Chinese Study Reveals Mobile Phone Radiation Damages DNA In Sperm

A recent study performed by the Chinese Department of Occupational Health set out to evaluate whether exposure to cell phone radiation can damage male sperm, where human DNA resides.

Male lab mice were exposed to mobile phones in listening, dialed and dialing modes, allowing scientists analyzed the DNA of the test subjects to determine the extent of the damage. The use of melatonin, a hormone normally secreted by the pineal gland, was tested for its ability to offer protection from radiation exposures.

The researchers concluded that:

  • Cell phones should be kept as far away from your body as possible, not only during conversations, but also during ‘dialed' and ‘dialing' operation modes.
  • Since the ‘dialed' mode is part of the standby mode, cell phones should be kept at a safe distance from your body even when on standby.
  • The protective role of melatonin suggests that it may be able to offer protection from reproductive impairments inflicted by cell phone radiation exposures.

Click here to read the full study.

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