Electromagnetic Radiation In The Environment

Our environment is becoming more and more polluted. The media is talking about pollution all the time, the breakdown of the ozone layer, CO2 emissions, pesticides, fluoride in our water supply etc. But there is another form of pollution which is talked about very little.

Most people can neither see nor feel this threat, though I can sometimes feel it depending on the atmospherics and depending how Im feeling and where I am.

But, it is there, very much real, and stalking you all the time.

EMFs The Hidden Dangers

The danger I am talking about is exposure to electromagnetic radiation, or electrosmog.

This comes from a host of devices, which we are now often inclined to think of as inseparable from of our lives!

Can you see the irony? Something that seems indispensable is actually something that, long term, causes us great harm.

Think about cell phones or mobile phones. You’ll agree that the use of mobile phones has simply grown exponentially over the last few years. Correspondingly cell phone masts (base stations), have grown like mushrooms, in huge numbers, all over cities, towns and the countryside.

Soon there will not be no escaping this electro pollution, cell phone masts will have taken over the developed world, entirely.

The Danger Exposed

A very recent Swiss study has revealed that nearly one-third (32%) of community exposure to electromagnetic radiation comes from mobile phone masts. The mobile phones themselves come a close second with 29.1% and are very closely followed on their heels by digital cordless phones (DECT Phones) on 22.7%. *

Now this is just one study, but if you extrapolate these findings, imagine what the dimension of the problem is, particularly in highly urbanized places where almost every person has a mobile phone.

The Evil Shadow Cast Wide and Far

In fact, such exposure-prone places are almost everywhere.

Think about underground transport services in cities, like the New York Subway or the London Underground. You have so many Internet centers that the potential exposure to electromagnetic radiation is very high.

Even schools are subject to the electro pollution. Studies show how the WiFi teaching aids in schools affect small children and how they suffer from problems with their motor functions, attention spans and memory loss at a tender age from exposure to such radiation.

I could write a whole book to show you how places outside your home are so potentially dangerous these days due to electromagnetic radiation hazards. Of course I can feel this threat when I’m in a room or enclosed area, or sometimes when Im walking along the street.

Imagine, cars equipped with BlueTooth microwave communication systems and GPS mapping systems, traffic control sensors on the roads, tens and hundreds of Internet cafes that have up sprung up in communities are all continuously emitting harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Keep informed and protect your family!

While ever we carry on as we are, that we don’t build awareness and control our own use of radiation-emitting appliances, we are heading for a public health disaster.

The media has become rather obsessive about the risks of cell phones and cancer but what about electrosmog and cancer?

Take my advice be on the alert. Avoid spending long periods of time where there is WiFi or EMFs from other sources. Limit your own use of wireless gadgetry. Keep tabs on your children. Keep watching this space on how best to live in the modern age.

My views may seem radical but I can guarantee you, within a very short time now there will be a public mood swing on this issue.

* Frei, 2009

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  • Jane said,

    A news snippet from EMR Australia newsletter
    “Phone tower down
    A Russian court has ordered that a mobile phone base station is to be dismantled following a successful suit by a resident living nearby. Nikolai Lesnikov took legal action against phone company MTS after it installed a base station approximately 20 metres from his home, even though the
    emissions from the base station complied with the country’s standard. The court found in Lesnikov’s favour, agreeing that the company had abused Lesnikov’s constitutional right to a favourable environment. (ITAR-TASS, 11.04.14.)”
    I didn’t think anyone would be able to fight against these phone masts/towers. Just shows you

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