Geobiology – A Solution For EMFs?

Leonard has always been interested in health.

He took a degree in physiology and for several years taught at a medical school in Riyadh.

After some time went back to his natal UK and had a long career in business.

Then, at a time when most people think of retiring, his interest in the health effects of mobile phones took him in another direction.

He’d been reading reports in the press that played down the link between mobile phones and cancer and he decided to research EMFs further.

“I started investigating it and realized it was a massive cover-up. I mean, I had no idea.”

“It was like the Interphone study where they took a whole host of people from Denmark and divided them into users of mobile phones and non-users of mobile phones and measured the rate of cancer… the whole thing was skewed.”

Which got him thinking, “what can I do to help with this?”

He decided that the best thing was to help people to negate the effects.

That’s how he started working in EMF consultancy.

He came across a company called GeoVital who was offering a training course.

“I went on that course, and I actually did it five times. That was brilliant.”

Leonard became a geo-biologist with GeoVital. “They’re the ones who trained me in geopathic stress, as well as all the EMFs and stuff.”

Interview—EMFs: A Holistic Health Approach

Thursday, 2nd January at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Leonard Stafford.

Leonard holds a degree in physiology. After teaching at a medical school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia he returned to the UK to pursue a career in business, which culminated in a 20 year position as Deputy MD. Prior to his retirement in 2014 Leonard became very interested in EMFs, and his investigations lead him to the realization that there was a cover up on a massive scale.

He subsequently trained in Austria with Geovital, to become a Geobiologist and now carries out EMF and Geopathic surveys throughout the UK.

Listen to my interview with Leonard Stafford and discover:

  • what creates geopathic stress in a home and the research that links geopathic stress to cancer
  • a simple tried and tested way of deflecting geopathic stress around your bed
  • how Leonard uses special EMF meters to measure ‘EMFs on the body'
  • how Leonard focuses on remediating EMFs in the bedroom—he often gets feedback that people sleep better after his interventions
  • how sometimes clients report to him ‘feeling' EMFs despite their readings being low
  • how to do full room EMF shielding to create a Faraday cage effect and how Leonard has adapted his approach to counter 5G
  • Leonard's preferred method of shielding windows—there is a downside to using protective films
  • the 2 brands of Faraday canopy Leonard recommends
  • a plug-in harmonizing device that Leonard recommends to his clients

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