Federal Court Upholds Claim For Electrically Sensitive Employee

For the first time ever, a Federal Court in Australia has awarded compensation to a company employee suffering from Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS).

The employee in question, Alexander McDonald, was working for CSIRO  (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) as a Senior Research Scientist. Mr McDonald was diagnosed as ES by his doctor. He was diagnosed as being sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by equipment such as computers, televisions, mobile telephones, microwave ovens, amplifiers, power lines and transformers. Mr. McDonald became ill within minutes each time his computer was switched on. He experienced nausea and headaches and suffered severe migraines for hours afterwards. He then felt unwell for several days after each attack.

Mr McDonald made four claims:

(1) aggravation of EHS

(2) chronic adjustment disorder with depressed moods

(3) permanent impairment which has resulted from the adjustment disorder

(4) migraines

Click here to read the case in full.

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  • Paul Von said,

    Thank you for posting the full legal transcript. It is a sad state of human affairs when a person who has experienced years of debilitating symptoms due to EM radiation sensitivity, must hire panels of “experts” to inform that same individual as to the validity of what that individuals experience (or perception) actually means. This kind of circular logic is permeating human interactions on many fronts. Since when is it commonly appropriate to doubt that an individual is accurately reporting his or her own sense of wellness? As if you must (somehow) validate or prove what you are actually experiencing within your own body system! This is an insane and cruel social premise. Also, the insistence that a person should consult with (fraudulent) medical practitioners, who have neither credentials nor scientific knowledge regarding the linkage between EM radiation, and it’s affects on biological systems. Yet this is clearly the case in many aspects of this gentleman’s court experience. The burden of proof is herein placed upon the innocent. Yet the corporations that produce the worldwide EM radiation hazards, continue to pile in the profits. Nice monetary system for legal robots, yet completely inhumane and brutal.

  • Donna said,

    Lloyd, we removed our smart meter after becoming sick a year ago. We were then sued by our eletric company. The Judge ruled against us at each hearing. We had been on a stay till the MPSC ruling…..and they did not consider Health or Privacy issues…..they were ignored. so next week as it stand they will put smart meters back on our home……I have called the eleltric company and he said he will ck with his legal dept. the opt out is not a choice for us….as it is a smart meter turned off, but still emits radiation. We hate to be forecd out of our home…….any suggestions….we had doctor letters, picture of analog meters that were replaced on some neighbors homes and we were ignored…..the mpsc decision is being apealled as is our Judges dicision, but in the mean time what can we do. Their was another very simular case almost at the same time and they had a more commpassionate Judge who is more open to their situation. Our Judge was cut and dried never ask questions, or was really interested in our case……thank you

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Donna
    Continue with the legal process….in the meantime if its EMF exposures you are concerned about you need to look at your overall EMF exposures not just those from your smart meter and look at what else is causing you to be sick….what I call the big picture (its certainly not just the EMFs)….my Free report can help you with this.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Donna. I’m assuming you are from the state of Michigan in the US. There are very serious political relationships associated with the Smart Meter program in Michigan…
    Whilst Lloyd’s suggestion is wholesome and valid, it does not address the violations of your Constitutional rights as an American citizen, nor the fact that criminal trespass on your private property should be openly discredited with one warning, followed by a bullet to the offender’s head. Here’s a lovely piece of pandering, deceit, and nonsense from the Michigan utility.

    MPSC – Smart Grid


    The solution to these acts of veiled terrorism by state and federal “authority” is to open fire on all who insist on the Smart Meter program. The United States Government has become a criminal organization, and as such, the employees of that organization deserve to be shot on sight. I’m tired of hearing people gumming around the edges of the EM radiation issue. The companies producing these devices are in collusion with the FCC, the EPA, and the United Nations Agenda 21 extermination program. Thus far, these criminal *** have been allowed wholesale infringement on people’s right to privacy, ownership of private property, rights to health and a decent life. They need to be slaughtered as the pigs they really are, or they’ll continue to intimidate you, trespass on your property, and eventually kill you AND your children for cash.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Paul
    Please avoid making posts which contain obscenity and insults. thanks.

  • Paul Von said,

    Lloyd. It is difficult to remain civil in light of the massive amount of mayhem and damage these various electronic systems are causing.

    I appreciate your patience with the content in some of my posts, and will clean up language skills. I know you are trying to run a clean site here, so my apologies.

    Partly what prompted the stridency of my above post, is that these various power company employees are being protected from civil actions prohibiting criminal trespass on private property, whist home owners are being intimidated, arrested, and fined for attempting to protect themselves from smart meter radiations. In my opinion, the smart meter program is political fascism on an ethical par with walking people into gas chambers and turning on the cyanide…

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