Cell Tower Installations Can Be Prevented – Be Part Of The Change

“If you do nothing, nothing will happen”.

How true this is.

And yet many of us overlook this simple but important fact.

Important because it applies to everything in life, how much you earn, whether you have a family, whether you're happy in life.

It even applies to cell tower installations.

A few days ago one of my readers, Allan, sent me this message:


Just want to thank you for all that you do. It is people like you have taught me everything I know. People who have specialized in something and for whatever reason chose to share and educate others. I have now become educated in many areas as a result and now share with others in trying to pass all this info on.

cell tower radiationAnyways the reason I am posting is because I wanted to share my story with everyone.

Just recently we surprisingly got Bell Canada to back down from erecting a 100′ tall cell town in our neighborhood. It was going to be erected 50′ away from my daughters back yard and just down the street from my place. There was a recent change which allows people to voice their objections at a local committee hearing before it went to industry Canada, who had the final say on the matter. When I went to the first meeting last spring, everyone was concerned about the appearance and the effects to property value. I was the only one who brought up the health issue, even bring a study proving that cell towers caused cancer.

I was promptly told by my councillor not to bring it up as it would only hinder our chances. I have to say I left feeling very upset.

Anyways I left my email and eventually he sent out information in regards to the next meeting. Once I got peoples emails I put together a package of information regarding cell towers and all wifi health issues and sent it out to everyone. When we met for the last time prior to going to committee it became a topic of discussion. Prior to going to committee I did send the same info to all those on the committee. When people presented in front of the committee several mentioned the health issues as well as the councillor who said not to mention it, which surprised me. When the time for the committee to concur or not with us, it seemed like an easy win, because they all seemed to be anxious to concur with us. “Not in anyone's back yard” our new campaign slogan. However we felt like we won the battle, but not the war. Bell was still able to go to Industry Canada to get the final approval.

Surprisingly a week later we got news that Bell had back down and had choose another location away from residential areas. Here is the news story http://www.thesudburystar.com/2013/10/21/bell-nixes-cell-tower-plan. Our councillor and local MP have a petition going, to give control to local municipalities as to where cell towers can be erected, which they don't have at the moment. I would ask everyone in Canada to sign this petition. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cell-towers/

The point here is for people to realize that we do have power and can make things happen if they stand up. “Alone we have the power of none, but together we have the power of one”. “If you do nothing, nothing will happen”. It is time for people to realize that if we want change, then we must be part of the change that we want to see. If we all chose a cause to fight, we could change the world overnight. Kill the tv, get educated about what is really going on in this world and together we can make it a better place to live for all our children.

Thanks Allan.


I am now working on the removal of fluoride in our water and then smart meters and Agenda 21″

Thanks Allan for sharing this.

Let this story be an inspiration to you whether you're threatened by a cell tower installation in your neighborhood or you're suffering from the effects of EMF sensitivity – do something!

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  • Vincenzo said,

    Sell your home, build a house in forest and you will be free. No hating on you worried people, just sharing my comments and thoughts. You wil be surrounded by other people with cell phones anyway. Best way to deal with it. Move outside the city. use bicycle as comunication. Lets save our nature.

  • chris meek said,

    I also found out a friend from work also stopped a cell tower getting erected in his street in glasgow, he is not an es sufferer but he went down the route of it would effect his house price.

  • larry said,

    I used radioclear on my windows facing a cell tower,placed my acousticom 2 against the window the reading was still high

  • Lori said,

    @ Vincent: your comments are both uneducated & callus about the condition of EHS–and the experience of those with the condition. Why would you spend your time commenting about a condition you must not suffer from? The point of this information-based site is to educate and to offer support and solutions for those that are suffering. You have no business placing insensitive and hostile comments if you are not truly a member of this community of sufferers or looking to add value.

    If there were such an EMF-free area where folks as us can live and work — to build a home is a forest (generally outside of an EMF emitting environment) is a good solution, assuming you the resources to do so. There ought to be ‘safe’ territories for us to live without cell towers, smart meters’s, wiFi. We are forced to live in an environment that is toxic to us — alienating us from traveling safely outside of our shielded homes practically anywhere in todays world. We are subjected “by force” to the wireless technologies of the big telecom providers and utility companies pet projects like the ‘smart grid’–let alone to the constant access to wiFi (neighbor wiFi) so that our the public (and families) use their tablets and cell phones 24 hours a day.

    It’s unimaginable how uninformed most people are about the effects of the technologies that are becoming part of almost every industry–where consumers are compulsively acquiring more and more wireless products. Though people have a choice to buy what they wish, and expose themselves and their children to what toxins they chose, to require those of us who wish to remain unexposed/shielded is tragic.

    Most people accept the right of individuals to avoid second hand cigarette smoke–and they recognize that second hand smoke is carcinogenic–even to non-smokers. We have non-smoking requirements in most public places (in California). Yet, first and second hand radiation is considered acceptable to exposed everyone to without choice, including the elderly, babies, children, and the electrosensitive. At some point, it would be amazing to have the big telecom and utility companies treated as big tobacco has been treated– where there are warnings on products, and radiation free environments to live, travel to, and work in.

  • Shirley Shareen said,

    I am so grateful to know that other people share these kinds of sensitivities. I’ve actually gotten “sunburned” many times from being on the computer all day. I definitely feel the buzz or lack of it depending on what utilities are going in the area. As a teacher, I wonder how much of this is responsible for today’s explosion in learning disorders. And I fervently hope that caring groups and individuals like yourselves will continue exploring for practical solutions and spreading hope.

  • Jade said,

    I suffer from ES and have so for over 10 years, since leaving university around 2003, one of my favourite experts is Barrie Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service. His knowledge is amazing and the level of harm resulting from this technology which the governments know about and covertly use upon us as a weapon is shockingly evil. He has videos on YouTube and he is actively working to bring this knowledge out to the public, he talks a lot about WiFi in schools and TETRA used by the police. A good video to begin with is “Barrie Trower: Dangers and Lethality of Microwave Technology (2010)”.

  • Matt said,

    Interesting thanks.

  • Peter said,

    I lived across from a radio transmission facility for 10 years. My health, sleep, moods all deteriorated consistent from what I now understand to be symptoms that parallel EHS. I went to sleep specialists, psychiatrist, allergists, had blood work, MRI, all with I am healthy. No one could answer why I am feeling so bad in so many ways.
    Just last month someone offered an opinion to why things have rapidly deteriorated after the transmission towers where removed (obsolete), many years ago and hypothesized that it was my home office location. Where I sit for many hours a day is physically on the other side of the smart meter (3’ away). I never heard of EHS or smart meter possibly having effects. The smart meter was installed about a year ago, coincidental with a new deterioration of myself. I researched this EHS and was surprised how many symptoms matched, but still skeptical. I went to my western trained GP and he immediately stated it was stress, lack of exercise and EHS doesn’t exist. When a western Doctor says it doesn’t exist and Women’s College Hospital in Toronto treats this non- existent ailment, bells start ringing.
    I have just been notified of Bell’s intent on putting up a 230’+ lattice super cell tower across the road. Now I want to know the truth. There is a lot of conflicting material out there and a lot of money and politics controlling this information. Please help.
    How does one find out if you are susceptible to EHS other than self-diagnosis in the Toronto area when your GP dismisses its existence?

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Peter: You ask: “How does one find out if you are susceptible to EHS other than self-diagnosis in the Toronto area when your GP dismisses its existence?”

    It is usually an exercise in futility to attempt to educate a GP “doctor” about your particular condition. I know that sounds ironic, but modern physicians are trained to “process” the patient through the patient interview as quickly as possible – not to heal the patient. Prescribe the latest disease dujour cover-up drugs, then boot patients out of the clinic ASAP. Modern health care is all about NEXT! and education is not a priority. Many actually resent attempts to clue them in regarding your own condition, and many dismiss you as having a psychiatric condition instead of listening. All detailed in the training…

    The classic 15 minute interview limit is used a limiting factor for insurance billing, and therein is the “health care” problem. Public health is no longer a priority in most countries. Health “management” is the priority. There’s a huge difference in the patient outcome due to this glaring difference in health management costs. All human conditions are now controlled by money rather than human decency and kindness…

    The 2012 BioInitiative Report, and 2014 follow up on that report, is the best detail of the real EM/health issues. You doctor won’t read these reports, but at least you will know you’re not alone. The EMS condition is real. Here’s a link of interest. >
    Reported Biological Effects from Radiofrequency Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure


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