EMF Protection in the Home – What You Can Do

In this episode of the ElectricSense podcast, Lloyd and host Kimberly Henrie discuss EMFs around the home and how to protect yourself. After several podcasts that touch on the topic of EMFs, Lloyd and Kimberly talk about some of the research on EMFs and health, the danger they pose and the simple steps you can take to make your home safer.

The Studies Are Out There

Tune in to hear Lloyd explain that while we do not always hear about the studies, they are out there. He cites specific, current examples from as recently as a week before airing the podcast! You'll not want to miss hearing Lloyd give surprising details on topics such as:

  • An Israeli study that reveals a direct link between EMF exposures and certain types of cancers
  • Reasons why high EMF exposures are found in more residential homes now than ever before
  • Why many energy-saving devices though good for the planet because of high EMF exposures are bad for your health

If you have trouble sleeping at night, then you'll especially want to hear Lloyd describe all the physical conditions that can be caused by the simple act of keeping your cellphone or tablet in your bedroom at night. He also explains the link between melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland, and cancer!

How To Reduce EMFs In Your Home

Lloyd and Kimberly cover a phenomenal amount of information in this 13-minute podcast. Tune in now to learn why everything from the dishwasher to the microwave oven to your television contributes to the level of EMFs in your home, and the steps you can take to make your home a safer living environment.

If you have more EMF protection questions at the end of this episode, check out Lloyd’s website for more information or this page electricsenseinterviews101.com/emf-protection-ebook-36-10p for details on how to get a copy of Lloyd’s book, “Long Term EMF Protection – Start Feeling Better Today”.

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  • Rosemarie said,

    Thank you Lloyd! Well done. I shared this on Facebook.

  • Ann said,

    good job mate! really appreciate for your time and effort!

    the information is really informative.

    love it

    Ann from Australia

  • Patty said,

    Hi there, I just bought the corded phone that you linked in a previous article. i have one wireless in the kitchen and the rest of them are disconnected. if i don’t use that phone, and use the corded one in another room, am i still dealing with radiation? my husband is not quite on board and i need to know if the radiation is still bad just by being in the house,still hooked up, but not being used.
    Patty NY

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Low EMF cordless phones like the one’s referred to in my article only emit radiation when you’re using the phone ….with the set up you’re describing I would not expect you to be exposed to cordless phone radiation when the phone is not in use.

  • Lori said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    I am electro sensitive. Upon shielding my home with yShield paint, my symptoms disappeared. Since, I have found a way to work from home, and feel free of EHS when inside my home.

    Next weekend, I am making a trip and would like to bring some protection, if possible. The hotel does not have wiFi in the rooms. However, I have not been to this location, and expect that there will be a cell tower somewhere on this tiny island near los angeles. Changing hotels isn’t an option.

    I have seen some of the sleeping bags lined with shielding fabric and wondered if this was an effective product. Though I can bring a earthing sack grounding through the electrical system of this older hotel, this might not be effective and even perhaps a risk.

    Do you feel that the shielding bags rather than grounding bags might be a better choice for travel? I have not heard of others using this product and would appreciate your opinion or perspective.

    Many thanks,


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Given the choice between a shielding bag and a grounding bag I’d choose the former…..it’s possible there’s WiFi and other forms of EMF pollution in the hotel where you’re staying….grounding could be counter productive. Buy the shielding bag and take it with you – just in case. Mindset is very important….if you go with the idea that this radiation is going to harm you then we are in the ‘whatever you focus on gets bigger scenario’ you can be pretty sure it will disturb you. Go prepared but with the mindset that your body can deal with the EMFs.

  • Nicky said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thank you for sending through your report which I have read and found really interesting. I have to admit though, I am still really confused about what types of EMF’s there are and how to measure them and wondered if you would be able to give me some advice.

    I have recently bought a detector which is called a ‘Electromagnetic radiation detector DT-1130’ but it was only £9.99, as that is all I can afford at the moment, as I am particularly concerned about the EMF’s from mobile phones, wireless technology, smart meters etc, but I don’t seem to get a reading from the things I expected to, including our computer monitor and mobile phone even when there was an incoming call. What I did notice however, is that I was getting readings from devises and things I didn’t expect. I have changed our light bulbs from the energy efficient to the incandescent as I was under the impression these were healthier but these give a reading of ‘1303’. I am unsure of what EMF’s the devise is measuring, what unit it is measuring in, what is classed as a high reading and what devised I should expect to get readings from.

    I would really appreciate any advice you can give as I am very passionate about this but unfortunately struggling to understand.

    Many thanks Lloyd

    Kind regards


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The starting point of basic EMF protection is having an EMF meter/s which gives you reliable readings….you can’t get this for £9.99….the meters I review might sound expensive but they’re not given the quality of the information they convey and the importance of this information to your health…professional measuring equipment can cost thousands….if you want to deal with this issue effectively you need to buy the right equipment.

  • Richard said,

    Interesting. Thanks

  • D.L.Britton said,

    Many thanks for this information.

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