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Federal Court Upholds Claim For Electrically Sensitive Employee

For the first time ever, a Federal Court in Australia has awarded compensation to a company employee suffering from Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS).

The employee in question, Alexander McDonald, was working for CSIRO  (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) as a Senior Research Scientist. Mr McDonald was diagnosed as ES by his doctor. He was diagnosed as being sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by equipment such as computers, televisions, mobile telephones, microwave ovens, amplifiers, power lines and transformers. Mr. McDonald became ill within minutes each time his computer was switched on. He experienced nausea and headaches and suffered severe migraines for hours afterwards. He then felt unwell for several days after each attack.

Mr McDonald made four claims:

(1) aggravation of EHS

(2) chronic adjustment disorder with depressed moods

(3) permanent impairment which has resulted from the adjustment disorder

(4) migraines

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