The EMFs Lurking Inside Your Home

How many people do you know who are obsessed with stuffing their homes with hi-tech gadgetry? Wall to wall TVs, wireless burglar alarm, electric this and that….

Keeping up with the Jones?  Maybe its just convenience?

Or maybe you are one of these people?

Reality check time. Because what you don’t realize is that most of these appliances emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in some shape or form. Worst, these EMFs are harmful to our health.

Take, for example, the case of mobile (or cell) phones.

Cell Phones Friend or Foe?

The evidence is now overwhelming that cell phones are dangerous. Even the overly conservative World Health Organization has classed them as a possible 2B carcinogen.

Yet, people still carry on as if they were perfectly safe. Some folks walk round with 2 cell phones in their pockets.

They have become constant companions.  They cant bear the thought of not being connected. Blackberrys, iPhones and other smart phones mean these devices are not just communication tools.

They are lifestyle tools, which we use for our entertainment through live TV, gaming, downloading, video chatting and so on.

I am really concerned with the radiation that mobile phone users are exposing themselves to these days from such extensive use. You must have read how this radiation can trigger many ill-health symptoms, including cancer.

Radiation – Simply Venom

Then take the case of digital cordless phones or DECT phones. There are more and more of these phones in our homes today.

Initially, these phones used to emit electromagnetic radiation only when they were in use.

But now, irrespective of whether they are in use or not, digital cordless phones are constantly emitting radiation. In fact, they are just like mini mobile phone base stations in your homes. Because they emit electro-magnetic radiation all the time I think they are even worse than mobile phones. Added to which because they are often situated in peoples bedrooms they really are a potent venom.

Microwave Ovens

Though we depend on this appliance so much, it’s also a top offender. The reasons are two fold.

Researchers have already indicated how foods lose their nutritional value when they are cooked in microwave ovens. Many essential minerals, vitamins, cancer-protecting anti-oxidants, and other nutrients in foods are lost due to the exposure to electromagnetic radiations in microwave ovens during the cooking process. *

Moreover, the plastic wrap that is used in microwave cooking has also been identified to produce some harmful ingredients, which are thought to have a link with certain cancers. Baby formula or human breast milk when heated in microwave ovens undergoes significant changes in their constitution, and sometimes even toxic elements are formed due to such changes, which can significantly harm the baby’s health. **

In fact, I do not recommend at all using microwave ovens for cooking or processing food for babies and children.

The second reason is the electromagnetic leakage when the microwave oven is in use. We don't use our microwave oven at home anymore, and I refuse to stay in the room when the microwave oven is in use in other peoples houses because I can feel the radiation.

It’s A Deadly List

The list of similar hazardous electromagnetic radiation emitting appliances in your homes is really be long. Computers, laptops, Broadband connections, Playstations, XBOX360, other games that children play, baby monitors, burglar alarms, smart utility meters, wireless mice, hearing aids – all emit radiation in your homes.

Now obviously the biggest question is how will you protect yourself from these radiations.

Well, the smartest response is often – simply avoid them.

But, in reality, you possibly cannot avoid all these appliances in modern life.

Most of these devices you can live without. I live without them. If you cant live without them I would suggest, restrict their use.

Read the owner’s manual before beginning to use any appliance. Most often you will find there some safety guidelines about how to stay away from the radiation that these appliances are emitting.

Switch off cordless phones at night. Use ADSL wire technology in your Broadband connection instead of WiFi, which offers a superior quality of conection. And be on the alert, particularly with babies and children in home.

By applying these simple precautionary measures you can easily minimize your exposure, as I have done in my home.

* Watanabe F and others, Effects of Microwave Heating On The Loss Of Vitamin (B12) In Foods, Reported in The Journal of Agriculture Food Chemistry, 1998

** Research by Dr. Lita Lee of Hawaii, reported in the Lancet, December 1989

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  • James said,

    Saw you mention the Xbox360. I use wired USB controllers and wired ethernet, yet the readings were about 1 V/M constant. I assumed the wireless was still active. I dismantled the Xbox and removed the wireless card. It still read 1 V/M constant, even when powered “off”.

    Just thought I’d share that. The machine itself puts out much more RF noise than the PS3 or Wii…

  • doug jensen said,

    I have Phonak hearing aids that “talk” to each other. Should I be concerned about emf?

  • Lloyd said,

    Look in the technical specifications/check with your supplier to see if your hearing aids emit radio frequency radiation and at what power levels. I suspect the power levels are very low…just because they emit EMFs is not a reason to stop wearing them….. if you cant hear without them… towards reducing the other EMF exposures in your life – my EMF protection report can help you with this.

  • Brian said,

    I also removed the RF module from the Xbox360 and this resolved the problem and reduced the V/M down to a low of 0.07 V/M, prior to that the readings were too high (even when switched off) so I recommend to people that have a Xbox 360 console (mine is the elite model) to remove the RF module (instructions on youtube) and use wired controllers and ethernet. I also think it’s possible to remove the wired cards from the PS3 but I have no experience with this (just read webpages on this). The PS3 has no official wired controller which has upset many people and Sony goes to great lengths to disable the unofficial controllers during their updates.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Brian
    I’m sure this will interest my readers, thanks for sharing, if you have any further information, photos or urls please also share – apologies for my delayed reply – I’ve had a big backlog of messages.

  • Cameron said,

    Re removing the RF module in an Xbox 360: have asked a repair shop about doing this, and they say there is also a related chip in the motherboard. Does this also have to be removed to disable Wi-Fi? If so, will the Xbox still work? The repair shop had its doubts.
    Thanks for any advice.

  • Cameron said,

    Hi again,
    A couple of follow-up questions:
    1)Does anyone have experience of disabling the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on a Playstation 3? Anything special we need to look out for?
    2)If we have to buy a console “as is”, without modification: has anyone compared emissions from a PS3 and XBox 360 – in which case which is “safer”?
    3)I suppose Wii U is not any better?
    Thanks again. Looking at consoles for our young son just now…

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    When we purchased the PS3 with wired controllers the shop assistant told us that the Xbox360 only came with wireless controllers…this is why we settled on the PS3….to avoid the RF radiation….I also tested the PS3 with my RF meter to confirm that this was the case.

  • James said,

    A few “answers” for the gaming crowd. The PS3 system doesn’t come with “wired” controllers as it were, but wireless controllers with a USB port that allows them to function (and charge) with a USB cable. This is what you’re plugging in to your PS3. I’ve measured the controller–it doesn’t output RF when connected via USB.

    Turning off wireless is easy in the PS3 menu(s). Not sure about bluetooth, as I assume it is “listening” for remotes, headsets etc. Google removing the card.

    The Xbox360 has wired controllers available–I use them exclusively. If you can’t find any, you can also use the “PC” version of the controller. You can disable the wireless feature in the menu, and I verified it was off with an RF meter (Xbox360 S). Older models did not have built-in Wi-Fi, so try to find one of those. All models support hard-wired ethernet.

    The Wii, and now Wii-U require bluetooth for their controllers to function. You can add hard-wired ethernet via a USB dongle to all models of the Wii and Wii-U EXCEPT the abomination known as the Wii Mini. It has no internet capability, and no component output possible. It is a terrible value proposition IMHO.

    It appears the PS4 allows its controllers to be hooked up via USB. I will verify that there is no wireless happening when this is the case and report back.

    Another thing to consider about console online access before purchasing:
    Free multiplayer: Wii, Wii-U, PS3
    PAID multiplayer: PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE

    Xbox hides things like internet access and Netflix behind a paywall. If you don’t buy Xbox LIVE, you can’t use those features.

    No one who values consumer choice or privacy should buy an Xbox One. Google the privacy concerns regarding an always on camera/microphone that reports to the NSA. Sadly not tin-foil hat stuff–just market realities.

    As for the systems themselves, gut what you can, and place them far away from where you sit (get USB extensions). If you really want to go all out, pop them in a DIY Faraday Cage.

  • Cameron said,

    Dear Lloyd and James,
    A big “Thank you” for your answers. We’re looking at an XBox 360 E and planning on removing the Wi-Fi card and RF module.
    However, it seems there is also a separate “Connect (wireless sync) button”. Presumably this can be left if Wi-Fi and RF are removed? Sorry for my techno-naivety, just want to be sure of what we’re doing!
    Thanks again,

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