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The Sun, The Moon, The Winds, The Tides, Our Lives And EMFs

When you are going about your daily chores, getting the kids up for school, driving to work, filling your supermarket trolley…it’s  not really something you think about.

And yet our planet is filled with it.

It’s omnipresent. In fact it’s always been there.

From the beginnings of time, life evolved surrounded by it.

But not only are we surrounded by it, our bodies are filled with it too.

Our cells communicate with it. Without it we couldn’t exist for more than a second.

Is that enough clues…it’s called frequency.

But here’s the thing….

What took billions of years to perfect has been disturbed in a metaphorical heartbeat by the sea of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which have been surreptitiously introduced into our lives.


I don’t think so and neither does fellow Brit James Russell who has just made an outstanding new film called Resonance Beings of Frequency:

Well done James.

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