iPad Radiation – How To Reduce Your Exposure

Small is beautiful, they say.

The Apple iPad tablet seems to hit the spot in both the small and beautiful departments.

Small it may be, but in terms of functionality and computing power the iPad packs a mighty punch.

No doubt this accounts for the iPads runaway success.

Where I live they're everywhere.

People walk the streets, take photos, read books, watch videos, play games, surf the web…..all with their iPad.

In some schools, I hear they're being given to kids as standard issue.

If I didn’t know what I know I’d probably have bought one myself.

The reason I didn’t is there's a catch.

The catch is iPads give off radiation.

How Much Radiation Do iPads Emit?

‘They can't give off much radiation, they're too small, right?’


That's to say, it's not about the radiation per se it's about your exposure.

Does that make sense?

Let me explain.

If I said to you ‘which is more dangerous, a cell tower or a cell phone?'

What would be your answer?

What really matters is your exposure.

If you're talking 5 or 6 hours a day on your cell phone and live a long way from a cell tower then the answer is your cell phone is more dangerous, because your exposure’s higher.

If you virtually never use your cell phone but you live within a 100 yards of a cell phone tower, then the cell tower is more dangerous.

Why Are iPads So Dangerous?

And this is why iPads are so dangerous. Exposure.

Their design makes them more dangerous than other types of computers, 2 reasons:

  • their small size and tactile screens – magnetic field exposure is guaranteed
  • they are designed to connect to the Internet via wireless – no Ethernet socket – so radio frequency (RF) radiation exposure is practically guaranteed

I've made a video where I measure the exposures using EMF meters so you can see what I'm talking about:

Sarah Starkey, PhD in a report entitled ‘Information supporting UK Organisations associated with the International EMF Alliance' states:

Microwave radiation absorbed from tablet computers (Wi-Fi) positioned close to the body can be similar to that from mobile phones as they have similar maximum specific absorption rate (SAR) values.
Average maximum SAR for a sample of 358 digital mobile phones is 1.02 W/Kg in 1g tissue (sarvalues.com; adult); iPad maximum SAR on Wi-Fi is 1.19 W/Kg in 1g tissue (iPad Information Guide; adult). Thus, wireless computers positioned close to the body could expose the users to similar levels of radiation as mobile phones.

Given that iPads, unlike many of the latest smart phones, currently do not have the means to reduce power selectively based on proximity to the nearest modem/router — they emit maximum power constantly.

Conclusion: iPads can expose you to as much (if not more) radiation than cell phones.

Now you can understand why I don't own an iPad.

There are much safer, low-EMF ways, of using a computer and connecting to the Internet.

But for those of you that do use an iPad you need to use it safely.

How To Reduce Your EMF Exposure

Here's how to reduce your EMF exposure when using an iPad:

  • always use your iPad tablet on airplane mode (settings menu) when not connected to the Internet
  • never use your iPad on your lap, or in close proximity to your body

Distance is critical. Its effects are exponential.

Just a small increase in distance between you and your iPad translates to significantly less exposure.

If you're using an iPad use it intelligently.

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It's now possible to connect your iPad to the Internet via Ethernet.

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  • Carol Judge said,

    It would be very helpful to hear from you about radiation from Kindles. I have 2 of the older manually controlled Kindles. I tried the Paperwhite — and using it gave me a migraine every time. And, it hurt my eyes, no matter what light setting I used. I tested all my Kindles with my meters — and that confirmed very high levels of radiation with the Paperwhite. Paperwhite and Fire have touch-screen and back-lighting features (not present in the manually controlled Kindles). I fear Amazon will phase out the manually controlled Kindles. Also, they almost demand you have WiFi to download books. I don’t have WiFi, so it’s cumbersome, but still possible to get books into my Kindle. Thanks!

  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    Thanks for this posting, Lloyd. In our schools here in Waukesha, at least the high schools, they are issuing stufents an Ipad for homework, messaging with teachers, etc. They do not have textbooks as such, and there seems to be no choice in the matter. The school board raves about the iPads and how they make access to better means of learning, but they do not talk at all about safety or what the health aspects of using it are to the students.
    What can parents do?

  • kim said,

    I am totally on board regarding this information, and I am grateful to find support in this regard. My health is fragile and I can feel the effects. However I can not convince my husband and daughter. They love their devices and I become just a nuisance to them when I try to inform them. It makes me sad that they are going to have to pay later with their health before they are convinced.

  • Louay said,

    I have a Google Nexus and I use it to read e-books and watch videos I have downloaded, not streamed from the Internet. Because I have turned off wi-fi is the Nexus safer to use? With wi-fi off do you know if there would be any electro-magnetic frequencies to worry about? I assume there would be some but is it at a dangerous or worrisome level? Thanks.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    “I have a Google Nexus and I use it to read e-books and watch videos I have downloaded, not streamed from the Internet. Because I have turned off wi-fi is the Nexus safer to use?”— I’ve not tested the Nexus but if the WiFi is turned off, yes, this would imply no more RF radiation emissions.

    “With wi-fi off do you know if there would be any electro-magnetic frequencies to worry about? I assume there would be some but is it at a dangerous or worrisome level?”— You can assume there would be magnetic fields, like the iPad, but without testing its impossible to say whats dangerous or worrisome….

  • Linda Worthington said,

    One small correction to your excellent article: WiFi is not the only means of connecting to the Internet on an iPad; mine uses both a cellular connection and WiFi. I do not have WiFi in my home, so I connect to a cellular signal.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I refer to ‘wireless’ not WiFi in my article….the term wireless incorporates cellular connections….connecting with 3G or other is just if not more dangerous than connecting via WiFi.

  • J Damon said,

    I’d more likely buy a rabid tiger than one of these things. I think it’s sick that they are even legal.

  • Valerie Sobel said,

    to use your iPad for reading (in airplane mode) is still considered dangerous?
    If you use it for reading books, it needs to be at reading distance.
    Do let me know lloyd
    Many Thanks for your caring h heartfelt work

    Valerie Sobel
    Andre Sobel River of Life

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Valerie
    As my video shows, even in airplane mode the iPad emits magnetic fields at levels between 1 mG and 1.5 mG…..this exceeds the BioInitiative Report safe levels limit of 1 mG. The danger is assuming these devices are safe.

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