Nature Based EMF Protection

David got on a spiritual path very early in life.

By the time he was 20 years old he was already meditating as part of a yoga-meditation group, teaching yoga classes, vegetarian, and studying different forms of alternative healing.

He was drawn to a mystical path and he followed this approach for about 20 years.

At that time he was in two different spiritual communities, very involved, and very committed.

He had various jobs where he was running a publishing company and editing magazines.

He learned about editing and writing, publishing.

But he came to a point where he felt he needed to move on.

When he did, he was just getting together with Bonnie, who became his wife.

Together they felt that they had learned what they could learn from that deep, spiritual kind of immersion, and they began a new adventure together.

One in which the Earth and nature became the focus of their attention.

At the time David had his own software company, at some point they decided,

“we really want to move to the country, be in nature, and learn from the intelligence of the natural world.”

They quit their jobs and moved to a beautiful 40-acre property on the edge of a large ranch in Northern California.

Because they had some money from the software company, they were able to just be on that property.

It was around that time that they learned some basic, energetic healing work.

They were spending time on the land, getting to know the trees, the rocks, the animals, tuning in to the intelligence of nature and diving into a deep healing journey.

David was so entranced with the rocks and the trees he began to take photographs, and Bonnie started to create some collage art.

“I figured out how to take a photo, scan it into Photoshop and begin to create geometric patterns out of that initial photograph.”

They realized as they were developing these, that they were really beautiful and they seemed to transmit the energy of nature in a wonderful way.

They realized these creations were a modern form of mandalas.

Showing these creations to different people they began to realize they had created something special.

“Our friends would look at them and go, ‘Wow, these are really beautiful but they’re also powerful. There’s some energy coming through the images’.”

David began to understand that they were capturing the healing energy of nature in a kind of concentrated form and able to put that into a form that could be reproduced.

They showed some of the images to a friend who had connections in the publishing world and within no time they were launched into a 15 year publishing deal that enabled them to share their work around the world.

At one point they moved to Florida for a few years to take care of Bonnie’s mom.

It was while there that they met a wonderful naturopathic practitioner who started talking to them about the health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

“He came to our home with an EMF meter. He took some readings. He talked to us about WiFi. He talked to us about mobile phone radiation. So we got rid of the WiFi and the mobile phones.”

One day he asked his naturopath for his best advice for someone who is concerned about EMFs.

His naturopath replied, “raise the vibration of your body to a level that you’re no longer as affected by these fields”.

For the next few years this advice became David’s guiding light as he studied EMFs.

And this is what led to David’s work with the Redwood forest in Northern California.

Over the last few years David has developed some very specific tools from the Redwoods, a kind of nature based EMF protection and some meditative practices that help us reconnect with the intelligence of nature.

Interview—Nature Based EMF Protection

Thursday, 6th February at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing David Sun Todd.

nature based emf protectionDavid Sun Todd is an evolutionary teacher, healer and visionary artist. With his late wife, Bonnie Gold Bell, he pioneered a new form of sacred art, creating mandalas and icons from photographs of the natural world. David has developed a complete system of healing and transformation, founded in his unique mandala forms.

Listen to my interview with David Sun Todd and discover:

  • how we can’t really escape EMFs but we can mitigate them and learn to use energy tools to raise the vibration of our bodies so that we’re no longer as affected by these fields
  • how the electromagnetic frequencies being used in WiFi and 5G are particularly damaging to our biological bodies and how earthing can be a powerful way of discharging the EMFs that we absorb from technology
  • how, with a friend, David began to go into the Redwood forest in Northern California where he lived to photograph them, felt a very strong connection to the trees there and started receiving messages
  • how David began to intuit a clear message for humanity from the Redwood trees and how you can do this with trees around you
  • how, for tens of thousands of years, indigenous cultures have been able to communicate with nature—this is how we survived
  • how you don’t just have a physical body, we have an energy body, a mental body, an emotional body and a spiritual body—this is backed up by science—and how you can nourish each of them
  • how we all need to move beyond the ‘oh, EMFs are bad and we should avoid them’ stage to the bigger picture ‘who are we as a species and what choices are we making stage’
  • that recent studies are showing that trees are highly intelligent beings, they just think in a slower way than we do
  • how, when WIFI arrived in their village the shamans in the Andes had to construct a building outside of the WiFi field in order to continue to connect and communicate with the spirits of the land

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  • EILEEN said,

    Dear David,

    Sober and sound. What does it mean when everywhere you look, the ground beneath your feet (earth) moves in a surreal ebb and flow fashion? It looks like the earth swells or breaths like an ocean. Some places seem to labour or hyperventilate while other areas, simultaneously, ‘breath’ deep and slow. What does it mean?

    From the internet: In classical philosophy, psyche originally meant “breath of life”, but is regularly translated as “spirit”.

  • Jolana said,

    Eileen, just in case David does not answer you- this is something that you can intuit.
    Just breathe and be for while at a natural area. Ask yourself “if the earth was breathing through area in front of me, what would it feel like ? ” And then listen. Hug a tree, close your eyes, and then listen to breathing of the tree.

    At first you might think a bit nuts, but over time you too will get to see and feel a lot of what David talks about. Sit with your back to a pine tree, quietly, with closed eyes. Ask the tree to please show you what it sees from its top.Listen for feelings, vague or clear images. Thank the tree. Keep going. Happy trails !