EMF Protection – Going Beyond The Science

Initially she was helping people by working on their repressed emotions.

Then she started getting clients from the world of television and radio.

She realized that many of them were suffering from a form of poisoning caused by over-exposure to ‘electricity'.

In 1997 she was taking care of a child that was not performing well in school.

The child had been diagnosed with learning disabilities.

She sensed that there was more to it than that.

Months later the father brought his 10 year old daughter to see her.

During one of the sessions she glanced at the father and noticed he didn’t seem very alert.

He confessed to not feeling well, saying his head was ‘foggy’.

She knew something was amiss.

She ‘widened her lens' on the family and saw they had a dog.

She asked the father if the dog was lazy.

He was amazed that she could know the dog was lazy.

She said the dog wasn’t lazy he was ‘kind of sick’.

She ‘widened the lens' further and saw that the entire family, except the mother, was being sickened by an electrical box in the back yard of their home.

In another case a client’s brother had a problem with the electrical system associated with this heart.

This puzzled the medical doctors because he was so young.

He underwent the surgery but still something was wrong. The client brought his brother in for a consultation.

She ‘saw’ that the young man had slept for several years with his head against a wall where there was a large transformer on the other side of the wall.

At the time she thought it strange that both cases of electrical damage were within two blocks of each other in South Miami-Dade.

She began to realize the problem wasn’t just electrical boxes, transformers and electrical wiring it was also wireless.

My next interview guest is with world-renowned psychic researcher and shaman Frances Fox.

Information Beyond What Science Can Confirm

Your Matrix Your Electric BodyShe confesses, “the feeling of powerlessness can be overwhelming when I acquire information that appears to be incompatible with what science has yet to confirm“. She decided to write a book about it and more particularly about the influence of radiation on your health and what you can do about it.

In her book Your Matrix: Your Electric Body she:

  • explains how the Law of Attraction is creating a new condition: electro-addiction
  • describes a new mental state called electrofog which includes depression and confusion
  • reveals how your home's natural protection is being compromised, allowing it to be electrohaunted
  • identifies self-administered electroshock as a consequence of our addiction to instant communications
  • provides simple tools for staying healthy and empowered in today's toxic environment

You can buy a copy of her book here.


Thursday, 15th June at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Frances Fox.

Frances FoxFrances Fox is a world-renowned shaman and psychic investigator, skilled in the psychic abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and telepathy. She has made it her mission to help people by finding the root cause of what is weakening them and affecting their health. For many people in today's world, a big part of this is EMF exposures.

She is a graduate of the University of Miami in Political Science and a frequent guest on Spanish television. She is the author of three books and has collaborated with several other authors on a variety of subjects.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

We are going to discuss:

  • EMFs from the psychics viewpoint
  • what inexpensive tools can be used to stay healthy
  • the protocol she uses to help people suffering from the effects of EMF exposures
  • and much more

This interview has now been broadcast.

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  • Mary Calanni said,

    I am electromagnetically sensitive and the emp/elf’s are beating me up, literally. depending on the day and how much haarp, gwen towers and other devices are activated as to how much battering i get in my head. nothing helps to stop it. I live in a remote area at 9000 feet, off of the grid.living in town is not an option.

  • Donna Railton said,

    I am EMF sensitive and have tried everything around my home to get rid of as much as possible. I have very abnormal fields around my whole building and have major concerns about my energy meter being responsible for the massive radio pulsing sometimes high freq and sometimes low but just as much affecting my whole biology and health as well as my sons. If I answer my mobile my hand that I use shakes for hours on end so I know this is the sensitivity. However this first started 15 years ago when I was a happy person and worked as a model and credit controller but when I suffered major migraines I had time off work then I got worse and dr diagnosed depression and anxiety. I didn’t know what was happening to me I was low mood constantly tired and have never returned to work since. I knew the electricity meter had something to do with my depression and wasn’t running in synchronisation to my usage. I shake when use the pc and can’t bare to be around electrically appliances. I have since got an EMF meter and the ranges are huge and differentiating around my house. I have constant electrosmog around my downstairs ceiling which when I stand up my head is exposed. I can’t remove it. I have tried everything it’s there when no electric is on and all during the night. I have huge EMF upstairs but on the windows at both sides of the building. I have sleeping problems and am constantly fatigued. I don’t know what to do and who is there to help me? No one seems to know about EMF here. Is there some kind of law according to this? I am now deaf in one ear and have vistibular nerve damage to my head and Ménière’s disease. I get no comfort around my house as these energies are so negative to the body. I feel as if it controls my life. Now that my child is 11 and using games I can tell his mood is affected also and am worried he is taller so in electrosmog. How can high EMF be at head level constantly and also coming inwards through windows. Each doorway collects high v/m as we walk past the door. I have checked my oxygen levels in the house just recently and I live in a constant 19.2 level even with the windows open and when I sleep I have high carbon dioxide in the air that goes up to 2999ppm in the room I’m in. I tend to use different parts of the house at different times as the co2 is less when I move rooms but doesn’t take long before rising again if I use some electricity. I don’t understand what this means. Please can you advise. Even my dog is lazy and only five with arthritis

  • Dave said,


    Have you noticed how red the sky is over the last two years…I first noticed this (very definitely) about two years ago and have observed this ‘redness’ almost on a nightly basis since then.There are two scenarios that I put forward to explain this…The first possibility is that the chem trailing is causing this (which apparently works hand in glove with HAARP)…the second id that there is a ‘planetary perturber’ called Nibiru in our solar system and that we are experiencing the red oxide dust(and strange space pathogens) from its huge tail.

    I’m tempted to believe the more unbelievable (second) option …I feel chemtrails exist but mainly to conceal or protect the earth from this huge planet (which is going to make like a big cell phone and cause huge electromagnetic effects on the earth).

    Now is definitely not a good time to be a cell phone executive or shareholder as they are about to receive the huge Karma for their very selfish commercial so called wireless ventures!

    Keep taking all measures of protection anyway!