EMF Freedom – Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution

The utility company started installing new electric meters, smart meters, in Elizabeth's neighborhood.

She decided to opt out, preferring to keep her old analog meter.

Despite this, within days of the first smart meters being installed in the neighborhood Elizabeth had developed an itchy rash on her ankle.

Within just a few weeks this had developed into a solid rash covering her arms, legs, stomach and back.

She consulted 12 different health care providers and physicians and was none the wiser.

So she started doing her own research.

She was ‘horrified and aghast' by what she found.

She decided to write a book about her findings: EMF Freedom: Solutions For The 21st Century

What's In ‘EMF Freedom'?

Elizabeth Plourde degrees has degree's in both Biological Science and Psychology, and she's a health educator.

She's also a researcher and that shines though on every page.

Part 1 of EMF Freedom does an excellent job of pulling the research together on the biological impacts of EMF exposures, with chapters on:

  • emf freedomElectromagnetic hypersensitivity
  • Altered cellular functions
  • The brain
  • Alzheimer’s disease/CNS/AS
  • The Immune System and Cancer
  • Blood cells
  • Sleep and insomnia
  • Fertility
  • Diabetes, Anorexia and Tinnitus
  • Autism/behavior

The books' also got a well filled out reference section so if you want to look further into the studies you can. It’s got some great explanatory diagrams, charts and visuals. This bring to life some of the technical explanations, without which some of this stuff might be hard to follow.

Parts 2 and 3 of the book are devoted to the solutions. Solutions are what interest me most. This is my only gripe really, it's a little thin in that department.

Update – ‘EMF Freedom' is Now In It's 3rd Edition

The 3rd edition of this book is divided into 4 sections:

EMF- General Background

Body- Wide Effects

Impact on the Next Generations

Solutions – Protecting Yourself and Your Family

This new edition has added sections on:

1) Lyme disease being misdiagnosed EHS symptoms p. 98-101
2) Teenage suicide p. 181-184
(We just had a headline yesterday that suicides at all ages are way up here in America)
3) Bipolar disorder and how EMF can lead to the steadily increasing diagnoses that are being seen in America, and we assume around the world P. 121-122
4) Emphasis on electric and hybrid cars adding to the cumulative effect so that more and more people are becoming increasingly EHS. Relaying that the people who are debilitated have a history of driving one for approximately 1-1 1/2 years p. 206-207.
5) Driverless cars, especially now that they are being tested here in the State of Nevada and saying they are only 5 years away, the smart meters that they will be communicating with will be a load humanity will not be able to survive p. 207.
6) Electric trains and airplane travel difficult for EHS people
7) EMF Safety Check List
7) New anti-oxidants that have been proved to protect from the oxidation damage that EMF create.
9) Strokes in younger people increasing both in American and England and show the biochemical changes EMF create that can lead to this.
10) Added many more parts of the brain that show death due to cell phone radiation p. 103
11) Smart meter survey listing the symptoms that people experience even when they did not know a smart meter was put on their residence.
12) More biochemical confirmation that autism changes match changes created by EMF p. 180
13) How white blood cells and platelets are impacted by EMF p. 74-75
14) How red blood cells are impacted and could lead to anemia p. 73
15) How SAR is the wrong thing to measure to assure these radiation are at a safe level due to the real impact being on VGCC p. 35-37
16) How EMFs can irritate the bladder p. 136
17) How EMFs affect the skin cells and has been called screen dermatitis since 1994 p. 137-138
18) Brazil study of cancers closer to cell towers p. 126-128
19) Identified a EHS study being conducted by Dr. Golomb at U.C. San Diego asking for people to participate p.70, & 227.

It also reveals:

  • ‘how additional studies indicate harm to our entire body of EMF exposures'
  • ‘the truth of how EMFs impact life continues to be revealed'
  • ‘research which shows that the symptoms many people feel on exposure to EMFs are the result of biochemical changes occurring within the cells'
  • ‘how studies are not being done in ways that would be capable of revealing harm which is perpetuating the notion that EMFs are safe and how researchers often interpret the data incorrectly and don't identify harm'
  • ‘that protecting the brain development of our children has to become a primary objective'
  • ‘ how EMF radiation is contributing to the epidemic rise in neurobehavioral problems in children and adults is essential'
  • ‘that changes must take place as EMF radiation not only impacts humanity, it is also impacting the lives of all the species that inhabit the earth with us'

Is This A Book For You?

I read everything I can get my hands on on this subject. There's a lot to learn here and its well explained. Things like how our DNA acts as a fractal antenna but also that our spinal cord acts as a natural antenna. Fascinating stuff.

EMF Freedom exists in a paperback and kindle version and you can buy it through Amazon, click here for details.

If you're suffering from smart meter radiation exposures smart meter radiation shielding can help.


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  • Kathy said,

    I stopped the installation of a Smart Meter, and was given a phone number to call and OPT OUT. I was so grateful and called immediately. I thought I could now relax and not worry about a Smart Meter being installed on my house! Several months later a smart meter was installed. I told the installer that I had OPTED OUT, but that did not matter to him. I believe it just raises a waving, redflag to the authorities , so that they are sure to NOT MISS THAT HOUSE! The smart meter has caused a change in my daughter’s behavior as well as terrible acne, which she has never had before. The SMART METER is on her bedroom wall across from her bed! I am ready to MOVE!!!!! I hate what it is doing1

  • Lienke said,

    Thanks again for the information about books. Did not yet read Elisabeth’s book. I try to read every book that discusses EMFs. Kerry Crofton’s newest is not bad, Carleigh Cooper’s book Cellphones and the dark deception was one of my first books on the subject. One of my favorites is Jim Waugh’s book Living safely with electromagnetic radiation. Then there are many others that all contribute some small piece of the puzzle of EMFs and life with EHS. Thanks again Lloyd!

  • Kate said,

    Interesting article, one that does strike home with health issues I have.

  • Jim Gerlach said,

    Pretty expensive for such a small book with weakness in 2 out of 3 key parts. Kindle price is criminally high. How about a more reasonable $9.99 or less like all other respectably priced Kindle books.

  • Bill said,

    Hi Lloyd. It Has been 3 months now since the water Co. has installed smart meters on my street. So far I have been able to stop the installation of a smart meter on my home. I can see after reading the story from Elizabeth that it isn’t going to matter if I have one or not. The whole street is a wifi network. I have always had a lower back problem that shows up once every year only if I am not careful. It can last about 1 week and then I’m back to my normal schedule. I can’t be sure but I find it to be a little odd that my back has been a problem now for 3 months. My computer is hard wired. My house phone is corded and my cell phone is forwarded to my house phone. The cell phone stays off. At this point I don’t know what else I can do. Bill

  • christine said,

    In south australia the liberal opposition govt have just put forth a proposal to allow the roll out of smart meters on a voluntary basis which has started the debate here about safety issues. Even though the roll out will be voluntary we all know that with time older safer meters will no longer be stocked and the general public will be forced to install them. If anyone reads this from South Australia please write to all MPs and urge them to not support such a policy. thanks

  • Paul Von said,

    This book looks well worth the read, and sounds like a well put together summation of the EM issue. As usual, you’re right on it Lloyd. Best regards.

  • Kelly Wakefield said,

    A year or 3 back a new meter was installed on ground mounted large utility box, across 1 lane road from house.
    It worried me as it is the newer type box.
    Found an ole steel engine cover box and put in on top of new meter box. It drapes over top n around all sides of new meter box.
    The signal does not go out from an antenna but an underground cable, same one old unit used.
    Cable is a couple feet underground and goes about 2-3 tenths mile to main road, turns left, goes 20ish yards to telephone pole, and disappears into telephone cables heading down the street.
    Electric Co. tells me, no radiation is being spread by this system.
    Duh, What Yall think ?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    2 things:
    – never believe what you electric company tells you (certainly not on the issue of smart meters)
    – get yourself a decent RF meter this is the ONLY way of knowing what your exposures are, if you aren’t getting zapped by your utility meter the chances are it will be something else – better to know what it is and do something about it.

  • James said,

    Wow, I didn’t realise EMF affects skin as well. I guess if it damages your DNA it’s going to affect every part of your body.

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