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EMF Stories – How I Dealt With The Magnetic Fields In My Home

ElectricSense allows me to help people and I like that.

People ask me questions. I answer.

With most people it stops there.

Some write back and thank me there and then.

Which is great.

But often I don’t hear any more from them.

So I don’t know if what I’ve said has helped them.

No matter, it still feels good to have done the right thing.

But occasionally someone will write back to me in the most glowing terms, to explain how I’ve helped them.

This is what one of my readers, Luke, did recently. Here’s the message he sent me a few day’s ago:

“Hi Lloyd,

I’m writing to thank you for the work you’ve done. It’s changed my life and my exposure to electronics. Most incredibly, thanks to the Trifield meter I purchased through your recommendation, I discovered I had an extremely strong magnetic field extending up from the floor throughout my dining area that exceeded the max reading on the meter. Turns out the copper plumbing was bringing that up from the earth – right where we sat for extended periods of time! I bought some copper wire and brackets, attached that to the pipe near the earth and rerouted that along the earth and out of the house, attached to the ground. Now the pipe under the floor is reading 1 to 2 milligauss. So, you never know what you’re going to find with a meter! Thank you so much, again 🙂

Best regards,

Luke Ragle

Colorado, USA”

I thanked Luke for his kind words and asked if he would mind explaining a bit more about how he dealt with his EMF problem. He kindly accepted and here’s what he sent me:

An Unexpected Source of EMF and an Easy Solution

Copper Plumbing’s Magnetic Field- Rerouted

by Luke Ragle

“I purchased the Trifield 100XE EMF Meter, on the recommendation of Lloyd at ElectricSense.com, with the intention of finding problem items in my home that I could then remove or avoid. Suspect items gave expected high readings: clock radios, power strips, transformers on electric gadgets, overhead fluorescent lights, and the back of the refrigerator – right through the wall… This was solid confirmation by the Trifield meter which made the fields visible, measurable, and a more real concern to my family members.

Unexpected Magnetic Field

By chance I picked up a reading in my dining room, away from any anticipated source. I moved the meter around and upon approaching the tile floor, the magnetic reading maxed out. I discovered the home’s copper water plumbing was bringing up an extremely strong magnetic field from the earth. The field was extending from the pipe running under the floor, up to about knee height, right where we sat for extended periods of time every day!

magnetic field on copper pipe [1]

Rerouting the Magnetic Field

Through trial and error, I found that using jumper cables to connect the incoming copper water pipe to the home’s ground wire did in fact reroute the magnetic field. So, I bought some copper wire and brackets, attached the wire to the pipe near the earth and very effectively rerouted the magnetic field down away from the floor and out of the house by connecting to the home’s ground wire. Now the pipe under the dining room is reading 1 to 2 milligauss on the magnetic setting.

reroute a magnetic field [2]

More Discoveries

electric transformer emfs [3]The dining room discovery led me to check all the surfaces in my home. While surveying the floors, I also found an electric transformer tucked up between the floor joists, part of the wiring for a powered window awning. As it is producing a strong field up from the floor where I like to sit, I will have an electrician move that box to another location away from the floor.

Finally, the kitchen fluorescent light (to be replaced), creates a strong field not just in the kitchen at head height, but also up from the floor in the room above! Lights ON, left picture / Lights OFF, right picture. So, yes, the Trifield meter is a very valuable tool that has made some key, unexpected discoveries in the quest to identify and remove EMFs from my home.

emfs on plumbing [4] Trifield reading – with lights on.





magnetic fields from lights [5]




Trifield reading – with lights off.






I’m very grateful to have investigated my home with the Trifield meter. In addition to getting rid of my electric foot and back massagers, electric toothbrush and shaver, clock radio, cordless phone, Wi-Fi router and fluorescent lights – I was able to find and eliminate unexpected EMF sources. Many thanks to Lloyd Burrell for all the research, articles, videos, and product reviews – work that has changed my use of electronics and exposure to EMFs.”

I’m sure this information is going help a lot of other people. Thanks again Luke for sharing this, and I’m also sure if you’ve any questions about what Luke did he will be happy to answer them here.

For more information about the Trifield meter, as used by Luke, click here [6] to read my review.

If you have an EMF story to share send it to me – the more awareness and understanding that can be brought to this issue the better it is for everybody.