundings and my way of life in general.I have for years slept with a mobile phone and DECT phone next to my bed and have recently removed them and switched off wifi at night. The change in my sleeping pattern has been remarkable. I now sleep a full 8 hours instead of 5-6hours.I am now awaiting delivery of my EMF detector and intend to carry it with me daily to establish the conditions I live under. Carry on the good work Lloyd.

  • G WARDNER said,

    smart meters are not voluntary-they are being forced on us by our utilities, pulsing this microwave radiation through our homes and neighborhoods–and shools and businesses–WAKE UP PEOPLE! enough-stand up against these corporations, protect your children and our wildlife–will you remain so lazily complacent?? refuse smart meters and get rid of wifi-get hardwired and take those cell phones away from your kids-this is a last minute wake up call–to YOU!

  • praveen bhati said,


  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    Need to know how to purchase the film…can’t see it on my computer.

  • Lloyd said,

    You don’t have to purchase it this film is free. Its included in my article above. If you can’t see it here you can watch it directly on youtube here or on Vimeo here

  • Tim said,

    Mankind is now measuring his possible survival time in mere decades. As a species, we are over. We are also taking all other species down with us, as we have been reminded.
    In the Bible, Jeremiah states, as moved by the Holy Spirit, “It is not in man that walketh to direct his steps”. Would anyone, having seen this film, disagree with what God has been saying to us, since the beginning?
    We are in the last days of man’s rule upon the earth. We were given 6000 years; that time is now ended. Christ preached the Kingdom of God, wherein rulership would be placed in the hands of our Creator, Jesus Christ Himself, who walked amongst us, and who will very shortly return to rule over this world once more, and this time, with all power given to Him. And for ever.
    Those of you with some ability to not only hear, but also respond, should visit the website “The Daniel Timeline”. This provides the clearest evidence possible that the end of all things is at hand. We are even able to predict the when; which would appear to be the 21st March coming. At that time will arrive a period called the beginning of sorrows. It will last 3.5 years, and be an unprecedented period of global disasters; and a prelude to the return of Christ in glory with His holy angels. This essentially is man’s problem; he does not understand that life did not evolve, it was created. As the film tells us, life always springs from life. God will visit upon us the fruits of our own folly. Who can doubt that we are seeing the fruits of our colossal, infinite, folly as we see these things unfolding around us ?
    Until that time arrives, it is reasonable to protect one’s health as much as possible. Much of this can be achieved by earthing oneself; we learned that we are harmonized with the Schumann Resonance; the earth itself provides us with an endless supply of free antioxidant electrons to neutralise the free radical reactions which we are also informed are the cause of most, if not all, disease. Once more, our great and perfect and loving God has provided us with the possibility of some measure of health, even as we are disassembling the very foundations of life itself.
    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and to depart from iniquity is understanding”.
    Herein, all wisdom, in a single sentence.

  • Ehab said,

    This is an outstanding and very informative film. Thanks for all who contributed to it.

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