EMF Stories – What Microwave Radiation Exposures Did To My Life

EMFs affect many different people in many different ways. Barbara wrote to me previously to share her experiences with WiFi, here she shares more of her story:

“…..I can trace my sensitivity back to my conception and childhood. I was conceived and raised just 500′ +/-, from an antenna on top of a commercial dairy. That building (dairy) was situated at the base of a steep hill therefore the daily transmissions were blocked from emitting in all directions. They were directed towards all the houses situated closest to the dairy, including mine which was in the very center of the pathway of transmissions.

As a child growing up there and because of the closeness of the neighborhood (town lots very close together),  I knew most of the people who lived there. I can't remember anyone who wasn't sick or (crazy). The homes closest to the dairy had the sickest people. The people in the homes farther away from the dairy appeared  (normal) and there was no alcoholism, which was rampant in the homes closest to the dairy (antenna).

My family was very dis-functional and now, many years later, I know why. Now I know why Mr. Woodman's  son was (strange) and everyone shunned him and made fun of him. He lived a little bit closer than I did. Now I know why Cathy Joe's sister was (retarded). Now I know why Mr. Martin was always drunk and beating his daughters. Now I know why Mrs. Thompson was so full of arthritis that I had to help her dress every Sunday to go to church. Now I know why Mr. Garland was always drinking and beating his wife. Now I know why Kenneth was always throwing rocks at us and hiding in his house. Now I know why Gary Coffill was always drunk and always lived with his mother. Now I know why the Bishop children always wet the bed. Now I know why the people who lived in the three houses closest to the dairy were never the same people as no one could live that close for very long.

I say all this because as I got to know the people who lived farther away, and they were healthier, happier and (normal). They were still part the immediate neighborhood. Their houses looked like everybody else's. They had children, fathers who went to work., mothers who stayed home. Everyone happy and very normal. Why, I used to ask. Now I know why. That antenna was a silent monster.

Early on in this journey of discovery, I received a letter from a mother of 2 young boys. She told me they lived next to a fire station and her children were ill and had all the symptoms as the ones I described in a newspaper article that was published about me. It was very sad because her husband didn't want to move and didn't want to believe what was really making those children ill. I told her to move. I haven't heard from her since.

As I trace back through time, to all of my jobs especially, I can now see why I went from job to job. Any job where I was working a cash register, my feet and legs ached and swelled. I was a smart kid in school and when I was at work, it took all of my attention to concentrate on making cash and feeling (connected). I see myself as disconnected, fighting to stay focused on the tasks at hand and I remember feeling bored and angry and sad and fidgeting and just wanting to leave and be any place but where I was.

At seventeen I worked at the cafeteria at St. Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S. for one month. I was living on my own and supporting myself. I needed that job. I lasted one month. My feet especially and my legs hurt so much every night after an 8 hour workday, that I would cry myself to sleep and get up the next to do it all again. I developed a kidney infection and had to be hospitalized and I had to quite my job. I worked very close to a microwave oven

After I moved back to New Minas, close to where I grew up, I got a job at Burger King. That job lasted 3 weeks. In those 3 weeks I was taken to the hospital 5 times and injected with cortisone. The doctor told me I had received my lifetime allowable amount of injection of cortisone. The microwave oven was situated just above my head at my workstation, preparing fast food. Shortly after I arrived at work my face would turn deep red and would start to swell. My elbows and knees would swell so big that I had great difficulty bending them. My throat would start to close and I would have difficulty breathing and swallowing.

I took a job at the Dominion Grocery store. The cash registers were very old fashioned and I was able to work at that job for almost 2 years but it was part-time and my feet always hurt when I worked cash. At some point I was trained to work at the snack bar. I loved working in this position so much that it became my permanent job. There was very little time spent at the cash and there was no microwave oven, only a toaster oven. My feet never hurt and I was always focused, happy and alert. I moved to Halifax and transferred my job to the Dominion Store on Quinpool road. They had just received new computerized cash registers. I went in for training. We were supposed to train for 4 hours. After about a half an hour I was so sick with fever, pains throughout my body and my head and I was red from head to toe. I was asked if I wanted to work the snack bar, like I had done in the New Minas store. Did they know something I didn't know? At the time I didn't think about it. I worked at that store for 2 years, quite happily until I transferred back to New Minas to attend Acadia University to study Business Admin. And of course, I worked part-time at the snack bar quite happily. The store closed for financial reasons and I found a job at a small establishment called Fritz's. I sold steel toed footwear, insulated coveralls, hunting and fishing apparel and the only equipment I used was the electronic cash register. As the store was quite small and the customers fewer than a grocery store, I was able to work everyday for 6 hours and attend university at the same time. I did suffer from extreme sleepiness midway through my shift and I would have to fight to keep my eyes open. At university I was alert, focused and received honors and awards and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration. There were no laptops or cell phones or wireless technology.

After I graduated my husband and I and our 2 year old daughter moved into our first home which we built ourselves. My husband is a general contractor. I took a job in real estate. I had to carry a pager. I found the work frustrating, confusing and extremely challenging to stay focused. Now I know that it was the pagers transmissions that were interfering with my ability to think. I would often feel tingling sensations throughout my body and I was fidgety and I great difficulty staying on task and attending meetings. I would blank and become withdrawn and confrontational with co-workers. Now I know why. I lasted 11 months.

During that time, a friend of my husbands moved into our new home while he was building his own just around the corner from us in this fairly new subdivision. He brought with him a huge microwave oven. You guessed it. Because I didn't know at this time that microwave transmissions were causing me problems, I began using it to defrost meat and to reheat a cup of tea. I began developing hot spots on the soles of my feet and on the palms of my hands. My feet and hands hurt all the time. I was in my late 20's and couldn't imagine that I was developing arthritis but I couldn't understand what was happening so I went to the doctor and she said, no, it's not arthritis. She referred me to a dermatologist. He told me that I was experiencing a nervous system disorder that was caused by an allergy and that I should keep track of everything in my environment, including everything that I ate. I couldn't make any connections until one day as I was waiting for a cup of tea to reheat in the microwave oven, while rubbing my painful feet and hands, a light bulb came on. The whirring sound of the microwave oven was the only sound I could hear. It was like listening to a pin drop.

I was pregnant for my second child. I went to the hospital to have my son. I gave birth and was situated shortly after, in a room. Directly across the hallway was the kitchenette. My feet were swelling and the palms of my hands became sore to touch. I immediately started looking around for the microwave oven. I heard a ding. Oh my goodness, the monster is right across the hallway from me. I called for the nurse and she called the doctor and they moved me to another room.

I avoided microwave ovens to the best of my ability and I seemed to be okay for the most part. I hadn't made the connection to the electrical component with the cash registers, yet. I would suffer with migraine headaches from time to time. I know now  the headaches were caused by microwave ovens being used in close proximity to me when we lived in apartment buildings.

I applied for a job as real estate appraiser when I was 4 months pregnant for my son. I worked in this position for approximately 5 years. My employer used a cell phone. I had never seen one before. It was in a bag that he carried and the antenna was huge. It screwed into the top of the phone. There was also an antenna that he put on the roof of his car as there were few towers. I had never seen a tower at this point, anywhere so it must been quite a distance away somewhere in the woods. He only turned it on when he left the office and so my exposure was very limited. I did have days when I couldn't think very well and I would argue with my boss and curse and stomp out and go home. My husband would say to me, why do you have problems with every job, WHY. I couldn't figure it out at the time.

I became pregnant for Chelsea, my third child and because I could sew really well, I decided to convert a few small rooms on the main level of our home into a workshop so I could work from home. We had sold the house in the subdivision and moved into this older 2 storey home  located on the Wolfville Ridge overlooking the Minas Basin and Blomidon. We loved it there. I grew my business over the next five years and was very successful. We had 2 bachelor type apartments in the basement which we rented mostly to university students. I had a good income from the apartments and the sewing shop and I was at home with my three children who were very happy and healthy.

A strange little man, in his 50's came to our home in 1997, looking to rent an apartment. I interviewed him in the backyard, sitting in lawn chairs, on a nice warm sunny day. He pointed across Basin to two tall thin towers, 30 kms. or more away, situated on top of Blomidon. They are only visible on a clear day, except for the flashing lights. This was a clear day. He told me he was from Quebec. He had two long thin grey braids. He was definitely a hippie. I liked him. He told me how the government in Quebec, killed his wife and drove him and the others from their land. I said how did she die and he told me with cancer caused by the emissions from the alien towers that he referred to as the spider web network. He had been living on a commune for over 30 years.  I didn't understand what he was talking about. He had a thick french accent and he scared me with his talk about aliens and mind control and cancer. I wouldn't rent to him as my baby was only one year old at the time and I worried about his mental health.

In 2001 a strange looking alien metal structure with 5 antennas on the top, popped up overnight, 1000′ behind our home. Our magnificent view was slightly tarnished by this alien thing but we didn't know what it was and because it was placed just off to the left, not quite in front of our view, just behind a stand of trees, we ignored it. We were busy. I had three small children, a full time business and a huge garden and we had just gotten a new puppy. The tower went up in the spring/summer and by Sept./Oct. my 9 year old son was having nosebleeds, migraine headaches, wetting the bed, sinus congestion, mood swings, crying and hiding in corners hugging his knees with his head down and whimpering and home sick from school all the time. Some days his legs were so sore he couldn't walk His father would scream at him to get up, you're not sick, go to school. His ears started ringing all the time. He was waking up at 3 am. every morning. He forgot how to read. I had to reteach him. He cried all the time. He was so clever though. Somehow we worked together and he always managed to catch up. He missed 1 whole school year in a four year period. Eight months later or so my youngest daughter would also wake up at this time vomiting. Her stools became so large and green and full of blood. She developed large sores up and down her legs. She was on the floor with Jordan with leg pain so bad she cried and couldn't stand. Her sinuses were so full of green snot we had to clean it by her putting her head in the bath water and blowing bubbles through her nose. We had to do this every night. My children were so sick. By the time we found out what that tower was, we were all suffering from side effects. I won't list them. We had over 30 different symptoms combined.

A neighbor came by one day with a letter in his hand. He said that another cell phone company was planning to put up another tower, just 300 west of the one that was already there. I asked him what was the problem. He said the proposed tower would ruin his view and his property value. The area was highly desired because of the beautiful views and it's close proximity to Wolfville, a university town. I found out later, that tower went up to accommodate Acadia U. which had just gone wireless, with every student requiring a laptop.

I had the fight of my life on my hands. I cried for a year, thinking we could never win, we would have to move and life would never be the same again. I've moved my home 10 times since then as I cannot live even next door to someone who uses wifi or cell phones for very long. I had to fight for my children's rights not to have cell phones in their classrooms or in their schools. I have been diagnosed with EHS by Dr. Fox, a medical doctor and director of the Intergrated Chronic Care Centre, formerly known as the Environmental Health Centre in Fall River, N.S. I was recently awarded a Canada Pension Disability Pension because of my sensitivity. My oldest daughter experienced syptoms while we lived in that house but she manages to function in this new world of wireless technology okay. She suffers with minor asthma and allergies to food coloring. She has emotional breakdowns from time to time. She was the only child of three who wasn't exposed to microwave ovens, a cell phone or other antenna while I was pregnant.

The point of this story is to show you how the exposure of a fetus especially, and a small child still in development, to microwave and  radio frequencies, create this sensitivity. With WiFi in every school now, the reports are coming in of children who can't learn, who can't focus, who can't sit still, who are emotional,  violent, uncaring, insensitive, have special needs, etc. are the majority and not the minority that they were only 20 years ago or less. Since cell phones have become commnplace, especially, I see our society filled with dysfunctional parents, children and teachers. I hear of troubled children at school and teachers laying hands on students to try to control them. My oldest daughter when in grade 6 experienced a teacher grabbing her by the ponytail and slamming her to the floor. She had a paper bag on her desk and was attempting to go to the washroom to change from her gym clothes before she missed the bus home. It was in the middle of winter. She arrived home, in her shorts, very upset as you can imagine. We had to deal with it.

In grade 9 when she asked her friends to turn off their cell phones while at school and told them why, a group of them held her down and covered her body with cell phones.

In grade 11 she was slammed into a concrete wall by her female volley ball coach who told her she was a s crazy as her mother,because she asked the coach to please make sure the other girls cell phones were not under the bench in their backpacks during games as she was getting sick with infections and emotional and dizzy when she had to sit out and wait her turn to play.

My other two children had medical letters from Dr. Fox who stated they would only be healthy at school if they were not exposed to cell phone emissions and the schools where they attended did a good job protecting them.

I will update you regarding their current status in another letter. I have to end this one now and I would like to send it out to you all as it is as I believe it is important to understand that I believe and have lived the consequences of being exposed to these radio and microwave frequencies as a fetus and a developing child. I am and my children are living proof that this is the outcome of this exposure. This answers the question for me as to why me and my children and not others. I hope this is helpful.”

Thanks a lot Barbara for sharing your story. If you've a story about EMFs you’d like to share please feel free to send it to me.

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  • Liz said,

    I have become an extreme electro sensitive at this point. Duke Energy put a Digital meter on our house a month ago and I started feeling wierd. I went out to look at it to confirm and I was zapped. We now have a shield inside and out that helped, however I would walk through the house and it was like electric shocks stabbing my body.
    I have experienced burning skin, painful heavy legs from wifi ( I know the difference now). So I want to share a few things that have given me relief aside from turning off the wifi.
    Alpha lipoic acid (extra strength)2 a day
    Borage oil 4 at a time
    sipping apple cider vinegar ( 1 teaspoon) in ice water calms my skin down
    shielding fabrics when going out
    the Himalayan salt lamps Lloyd recommends
    niacin (detoxes radiation)
    mopping and cleaning with white vinegar calms the room down for at least awhile.
    I hope this helps someone.

  • Jackie Wahlig said,

    I experience the same thing as Liz. You can see the two large radio towers out our bedroom window. Surrounded by cell towers, u-verse added everywhere, the gas smart meter…..the paragraph burning skin, painful heavylegs (I don’t have any wireles inside my home), stabbing shock into my body (usualyy up my spine) weird to see the same thing that I get from someone elses words. Wireless technology is advancing quickly with no consideration of testing of heatlh affects!

  • kerri said,

    All of the symptoms mentioned above resulted in a multiple sclerosis diagnosis for me.

    Is is really multiple sclerosis or microwave sickness that was gag ordered as un-capitalistic research by the usa and uk governments.

    This makes war crimes look like baby math.
    Society is definitely all ****** up!?:0

  • Deanna Munson said,

    the smartmeters have comprimised my life in ways that are so hard to put into words.my living cells under constant chronic tension and stress.no part of living is left unaffected and there is simply no where to turn.MCS came with the EHS so even wearing nonnatural fabrics make me ill.i have removed all toxic chemistry from my household from personal care products to processed foods.not only do doctors refuse to acknowledge,they are now force vaccinating all who come in for medical attention of anykind here in oregon.the ringing in my ears and years of sleepless nights have turned into the onset of MS and dementia like symptoms.they are adding to their “infastructure” daily here with intellistreet projects under the guise of “sustainable” bike and pedestrian paths and building HUGE “housing”units all around me here complete with transmitting “smart” streets and thousands more radiating smartmeters.antennaes have sprung up at intersections and ontop of traffic signals ,huge towers on almost every block,and smart “collector” meters and relays along some streets,radiating at head level for anyone waiting for a “walk” signal to cross the street.radar at busy intersections,cameras too.nature being leveled everywhere for more “infastructure” projects,wifi in every apartment here and in almost every business and coffee shop too.i wont survive here much longer.trees are falling like flies on raid,most already dead on the inside.pine trees burning alive.already poisoned for 13 yrs from a “safe” dental bridge that was supposed to be 3 porcelain caps glued together but ended up being backed with cadmium/nickel right up against my tongue and mercury/”silver fillings on the bottom teeth to galvanise in my mouth.on medicaid i am diagnosed with whatever “approved” diagnosis will allow them the most profit while they capitalize on your “free” insurance,and your “approved” treatments for your misdiagnosis will result in your being pickled ,and fully vaccinated with more heavy metals and poisons and mammograms and whatever other “preventative care” they require .my mind is dissolving .never been in such a dark “abyss”.i can research alternative treatments all i want.without removing the offending toxin its all useless.probably have brain cancer already.wouldnt know,neat trick they got going here with this denial game.same gag order on mercury/heavy metal poisoning as there is with microwave sickness and electrosmog .its all just a really profitable slow death game . even the USDA is “implementing” smartgrid tech throughout the rural areas and forests too.IBM (and every other huge corp that financed the nazi regime)wants its “smarterplanet”.feel free to edit this post as you see fit.i am not well as a direct result of being bathed in this technology for 3-4 yrs now.i can barely think much less articulate any “proper composure”

  • Liz said,

    It is hard to read the other comments to my post. Thank you for sharing.I have also found G T’s Kombucha very helpful (the white top). My favorite Gingeraide It calms me down as well.
    I don’t know if I am allowed to post this but I have started going to revival meetings on Sunday nights, I cried out to God that I’ve got to be healed and it is happening!I drive an hour over to the meetings (heavy freeway )and after the first meeting I felt calmer after spending time on the floor,(Yes not talking dead church here) but the second week my eyes were not blurry driving home and they have stayed clear.I still feel some zapping around the house and outside but it is less severe.I am even spending longer periods of time on the computer. God is healing my body.

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