The Body Electric By Robert Becker – My Review

Over the last couple of years a flurry of EMF books have come out.

Sam Milam’s “Dirty Electricity” which I’ve talked about a lot is one of them.

Another is Devra Davis’ excellent book “Disconnect” which I reviewed a few weeks back.

Light years before any of these books came out there was a book published which revolutionized the way people thought about EMFs and the human body.

This book came out in 1985.

It was a different world back then.

Which makes it all the more amazing.

1985 was the year that Bob Geldof raised all that money with his Live Aid concert for Ethiopia. It was the year that Microsoft launched the first version of Windows

And it was a time when cell phones existed but they were so expensive practically nobody had one.

Robert O. Becker published his ground breaking book “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life” The Body Electric EMF by Robert Beckerin this same year.

Robert O. Becker was no mister average. He was a U.S. orthopedic surgeon working mainly as professor at Upstate Medical Center in State University of New York, and as Director of Orthopedic Surgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital. So just an M.D.

But his passion was bio electricity. That’s to say the relationship between electrical currents and living things. He was trying to understand what causes limb regeneration. He did lots of research cutting off limbs from frogs and salamanders etc. which is well covered in the book. And eventually he developed a widely accepted technique for stimulating bone healing using electrical stimulation.

He didn’t know it at the time but the electrical signals he was detecting in the bodies of both animals and humans, were part of the body's energy system. In his later book Cross Currents he spoke of a “data-transmission and control system” located in cells, transmitting information by means of a DC electrical current.

He was way ahead of his time on this. He was way ahead of his time on the EMF question too. He elaborated with surprising clarity the dangers of exposure to electromagnetic fields. And he was very lucid (not to mention bold) in blaming the public’s ignorance of the potential dangers of EMFs fairly and squarely at the foot of the door of the vested interests.

What I admire most was his honesty. At that time, and even today still, science was dominated by a mechanistic understanding of the body. His view was “OK we may not understand it well, and it may not be a subject of study in mainstream medical research, but these healing processes are happening. “

Sadly Dr. Becker passed away in 2008 but not before getting a Nobel Prize nomination. This book goes a long way to bridging the gap between Eastern philosophies and modern science. It’s an entertaining read and a good way of gaining a better understanding of how your body works.

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  • Agnes Ingvarsdottir said,

    Hi Lloyd.
    Thanks for the briefing on the “Body Electric”.
    1985 was also the year where our family business bought its first computer, with Microsoft Windows installed.

    My son Henrik, who is the creator and webmaster of the website has told me about this book, which he claims is really the Electro sensitives bible/manual to how and why we get so sick.

    Lloyd keep up the fantastic work you are doing.
    Best regards.
    Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Agnes
    Many thanks for all your encouragements. Your son is also doing some very valuable work with his website.

  • Cait said,

    You need to read Barrie Trower and learn even more. Becker’s books are great.

  • Lloyd said,

    Retired British Military Intelligence scientist Barrie Trower has done a terrific job in raising awareness on this topic. I have covered a few of his interviews, see I didn’t know he’d written a book…

  • Edmond ugljesa said,

    Hi ed here you are very informative on your videos,top job,I have been researching on testing emf or dirty electricity,I have made an electric smog tester antenna for iPhone app (smog tester) downloadable from we store,highly recommend you download, as it detects volts per metre! I found high meter readings eg; two Yamaha amplifiers setup for surround sound. When tested at half volume with only centre speaker and two front speakers, amp rating on surround amp 60watt rms max,at half volume about 30 watts,Yamaha amp for front speakeakers 75 watts rms,at half volume with music about 36watts per two speakers my meter read 99volts per metre then went into overload. These are old school amplifiers and are truly rated,it’s not that much power these days but it shows how harmful it can be for ur health, I have tested emf radiation on my appliances in same area as I have a lot of electronics in that corner of the house and when tested with my electromagnetic radiation detector model no: DT-1130, it’s literally cancerous to my family’s health.i am an electronics engineering technician, ineed to know how test emf etc with oscilloscope,if you can help me, maybe I can help you with your research,my son is autistic at age four so I have to remedy these problems with emf! I am also trying to make capacitor filters as I need about 20 of them to cleanup, can you tell me what Paint to use on shielding emf as we don’t have much resources in Australia please and wher can I order it from,also I have noticed different soun frequencies eg; buzzes and hum create emf.pls keep in contact because I believe 2 heads are better than one.thank you for your info, take care and I am looking to hear from you soon. If possible we can experiment,test take notes, and fix these problems ! Many thanks Edmond, any reply would be appreciated!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Edmond
    I don’t use an oscilloscope I do my testing with hand held EMF meters which a lay person can use easily, see
    For EMF shielding the best paint I have found is Yshield, see

  • Susan said,

    You just have no idea how much help and hope you have given to me. I have gone to meetings here in Michigan on the Smart Meter but, a few of them ended not so well (much arguing). I talked to many people about the smart meters and more than a few who work at the University of Michigan said, “no problem you just worry too much” Well, I have a smart meter on the back of my home and I managed to put a sign on the meter in the front of my house but, am waiting for them to come put another meter on the front. Meanwhile, I found your great website and I have bought a meter to check the EMF and I have bought some books that you mentioned. Slowly with your help I am having hope that I can do something. Up until I had found your website, I was really wondering what I would do. Please continue as you are a great source of hope and help.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Thanks a lot for your support….keep researching and doing what you’re doing.

  • ellieellie said,

    Another helpful book with a vast appendix of resources is ZAPPED, Why Your Cell Phone Shouldnt Be Your Alarm Clock, by Anne Louise Gittleman.

  • john said,

    Good different take on Dr Beckers book , he was very honest as you stated & he also exposed the scientists doing same work in the dark working for the military & their overloards who constantly made him jump through hoops .

    And when one reads his story one will understand that he got help from above no doubt , paths opened for him where one would never have found a exit .

    I would be happy if you could contact me for some info & potential consulting for EMF protection . I am knowledgeable on many devices but more for use in healthcare and overunity , I would like a expert on EMF blocking & testing to help out .

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