How To Reduce Dirty Electricity Levels In Your Home

In this episode of the ElectricSense podcast, Lloyd Burrell and host Kimberly Henrie discuss dirty electricity, what it is, and how to protect yourself inside of your own home! This is a topic that Lloyd and Kimberly touched on in the last episode of Electric Sense, and if you tuned in then you know your home is not always a safe haven.

What Is Dirty Electricity?

If you have never heard of dirty electricity, then you're not alone. Tune in now to hear Lloyd explain all about dirty electricity, including things like:

  • What dirty electricity, or intermediary frequencies, are, and the origins of the problem
  • What creates dirty electricity inside your home or office
  • Household items that contribute to dirty electricity

Lloyd explains how you can easily measure dirty electricity by using a Graham Stetzer (GS) meter and what levels of dirty electricity are safe. You won’t want to miss his vivid examples. Kimberly even admits that they help her to better understand the concept!

How Dirty Electricity Can Affect Your Health

Tune in to hear Lloyd review the research that has been done in this field and the startling correlation between a number of serious health conditions and dirty electricity exposures. Kimberly also asks, “How do you know if you have dirty electricity if all your appliances run the same?” You will not want to miss Lloyd’s answer as it could be something that affects your health!

For a more complete explanation of dirty electricity, how to measure it and how to reduce it in your home click here.

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  • Eric B said,

    Hi Lloyd

    Thought this may help from my experience.

    We had high dirty electricity due to light dimmer switches and was able to reduce them by getting rid of them and by installing Graham-Stetzer filter.

    We’re getting solar and talking with our residential electrician and EMF expert, he cued in from experience and talking with Graham – the amps from the Graham-Stetzer filter that is unrecognizable by the previous system will be picked up by the new solar system. This means we would not be able to use the Graham-Stetzer filter unless you want to pay a bill electric bill.

    The solar system will generate more dirty electricity so the only thing we can do is ensure that at night when we’re sleeping we have a low electric field – the dirty electricity come down at night when we’re back on the grid. Also we can shut up the circuits in the bedroom or get a shut off switch with a remote control so that we sleep in the zero electric field.

    Hope this helps some folks.


  • Petrina said,

    Would you know if the meters to measure dirty electricity can be rented?

  • Rosemarie said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    I used a G S meter to check for dirty electricity in my home. Shockingly the levels were so high (1900 and higher)in many areas and the meter shut down in some cases due to high levels. I purchased many filters and replaced halogen bulbs with incandescent bulbs and keep many gadget unplugged. I now have levels in the range of 20 to 35 in most areas. Where I could not plug a filter into the wall I plugged into surge protector strips and found this was very effective and recommended by Greenwave for those few places that had gadgets that can’t be easily unplugged such as the burglar alarm. Of course my husband and I both noticed a remarkable improvement in our sense of well being the day after the filters were installed. The highest levels were associated with the TV and related equipment, computer and its related equipment.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I don’t know of any company that rents GS meters, but if you buy it through Amazon they will refund proving you send it back in good condition within 30 days of purchase.

  • Alex Haua said,

    I am EMF and RF radiation hypersensitive; I get physical symptoms when exposed. Having done some research on Solar for my home, I learned that the solar panels do not produce EMFs because they generate DC power. I knew that the inverters created EMFs; however, my plan was to install those away from my living space. I just had the system installed and I felt significant physical symptoms when it was on. I was puzzled and took EMF readings….all were normal. After doing more research, I learned about “Dirty Electricity”….pretty expensive lesson. I have just ordered enough Stetzer Filters to cover my home; I will report back with my verdict as to whether or not they work. Any input you may have will be greatly appreciated and thanks for your website!

  • Rosemarie said,

    Alex, I had very high levels of EMI in my home (1900+ in some areas with the GS meter)and I used filters with great success. I used Greenwave filters. I needed a lot of filters (25) to get to a levels of 30 on average. I got more improvement in readings by unplugging all electrical appliances not in use and replacing halogen light bulbs with incandescent bulbs. I look forward to hearing your about your progress.

  • Lucia Ferrante said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    Greetings. Can you tell me is smart meter guards are effective against EMFs on the outside of the meter as well as if shielding on the wall on the back side of the meter is effective. I am trying to do all I can to protect my family.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Lucia
    Smart meter guards can only shield on the side they’re fitted onto…..this is why I’m skeptical about these devices (and the companies selling them).

  • Marla said,

    I was inquiring what can you do about smart meters. I have a smart meter and my dr believes it is affecting my health. The utility company will let me move it but at my cost which would be thousands of $. I cannot afford that, plus there is no guarantee from experts that I have talked to that it would work. In the state I live we can not opt out. I have called Senators, State representatives offices and filed a complaint with PUC to no avail. No one can make the utility company do anything.
    I have checked on trying to block but nothing I have seen works after I research it or it is so complicated that it impossible to make sense of it. Do you know of any way that is feasible to block the EMF rays and that is affordable on a limited budget? Many thanks.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Marla
    There are all sorts of companies making all sorts of promises about smart meter RF shielding…..the truth is it’s not easy but providing you go about it the right way (RF meter indispensable) you should be able to get some exposure reduction – see
    In the meantime I encourage you to continue with the complaints procedure.

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