Restoring Balance: How To Return To A Natural State Of Easy Health

As a teenager, Ian had his own health challenges, energy levels up and down, chronic digestion and sinus issues.

He always felt a little bit behind.

Academically he was performing really well but something wasn’t quite right.

He had a deep sense, a sort of intuition, that there was a problem to be solved and he knew that somehow he could figure it out myself.

That’s where it all began.

These little clues came along over many years and the outcome was that he built a career around improving his own health and helping other people improve their health, and also studying the health of the planet around us and the environment.

For many years, he thought those things were different.

The years he spent working for environmental organizations and charities, working with businesses, he saw them and he knew they were related but he saw them as very different careers.

But the more time went on, the more he came to realize that there was no separation.

“We can’t really distinguish between the health of the fields that our food grows in, or the health of the air around us and the waterways and our personal health and well-being. And I don’t just mean in a kind of altruistic way of thinking about our grandchildren or great-grandchildren, which is also important. I mean, in the health of you and I and our energy levels today right here and now.”

Ian’s story has had lots of twists and turns, ups and downs like many people, but over time he came to realize he was on a spiritual journey.

“For some people, being able to enjoy their favorite music, that’s a type of spiritual experience. But if you’re not well when you’re feeling out of balance, sick, or poorly, then you can’t enjoy things like just listening to music as well as you can on a day you’re feeling on top of the world.”

This realization was in large part the spark that became the idea that became the book, Restoring Balance.

“Life is full of beginnings and ends but this book is a milestone for me, to consolidate the approaches to health that I’ve picked up and the philosophy around the health of the environment and ourselves over 20 years.”

Ian’s book became an opportunity for him to get clarity, check facts and dig a little bit deeper into some of the research, including the EMF research.

“It goes back to, for me, connecting to the soil, the health of origins of where our food comes from, etc., electromagnetic fields, the effect of technology on all of wildlife and nature and insects and pollinators, we’re all going to be affected by this and they already are. You soon realize that all of these issues are interconnected.”

Why is restoring balance important?

Our bodies are always trying to find balance.

The process is called homeostasis, which describes the fact that our bodies try to create a set of reactions to keep the internal conditions ideal for life.

Not just for maintaining the ideal temperature for life, which is about 37°C, but for lots of different things like blood sugar levels and sleep-wake cycles, and creating all those hormones.

So our body is always trying to find that balance.

From this point of view, our body is extremely wise.

“However, in all its wisdom, it’s easily fooled.”

All it’s going to ever do is respond to signals that your body has given it.

Unfortunately in the 21st century’s environment, the things that are giving us those signals have changed massively, particularly over the last few decades.

Our body is being bombarded with lots of different signals.

It can cope with lots of stress.

Some short, sharp doses of stress are good for us but prolonged stress, notably of the type EMFs create, is not good for us.

And if our environment is massively out of balance compared to what our body is used to, then that’s going to be a great challenge for us.

Interview—Restoring Balance

Restoring BalanceThursday, 23rd January at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Ian Tennant PhD.

Ian Tennant has 20 years experience working in the field of human and environmental health which has included time in academic, corporate and not-for-profit organizations. His early career included working as a post-doctoral researcher at the MRC Centre For Inflammation Research at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

These days, he works face-to-face with people as a therapist and life coach, helping them make simple choices that are inexpensive and improves their health. He’s the author of a brand-new book, Restoring Balance: How to return to a natural state of easy health

To learn more about Ian Tennant go to: 

Listen to my interview with Ian Tennant and discover:

  • a simple way you can protect yourself from EMFs by activating cellular processes and different pathways in the body through nutrition
  • 3 ways of restoring balance by balancing light and dark in your life
  • 2 free ways of creating healthier light if you use a computer or cell phone
  • how to give yourself proper rest from an over-stimulating environment so your body will find it’s natural rhythms again
  • how, in all its wisdom, your body is easily fooled and how you can stop this
  • how our cells are constantly not only sensing electromagnetic fields they are reacting to them – they cause the little channels or funnels in our cell surfaces to open our cells to open and close—whether you can feel it or not
  • how many people have a constant feeling of ‘needing to catch up’ which creates stress — a useful and free tool that will enable you to do this and restore balance
  • how we need to realize that the process we’re going through as humans is a learning opportunity
  • how science has found that our bodies own natural EMFs are the driving force behind the patterning that enable cells to be created that then create different tissues, organs and muscles
  • Ian’s 2 top recommendations for optimum nutrition—which is kind of condensed version of the advice many nutritionists give
  • the link between reactive oxygen species (ROS) and inflammation—how certain foods can help restore balance to our ROS
  • why restoring the balance of your cell membrane potential can mitigate the effects of EMF stress—two ways of doing this
  • how many people are ignoring the subtle signals that their body is giving to them—Ian shares a 3 step process so you can start to discover and learn language of your body to improve your health and well-being

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