Electro-hypersensitivity a Gateway To ESP?

Shannon Rowan is one of the growing number of people for whom the course of their life has changed because of the insidious impact of man-made electromagnetic fields. Not one to retreat in the face of adversity, in writing the wonderful solution-oriented book WiFi Refugee, Shannon has found a way to use her sensitivity to be of service to others. Below are some musings from her book on electro-hypersensivity and ESP and she shares 2 important practical solutions at the end:

When I first developed EHS (electro-hypersensitivity) I did not exactly view it as ESP (extra-sensory-perception), even though in many ways it has felt as if I have been endowed with a new form of ESP, one which has allowed me to sense when someone is carrying a hidden wireless-radiating device on their person, or when a neighbor has the WiFi router turned on, or when a cell tower is hidden behind trees on a highway.

Still, it was very difficult to perceive this new ESP/EHS as a gift. Having extra sensory powers of any kind in a toxic world filled with the desensitized masses, in a culture where desensitization is both cultivated and encouraged (primarily by industry tycoons positioned to massively profit from this same desensitization), rarely feels like the gift it might otherwise be—instead it most often feels like torture.

The predominant trait of desensitization that prevails in our societies has been actively promoted because CEOs of large corporations do not exactly appreciate sensitivity in the public when it means that the toxic wares they peddle would be easily singled out as such—being fully toxic and hazardous to humans, animals, plants and the planet as a whole—and rejected.

This applies to chemically based and electromagnetic-emitting products—which describes most of our products used on a day-to-day basis, such as chemically saturated personal-care products, household cleaners, paints, solvents, pharmaceuticals, building materials, children’s toys… to name a few.

Electronics Dominate Our Lives

And when it comes to electronics (which now dominate our daily lives in many guises), such as cellphones, tablets, computers, household appliances, Internet routers, baby monitors, DECT cordless phones, WiFi-enabled pacifiers and diapers and children’s toys, the radiation levels emitted (often coupled with chemical exposures) represent a new historically unprecedented level of assault on our bodies and our world.

Yet, in spite of the massively increased levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) alongside petrochemicals in our immediate surrounding environments, most people do not seem to be aware of the deleterious effects of these now ubiquitous exposures. The rise in chronic illness such as chronic headache, migraine, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, depression, anxiety, joint pain, both low and high blood pressure, heart arrythmias, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia, influenza and a variety of cancers are not generally linked by the mainstream or health officials to the corresponding increase in exposures to the aforementioned hazardous agents, which are incidentally known to cause the same illnesses listed, and more.[1]

Instead, it is the minority, made up of those possessing this new type of “ESP”, who can easily and readily make the connection. Yet, for most of we thus “afflicted”, we hope more than anything to “cure” ourselves of EHS (or MCS, “multiple chemical sensitivity”, which describes heightened sensitivity/reactivity to chemicals), in order to live “normal” lives among the rest of society, from which we have been so marginalized in our attempts to flee these painful exposures.

But the “new normal” describes a desensitized, chronically ill, zombie-like populace. Is this really what we want—to simply rejoin the ranks of the ailing masses?

It has been speculated that EHS (and MCS) are caused by affected individuals having reached threshold (or tipping point) EMF (or chemical) exposures that pushed them into “hyper” reactivity, due potentially to damage to the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves.

While this might indeed be possible, should the goal of the new ESP-endowed “canaries” really be to fully rid themselves of this trait? And what if once-upon-a-time humans naturally possessed this type of trait only to have it slowly and systematically stolen from them by those who profit from our desensitized state?

What if what we now call “hypersensitivity” or “extra-sensory perception” once described normal levels of sensitivity possessed by normal people?

Many with EHS do admit that their new perception incentivizes them to proactively protect themselves from further toxic levels of EMR exposures, while those without this ability continue to expose themselves to dangerous levels of the same—which as mentioned, could easily be manifesting in a long list of the “new normal” diseases.

It is very possible that those with EHS (or MCS) protect themselves from developing longer-lasting illnesses, such as heart disease or cancers, when they are successful in their attempts at gaining relief from more immediate symptoms (insomnia, headaches, joint aches, brain fog, etc.) by escaping these toxic exposures.

Several of the EHS canaries whose stories I share in my recently published book, WiFi Refugee; Plight of the Modern-day Canary, admit that they would not want to go back to a state of “normalcy” which could describe their lives prior to being gifted with EHS.

Indeed, these canaries describe their own EHS as a gift, one that initially upended their lives in numerous painful ways, but ultimately brought them into a better, healthier environment, lifestyle, and also spiritual and mental state of awareness.

For Mario (whose EHS caused him to flee his long-time home city of Montreal, Canada), his own gift eventually landed him in rural Bolivia, where he experiences life in a completely different, and he strongly feels, better, way than he had in his pre-EHS life.

Mario says that his experiences have taught him that hypersensitivity is a “gift of life” and that when “the pernicious effects of technology are mitigated, then there are tremendous opportunities for evolution that might otherwise be unknown.”

A Gift From The Universe

Mario feels strongly that the universe sent him this gift so that he would either “wake up” (both in a spiritual sense but also to the harmful effects of EMR exposures) or die. He sees the rest of the desensitized population as missing out on an opportunity and being perhaps intentionally kept in a state of spiritual unawareness brought on by desensitization caused by chemical and EMF exposures.

And for Ruth (another canary whose story is shared in my book), who has lived over a decade nomadically from her camper truck, she admits that while she liked her old life in town, she loves her new lifestyle and her current level of health, neither of which she could have had, had she stayed—which she most definitely would have done had it not been for developing EHS.

She says, “I love this lifestyle, but it’s NOT for everybody. And yes, there are things I would change. If I wasn’t so sensitized, I could go to different places. Traveling would be much easier. But to go back into the insanity of town—absolutely no way would I ever go back.”

Ruth also appreciates that EHS saved her life, since had she continued to stay within the EMR exposures she would have died from prolonged insomnia which the exposures were causing her. Getting out of the “mine”, saved this canary’s life, as it has done for many others.

Liz Barris, another canary with EHS, whose story is also shared in WiFi Refugee, in her quest to understand EHS and provide a proper medical diagnostic tool to prove the existence of the condition, found through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) that measures brain functionality, that there were in fact differences in brain functionality of those with EHS and those without. In the cases of EHS the frontal lobe showed a much higher level of activity medically described as “abnormalities”.

MRI scan of person with EHS (image on left) MRI scan of person not experiencing EHS (image on right)

But it is interesting to note that increased frontal-lobe activity is also associated with critical thought processes and higher states of spiritual consciousness or awareness, for it is in the frontal lobe in which the pineal gland is seated.

The pineal gland is responsible for regulating melatonin and serotonin in the body, important hormones linked directly to sleep cycles and elevated mood. As a master gland, if not functioning properly a cascade effect on other hormones occurs, linking pineal gland health to reproductive health and in particular age of puberty onset in females.

This incredible and still somewhat mysterious gland has, it would seem, been actively targeted for deactivation through calcification, primarily via water fluoridation programs which began in the 1940s.[3]


Fluoride is a toxic non-degradable byproduct of aluminum manufacturing. It is known for its neurotoxic effects and producing docility in poisoned victims as was shown in gulags of the USSR, used intentionally for this purpose. (For more information on the sordid history of fluoridation programs, including the addition of fluoride to drinking water and toothpaste, see: The Hidden History of Fluoride )

Given the incredible known toxicity of fluoride, it seems probable that fluoride was added to municipal water supplies in order to promote docility and lowered IQ in the public (find the Harvard study on this effect here ) and to specifically target the pineal gland which is the most adversely affected gland in the body by fluoride. The pineal gland absorbs the most fluoride because it has the highest concentrations of calcium for which fluoride has a particular affinity.[4]

As a small child, I personally was made to drink a small cup of fluoride, after swishing it in my mouth, on a daily basis for a time in elementary school; allegedly for tooth decay prevention. (It did not work in my case, but instead precipitated my need for 8 fillings by age 8. It was not until I stopped using fluoridated toothpastes and drinking fluoridated water, in my 20s, that I stopped having dental caries).

Could it be that one of the things that those with EHS have in common is that they had somehow found a way to detoxify and reactive the pineal gland? Could this alone, or at least partially, account for the newfound gift of “hyper”-sensitivity?

This is a new speculation in which I have permitted myself to engage, and not one actively written about in my book (perhaps it will find a place in a future book), but a topic certainly worthy of further investigation and consideration, as it would present the “disorder” of EHS in an entirely different light.

Perhaps it is a gift after all?


1- Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

While EHS may be a gift, it still often feels like a curse for those who are unable to get away from EMR sources long or often enough to find relief from the torment the EMR exposures inevitably exact on the canaries, for those who are no longer numbered amongst the desensitized masses.

Still, it can be useful to consider this newfound ESP as a gift, understanding that it aids the bearer in taking real, often life-saving, actions to reduce and eliminate sources of biological dangers; such as, giving up cellphone use, hard-wiring internet connections, and moving to remote locations.

When one is able to appreciate that humanity has been intentionally desensitized to no longer recognize important dangers (that so often present in crafty and colorfully, brightly-packaged addictive disguises), regaining any once-lost sensitivity, for whatever reason, truly can be a gift, particularly when received as one.

If we are able to understand the benefits of sensing danger and what that means for safeguarding both physical and mental health, we can more easily cultivate an attitude of gratitude which can serve to guide us into new and exciting directions in our personal lives. Opportunities once hidden from sight emerge from the shadows and can provide a sense of enrichment and purpose in our once frenetic, digitally addicted (or dictated) lives.

We can use this gift to open up to other levels of awareness, also in a spiritual sense, gaining access to spiritual realms that may have hitherto been closed to us. This new awareness may allow us to appreciate and discover the healing energies provided by the natural world, we may have not found the time or good enough reason for actively seeking out and experiencing.

2- Let there be light!

As we learn to appreciate extrasensory perceptions, we can both heal from the damage that assuredly EMRs have caused and continue to cause (by pointing out the positive aspect of EHS, I am not denying the probability of bodily harm also inflicted by EMRs), and enhance the beneficial aspects of ESP.

Exposure to artificial light sources, which is one way of describing all sources of EMF/EMR, as sources of artificially produced light (often on a spectrum invisible to the naked eye), damages us biologically in a myriad of ways.

These fields of artificial energy can provide us with an artificial high as they serve to overstimulate our adrenals, ultimately leading to adrenal fatigue and even collapse, which leads to a vicious cycle of actively and increasingly seeking out this artificial lift, both through extra screen time and through medications, sugar, caffeine or other stimulants.[5]

Prolonged time in these EMFs can lead to chronic fatigue, depression and listlessness, among more serious conditions.[6] But exposure to natural light sources can energize us in a totally different way, providing us with the kind of energy that does not drain and weaken, but instead sustains and strengthens over time.

Spending more time in the sun and less time in front of screens can not only provide us with necessary vitamins like D, and increase melatonin production (essential for good sleep and good mood), it can activate a long-dormant spiritual potential; in other words, it can activate and decalcify the pineal gland.[7][8]

Sungazing[9] is an ancient practice of staring at the setting or rising sun (from several seconds to several minutes), usually in a meditative state. When I lived on the west coast of Ireland for a year in the late 1990s, my neighbors and I noticed how each evening as the sun was setting in the sky, a herd of wild goats would gather on the edge of the nearby mountainside to watch it. They stayed staring towards the sun unmoving until it set. Every evening—without fail.

The wild goats may know something that humans have forgotten, namely, that our eyes have receptors intended for UV and infrared light and that by gazing at the sun in its weakest position, rather than being blinded, our minds and bodies might be fortified and renewed.[10]

It is also helpful to go without sunscreen and sunglasses. I learned from listening to Dr. Jack
Kruse[11] the importance and benefit of this practice. Sunscreens of all kinds, even the natural variety, serve to block important UV rays from our largest organ, that of the skin, and sun exposure is now being linked to protecting from cancers[12] rather than causing them as previously supposed.[13]

While it is true that sun can damage skin at times, this damage can be avoided by slowly conditioning the skin to exposures in a gradual way. It also helps immensely to expose skin to the sun when it is lower in the sky and higher in infrared rays than UV. The infrared exposure, while also extremely beneficial on its own, helps to protect the skin from noon-day UV as well. Pre-industrial ancient peoples did not use sunscreen and spent the larger part of their days exposed to its rays, without suffering burns.

You may have noticed, as I have, that our current technological tools are fairly averse to sunlight and its warming rays. When I am writing on my laptop while out of doors (which I try to do as much as possible) I am constantly finding myself seeking shade in order to protect my computer from overheating and crashing.

But while so doing, I actively prevent my body from getting the natural light exposures I know it craves. How many of us are continually making this same kind of sacrifice by providing environments more supportive of artificial life than biological life?

Blue, artificial-light and microwave-radiation exposures emitted by machines in cold, windowless, blue-lighted rooms may not be harmful to these machines, but certainly are not natural and are very harmful to the humans[14][15]  engaged in using the same machines.

Perhaps someday humanity will remember the crucial role that the sun’s rays play in the health of all biological life forms and stop compromising in order to assist and support non-biological “life”, and even redesign our tools so that they are more compatible with and emit natural energy fields—so that we put the tools back in their proper place, and not trade places with our tools by permitting them to become masters over us.

But until that time, it is vital that we do all we can to reduce our exposures to artificial light sources and replace them with natural ones. You can do this by making time in your day to step out into the sunshine and sit upon the earth.

You can also replace harmful LED and fluorescent bulbs[16][17] in your home and office with incandescent counterparts (be sure they are real incandescent, as in tungsten filament, and not LED counterfeits now labeled “incandescent”), and also use candlelight where possible, especially in the hours before bedtime when exposures to infrared (provided by candlelight and firelight) are so essential to securing a good restful and health restorative night’s sleep. Using oil lamps for lighting may provide another alternative lighting solution.

Whatever you do, constantly remind yourself as to the importance of getting out in the sun and do all you can to experience its truly magnificent healing power! So, what are you waiting for, get outside, and sit in the sun… now!

Many thanks to Shannon Rowan for this guest post.

Shannon Rowan, BFA, is a “WiFi refugee,” social critic, freethinking fine artist, writer, geopolitical author and researcher, photographer, dancer, children's book author/illustrator and EMF-awareness activist. She lives in the wilds of Northern California with her partner and their two cats and is an outdoor enthusiast, avid surfer and sea kayaker. She had a career as a photojournalist and contributed to major national and international news and travel magazines as both a photographer and writer. She is the author of WiFi Refugee; Plight of the Modern Day Canary, co-author and illustrator of Welcome to the Masquerade; Prelude to the Coming Reset with geopolitical author John Hamer, author and illustrator of The Goldfish of Brandywine Farms, and illustrator of Baltimore Sideshow, a poetry book collaboration with Katherine Cottle. You can find more about her work and join her mailing list at www.wifi-refugee.com

Available on Amazon www.amazon.com/author/shannonrowan

“As an EMF consultant, and a provider of EMF remediation products, I get calls and emails from people around the world, all suffering the effects of exposure to various types of EMF. Most often, the people I speak to have been told they are too sensitive, they are crazy, or their symptoms are all in their heads, etc. People always feel better speaking with me as I completely understand the challenges they are experiencing and I know those psychological and biological challenges are real.

With this said, I highly suggest Shannon's excellent book! It speaks directly to the heart of those of us who can feel and are affected by the toxic exposure to various types of EMF. Her book lets us know that we are not crazy or suffering from psychosomatic illness. We are not ‘too sensitive' nor are our symptoms just in ‘our heads'. We are normal, however, the present global proliferation of toxic, man-made, non-native EMF exposure is not normal! Shannon provides relevant and validating stories from many people, along with excellent resources and holistic suggestions for living a healthier life. Highly recommended reading for our present times!”

— Neil Steven Cohen
EMF Consultant, www.emfsafetyzone.com
EMF Safety Zone YouTube Channel.

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  • Diane said,

    Shannon, Thank you (Lloyd too) for emphasizing the Attitude of Gratitude! In my EHS case, I now can recognize in small seemingly-negative incidents the big gifts they later make possible. Thank you also for sharing about tungsten lighting possibilities – I’m glad to learn I’m not the only one negatively affected by LEDs. About fluoride – After several decades of dental treatments (and earlier fluoride experiences similar to yours), my current dentist recently gave me my first-ever compliment on my self-care. He didn’t know that I’d replaced toothpaste with tap water quite a while back, switched to purified water more recently and had added proxy brushes before my last visit. Keep up your inspiring work! All best, Diane

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