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Is Grounding Really The Greatest Health Discovery Of All Time?

Have you noticed that things are rarely what they seem?

I’ve noticed that the more complicated something is the more this seems to be true.

EMFs and health is very complicated.

And very few people understand it fully.

Even people with PhDs, electrical engineers, physicists, and biologists don’t understand it fully.

They understand the part of it that relates to their particular subject.

I don’t pretend to be smarter than these people.

But I’m not burdened by the confines of science.

My only concern is “what forms of EMF protection work?”

There are things that work.

But there are also many things that don’t work.

Which is why I want to talk about grounding.

There’s a new feature length documentary about on it on Youtube called ‘Grounded’.

Here’s the video:

(Update 6 November 2013: Here’s the trailer for the film – since writing this post the filmmaker has taken the full version off Youtube.)

In the film you learn:

But there’s a catch.

I felt compelled to write about it because it’s a big one.

Grounding doesn’t work for everyone in all cases.

Unfortunately the people that are promoting grounding (who incidentally are also promoting grounding products like grounding sheets and mats) seem to be conveniently overlooking this fact.

When Is Grounding Not Recommended?

If you live in big town or city chances are grounding is not a good idea because of ‘stray voltage’.

Stray voltage is another form of EMF pollution. It arises because our electrical distribution system uses the earth as the path of least resistance rather than the neutral wire. This means that AC electricity is fed into the earth.

Out in the country this is not a concern. But in towns and cities where there are thousands, if not millions, of homes, offices and factories doing this is a different story.

If you walk barefoot and ground in a town you’ll be getting the beneficial natural electrons of the earth but you may also be hooking up to the extremely non-beneficial AC electricity of our electrical distribution system.

You may be doing yourself more harm than good.

Get the picture?

But that’s not all.

The Other ‘But’

You need to ground in a low EMF environment.


Our bodies act like antenna’s. Our DNA has been compared to a fractal antenna and even our spinal cord has been found to act like a natural antenna.

So if you ground in a high EMF environment what happens?

It can increase your exposure to EMFs. You become part of the electrical circuit.

So what’s a low EMF environment?

I’ll give you some clues.

Offices full of electrical equipment and rooms with modems pumping out WiFi radiation are not low EMF environments.

Its possible to measure if a room is a low EMF environment but it requires some very sensitive (and expensive) measuring equipment.

This article [1] by the Institute of BauBiologie explains the problem more fully.

Where Does This Leave You?

I believe grounding can be used to combat the effects of electromagnetic pollution [2].

The good news is it’s free to try and the health benefits of earthing [3] can be very significant.

I’ve tried it and it works for me.

But as with most forms of EMF protection there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

I encourage you to try grounding. Particularly if you live in a rural area or near a beach.

Then listen to your gut. Trust that little voice inside your head.

If you’d like to buy a copy of the grounding movie click here [4].