How To Shield Yourself From RF Radiation Exposures – Cheaply

Radio frequency (RF) radiation.

It’s in our homes, offices, schools.

It’s everywhere.

There’s more and more of it. Fact.

It’s growing. Spreading like some invisible plague.

Most people can’t feel these exposures.

Whether you can feel them or not they’re there. Doing their damage.

Most people prefer to ignore them.

But if you’ve got symptoms, if you can feel what the radiation is doing to you, you can’t ignore it.

What’s The Solution?


You can’t shield your whole life but you can shield a room, or several rooms.

Shielding from RF radiation is not that difficult.

But it can be expensive.

Shielding paint is currently sold at around $70 per liter. Depending on the size of your room you could need lots of liters of it.

Fortunately there’s a much cheaper way of doing it.

That’s what I share in the video below:

I use a cell phone in the video.

That’s just to demonstrate the effectiveness of the shielding material.

This material can be used to shield entire rooms.

It’s not difficult. It’s not expensive but there’s a right way of doing it.

Do it the wrong way and you could make matters worse.

Poor Shielding Can Make Matters Worse

Let’s assume you want to shield your bedroom.

Even if you’re really careful about how you shield your walls, inevitably there will be gaps.

Gaps mean leakage.

Leakage is why even the smallest micro crack or gap can have a huge effect on shielding performance.

There's another reason too.

Mylar film, like most forms of RF shielding, reflects on BOTH sides of the shielding.

The smallest amount of radiation that leaks in will be reflected and effectively amplified by the inner surface of the film.

That’s why there’s a protocol to respect when shielding.

A golden rule that must ALWAYS be respected.

The golden rule is measure/shield/measure and then shield again as necessary. And so on.

I can’t stress this enough.

This means you need a reliable RF meter to be able to measure.

Having an RF meter is a prerequisite to shielding.

It forms an integral part of the golden rule.

It's non-negotiable.

Is Mylar Film As Effective As Specialized RF Shielding?

Low cost RF radio frequency shieldingThe RF shielding performance of a material, its attenuation, is rated in decibels (dB) and varies according to frequency. Mylar film comes in different qualities. The shielding performance is rarely given but you can expect an attenuation of around 20 dB depending on the thickness of the film.

There are RF shielding products on the market which have a much higher decibel rating and so offer theoretically better protection.

I say theoretically because it depends how you use these shielding materials.

You can obtain just as good shielding performance with Mylar film as with most commercially available RF shielding products by respecting the golden rule.

Remember what I said: measure/shield/measure and then shield again until you get it right.

Careful when you attach the Mylar film to your walls not to puncture it. Adhesive tape or wallpaper paste is preferred.

If Mylar Film Is So Good Why Buy RF Shielding Paint?

Aesthetics. Mylar film is effective but it won’t look good on your walls. Shielding paints and fabrics can be covered over with another paint or wallpaper.

You might want to use Mylar as a temporary solution. If your symptoms improve then you can replace it with something less visually intrusive.

You can buy Mylar combo pack from LessEMF.

You will probably need to ground also.

Click here from more tips on RF shielding.


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  • EMF Beatdown said,

    You can also buy rolls of Mylar film if you need to do a room and need large quantities:

    I did a room in this stuff and it works very well. The only issue is the aesthetics, as Lloyd mentioned. The room looks like the cockpit of a spaceship from a 50s Science Fiction film. But it’s cheap…and safe!

  • amir - No Radiation For You said,

    I recommend (and us) the myler for temp shielding before you buy and install the real, professional RF shielding material.
    It is very cheap and very effective.


  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    Lloyd, tell me again what the importance of grounding the mylar is, or other shielding material (not the paint).
    When people wear shielding clothes, they are not grounded.
    By the way, a great friend of mine downloaded your book for me, since I don’t have a printer, and had it bound at aprinter place for just a few dollars and mailed it to me…now that is what I call a friend, who goes the extra mile…now I can enjoy reading your book, Lloyd, and I appreciate that you made the huge effort for all of us in writing it. Please make it available in paperback soon, for those who want to order through amazon or elsewhere, if possible.
    One of the symptoms that I can NOT seem to get rid of is tinnitus, and I am hoping someone will help with that.
    God bless you! Ruth

  • Vicki said,

    Hi, Lloyd,

    Thanks for the tip. Can a person still use a cell phone — or even get a cell phone signal — while in a Mylar-wrapped or RF shielded room?


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Vicki
    If the room is properly shielded there’ll be no signal, or too weak a signal for the phone to work.

  • James santana said,

    What are the symptoms of exposure to emf or rf?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi James
    I’ve put a list of possible symptoms in the description that goes with my youtube video – click on the youtube video to see these.

  • Vinyl Lady said,

    This is great! I’ve felt the heat reflective e
    effects of these mylar blankets. They sell them in
    my area as “emergency blankets”. I had a question.
    In the video which shields the cell phone, the phone
    is wrapped in 12-20 layers of film. Is the film AS
    EFFECTIVE with one layer?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    To get effective shielding you probably need to layer….your RF meter will tell you this. Watch closely as I wrap the cell phone you can see this.

  • Patty said,

    hi there
    What about the floors in a room? Do the floors need to be covered as well, so the all four walls and the floor and the ceiling too? Oh boy, the job gets bigger and bigger doesn’t it?

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