EMF Protection For The Electrically Sensitive

There tends to be some degree of misinformation as a consequence of the efforts of well meaning people to tackle this very complex topic. It has so many parts that need to be understood. It is very easy to oversimplify the concepts to try to find solutions.

Unfortunately what happens is that in the efforts to focus on an important issue, like smart meters, over generalizations are made without a full understanding of the technologies and the possible variations in signal strength from one manufacturer to another. In the panic that ensues, people become concerned in some cases about things they really shouldn’t be so concerned about, while they are unaware of the harm that is right in front of them from other types of EMFs they don’t know about because hardly anyone is talking about them.

I have an extensive amount of practical experience working with several thousand clients over the years as a building biologist, upwards of 60-70% of whom are electrically hyper sensitive (EHS). I know how to work with them and their non-sensitive family members to find common solutions that work and keep everyone happy, which is always a challenge.

I have a good understanding of how the information that people read on the Web dovetails with the reality of actual EMF levels and possible health effects in their home. There are a lot of misunderstandings out there, as you know, and I spend half my time and energy clearing them up for my clients and putting their actual situation into perspective. I show them what they really don’t have to worry about, and I show them what is present that they did not know about and need to address,

I am keenly aware of the importance of the other types of EMFs that most people in the EMF safety community who only know what they read on the Web (dirty electricity, grounding mats, chips and pendants, and smart meters) completely ignore because no one talks about them. The latter are what I call the “unknown EMF” because no one knows they exist, and their Tri-Field meter always shows they are not present because the levels that we need to get down too at night where we sleep, which are 1.5 V/m or below, are so hard to detect between the 0 and 1 on the top scale.

Regarding electric fields and the whole topic of what electric fields do to people when they sleep at night, or more importantly, what they don’t allow the physiology to do…….get deep Stage Four recuperative sleep with each sleep cycle every 90 minutes and the release of melatonin by the pineal gland in the middle of the night.

My colleagues and I have found that for many people with whom we work as clients have a profound sensitivity to radio frequency radiation or dirty electricity, which is what they focus on. [But] they also have not just the standard…..EMFs that every house has, but one or more serious levels of [other] EMFs.

These include wiring errors that produce very high magnetic fields at 60 Hz or they sleep and stand right over the path of a water service supply pipe or grounding conductor with what Spark Burmaster calls, “pipe current” on it, causing high magnetic fields. Or they have ungrounded outlets and use a “cheater plug” to plug a three-pronged, grounded computer plug into an ungrounded two-pronged outlet. Then when they put their hands on their laptop, they have huge electric fields and don’t understand why they feel tired after working on their computer after an hour or less but need to work on it for hours more.

Chronic, long term exposure to all these EMFs taken together in a home all adds up.

There is also the example of the guy who regularly has a booth at a local health conference here in LA who shows people that his chips reduce EMFs on cell phones. He uses a cell sensor, but he uses the plug-in cord that puts the meter into the mode where he is only measuring magnetic fields, not RF.
People buy the chip thinking they are fully protected from “EMFs,” but they are not.

[There are] signs that these chips and pendants do some good. But we don’t recommend them as the sole or exclusive means of protecting yourself.

I have a protocol to help people to choose hardwired alternatives in their home and still stay connected and have some degree of portability. How far they go with that all depends upon where they are on the spectrum of sensitivity and symptomatology.

These are the musings of my next interview guest, building biologist Oram Miller.

Interview – Oram miller

Oram Miller emf expertThursday, 20th February at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS.

Oram Miller, is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist based in Los Angeles. He received his certifications from the Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico (buildingbiologyinstitute.org).

Oram provides on-site and long-distance healthy home and office EMF evaluations for clients throughout Southern California and the world who have electromagnetic sensitivities, as well as those who want a healthier home or office. This includes real estate transactions, where he is part of the inspection team for clients interested in knowing EMF levels prior to purchase.

Oram also consults on the healthy design and construction of new and remodeled homes. He writes extensively on the health hazards of EMFs on his website, createhealthyhomes.com, and provides healthy home lectures.

Oram serves the Building Biology Institute (BBI) as Adjunct Faculty and Lab Leader Supervisor for the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) seminars. He participates in curriculum development for the EMR seminars. He founded and oversees an Apprenticeship Program for EMR students within the profession. He also serves on several committees for the Institute.

Listen to my interview with Oram Miller and learn:

  • how a new, 3rd generation of Wi-Fi is going to be using very high ‘5G frequencies'
  • a free resource that Oram has created which has links to the coverage maps for the top four cellular carriers in the United States
  • how there is more to 5G than the MMW that everyone focuses on
  • the levels of exposure that are considered ‘safe' or of no concern for RFs (exposure from cell phones, WiFi etc.)
  • a free resource that enables you to simply and easily convert between all the different confusing limits for RF exposure
  • the particular sound that a 4G cell tower emits that can be easily identified with a good EMF meter and a free on-line resource that enables you to compare different RFs from cell towers, radar etc.
  • how data (according to inside sources) is being constantly harvested from your phone
  • the 4 main cell phone carriers in the US and the new frequencies they are adopting for 5G
  • the one question you need to ask if you want to best measure and protect yourself from 5G
  • the best way to protect yourself from 5G in your home (and notably the beam formed signal that appears to be the most harmful)
  • the 2 materials Oram commonly uses and recommends to shield a room
  • 3 ways to shield your windows when shielding and how to best choose your window film
  • Oram's top tips for people who are symptomatic round EMFs

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  • Kathleen Egbert said,

    Re the section that reads “There is also the example of the guy who regularly has a booth at a local health conference here in LA who shows people that his chips reduce EMFs on cell phones. He uses a cell sensor, but he uses the plug-in cord that puts the meter into the mode where he is only measuring magnetic fields, not RF.”
    I have seen that guy and I remember telling him that I didn’t know how he was getting his meter to read like it was reading, but that I could both feel and muscle test that his chips were NOT altering the RF coming out of the cell phones. THANK YOU Oram for solving that mystery. Do you think he knows what he is doing and is deliberately deceiving people, or is he just ignorant and really believes the chips protect us?
    Most of these chips do muscle test, and people often feel better for some period of time, so they are doing something. But who knows what they are really changing? The research is truly incomplete, and with government and industry positions as they are, the necessary research is unlikely to ever be performed. And the bottom line is whether they protect from any of the known damage that wireless can do. We KNOW eliminating exposure by removing the sources of EMF and shielding from what cannot be eliminated WORK. how could it be otherwise?
    I am with Lloyd all the way. Get the right meters, measure, remove as much as you can and shield from the rest. Get professional help when possible.

  • Jennifer Wood said,

    Hi Oram Miller

    Thank you for posting on my temporary preliminary FB site (the GROW Village for EHS. I have many questions regarding architectural designs I am working on but will asask only one quesstion for now. Many of us with “EHS” have had trouble when DSL gets installed on the lines. It seems to seep betweeen both the telephone lines and the power lines. In soome cases peopl ehave even reporteed having their hot water heaters blown out. IN my case it is a questions of EM sensations that make me ill. It appears that the lines in rural areas like mine now carry data polling, DSL, high vltage or other forms of ‘dirty electricty.’ I find it hard to talk on a phone in this area due to the sensation I get from the “D.E” or whatever it is properly called.

    It seems illogical but I tried using a DSL filter from the phone company even thuogh I don’t have DSL myself. It is running on the lines in my area. I didn’t think it would help but I notice that for 2 or 3 minutes the sensation and static is not as bad and I can make a quick call. This was either a lucky coincidence that has nothing to do with the DSL filter or it possibly partially worked. Normally you would of course not use it in this way. There is a jack insert for the phone and one for the DSL. Since I have no DSL I thought: “What the hell, let me see what happens if I plug the phone line into the DSL socket; maybe by some quirky, illogical mechanism it will help.”

    Is it possible this actually helped – or was it simply a few isolated lucky moments when the whole street wasn’t using DSL so the phone felt better? From a technical, logical standpoint what would you say? It didn’t make ssense to me but I am an architect, not an electrician or engineer with a background in electricity or phone technolgy.

  • keini said,

    Thank you Lloyd for this really informative webinar. I could not follow it all. But I greatly appreciate the work that you are doing to make us aware of the possible problems that we could have with this technology and what we can do to minimise any negative effects it could have on our lives. Thank you.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Thanks to all of you for your comments here and thanks to those of you that participated and sent in questions.

  • Alex Haua said,

    Oram has been to my home a few times and has been a tremendous help in reducing my exposure to EMF, Rf, and Dirty Electricty in my residence. On one occasion, he discovered current on the main neutral wire in my electric panel and assisted me with contacting Edison. Edison found melted wires in the underground vault in front of my next door neighbors house and had to initiate an emergency repair. Edison stated that we avoided a potential tragedy. This problem was also causing an enormous Electrical Magnetic Field in front of our homes. Oram is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field!!!

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