Is Grounding Really The Greatest Health Discovery Of All Time?

Have you noticed that things are rarely what they seem?

I've noticed that the more complicated something is the more this seems to be true.

EMFs and health is very complicated.

And very few people understand it fully.

Even people with PhDs, electrical engineers, physicists, and biologists don’t understand it fully.

They understand the part of it that relates to their particular subject.

I don't pretend to be smarter than these people.

But I'm not burdened by the confines of science.

My only concern is “what forms of EMF protection work?”

There are things that work.

But there are also many things that don’t work.

Which is why I want to talk about grounding.

There’s a new feature length documentary about on it on Youtube called ‘Grounded'.

Here's the video:

(Update 6 November 2013: Here's the trailer for the film – since writing this post the filmmaker has taken the full version off Youtube.)

In the film you learn:

  • How walking barefoot on the Earth, a process called grounding, allows your body to soak up free electrons from the earth’s surface that can have beneficial effects on your body.
  • First-hand accounts from residents of Haines in Alaska who’ve overcome chronic pain, sleep apnea and other diseases and ailments by getting grounded
  • How grounding can improve sleep, relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, thin your blood, enhance well-being and more.
  • How wearing plastic or rubber-soled shoes disconnects you from the beneficial effects of grounding

But there's a catch.

I felt compelled to write about it because it’s a big one.

Grounding doesn’t work for everyone in all cases.

Unfortunately the people that are promoting grounding (who incidentally are also promoting grounding products like grounding sheets and mats) seem to be conveniently overlooking this fact.

When Is Grounding Not Recommended?

If you live in big town or city chances are grounding is not a good idea because of ‘stray voltage’.

Stray voltage is another form of EMF pollution. It arises because our electrical distribution system uses the earth as the path of least resistance rather than the neutral wire. This means that AC electricity is fed into the earth.

Out in the country this is not a concern. But in towns and cities where there are thousands, if not millions, of homes, offices and factories doing this is a different story.

If you walk barefoot and ground in a town you’ll be getting the beneficial natural electrons of the earth but you may also be hooking up to the extremely non-beneficial AC electricity of our electrical distribution system.

You may be doing yourself more harm than good.

Get the picture?

But that’s not all.

The Other ‘But'

You need to ground in a low EMF environment.


Our bodies act like antenna’s. Our DNA has been compared to a fractal antenna and even our spinal cord has been found to act like a natural antenna.

So if you ground in a high EMF environment what happens?

It can increase your exposure to EMFs. You become part of the electrical circuit.

So what’s a low EMF environment?

I'll give you some clues.

Offices full of electrical equipment and rooms with modems pumping out WiFi radiation are not low EMF environments.

Its possible to measure if a room is a low EMF environment but it requires some very sensitive (and expensive) measuring equipment.

This article by the Institute of BauBiologie explains the problem more fully.

Where Does This Leave You?

I believe grounding can be used to combat the effects of electromagnetic pollution.

The good news is it's free to try and the health benefits of earthing can be very significant.

I’ve tried it and it works for me.

But as with most forms of EMF protection there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

I encourage you to try grounding. Particularly if you live in a rural area or near a beach.

Then listen to your gut. Trust that little voice inside your head.

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  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Lloyd: Thanks for redefining and clarifying these very important grounding issues. I’ve been trying to clear up public misunderstandings of this issue for about three years. It isn’t easy, because there is allot of misinformation coming from “holistic” health sites and gimmick peddlers…

    I have a friend who is into animal rescue, and many animals in the shelters are getting blood disorders, neurological and/or behavioral problems, and there’s a huge increase of cancers. In my opinion, this is due to the high ambient EM fields in many of these facilities. Tons of fluorescent lighting, nearly all are wi-fi nightmares, and of course, all the employees are using cell phones. The more rural shelters have a much lower incidence of bladder and bowel cancers in particular. I think there’s a strong EM connection.

    I’ve also done a bit of snooping in smaller towns, and noticed a significant increase in animal mortality in towns where there was a local hydroelectric power plant or large-scale generation plant nearby. You’d think a four-legged animal would be pretty grounded, but I think it’s the local ground plane floating massive electrical currents back to the power source. Just some food for thought. Thanks again for all your good work and advice. Best regards.

  • Vincenzo said,

    Great movie… I will ground my house.

  • Ann said,

    So, I get the grounding in the city is a bad idea.
    Can you elaborate on the stray voltage problems in the city?
    Supposedly the farm folks with cows have the utilities attention with this issue.
    But us city folk don’t? Sleeping in the backyard not good idea if near a substation etc? vs father from a substation

  • Linda said,

    Might not be a good idea in the winter – a bit chilly!

  • Maurice Vandeput said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Worried I was myself already since a long time.
    For the moment I’ve cut-off my WiFi router and put everything on cable again.
    But there’s the neighbors WiFi and the Hotspots and the WiFis in cafés, restaurants, even in the hospitals.
    All resistance seems futile and running …… where to??
    But I’ve cut it off anyway.
    My wife has got M.S (Multiple Sclerosis) since 1½ year.
    Wonder where it came from.
    There’s this other thing …. Did you know about it?
    I tested my daddy’s old Swiss automatic Consul watch.
    In those days (the happy sixties) people run over the streets with these kind of radium-illuminated watches on their wrist.
    I posed it close to my Quartex radioactivity meter and it produced 344µRemh there were 10 to 11 is the natural environmental radioactivity level.
    Isn’t that amazing supposing you live for years with such a device on your body.
    I just wanted to let you know about this.
    If there’s something extra you can add here then you’re welcome.
    Appreciate what you’re doing Lloyd.
    Lonely men and women are riding the winds of change.
    And you’re one of them.
    Can’t stop thinking ‘bout the coming generations.
    Hope it’ll stop in time before it’s too late.
    Although …….

    Kind regards from Maurice

  • Majoy said,

    Hi brother…yes the are lot’s to take into consideration however I “know” from scientific research done in germany covering the electron loss working on concreate floors wich was solved by cutting out small parts of the floor and replacing it with clay/woodchips mix at the “workstations”. That solved the problems and they also in law regulate the maximun workhours a day allowed at concrete floors 🙂
    So there might be a solution there since the research showed that the Body (cell)stress was balanced out..
    so the I dont know if the body&antenna effect is really
    of a minor importance ?
    I have just read a small part of the research so I’m not
    totally updated.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • kathairein Magdalena said,

    I moved out of Dallas, TX to Albuquerque, NM for money reasons, and am now on the third floor with 59 other apartments around me. The EMF is much larger here, plus CFL’s and fluorescence. My cat and I are not happy campers. Regarding the advice not to ground in the city, my cat will not get on the ground. At first I thought she was scared of the new place, but now I know she is more sensitive than I am, and knows better. I also depend on buses and many of them are WIFI, as are most businesses. What distresses me the most is that getting someone with knowledge and meters to scan the environment and help me shield is very hard to do, especially on a low budget. It sometimes feels like a losing battle. Thanks for your work, though.

  • Scott Cahill said,

    Sound firmilular to what David Stetzer was talking about. Will require a procedure to discover if I have stray voltages within my area? Are you able to assist with us?

  • Catherine said,

    We have worked diligently getting our home and office into the “low EMF” range. I began grounding last Wednesday and must say, it’s very, very powerful. Most
    of the research is well conducted and NOT funded by the Powers-That-Be. I strongly recommend everyone try this simple approach. You can “jerry-rig” a grounding system for your bed using metallic duct tape, wires and a grounding rod. I have been surprised to hear myself singing again….and laughing. It’s not a cure for the electosmog….but it’s a good start, IMHO.

  • Allan said,

    Watched this doc a few days ago and found it very interesting. Mind you I did spend a lot of time researching the effects earlier in the year and have been doing it since then. I still get aches and pains as my job is very physical and after 30 years my body is telling me so. There is one thing that that really made wonder if this really works. I went for a teeth cleaning in the spring and the dental hygienist who always does it asked a strange question after looking in my mouth. She asked “have you been doing anything different” and I asked why. She said your gums have grown some. Ever since I have been going there, she always commented on my receding gums and even suggested that I might want to have some type of treatment done to them. It has made me wonder if the grounding could cause this to happen. Mind you at the same time , I began watching my body PH and what I am consuming. I am also taking a heaping teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water before I go to bed each night. All of this is to balance your PH raising your oxygen levels your body which promotes healing. Maybe it is a combination of both??? Something is happening.
    I do have one question about grounding which you brought up. With all the smart meters attached to many homes and wireless (cell)phones, wifi, that most of us have now, can it be safe to do it. I have been experiencing some pain lately where I have put the ground on my body. I used a tension wrist band and put a wire in it and grounded it to the ground plug. After several months I started having a sore foot where I had slipped it on my foot. So I started to putting it on my arm about a month ago. This past week I noticed that I was waking up with a sore arm. Could this be a symptom of me attracting emf. I have nothing wireless in my bedroom and no wifi in my house. Could the smart meters and wireless phones I have, create to much emf for me to safely use the grounding method? Could the wire itself touching my skin cause this pain?
    Thanks Allan

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