The Benefits Of Low EMF Living

I don’t live like most people I know. And most people I know, as far as I know, live like most people.

How do most people live?

Most people live in a state of total EMF ignorance.

They know nothing about RF radiation, electric fields, magnetic fields and dirty electricity. Wireless is their thing.Their cell phone, their computer, their fridge, their burglar alarm, their central heating system, at home, in the office, the more wireless there is in their world the better.

Their homes and lives are engulfed by this electrosmog and it seems they’re quite happy that way. If they’re not connected all the time, they’re unhappy and they don't know or want to know any of the benefits of low EMF living.

The Idle Observer

Most people think these technologies are great. And to the idle observer they are. But to the informed observer they’re dangerous, potentially lethal.

low emf livingThe facts are undeniable. But most people don’t take the time to understand the facts, to understand the science and all the ramifications on our health. At the same time society makes such a good job of making the facts hard to accept.

The truth hurts. In the case of EMFs it can hurt literally, in which case it's much easier to ignore whats being said about the dangers and just do like everybody else.

So what are the benefits of low EMF living? Are there any benefits?

The Benefits of Low EMF Living

There are benefits to living low EMF, few people talk about them and yet the benefits are huge. They fall into two categories:

The ‘Won’t Get’ Benefit

What does the science tell us about EMFs? These exposures are linked to a long list of adverse biological health effects and diseases. Including:

  • Cancer
  • Brain tumor
  • Cardiovascular disease,
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • And much much more, but you get the idea.

Studies also link EMFs to premature aging. Imagine if people could comprehend just this one small thing; that reducing their EMF exposure would make them look younger. Just on this one argument alone, how many people would sit up and take notice?

These benefits are absolutely huge but there’s a problem. It’s not a 100% guaranteed ‘won’t get’ benefit. A better description is ‘significantly reduced risk’. How significant, we don’t know and unfortunately the Telecoms and utility companies use this to their advantage because just like the tobacco industry that went before them, ‘doubt is their product’.

Immediate Quality of Life Health Benefits

Benefits that I derive from living a low EMF life:

  • I fully interact with real living people. I’ve not got my head glued to a screen all the time. I have a room, my office, where I have a screen and apart from that and watching an occasional film, these are about the only screens I use.
  • Quality time. Everyday I have quality time for the most important person in my world, me, without being distracted.  It might sound egoistical but I can assure you it’s not. If you don’t look after number one, nobody else will. I don't allow wireless gadgets to steal my precious time or uncontrolled EMFs fog my brain.
  • I walk in nature and I'm with nature. The trees, the wind, the rain , the sun, the birds, the butterflies, the smells, the tastes. My daily communion with nature is so important.
  • I read books. Yes proper books, made out of paper. I’ve always got a book on the go, or several books. I read many books on EMFs and alternative health but also story books. I love reading. I love escaping in a book.
  • Mind/body exercises. I'm not tuned into what most people are tuned into – I meditate and visualize every day. These and other energy exercises every day bring me serenity and peace. They help me feel good about myself which better equips me to help others.
  • It saves me money. No cell phone, no cell phone subscription and less desire to have the latest household gadgets. My car’s over 10 years old and there’s little incentive for me to change it.
  • I use a landline. I have telephone, a landline and I use it to have proper conversations with people.

If you're a skeptic you might be thinking, ‘ why do I need to go low EMF to get these benefits?'. The ‘won't get' argument is a big one, but besides that it's about living life to the full. Living more the way that nature intended us to live. It's also a question of balance.

Low EMF vs No EMF

When I started to react to my cell phone in 2002 I remember hearing about electrical sensitivity, people living under nets, in caves and such like. I decided I didn’t want to be one of those people. I didn’t want to live in fear of EMFs. I wanted to stay living in the real world, with real people, with my people, my family and friends.

Nobody said I could do it or how I could do it. I just decided to believe that that was the way I would live my life. And bit by bit, the puzzle unraveled itself.

You can either carry on as most people and run the risk of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health being marred by untold levels of EMF exposures. Or you can take action!

Are you taking action? Are you achieving balance?

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  • Sam Wieder said,

    What a great article. You clearly and concisely convey the benefits of low-EMF living. This is definitely a message that so many people in today’s world need to hear.

  • Amanda sali said,

    What is the best first step?

  • Anabella said,

    In 2012 I got sick. Never imagined I was going to face such a trial in my life. After doing much research on how to bring balance back to my body I found out how RF radiation, electric fields, magnetic fields and dirty electricity can impact our health. Since then I made the necessary changes in my lifestyle, including reducing as much as possible my exposure to EMF. I can honestly encourage others facing health issues and specially parents of children to informed themselves so they can make wise choices based on knowledge. My recovery has been slow but progressive and without the need of pharmaceutics. Only by making wise choices you can avoid sickness and disease. I totally agree with this article. Thank you for sharing it!

  • Holly said,

    I would comment if you would respond. I asked a question about home phones & haven’t received a response. I’m new to this & just learned the electric company meter on my house is a digital meter (AMR) & was installed in 2003 before we bought it in 2009. The utility co here in South Carolina, Duke Energy, refuses to replace it with an analog meter & says I cannot do it either that they’re providing the service & they choose the meter. Furthermore they say “their plan is to change every meter to a “smart” meter (AMI) in the future & have already completed a project where they installed the AMI meters in some areas.” The representative said, “you have a digital meter which does have a low signal that is a weaker & safer than the smart AMI meter”. Her words. She said the customer can opt out of the smart AMI meter installation if they notify them & that she documented my account that I don’t want the smart meter so that they won’t change mine. She said if I want to I can file a complaint with the SC Utilities Commission about the current digital meter on my home outside my bedroom wall. Meanwhile, I’ve wired my laptop & disconnected WiFi & had a landline installed. I still have digital cable TV, Internet & phone landline service & not sure what digital means. Is digital cable safer than dish cable & or is bunny ears for TV the better choice for reduced exposure? Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  • Holly said,

    I meant is digital cable services better than satellite dish tv services for reduced exposure?

  • Alexis said,

    In other words, you have a life. Bravo!

  • Valerie said,

    Thanks for that Lloyd. I am taking action and achieving balance- for myself! The hard part is trying to communicate to others the dangers. I try to make them aware of the dangers to start with and the next step is to suggest very simple changes they can make to their lives to set them on the right path. When one of my ‘doubters’ tells me that they now sit further away from the TV – that to me is one small achievement on both our parts and proof to me that my nagging is all worthwhile. As you say low EMFs is better than no EMFs and I am trying really hard to make friends and family realise that they can do this a bit at a time, be aware of the dangers and gradually make low EMFs a reality without becoming neurotic about it and wondering how on earth they are going to live without their beloved gadgetry. As you say – bit by bit the puzzle will unravel itself.

  • Kisalay Mitra said,

    I am really amazed of the articles written by Llyod Burrell. The writings will increase awareness among public.


  • Pat Ormsby said,

    I’ve been aware of EMF effects since about 1996. I was lucky to discover it early on, as a result of investigating an unnamed “new source of pollution” that had made a friend ill with a five-month flu. When I took action, I recovered from allergies, poor immune function, arrhythmia, anxiety, low energy, depression, brain fog.
    I am living rurally, but it was a decision with many reasons, and I continue working and supporting two of us. When I teach, I ask my students who need to stay connected for any reason to put their bag at the back of the room. There are low-EMF options for computers, so I can continue translation.
    The biggest problem right now is travel. I was made very sick recently by the wi-fi in Bangkok airport. I wear shielding at airports, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough, especially if I am forced to wait a long time. It is also very hard to find hotels anymore without wi-fi in all rooms. The remaining ones are often the cheapest, but they are disappearing quickly. I had some liposomal vitamin C, but gave that away to a friend who is probably EHS herself (but hasn’t got a clue, and isn’t ready to hear it). I made do with vitamin C tablets, but ran out of those too.
    I wonder if a portable Faraday cage would be possible. Grounding would be a difficult issue. We should be able to request waiting rooms without wi-fi, but I think the problem will get much worse before it gets any better. I am going to have to rethink international travel for the time being.

  • Carol said,

    Hi LLoyd

    I agree with all your comments and see so many people who have ill health at the moment which to me points to EMF causes – however their won’t give up their gadgets.

    The hardest thing is children as they want to fit in with their peers – play at friends houses.

    Could you please answer me a couple of questions

    1 – Two of your comments and this article mention fridges in connection with wireless – I recently had a new fridge but didn’t think they have wireless in?
    2 – I need to get me son a computer for schoolwork and following on from what you have said before went for a HP monitor and box rather than a laptop and went into device manager and took off the wifi – I am finding when its on it effects me worse than my laptop does – any ideas about what I can do

    Many thanks

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