In The Dark: EMFs, Light And Your Health

It was a beautiful sunny day in 1982.

Jason was 16 years old and listening to ‘One Perfect Day’, about to hit the surf at Maroubra beach, south of Sydney.

It was a surfers dream, nice waves, offshore winds. The sand banks were perfect.

But as he paddled out to the breaks he was shocked at what he saw.

He found himself surrounded by not just the sea but a sea of debris – condoms, toilet paper and excrement.

When he got home it took him 30 minutes and nearly a full bar of soap to wash off the stench.

He decided to do something about it.

He started a small campaign group and went from being something of a delinquent to a hard-working student eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science.

He landed a job with the New South Wales Department of Health.

But his rebellious tendencies were not to be tamed.

Outraged by the water pollution statistics which the Department of Health refused to publish, he leaked them to the media – his action was instrumental in forcing the government to deal with the water pollution issue.

Whilst studying for his Masters degree he started researching the effects of lead in paint.

It was killing dogs and poisoning children.

Jason Bawden-Smith
Jason Bawden-Smith

At the time the government were blaming it on lead in petrol.

He realized the main problem was lead in paint. Again his actions were instrumental in a change in government policy.

Seeing an opportunity for making money by offering solutions that help people, he invested in hand-held spectrum analyzers that tested for lead.

He went on to build his business fortune on the technology used to address various environmental health problems.

In 2015 in listening to an interview with neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse he stumbled across the electromagnetic field (EMF) issue and had a ‘Aha’ moment.

His mother, who had passed away a few years ago, had suffered ill health for most of her life.

She was frequently bedridden and very sensitive to EMFs and certain chemicals.

He was very close to his mother and became obsessed with searching for a treatment for her.

He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, consulting top-flight medical specialists, faith healers and even shamans to help his mother. Sadly, with no success.

At about the same time he started having his own health issues, high cholesterol, blood pressure and weight gain.

His doctor told him he was pre-diabetic and that he needed to exercise and eat more healthily.

But his research was suggesting that EMFs and light – he’d spent 20 years working in an artificially lit office bathed in wireless signals – might be the bigger culprits.

Jason Bawden-Smith says, “based on my research I believe that our immersion in artificial light and harmful electromagnetic fields constitutes one of the biggest threats to humanity”.

He calls this the ‘dark side of technology', which is the subject of his latest book.

What's In The Book?

In The Dark: New Ways to Avoid the Harmful Effects of Living in a Technologically Connected WorldIn The Dark: New Ways to Avoid the Harmful Effects of Living in a Technologically Connected World is divided into four parts:

Part 1: In the light – which reviews the science behind how light affects our health and how artificial light adversely affects our well-being.

Part 2: Electri-fried – examines the EMFs, the different types of EMFs and how certain man-made EMFs can impact our health

Part 3: What you can do – looks at practical solutions. Ways that you can protect yourself and your loved one’s.

Part 4: Shadows in the future – looks at what the future may hold and explores how entrepreneurs can become part of the solution.

Wake Up – Come Into The Light

This is not just another book about the dangers of EMFs (which incidentally there can never be too many of) it’s a book that put’s the impact of daylight on our health center stage.

Jason explains that eyes are not just there to enable you to ‘see’. Beams of light which shine on the retina are converted to electrical impulses which once sent to your brain travel down your spinal cord reaching all your organs, glands, muscles and all your body's systems.

It's simple – the light you expose yourself to can either regulate or deregulate your health.

Our Biggest Threat

If you look at the news, you might be tricked into thinking that humanity’s greatest threat is climate change, nuclear war, terrorism or any number of other issues that dominate the media channels from time to time. But what Jason reveals in this book, is that it's none of these.

Humanity’s greatest threat is quite simply our addiction to technology. This isn’t something he says lightly. It’s based on solid research – let's not forget he's an environmental scientist who's published eleven peer-reviewed papers.

His book includes references to over 100 peer reviewed papers in scientific and medical journals.

Standing on Giants Shoulders

Yes, Jason’s done his EMF homework. He references the work of ground-breaking researchers and scientists, people like Dr Martin Pall, Dr Magda Havas, Dr Martin Blank and Dr Sam Milham – many of whom I’ve interviewed in my quest to share this important information with the public.

But he also shares some other interesting research. Notably that of Richard Lear which pinpoints the $2.5 trillion annual cost of these diseases and the link with EMF exposures.

The Solutions

Jason outlines his own solutions by walking you through a day in his life. He talks about piecing together a hybrid solution. Your own solution. Connecting with nature is central to his approach but he also he shares some technological solutions.

Part of Jason’s solution is using devices that work at the quantum level. He says these devices are proven but admits, “I would like to see more hard scientific evidence that they work”.

I appreciate his honesty.

What You Can Learn

Read In The Dark: New Ways to Avoid the Harmful Effects of Living in a Technologically Connected World and learn:

  • What the blue spectrum of light is and how it affects your health
  • How exposure to blue light at night disturbs your body’s circadian rhythm
  • Simple nature based methods to restore your health
  • How UVA and UVB effects your body and when you should be exposed
  • How wearing glasses at night can have a cascade of positive health effects
  • The technologies Jason uses to deal with EMFs
  • And lots more

Optimistic About The Future

What I particularly liked about Jason’s book, is that despite the dangers, despite the cost incurred in terms of his own health and his mothers health, he’s optimistic about the future.

He argues that now is the time to recognize the dangers of EMFs and artificial lighting. Out of this recognition of the dangers of will come opportunities. Entrepreneurs and businesses that strive to offer solutions, that flow rather than force, will flourish he say's.

This book sheds a truly new light on the EMF issue. It’s very well researched, an easy read and it's optimistic outlook towards the future gives it a nice vibe.

You can currently buy this book from


Thursday, 27th July at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing environmental scientist Jason Bawden-Smith.

Jason Bawden-Smith emf warriorJason Bawden-Smith holds two applied science degrees and has published eleven peer-reviewed papers, including three in the prestigious Medical Journal of Australia. He's made presentations at numerous national and international environmental conferences on a variety of topics and is a frequent media guest.

Jason’s achievements, include sourcing and introducing technology into Australia that has reduced lead poisoning in children and reduced the impact of excessive exploration and mining activities.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

In this interview exclusive we discuss:

  • why exposure to natural light is important to our health
  • why artificial light is so harmful – what the science say’s
  • what the hierarchy of controls is and how it can be used to deal with EMFs
  • the plug-in device that Jason’s testing reveals offers ‘the most advanced form of EMF protection'
  • ‘a day in the life of’ – how Jason deals with EMFs and gains exposure to the right kind of light
  • and much more

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone.

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  • Donna Railton said,

    I am extremely worried about EMF as from 15 years ago when I was 25 years old I was totally healthy until I spent a lot of time indoors. I had migraines and depression but have had none stop health problems since. The air in my home has never been right but I never knew why. After seeing Lloyds site I purchased an EMF device and I have found I have constant levels of EMF in my house at all times. The radio frequency pulses from every piece of glass in my house including TVs windows especially upstairs where I sleep and collects as smog at the ceilings of every room. I tested the oxygen in my home and I have a constant level of below the norm at 19.3 and carbon dioxide the largest at night when I’m in bed moves up to 2990 ppm which increases as me and my boy sleep. This causes constant fatigue headaches and concentration difficulties. I looked at the bio initiative report and my radio frequency is constantly at levels which affect dopamine and adrenaline. Is there anything I can do to stop this. My house is a new build so can’t understand it. The ventilation should be ok. I’m with a housing association. I’m now deaf at one side with Ménière’s disease. I can feel the energy when I walk through my doors and sure enough has high electro magnetic field. I’m sure this is making me unwell so would love to be able to eliminate it. Please can you give advice. Thanks

  • Paul Howson said,

    Interesting that Jason’s book “In The Dark…” by an Australian author is available on Amazon but not listed by Australian booksellers (Dymocks, Angus and Robertson).

  • Jason Bawden-Smith said,

    Paul you can buy it in Australian book stores but may need to request it. The publishers site is

  • Dr. Stephen P. Hayes said,

    When you strive for a “Mickey Mouse” sized carbon footprint while avidly pursuing a “Goofy Sized” electronic footprint, you are committing environmental hypocrisy!

  • ellie said,

    Link has not come through yet for interview. I’m in U.S. Central Time Zone.

  • ellie said,

    Oops! A day early! haha! I’m eager for this information!!!

  • ellie said,

    How do you orient your bed so it doesn’t act like an antenna to broadcast FM/TV radiation.

    I read that sleeping on a metal-framed, metal coiled bed, our bodies are exposed to the amplified EMR for 1/3 of our life spans. As we slumber on a metal coil-spring mattress, a wave of EMR envelops our bodies so that the maximum strength of the field develops 75 centimeters above the mattress in the middle of our bodies. When sleeping on the right side, the body’s left side will thereby be exposed to field strength about twice as strong as what the right side absorbs.

    THe study says the solution is simple: Replace the metal in your bed with a nonmetallic mattress or orient your bed, like an antenna, away from the direction of the local FM/TV transmission tower.

    How do you determine the location/direction of a broadcast tower? How do you orient your bed to it? Parallel? Perpendicular?

    Thank you!

  • ellie said,

    Dr Hayes, Thanks for your succinct summary! A great resource For more details:

  • cher said,

    I know how important all of this is…..cancer affects SO many….1 out of 2 men & 1 out of 3 women….most don’t have a clue about the importance of natural light…so many are off the track in regards to a healthy way to live…hope they find your book or this site!!

  • Goose said,

    Wearing yellow / amber glasses at night, 2hours before sleep time will allow melatonin production to begin smoothly. Available at most protective gear stores.